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Name The Babies Gen 2: The Huebel-Lennons. Winners!

Winners Gen 2 The Huebel-Lennons

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Posted 27 June 2013 - 12:09 PM

The Huebel-Lennon Family

DH: Henry Alexandre Huebel-Lennon [41] {Puppylover12397}

DW: Gretchen Joanna Huebel-Lennon [40]

DD: Arianna Juliet Huebel-Lennon [24] {HaileyMichelle}

DS: Jonah Adrien Huebel-Lennon [15] {keladry12}

DS: Jude Alaric Huebel-Lennon [12] {lifesaboutmusic}

DD: Audrey Johanna Huebel-Lennon [10] {keladry12}

Henry and Gretchen Huebel-Lennon; with Arianna, Jonah, Jude & Audrey.


The Argent Family

DW: Laura Bae (Huebel-Lennon) Argent [39] {BabyNameRater}
DH: Christian "Chris" David Argent [49]

DSD: Crystal Reed Argent [27] {Puppylover12397}

DD: Corrine Hana Argent [15] {lifesaboutmusic}

DD: Cara Xi-Yuen Argent [13] {kkling}

DS/DS: Lyle Keaton Argent & Lance Julian Argent [12] {kkling}

DD: Celia Sun Argent [10] {MissJay}

Laura and Chris Argent; with Crystal, Corrine, Cara, Lyle, Lance & Celia.


The Stilinski Family

DH: Derek Fox (Huebel-Lennon) Stilinski [36] {BabyNameRater}

DH: Genim "Stiles" Stilinski [31]

DAS/DAS: Dylan Marcin Stilinski & Tyler Ziven Stilinski [9] {Puppylover12397}

DAD: Rory Wren Stilinski [6] {Puppylover12397}

DAD: Lyra Autumn Stilinski [4] {Puppylover12397}

Puppy #1: Remus [Siberian Husky, 0] {lifesaboutmusic}

Puppy #2: Archibald [Golden Retriever, 0] {kkling}

Puppy #3: Beckett [Bernese Mountain Dog, 0] {lifesaboutmusic}

Puppy #4: Raven [Siberian Husky, 0] {lifesaboutmusic}

Puppy #5: Roselle [Samoyed, 0] {Puppylover12397}

Derek and Stiles Stilinski; with Dylan, Tyler, Rory & Lyra + Remus, Archibald, Beckett, Raven & Roselle.


The Huebel-Lennon Family

DH: Peter Dmitri Huebel-Lennon [35] {Laugh-Dream-Love}

DW: Melinda Heather Hubel-Lennon [35]

DD/DD: Iris Demeter Huebel-Lennon & Ivy Melina Huebel-Lennon [9] {keladry12}

DD: Laurel Nikita Huebel-Lennon [7] {lifesaboutmusic}

DS: Aster Stefan Huebel-Lennon [4] {Addy}

DS: Sage Mikhail Huebel-Lennon [1] {CLA}

Peter and Melinda Huebel-Lennon; with Iris, Ivy, Laurel, Aster & Sage.


The Hale Family

DW: Talia Aurelia (Huebel-Lennon) Hale [32] {Puppylover12397}

DH: Virgil Florian Hale [35]

DD: Helena Gail Hale [10] {kkling}

DD: Ophelia Lennon Hale [7] {CLA}

DS: Lysander Fox Hale [4] {Laugh-Dream-Love}

DD: Rosalind Laura Hale [1] {Laugh-Dream-Love}

Talia and Virgil Hale; with Helena, Ophelia, Lysander & Rosalind.


The Huebel-Lennon Family

DH: Noah Dimitrios Eros Huebel-Lennon [29] {Puppylover12397}

DW: Alicia Esme Coppola [30]

DS: Cooper Helios Elliot Huebel-Lennon [10] {Alexis!}

DS/DS: Darren Achilleus Eli Heubel-Lennon & Wyatt Adonis Everett Huebel-Lennon [6] {Laugh-Dream-Love & Alexis!}

DD: Scarlett Persephone Elise Huebel-Lennon [4] {CLA}

DS/DD: Barrett Apollo Evander Huebel-Lennon & Marissa Xanthe Eleanor Huebel-Lennon [1] {Puppylover12397}

Noah and Alicia Huebel-Lennon; with Cooper, Darren, Wyatt, Scarlett, Barrett & Marissa.

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