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An Updated Family Tree Game

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Posted 08 July 2013 - 05:15 PM

Generation #1:

Hazel Grace Waters (nee Lancaster) & Augustus "Gus" Ansel Waters

Gus and Hazel Waters

Generation #2:

Hazel Grace Waters (nee Lancaster) & Augustus "Gus" Ansel Waters

DS: Augustus Ansel Waters Jr.

DS: Holden Lancaster Waters

DD/DS: Willow Autumn Waters & Graham Sylvain Waters

Gus and Hazel Waters; with Augustus, Holden, Willow & Graham

Generation #3:

Augustus Ansel Waters Jr.

Single, however he and an ex-girlfriend, Patricia Alana Johnson, have a son together.

DS: Augustus "August" Ansel Waters III

Augustus Waters; with August

Holden Lancaster Waters

Widower, his wife Sarah Katherine Waters (nee Harper), died in a car accident. They have three children.

DD: Alyssa Gracelyn Waters

DS/DD: Harper Lancaster Waters & Hazelle Katherine Waters

Holden Waters; with Alyssa, Harper & Hazelle

Willow Autumn Waters (formerly Halter)

Single, however, she and her ex-husband, Henry Miles Halter, have four kids together.

DS: Miles Augustus Waters-Halter

DS: Jonathan Michael Waters-Halter

DS: Quentin Henry Waters-Halter

DD: Alaska Margo Waters-Halter

Willow Waters; with Miles, Jonathan, Quentin & Alaska

Graham Sylvain Waters & Jane Grayson Waters (nee Turner)

DS: William Grayson Waters

DS: Hank Chip Waters

DD: Johanna Michaela Waters

DD: Sylvia Grace Waters

DS: Duke Tobin Waters

DD: Lana Augusta Waters

Graham and Jane Waters; with William, Hank, Johanna, Sylvia, Duke & Lana

Generation #4:

Augustus "August" Ansel Waters III & Emily Catherine Waters (nee Wise)

DS: Augustus "Auggie" Ansel Waters IV

August and Emily Waters; with Auggie


Elijah Wise Hammond & Alyssa Gracelyn Hammond (nee Waters)

DS: Samuel Karter Hammond

DS: Matthew Oliver Hammond

Elijah and Alyssa Hammond; with Samuel & Matthew

Harper Lancaster Waters & Anthea Rose Waters (nee Potter)

DS: Bennett Lancaster Waters

Harper and Anthea Waters; with Bennett

Dara Bennett Potter & Hazelle Katherine Potter (nee Waters)

DD: Sarah Hazel Potter

Dara and Hazelle Potter; with Sarah


Miles Augustus Waters-Halter & Bryony Daisy Waters-Halter (nee Potter)

DD: Autumn Gracelyn Waters-Halter

Miles and Bryony Waters-Halter; with Autumn

Jonathan Michael Waters-Halter & Calla Lily Waters-Halter (nee Potter)

DS: Henry Jonathan Waters-Halter

DD/DD/DD: Alice Eleanor Waters-Halter, Blythe Lily Waters-Halter & Cordelia Willow Waters-Halter

DS: William Aiden Waters-Halter

DD: Hazel Grace Waters-Halter

Jonathan and Calla Waters-Halter; with Henry, Alice, Blythe, Cordelia, William & Hazel

Quentin Henry Waters-Halter & Erica Violet Waters-Halter (nee Potter)

DS: Ash Henry Waters-Halter

DS: Eric Willis Waters-Halter

DD: Juniper Laurel Waters-Halter

DD/DS: Violet Acacia Waters-Halter & Quincy Potter Waters-Halter

Quentin and Erica Waters-Halter; with Ash, Eric, Juniper, Violet & Quincy

Bandit Oakley Browning & Alaska Margo Browning (nee Waters-Halter)

DD: Young Halleen Browning

Bandit and Alaska Browning; with Young


William Grayson Cooper-Waters & Tiny Levithan Cooper-Waters

William and Tiny Cooper-Waters

Hank Chip Waters & Katherine Lindsay Waters (nee Collins)

DS: Colin Chip Waters

Hank and Katherine Waters; with Colin

Sarah Urist Waters & Johanna Michaela Waters

Sarah and Johanna Waters

Sylvia Grace Waters

Sylvia Waters

Duke Tobin Waters & Angela "Angie" P.J Waters (nee Green)

DS: Tobias Duke Waters

Duke and Angie Waters; with Tobias

Barnaby "Barrie" James O'Neill & Lana Augusta O'Neill (nee Waters)

DD: Delia Rae O'Neill

Barrie and Lana O'Neill; with Delia

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Posted 08 July 2013 - 05:46 PM

Generation 1

James "Jim" Patrick Lippert & Elizabeth "Liz" Ann Lippert (nee Eads)

Jim and Liz Lippert


Generation 2

James "Jim" Patrick Lippert & Elizabeth "Liz" Ann Lippert (nee Eads)

DD: Eileen Marie Lippert

DD: Nora Elizabeth Lippert

DD: Andrea Kay Lippert

DD: Diana Jane Lippert

DD: Isabel Ann Lippert

DD: Louise Patricia Lippert

Jim and Liz Lippert; with Eileen, Nora, Andrea, Diana, Isabel, and Louise


Generation 3

Eileen Marie Lippert

Eileen Lippert

Nora Elizabeth Lippert (formerly Jones)

Nora Lippert has 5 children with her ex-husband, Gary Steven Jones. She has sole custody.

DD: Helen "Nellie" Maria Jones

DD: Prudence "Prue" Isabella Jones

DD: Susanna "Sunny" Cathleen Jones

DS: Ian Patrick Jones

DS: Graham Steven Jones

Nora Lippert; with Nellie, Prue, Sunny, Ian, and Graham

Andrea Kay Lippert

Andrea Lippert has a child with her ex-boyfriend, Owen Henry Sanderholm.

DD: Henrietta "Etta" Kay Sanderholm-Lippert

Andrea Lippert; with Etta

Lawrence Daniel Anderson & Diana Jane Anderson (nee Lippert)

DS: Declan Lawrence Anderson

DS: Flynn Daniel Anderson

Lawrence and Diana Anderson; with Declan and Flynn

Wesley "Wes" Douglas Mackey & Isabel Ann Mackey (nee Lippert)

Wes and Isabel Mackey

Louise Patricia Lippert

Louise Lippert has 5 kids with two ex-husbands, Joshua Garret Gantz and Harrison Kyle Peters.

DS: Jared Patrick Gantz

DD: Anya Josephine Gantz

DD: Vanessa Rose Gantz

DD: Harriet "Hattie" Elise Peters

DD: Priscilla "Cilla" Kate Peters

Louise Lippert; with Jared, Anya, Vanessa, Hattie, and Cilla


Generation 4

Helen "Nellie" Maria Jones

Nellie Jones

Prudence "Prue" Isabella Jones

Prue Jones

Rufus Dylan Fenton & Susanna "Sunny" Cathleen Fenton (nee Jones)

DD: Camellia Jane Fenton

DD: Cicely Cathleen Fenton

DS: Cassius Dylan Fenton

DS: Cato Patrick Fenton

DS: Cyrus "Cy" Graham Fenton

DS: Calloway Jones Fenton

Rufus and Sunny Fenton; with Camellia, Cicely, Cassius, Cato, Cy, and Calloway

Ian Patrick Jones & Margaret "Meg" Kate Jones (nee Aven)

Ian and Meg Jones

Graham Steven Jones & Abigail Fiona Jones (nee Taylor)

DD: Lila Prudence Jones

DS: Leander Steven Jones

DS: Lincoln Taylor Jones

DS: Lucius Graham Jones

DS: Larkin Patrick Jones

Graham & Abigail Jones; with Lila, Leander, Lincoln, Lucius, and Larkin

Henrietta "Etta" Kay Sanderholm-Lippert

Etta Sanderholm-Lippert has a child from a one-night stand. The father is not involved.

DD: Owen Elizabeth Sanderholm-Lippert

Etta Sanderholm-Lippert; with Owen

Declan Lawrence Anderson

Declan Anderson

Flynn Daniel Anderson

Flynn Anderson has 5 children with his late wife, Penelope June Anderson (nee Marcus), who died after a long battle with breast cancer.

DD: Pia Caroline Anderson

DD: Raine "Rainey" Cassandra Anderson

DS: Marcus Flynn Anderson

DS: Ronan Daniel Anderson

DD: Cassia Laurence Anderson

Flynn Anderson; with Pia, Rainey, Marcus, Ronan, and Cassia

Jared Patrick Gantz & Alice Matilda Gantz (nee Dooley)

Jared and Alice Gantz

Archer Cathal Silverman & Anya Josephine Silverman (nee Gantz)

DD: Rose "Rosie" Hermione Silverman

DD: Evelyn "Evie" Anya Silverman

DS: Wade Archer Silverman

DS: Lewis Cathal Silverman

DS: Foster Joseph Silverman

DD: Cecilia "Ceci" Louise Silverman

Archer & Anya Silverman; with Rosie, Evie, Wade, Lewis, Foster, and Ceci

Robin Hector Medlin & Vanessa Rose Medlin (nee Gantz)

Robin and Vanessa Medlin

Harriet "Hattie" Elise Peters

Hattie Peters

Priscilla "Cilla" Kate Peters

Cilla Peters

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Posted 09 July 2013 - 08:17 PM

Generation #1:

George David Fallieras & Allison Martha Fallieras (nee White)

George and Allison Fallieras

Generation #2:

George David Fallieras & Allison Martha Fallieras (nee White)

DD: Whitney Martha Fallieras

DD: Genevieve Allison Fallieras

DS: David George Fallieras

George and Allison Fallieras; with Whitney, Genevieve & David

Generation #3:

Michael "Mike" Robert Raines & Whitney Martha Raines (nee Fallieras)

Mike and Whitney Raines

Joseph "Joey" Connor Sciacca & Genevieve Allison Sciacca (nee Fallieras)

DD: Corrine Fallon Sciacca

Joey and Genevieve Sciacca; with Corrine

David George Fallieras & Amy Marie Fallieras (nee West)

DD: Georgia Marie Fallieras

DS/DS: Whit David Fallieras & West Michael Fallieras

DD: Amelia Josephine Fallieras

DD: Genevieve Allison Fallieras

David and Amy Fallieras; with Georgia, Whit, West, Amelia & Genevieve

Generation #4:

Corrine Fallon Sciacca

Corrine Sciacca


Vladimir Oliver Beck & Georgia Marie Beck (nee Fallieras)

DS: Oliver George Beck

DS: Fletcher Valentin Beck

Vladimir and Georgia Beck; with Oliver & Fletcher

Whit David Fallieras & Leilani Karen Fallieras (nee Smith)

Whit and Leilani Fallieras

West Michael Fallieras & Becka Molly Fallieras (nee Adams)

DS: George Michael Fallieras

DS: Adam Whittaker Fallieras

DS: Weston David Fallieras

DD: Mariana Becca Fallieras

DD/DD: Waverly Martha Fallieras & Molly Allison Fallieras

West and Becka Fallieras; with George, Adam, Weston, Mariana, Waverly & Molly

Amelia Josephine Fallieras

Single, however, she has a daughter from a one night stand. The father is unknown.

DD: Jordan Amelia Fallieras

Amelia Fallieras; with Jordan

Reno Thomas Ministrelli & Genevieve Allison Ministrelli (nee Fallieras)

DD: Genevieve "Eve" Fallon Ministrelli

DD: Allison Felicia Ministrelli

DS: Reno Thomas Ministrelli Jr.

Reno and Genevieve Ministrelli; with Eve, Allison & Reno Jr.

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Posted 09 July 2013 - 10:04 PM

Generation #1

Julius Michael Lunsford & Susanna Raine Lunsford (nee McGinnis)

Julius and Sue Lunsford

Generation #2

Julius Michael Lunsford & Susanna Raine Lunsford (nee McGinnis)

DS: Cyrus Bailey Lunsford

DD: Priscilla Raine Lunsford

DS: Lewis Gabriel Lunsford

DS: Boyd Ellison Lunsford

Julius and Sue Lunsford; with Cyrus, Priscilla, Lewis, and Boyd

Generation #3

Cyrus Bailey Lunsford & Anne Persephone Lunsford (nee Driver)

Cyrus and Anne Lunsford

Priscilla Raine Lunsford

Priscilla Lunsford

Lewis Gabriel Lunsford & Clara Michelle Lunsford (nee Moreland)

DS: Foster Moreland Lunsford

DS: Graham Lewis Lunsford

Lewis and Clara Lunsford; with Foster and Graham

Boyd Ellison Lunsford & Audrey Georgia Lunsford (nee Mauer)

Boyd and Audrey Lunsford

Generation #4

Foster Moreland Lunsford & Thalia Robin Lunsford (nee Burroughs)

DS: Nolan Burroughs Lunsford

DS: Russell Foster Lunsford

Foster and Thalia Lunsford; with Nolan and Russell

Graham Lewis Lunsford & Nina Vivian Lunsford (nee Eastman)

DD: Noa Michelle Lunsford

DS: Sage Eastman Lunsford

DS: Lorcan Graham Lunsford

Graham and Nina Lunsford; with Noa, Sage, and Lorcan

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Posted 10 July 2013 - 07:00 AM

Generation #1:

Willow Claire Ratchet and Joseph Dean Ratchet

Lyra Florence Ratchet

Willow and Joey Ratchet with Lyra

Generation #2:

Lyra Florence Ratchet

Phoebe Juliet Ratchet, Rowan Ophelia Ratchet, Clara Rosalind Ratchet, and Flynn Lysander Ratchet

Lyra Ratchet with Phoebe, Rowan, Clara, and Flynn

Generation #3:

Phoebe Juliet Clarke and Harvey Lewis Clarke

Phoebe and Harvey Clarke

Rowan Ophelia Ratchet

Sky Harrison Ratchet, Rio Genevieve Ratchet, Kit Emelia Ratchet, Noa Eloise Ratchet, and Joe Willoughby Ratchet

Rowan Ratchet with Sky, Rio, Kit, Noa, and Joe

Clara Rosalind Ratchet

Clara Ratchet

Flynn Lysander Ratchet and Emma Jane Ratchet

Matthew Flynn Ratchet and Samuel Emmett Ratchet

Flynn and Emma Ratchet with Matt and Sam

Generation #4:

Sky Harrison Ratchet

Samara Skye Ratchet, Harriet Holly Ratchet, Benjamin Blake Ratchet, and Meghan Matilda Ratchet

Sky Ratchet with Sammy, Harriet, Ben, and Meggie

Rio Genevieve Green and Michael Oliver Green

Rio and Michael Green

Kit Emelia Ratchet-Smith and Mylee Sophia Ratchet-Smith

Pilot Brooklyn Ratchet-Smith, Dexter William Ratchet-Smith, Sailor Vivienne Ratchet-Smith, Sunday Noelle Ratchet-Smith, and Jericho Lewis Ratchet-Smith

Kit and Mylee Ratchet-Smith with Pilot, Dex, Sailor, Sunny, and Coe

Noa Eloise Ratchet

Noa Ratchet

Joe Willoughby Ratchet

Joe Ratchet

Matthew Flynn Ratchet

Matt Ratchet

Samuel Emmett Ratchet

Sam Ratchet

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Posted 10 July 2013 - 11:16 AM

Generation 1:

{78} Jackson Alexander + Emilia Rose {76}

Generation 2:

{51} Jessica Gwyneth

{48} Corey Brandon

{46} Madeline Zoe

{45} Bridget Evelyn

Generation 3:

{51} Jessica Gwyneth + Robert Spencer {54}

{28} Oliver James

{26} Brianna Lucy

{25} Colette Nina

{22} Jeffrey Aaron

{21} Shaun Thaddeus

{48} Corey Brandon + Beth Olivia {48}

{14} Henry Samuel

{11} Jeanine Sophia

{46} Madeline Zoe

{45} Bridget Evelyn + Kevin Maxwell {47}

{25} Eric Joseph

{22} Callum David

{20} Serena Louise

Generation 4:

{28} Oliver James + Steffany Jane {28}

{10} Savannah Jillian

{6} Hadley Rose

{2} Jaden Oliver

{0} Ryder Zachary / Emmett Jonas / Darius Peter

{26} Brianna Lucy + George Anthony {30}

{1} Phineas Blaine

{0} Ronan Atticus

{25} Colette Nina

{22} Jeffrey Aaron + Penelope Grace {23}

{21} Shaun Thaddeus


{14} Henry Samuel

{11} Jeanine Sophia


{25} Eric Joseph + Tatiana Brynn {24}

{3} Fiona Desiree Lynn

{22} Callum David

{20} Serena Louise + Evan Joshua {20}

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Posted 10 July 2013 - 01:31 PM

Generation #1

Landon Noah & Erica Elizabeth

Generation #2

Landon & Erica have five children.

DD: Kristina Elizabeth

DD: Kimberly "Kimmy" Madeline

DS: Derick Landon

DS: Spencer Theodore

DD: Kelsey Erica

Generation #3

Kristina marries Flynn Harrison. They have 2 children.

DD: Maddison "Maddie" Elizabeth Grace

DD: Mackenzie Erica Rose

Kimberly is single with no children.

Derick marries Peyton Lilly.They have 3 children.

DS: Shay Alexander

DD: Piper Harlow

DS: Kai Maverick

Spencer marries Evie Skye. They have no children.

Kelsey marries Parker Emerson. They have four children.

DD: Aria Hadley

DD: Nina Liesel

DS: Levi Parker

DD: Malia Coralie

Generation #4

Maddison marries Harley Edward. They have 5 children.

DS: Dakota Edward

DS: Elliot Fallon

DS: Drew Harley

DS: Hayden Scout

DD: Indigo "Indie" Grace

Mackenzie marries Blaze Theodore. They have four children.

DD: Alyssa Imogen Skye

DS: Hayes Theodore Drew

DD: Savannah Lilly Isolde

DD: Harper Saffron Belle

Shay is single with no children.

Piper marries Archer Finn. They have one child.

DS: Indiana Finn

Kai marries Olivia Jane. They have no children.

Aria marries Rowan Matthew. They have 2 children.

DS: Holden Matthew

DD: Vienna Faye

Nina marries Oliver Zane. They have two children.

DS: Zane Cole

DD: Zaria Brielle

Levi is single with three children.

DS: Liam Caleb

DD: Sophia Emme

DD: Chloe Faith

Malia marries Cole Brayden. They have 3 children.

DD: Alexis Brooke

DD: Aleah Niamh

DD: Aviana Summer

Generation 1:

Landon & Erica

Generation 2:

Kristina, Kimberly, Derrick, Spencer & Kelsey

Generation 3:

Maddison, Mackenzie, Shay, Piper, Kai, Aria, Nina, Levi & Malia

Generation 4:

Dakota, Elliot, Drew, Hayden, Indigo, Alyssa, Hayes, Savannah, Harper, Indiana, Holden, Vienna, Zane, Zaria, Liam, Sophia, Chloe, Alexis, Aleah & Aviana

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Posted 10 July 2013 - 02:17 PM

Generation #1

Lucius Reagan Graham & Catherine Laila Graham (nee Clegg)

Lucius and Catherine Graham

Generation #2

Lucius Reagan Graham & Catherine Laila Graham

DS: Hector James Graham

DD: Jasmine Larissa Graham

DD: Leonora Cheyenne Graham

DS: Magnus Cohen Graham

DD: Signe Ann Graham

DS: Kent Justin Graham

Lucius and Catherine Graham; with Hector, Jasmine, Leonora, Magnus, Signe, and Kent

Generation #3

Hector James Graham

Hector Graham

Fletcher Valentin Beck & Jasmine Larissa Beck (nee Graham)

Fletcher and Jasmine Beck

Leonora Cheyenne Graham

Leonora Graham

Magnus Cohen Graham

Magnus Graham

Matthew Oliver Hammond & Signe Ann Hammond

Matthew and Signe Hammond

Kent Justin Graham & Noa Eloise Graham (nee Ratchet)

DD: Delia Skyler Graham

DS: James Princeton Graham

DS: Wade Cassius Graham

DD: Harriet Lyla Graham

DS: Beau Jonathan Graham

Kent and Noa Graham; with Delia, James, Wade, Hattie, and Beau

Generation #4

Caleb Martin Ventura & Delia Skyler Ventura (nee Graham)

DS: Felix Justin Ventura

DS: Flynn Jonathan Ventura

DS: Foster Graham Ventura

Caleb and Delia Ventura; with Felix, Flynn, and Foster

James Princeton Graham & Elise Victoria Graham (nee Dorsey)

James and Elise Graham

Wade Cassius Graham & Holly Taylor Graham (nee Page)

Wade and Holly Graham

Harriet "Hattie" Lyla Graham

Hattie Graham is not married, but lives with her longtime boyfriend, Charles Jackson Schultz. They have 4 kids together.

DD: India Harriet Schultz-Graham

DS: Archer Jackson Schultz-Graham

DS: Evander Kent Schultz-Graham

DS: Soren Charles Schultz-Graham

Charlie Schultz and Hattie Graham; with India, Archer, Evander, and Soren

Beau Jonathan Graham

Beau has one child with his ex-girlfriend, Sophie Nicole Goodwin. He has sole custody.

DD: Emmeline Sophia Graham-Goodwin

Beau Graham; with Emme

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Posted 10 July 2013 - 05:48 PM

Generation #1:

Jayden Garrett Motta & Lucy Quinn Motta (nee Fritz)

Jayden and Lucy Motta

Generation #2:

Jayden Garrett Motta & Lucy Quinn Motta (nee Fritz)

DD: Jade Quinn Motta

DS/DD: Garrett Lucas Motta & Georgiana Emmeline Motta

DS/DS: Russell Fritz Motta & Reginald Jude Motta

Jayden and Lucy Motta; with Jade, Garrett, Georgiana, Russell & Reginald

Generation #3:

Jade Quinn Motta

Jade Motta

Garrett Lucas Motta & Clara Rosalind Motta (nee Ratchet)

DS: Ripley Clarence Motta

DD/DD: Quinn Jade Motta & Gardenia Lucy Motta

Garrett and Clara Motta; with Ripley, Quinn & Gardenia

Declan Lawrence Anderson & Georgiana Emmeline Anderson (nee Motta)

DD/DD: Laura Molly Anderson & Emelia Owen Anderson

DD: Camilla Adaline Anderson

DD: Victoria Caroline Anderson

DS/DS: Cooper Matthew Anderson & Blaine Devon Anderson

Declan and Georgiana Anderson; with Laura, Emelia, Camilla, Victoria, Cooper & Blaine

Russell Fritz Motta & Eileen Marie Motta (nee Lippert)

DD: Lisette Marie Motta

DS: Russell Fritz Motta Jr.

DD: Linnea Jade Motta

Russell and Eileen Motta; with Lisette, Russell Jr. & Linnea

Reginald Jude Motta & Prudence "Prue" Isabella Motta (nee Jones)

DD/DD: Judith Grace Motta & Hope Isabelle Motta

DS: Jonas Jayden Motta

Reginald and Prue Motta; with Judith, Hope & Jonas

Generation #4:

Ripley Clarence Motta

Single, however, he has one son with an ex-grilfriend, Piper Samantha Bea, Ripley has full custody.

DS: Samuel Garrett Motta

Ripley Motta; with Samuel

Quinn Jade Motta

Quinn Motta

Joe Willoughby Ratchet & Gardenia Lucy Ratchet (nee Motta)

DS: Quentin Motta Ratchet

DS: Ronan Willis Ratchet

Joe and Gardenia Ratchet; with Quentin & Ronan


Hector James Graham & Laura Molly Graham (nee Anderson)

DS: Anderson James Graham

DD: Reagan Catherine Graham

DD/DD/DD: Georgia Emme Graham, Virginia Molly Graham & Carolina Harriet Graham

Hector and Laura Graham; with Anderson, Reagan, Georgia, Virginia & Carolina

Matthew Flynn Ratchet & Emelia Owen Ratchet (nee Anderson)

DS: Andrew Owen Ratchet

DS: Flynn Matthias Ratchet

DS/DS: Lawrence Declan Ratchet & Lysander Finn Ratchet

DD: Amelia Jade Ratchet

Matthew and Emelia Ratchet; with Andrew, Flynn, Lawrence, Lysander & Amelia

Shuan Thaddeus Spencer & Camilla Adaline Spencer (nee Anderson)

DD: Thea Andrea Spencer

Shuan and Camilla Spencer; with Thea

Callum David Maxwell & Victoria Caroline Maxwell (nee Anderson)

DD: Evelyn Serena Maxwell

DD: Andrea Veronica Maxwell

DD: Louise Caroline Maxwell

DS: David Declan Maxwell

DD: Olivia Alice Maxwell

Callum and Victoria Maxwell; with Evelyn, Andrea, Louise, David & Olivia

Cooper Matthew Anderson & Helen "Nellie" Maria Anderson (nee Jones)

DS: Martin Cooper Anderson

DS: Jonah Matthew Anderson

Cooper and Nellie Anderson; with Martin & Jonah

Blaine Devon Anderson & Priscilla "Cilla" Kate Anderson (nee Peters)

DD: Blair Kate Anderson

DS: Peter Garrett Anderson

DS: Emmett Blaine Anderson

Blaine and Cilla Anderson; with Blair, Peter & Emmett


Samuel Emmett Ratchet & Lisette Marie Ratchet (nee Motta)

DS: Emerson Motta Ratchet

Samuel and Lisette Ratchet; with Emerson

Russell Fritz Motta Jr.& Harriet "Hattie" Elise Motta (nee Peters)

DS: Russell Fritz Motta III

DD/DD: Elise Eileen Motta & Kylie Patricia Motta

DS: Harris James Motta

DS: Louis Peter Motta

Russell Jr. and Hattie Motta; with Russell III, Elise, Kylie, Harris & Louis

Magnus Cohen Graham & Linnea Jade Graham (nee Motta)

DD: Jade Margaret Graham

DS: Cohen James Graham

DD: Lorelei Catherine Graham

Magnus and Linnea Graham; with Jade, Cohen & Lorelei


Shay Alexander Peyton & Judith Grace Peyton (nee Motta)

DS: Alexander Jude Peyton

DS: Schuyler Graeme Peyton

DS: Derek Lance Peyton

DS: Landon Reginald Peyton

Shay and Judith Peyton; with Alexander, Schuyler, Derek & Landon

Leonardo "Leo" James Cockrum & Hope Isabelle Cockrum (nee Motta)

DS: James Motta Cockrum

DD: Catherine Jadalyn Cockrum

Leo and Hope Cockrum; with James & Catherine

Jonas Jayden Motta & Priscilla Raine Motta (nee Lunsford)

DS: Stephen Lunsford Motta

DS/DS: Jude Perceus Motta & Jayden Ray Motta

DS: Quinn Lucas Motta

DD: Arabella Sugar Motta

Jonas and Priscilla Motta; with Stephen, Jude, Jayden, Quinn & Arabella

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Posted 12 July 2013 - 02:17 PM

Generation #1

Brent Alexander Day & Mara Juliet Day (nee Nelson)

Brent and Mara Day

Generation #2

Brent Alexander Day & Mara Juliet Day (nee Nelson)

DD: Alice Juliet Day

DS: Oliver Nelson Day

Brent and Mara Day; with Alice and Oliver

Generation #3

Quinn Lucas Motta & Alice Juliet Motta (nee Day)

Quinn and Alice Motta

Oliver Nelson Day & Haley Nicole Day (nee Thomas)

DD: Nicola Jeanette Day

DD: Eva Juliet Day

DD: Caroline Alexa Day

Oliver and Haley Day; with Nicola, Eva, and Caroline

Generation #4

Nicola Day

Nicola is living with long-time girlfriend Melanie Louise Harper. They have 4 adopted children.

DD: Rose Alexandra Harper-Day

DS/DS: Dexter Nicholas Harper-Day / Dudley Thomas Harper-Day

DD: Margaret Louise Harper-Day

Nicola Day and Melanie Harper; with Rosie, Dex, Dudley, and Mae.

Eva Juliet Day

Eva Day

Benjamin Isaac Sawyer & Caroline Alexa Sawyer (nee Day)

DD: Athena Haley Sawyer

DD: Hestia Caroline Sawyer

DS: Paris Benjamin Sawyer

DD: Diana Juliet Sawyer

Ben and Caroline Sawyer; with Athena, Hestia, Paris, and Diana

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Posted 13 July 2013 - 02:33 AM

Generation #1:

Vincent Dylan van Batten & Mirabelle Beatrice van Batten (nee Victors)

Vincent and Mirabelle van Batten

Generation #2:

Vincent Dylan van Batten & Mirabelle Beatrice van Batten (nee Victors)

DS: Victor Dylan van Batten

Vincent and Mirabelle van Batten; with Victor

Generation #3:

Victor Dylan van Batten & Christine Holland van Batten (nee Marsden)

DS: Eric Gage van Batten

DD: Arabella Holley van Batten

DD: Serena Blake van Batten

DS: William Tyler van Batten

DD/DD: Blair Cornelia van Batten & Jennifer Taylor van Batten

Victor and Christine van Batten; with Eric, Arabella, Serena, William, Blair & Jennifer

Generation #4:

Eric Gage van Batten & Veronica Sequoyah van Batten (nee Boyd)

DD: Mirabella Boyd van Batten

DD: Victoria Erica van Batten

Eric and Veronica van Batten; with Mirabella & Victoria

Arabella Holley van Batten

Single, however she has three kids with her ex-fiancee, Eva Juliet Day, two of them are biologically Arabella's and one is biologically Eva's. They have the last name of their biological parent. Eva and Arabella share custody of the kids.

DD: Isabella Julienne van Batten

DD: Olivia Evangeline Day

DS: Thomas Christian van Batten

Arabella van Batten; with Isabella, Olivia & Thomas

Serena Blake van Batten

Divorced, she and her ex-husband, Daniel Randolph Badgley, have six kids together. The kids have a mix of last names, as per Serena's very liberal tastes, she also never took Daniel's last name. Gideon and Milo were born during their divorce proceedings.

DS: Randolph Rufus Badgley

DD/DS: Danielle Kristin Badgley & Blake Penn Badgley

DD: Celia Selene van Batten

DS/DS: Gideon Scott van Batten & Milo Humphrey van Batten

Serena van Batten; with Randolph, Danielle, Blake, Celia, Gideon & Milo

William Tyler van Batten

Divorced, however he has one son with his ex-wife, Evelyn Elizabeth Fisher (formerly van Batten), William has sole custody of their son.

DS: Charles Bartholomew Michael van Batten

William van Batten; with Charles

Henry "Chuck" Charles Prince VIII & Blair Cornelia Prince (nee van Batten)

DS/DS: Henry Bastian Prince & Hollis Victor Prince

DS: Blaine Vincent Prince

Chuck and Blair Prince; with Henry, Hollis & Blaine

Damien Kevin Dalgaard & Jennifer Taylor Dalgaard (nee van Batten)

DS/DS: Taylor Zegers Dalgaard & Jensen Pierre Dalgaard

DS: Damien Kevin Dalgaard Jr.

DS: Alexander Gideon Dalgaard

Damien and Jennifer Dalgaard; with Taylor, Jensen, Damien Jr. & Alexander

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Posted 15 July 2013 - 02:21 AM

Generation #1:

Bernard Lucas Sutton & Constance Miles Sutton (nee Walton)

Bernard and Constance Sutton

Generation #2:

Bernard Lucas Sutton & Constance Miles Sutton (nee Walton)

DS: Miles Walter Sutton

DD: Lucy Corrine Sutton

DD: Clara Lillian Sutton

DD: Julia Celeste Sutton

DD: Audrey Maia Sutton

Bernard and Constance Sutton; with Miles, Lucy, Clara, Julia & Audrey

Generation #3:

Miles Walter Sutton & Leona Susannah Sutton (nee Reese)

DD/DD: Blythe Leonora Sutton & Penelope Miles Sutton

DS: Connor Bernard Sutton

DS: Reese Walter Sutton

Miles and Leona Sutton; with Blythe, Penelope, Connor & Reese

Lucy Corrine Sutton

Lucy Sutton

Dean Matthew Chandler & Clara Lillian Chandler (nee Sutton)

DD: Lily Sutton Chandler

DD: Dianna Cora Chandler

Dean and Clara Chandler; with Lily & Dianna

Dale Allan Houston & Julia Celeste Houston (nee Sutton)

DD: Victoria Sutton Houston

Dale and Julia Houston; with Victoria

Kent Kevin Keller & Audrey Maia Keller (nee Sutton)

DD: Kristen Kassandra Keller

DD: Katelyn Krystal Keller

DD/DD: Kamilla Karsen Keller & Kylie Katniss Keller

DS: Kolton Kent Keller

Kent and Audrey Keller; with Kristin, Katelyn, Kamilla, Kylie & Kolton

Generation #4:

Jordan Eric Harris & Blythe Leonora Harris (nee Sutton)

DS: Sutton Blake Harris

Jordan and Blythe Harris; with Sutton

Timothy Wayne Horton & Penelope Miles Horton (nee Sutton)

DD: Constance Miles Horton

DD: Rebecca Susanna Horton

DD: Phoebe Matilda Horton

DD/DD: Tabitha Sutton Horton & Willow Dane Horton

Timothy and Penelope Horton; with Constance, Rebecca, Phoebe, Tabitha & Willow

Connor Bernard Sutton & Valerie Eleanor Sutton (nee Singleton)

DD: Eleanor Miles Sutton

DS: Simon Bernard Sutton

DS/DS: Conrad Vincent Sutton & Noah Everett Sutton

DD: Violet Evelyn Sutton

DS: Isaac Emerson Sutton

Connor and Valerie Sutton; with Eleanor, Simon, Conrad, Noah, Violet & Isaac

Reese Walter Sutton & Olivia Megan Sutton (nee Strickland)

DD: Amelia Charlotte Sutton

DS: Henry Elijah Sutton

DS: Julian Maxwell Sutton

DD/DS/DS: Emma Isabella Sutton, Brynn Sophia Sutton & Oliver Quinn Sutton

Reese and Olivia Sutton; with Amelia, Henry, Julian, Emma, Brynn & Oliver


Trevor Leland Clarke & Lily Sutton Clarke (nee Chandler)

DS: Chandler Sutton Clarke

DS: Spencer Dean Clarke

DS: Dalton Leland Clarke

Trevor and Lily Clarke; with Chandler, Spencer & Dalton

Dianna Cora Chandler

Dianna Chandler


Victoria Sutton Houston

Single, however she has four children with her ex-boyfriend, Gerard Christian Walton, Victoria has full custody and Gerard pays court ordered child support.

DS: Christian Jeffery Houston

DD: Kate Geraldine Houston

DS: Alexander Allan Houston

DS: Wesley Victor Huston

Victoria Houston; with Christian, Kate, Alexander & Wesley


Kristen Kassandra Keller

Single, however she has three kids with her ex-boyfriend, Stefan Francois Richter, and they share joint custody.

DD: Maia Aubrey Richter-Keller

DS/DS: Francois Kent Richter-Keller & Stellan Kassius Richter-Keller

Kristen Keller; with Maia, Francois & Stellan

Katelyn Krystal Reid

Widowed, her husband, Lionel Matthew Reid, he died in a car accident. They had three children.

DS: Linus Kevin Reid

DD: Morgan Krystal Reid

DD: Tyler Kolette Reid

Katelyn Reid; with Linus, Morgan & Tyler

Kamilla Karsen Keller

Single, however she has a daughter from a one night stand. The father is unknown.

DD: Kamryn Kordelia Keller

Kamilla Keller; with Kamryn

Grady Franklin Hampton & Kylie Katniss Hampton (nee Keller)

DD: Kellen Grace Hampton

Grady and Kylie Hampton; with Kellen

Kolton Kent Keller & Melody Lila Keller (nee Underwood)

DS: Keaton Kyan Keller

DS: Kirk Kolton Keller

DS: Kamden Kale Keller

DS: Kent Karston Keller

Kolton and Melody Keller; with Keaton, Kirk, Kamden & Kent

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Posted 15 July 2013 - 05:19 PM

Generation #1

Nicholas Kyle Channing & Lydia Grace Channing (nee Campbell)

Nick and Lydia Channing

Generation #2

Nicholas Kyle Channing & Lydia Grace Channing (nee Campbell)

DS: Maxwell Nicholas Channing

DS: Andrew Kyle Channing

DD: Laura Campbell Channing
DD: Virginia Grace Channing

DD: Irene Lydia Channing

Nick and Lydia Channing; with Max, Andy, Laura, Ginny, and Irene

Generation #3

Maxwell Nicholas Channing

Max Channing

Andrew Kyle Channing

Widower; his wife, Katelyn Elizabeth Channing (nee Spencer), died in a car accident. They have four children together.

DD: Eleanor Spencer Channing

DD: Josephine Kate Channing

DD: Matilda Beth Channing

DS: William Andrew Channing

Andy Channing; with Ella, Josie, Tilda, and Will

Brick Nathaniel Parker & Laura Campbell Parker (nee Channing)

Brick and Laura Parker

Thomas Clark Baker & Virginia Grace Baker (nee Channing)

Thomas and Ginny Baker

Ryan James McKay & Irene Lydia McKay (nee Channing)

DD: Penelope Channing McKay

DD: Hazel Irene McKay

DD: Margaret Lydia McKay

DS: August Ryan McKay

DD: Clara James McKay

Ryan and Irene McKay; with Penelope, Hazel, Maisie, Augie, and Clara

Generation #4

Eleanor Spencer Channing

Ella Channing

Brendan Charles Lewis & Josephine Kate Lewis (nee Channing)

Brendan and Josie Lewis

Matilda Beth Channing

Unmarried; however, she has three children with two ex-boyfriends. The children have their fathers' surnames. She has partial custody.

DS: Andrew Lawrence Craft

DD: Bethany Kate Craft

DD: Margaret Phoebe Hewitt

Tilda Channing; with Andrew, Bethany, and Maggie

William Andrew Channing & Emma Kathryn Channing (nee Noel)

DS: Ellis William Channing

DD: Amelia Noel Channing

DD: Lilian Emma Channing

DD: Nora Katherine Channing

DS: Oliver Andrew Channing

Will and Emma Channing; with Ellis, Amelia, Lilian, Nora, and Oliver

Howard Daniel Downs & Penelope Channing Downs (nee McKay)

DD: Aurelia McKay Downs

DD: Grace Penelope Downs

DD: Isabel Margaret Downs

DS: Lucas Howard Downs

DS: Ryan Daniel Downs

DD: Shannon Lydia Downs

Howard and Penelope Downs; with Aurelia, Grace, Isabel, Luke, Ryan, and Shannon

Hazel Irene McKay

Hazel McKay

Margaret Lydia McKay (formerly Patridge)

Divorced, but has 3 children with her ex-husband Joel Edward Patridge. They share custody.

DD: Nina McKay Patridge

DS: Matthew Joel Patridge

DD: Rachel Margaret Patridge

Maisie McKay; with Nina, Matthew, and Rachel

August Ryan McKay

Augie McKay

Clara James McKay

Clara McKay

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Posted 19 July 2013 - 01:20 PM

Generation #1:

Britta Gillian Winger (nee Perry) & Jeffrey Tobias "Jeff" Winger

Jeff and Britta Winger

Generation #2:

Britta Gillian Winger (nee Perry) & Jeffrey "Jeff " Tobias Winger

DS: Perseus "Percy" Marcus Winger

DD: Wilhelmina Doreen Winger

DS: Tobias "Toby" Brett Winger

DD/DS/DD: Jillian Perri Winger, Joel Porter Winger & Jennifer Brittan Winger

Jeff and Britta Winger; with Percy, Wilhelmina, Toby, Jillian, Joel & Jennifer

Generation #3:

Perseus "Percy" Marcus Winger

Single, however has six children with his ex-wife, Darla Babe Demint (formerly Winger). He has sole custody of them as she died in a plane crash a year ago. Three years after their divorce.

DD: Janette Olivia Winger

DS: Darrell Edmond Winger

DS: Curt Simon Winger

DS: Perseus Marcus Winger Jr.

DD/DD: Valerie Darlene Winger & Adeline Louise Winger

Percy Winger; with Janette, Darrell, Curt, Perseus, Valerie & Adeline

Wilhelmina Doreen Winger

Wilhelmina Winger

Tobias "Toby" Brett Winger

Single, however he has six kids with an ex-girlfriend, Tess Marni Frimoli (formerly Winger). He has sole custody of the kids as Tess is in jail right now.

DS: Theo Henry Winger

DS: Tory James Winger

DS: Thaddeus Kris Winger

DS: Tyler Zachary Winger

DS: Thomas William Winger

DD: Tabitha Violet Winger

Toby Winger; with Theo, Tory, Thaddeus, Tyler, Thomas & Tabitha

Jillian Perri Welch (formerly Winger)

Single, however she has four kids with her deceased husband, Gregory Richard Welch, he died in Iraq and was a soldier.

DS: Austin Oliver Welch

DS: Damon Corbin Welch

DS: Trenton James Welch

DS: Crispin Justin Welch

Jillian Welch; with Austin, Damon, Trenton & Crispin

Joel Porter Winger

Single, however he has six kids by his three ex-wives, two children from each wife consecutivly, Adele Kimberly Congreve, Joanne Sonia Ostler and Sarah Dana Matthews (all fomerly Winger). He has full custody of Dana and Matthew but, has joint custody of Adelaide, Brittany, Joel Jr. and Jordan

DD: Adelaide Kinsey Winger

DD: Brittany Congreve Winger

DS: Joel Porter Winger Jr.

DS: Jordan Ostler Winger

DD/DS: Dana Perry Winger & Matthew Joshua Winger

Joel Winger; with Adelaide, Brittany, Joel Jr., Jordan, Dana & Matthew

Barry Rex Loomis & Jennifer Brittan Loomis (nee Winger)

DD: Winter Gillian Loomis

DD: Willow Rexine Loomis

DS: Jensen Winger Loomis

DD/DD/DD: Wiley Bartlet Loomis, Winona Perry Loomis & Winifred Brittan Loomis

Barry and Jennifer Loomis; with Winter, Willow, Jensen, Wiley, Winona & Winifred

Generation #4:

Robert Eliot Herndon & Janette Olivia Herndon (nee Winger)

DD: Gretchen Perri Herndon

Robert and Janette Hernon; with Gretchen

Darrell Edmond Winger & Sue Carla Winger (nee Smith)

DD: Demi Susanna Winger

DD: Darla Emeline Winger

DS: Smith Perceus Winger

Darrell and Sue Winger; with Demi, Darla & Smith

Curt Simon Winger

Unmarried, however he is in a commited relationship with his girlfriend, Penelope Cobra Chai, and they have three kids.

DD/DD: Babette Daphne Winger & Juliet Penelope Winger

DS: Vincent "Vince" Chai Winger

Curt and Penelope Winger/Chai; with Babette, Juliet & Vince

Perseus Marcus Winger Jr.

Unmarried, however he is in a commited relationship with his girlfriend, Cherry Beth Daiquiri, and they have four kids.

DD: Lorelei Aleta Daiquiri

DD: Talia Delphine Daiquiri

DS: Perseus Marcus Winger III

DS: Cassius Theron Winger

Perseus Jr. and Cherry Winger/Daiquiri; with Lorelei, Talia, Perseus III & Cassius

Harold Roy Hundin & Valerie Darlene Hundin (nee Winger)

DD: Elizabeth Demint Hundin

Harold and Valerie Hundin; with Elizabeth

Douglas "Doug" Warren Deerfield & Adeline Louise Deerfield (nee Winger)

DD/DD: Louise Adeline Deerfield & Darlene Winger Deerfield

DS: Warren Perseus Deerfield

DS: Jeffery Douglas Deerfield

DD: Addison Britta Deerfield

Doug and Adeline Deerfield; with Louise, Darlene, Warren, Jeffery & Addison


Theo Henry Winger & Kelly Polly Winger (nee Frears)

DD: Francine Kelly Winger

DS/DS/DS/DS: Tiernan Henry Winger, Timothy Kellen Winger, Tracy Frears Winger & Trevor Roby Winger

Theo and Kelly Winger; with Francine, Tiernan, Timothy, Tracy & Trevor

Tory James Winger & Helena Zoe Winger (nee Paige)

DD: Paige Helen Winger

Tory and Helena Winger; with Paige

Thaddeus Kris Puckerman-Winger & Emmett Matthew Puckerman-Winger

DAD: Cordelia Audrey Puckerman-Winger

DAD: Harper Isadora Puckerman-Winger

DAS: Gideon Archibald Puckerman-Winger

Thaddeus and Emmett Puckerman-Winger; with Cordelia, Harper & Gideon

Tyler Zachary Winger

Tyler Winger

Thomas William Winger

Unmarried, however he lives with his girlfriend, Miranda Emily Lauren, and they have five kids together.

DS: Terrance Bennett Winger

DD/DD: Alexandra Grace Winger & Adrianna Arabella Winger

DS: Trent Collin Winger

DS: Tanner Nolan Winger

Thomas and Miranda Winger/Lauren; with Terrance, Alexandra, Adrianna, Trent & Tanner

Tabitha Violet Winger

Single, however she has two kid with her ex-fiance, Wilbur Ian Wilson, she has primary custody of them.

DD: Scarlett Hazel Winger-Wilson

DS: Theodore Chadwick Winger-Wilson

Tabitha Winger; with Scarlett & Theodore


Austin Oliver Welch & Hazel Irene Welch (nee McKay)

DS: Richard Gregory Welch

DD/DD: Mackenzie Iris Welch & Olivia Jillian Welch

DD/DD: Georgia Rose Welch & Crystal Autumn Welch

DS: Porter Houston Welch

Austin and Hazel Welch; with Richard, Mackenzie, Olivia, Georgia, Crystal & Porter

Damon Corbin Welch

Single, however he and his ex-wife, Eleanor "Elle" Spencer Channing (formerly Welch), have two sons together. Damon has full custody as Elle was convicted of money laundering.

DS: Spencer Damon Welch

DS: Ellis Kenton Welch

Damon Welch; with Spencer & Ellis

Trenton James Welch & Clara James Welch (nee McKay)

DS: Jameson Mac Welch

DD: Clarice "Clary" James Welch

DD: Victoria Jamie Welch

DS/DS: Miles Jame Welch & Noah Jamison Welch

Trenton and Clara Welch; with Jameson, Clary, Victoria, Miles & Noah

Crispin Justin Welch & Lucy Corrine Welch (nee Sutton)

DS: Lucas Sutton Welch

DS: Justin Gregory Welch

DD: Corrine Cristine Welch

DD: Stella Grace Welch

Crispin and Lucy Welch; with Lucas, Justin, Corrine & Stella


Maxwell Nicholas Channing & Adelaide Kinsey Channing (nee Winger)

DS/DD/DS: Porter Kingsley Channing, Kimberly Adele Channing & Adam Potter Channing

Maxwell and Adelaide Channing; with Porter, Kimberly & Adam

August "Augie" Ryan McKay & Brittany Congreve McKay (nee Winger)

DS: Ryan Congreve McKay

DS: William Winger McKay

DS: James Channing McKay

DS: Ian Lysander McKay

Augie and Brittany McKay; with Ryan, William, James & Ian

Joel Porter Winger Jr. & Dianna Cora Winger (nee Chandler)

DS/DS: Joel Porter Winger III & Chandler Dean Winger

Joel Jr. and Dianna Winger; with Joel III & Chandler

Jordan Ostler Winger & Colette Nina Winger (nee Roberts)

DS: Robert Ostler Winger

DS: Cole Jordan Winger

DS/DS: Auden Henry Winger & Joseph Sonny Winger

DD: Zofia Nina Winger

Jordan and Colette Winger; with Robert, Cole, Auden, Joseph & Zofia

Dana Perry Winger

Single, however she has three sons with three different men. All of them are dead beat dads' and they simply pay court ordered child support. They do not see their sons.

DS: Giles Benjamin Winger

DS: Ellison James Winger

DS: Jacob Marius Winger

Dana Winger; with Giles, Ellison & Jacob

Matthew Joshua Winger

Widower, however he has four kids with his wife, Annie Allison Winger (formely Brie), who died from inuries sustained during a mugging.

DS: Joshua Matthew Winger

DS: Jesse Allison Winger

DS/DD: Jeffery Brie Winger & Sarah Annabeth Winger

Matthew Winger; with Joshua, Jesse, Jeffery & Sarah


Winter Gillian Loomis

Unmarried, however she lives with her boyfriend of several years, Potter Anthony Johnson, and they have a daughter together.

DD: Penelope Autumn Johnson

Winter and Potter Loomis/Johnson; with Penelope

Gabriel "Gabe" Scott Owen & Willow Rexine Owen (nee Loomis)

Gabe and Willow Owen

Jensen Winger Loomis

Single, however he and his ex-wife, Eleanor Hannah Montenegro (formely Loomis), have four sons together. They have joint custody of them.

DS: Montgomery Elias Loomis

DS: Jensen Winger Loomis Jr.

DS: Barrett Rexington Loomis

DS: Porter Zacharriah Loomis

Jensen Loomis; with Montgomery, Jensen Jr., Barrett & Porter

Wiley Bartlet Loomis

Wiley Loomis

Winona Perry Loomis

Unmarried, lives with her girlfriend, May Wilhelmina Welland, of many years. They have two kids. Their son is biologically Winona's and their daughter is biologically May's.

DD: Willow Maybelle Welland-Loomis

DS: Winston Perry Loomis-Welland

Winona and May Loomis/Welland; with Willow & Winston

Winifred Brittan Loomis

Single, however she has two sons with an ex-boyfriend. He isn't in the picture at all though, not even paying child support

DS: Winthrop Brett Loomis

DS: Windsor Bryce Looimis

Winifred Loomis; with Winthrop & Windsor

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Posted 10 August 2013 - 08:40 PM

LN: Costa

DH: Vittorio Giovanni [71]

DW: Maura Eileen [68]

DD: Mary Eileen [50]

DD: Cheryl Deirdre [49]

DS: Mark Vittorio [46]

DD: Gina Kathleen [44]

Vito and Maura Costa

Mary, Cheryl, Mark and Gina


LN: Waldrip

DH: Steven Anthony [52]

DW: Mary Eileen [50]

DD: Amber Elizabeth [32]

DS: Sean Michael [30]

DD: Erica Suzanne [27]

DS: Adam Christopher [24]

DD: Ashley Nicole [22]

Steve and Mary Waldrip

Amber, Sean, Erica, Adam and Ashley

LN: Elmore

DH: Douglas Jay [54]

DW: Cheryl Deirdre [49]

No Children

Doug and Cheryl Elmore

LN: Costa

DH: Mark Vittorio [46]

DW: Patricia Denise [46]

DD: Justin Vittorio [22]

DS: Megan Danielle [19]

Mark and Tricia Costa

Justin and Megan

Gina Kathleen Costa [44]

*single with no children

Gina Costa


LN: Stokes

DH: Charles Kenneth [40]

DW: Amber Elizabeth [32]

No children

Charlie and Amber Stokes

Sean Michael Waldrip [30]


DD: Olivia Madison Jones-Waldrip [12]

Sean Waldrip


LN: Westbrook

DH: Ryan William [32]

DW: Erica Suzanne [27]

DS: Reid Nathaniel [7]

DS: Grant Nicolas [7]

DD: Chloe Alexandra [3]

DS: Luke Thomas [1]

Ryan and Erica Westbrook

Reid, Grant, Chloe and Luke

LN: Waldrip

DH: Adam Christopher [24]

DW: Bethany Jane [21]

No children

Adam and Bethany Waldrip

Ashley Nicole Waldrip [22]

*single with no children

Ashley Waldrip

Justin Vittorio Costa [22]

*single with no children

Justin Costa

LN: Brewer

DH: Andrew Corbin [20]

DW: Megan Danielle [19]

No children

Andy and Megan Brewer

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Posted 13 August 2013 - 07:17 AM

Addison Claire Harding
Ian Michael Harding (lol ;) )

-Ezra Franklin Nicholas Harding > Madeline Jessamy Harding (Wells)
-Asa Benjamin Riley Harding > Wylie Joy Harding (Clark)
~Galilee Ann Violet Harding
-Miriam Savannah Jocelyn "Amy" Bradley (Harding) > Garrett Allen Bradley
~Micah Leonardo Bradley
-Zedekiah Hudson Thomas "Zed" Harding > Victoria Emily Harding (Stevens)
~Perseus Theodore "Percy" Harding
~Athena May Harding
-Evangeline Ruth Mabel "Evie" Barnes (Harding) > Camden Hunter "Cam" Barnes
~Piper Elizabeth Barnes
~Leighton Claire Barnes
~Zachariah James "Zac" Barnes
~Flynn Alexander Barnes

-Elodie Katherine Amelia Jameson (Harding) > Carter Benjamin Jameson
-Darby Lucas Harding > Adeline Kaye Harding (Zuckerberg)
~Kellan Titus Harding
~Massimo William Harding
~Matteo Colin Harding
~Sven Jackson Harding
~Boone Jeremiah Harding
-Ashton Wesley Harding > Emily Grace Harding (Adams)
~Elise Vera Harding
-Teagan Samuel Harding > Macey Brooke Harding (Smith)
~Josiah Teagan "Joey" Harding

-Holland Anna Caroline Madden (Harding) > Zephaniah Luke Madden
-Sophia Daphne Vincent (Madden) > Augustine Gregory Vincent
~Nolan Quincy Hamish Vincent

-Silas Henry Andrew Harding > Nora Jillian Harding (Judd)
-Etienne Malachi George Harding > Emerson Juliet Harding (Zayne)
~Fergus Joshua Harding
~Tyler Ross Harding
~Lily-Jane Zoe Harding
~Edmond Pierce Harding
~Ainsley Agnes Harding
-Maeve Alexandra Hadley Weston (Harding) > Ryan Abraham Brett Weston
~Abraham Cole "Abe" Weston
~Ezekial Patrick "Kai" Weston
-Nehemiah Rory Daniel Harding > Isabel Helena Harding (Davis)
-Wade Nathaniel Oliver Harding
-Charlie Ivan Graham Harding
-Juliet Eden Senna Harding
-Ronan Alistair Jude Harding

I just made it where they all get married & reproduce. I'm bored, so....haha.

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Posted 15 August 2013 - 12:02 PM

Generation 1

Joseph "Joey" Matthew Allen & Margaret "Margie" Rose Walker Allen

Thomas Patrick Allen

Generation 2

Thomas Patrick Allen & Grace "Gracie" Lynette Phelan Allen

Elizabeth "Libby" June Allen

Caleb Scott Allen

Sadie Lorelei Allen

Lucy Heather Allen

Generation 3

Elizabeth "Libby" June Allen Cox & Jason Isaiah Cox

Caleb Scott Allen

Sadie Lorelei Allen

Lucy Heather Allen

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Posted 15 August 2013 - 10:09 PM

Generation #1

Russell Emerson Clabray & Blake Holly Clabray

Russell and Blake Clabray

Generation #2:

Russell Emerson Clabray & Blake Holly Clabray

DS: Russell Emerson Clabray Jr.

DS: Holden Blaine Clabray

DS: Simon Graham Clabray

Russell and Blake Clabray; with Russell Jr., Holden & Simon

Generation #3

Russell Emerson Clabray Jr. & Irene Alexandra Clabray (nee Hamilton)

DD: Emmaline Iris Clabray

DD: Blair Hannah Clabray

DD: Rosalind Edith Clabray

DS/DS: Russell Emerson Clabray III & Alexander Hamilton Clabray

Russell Jr. and Irene Clabray; with Emmaline, Blair, Rosalind, Russell III & Alexander

Holden Blaine Clabray

Widower, his wife, Claudia Rhea Clabray (nee Samson) died from complications related to the birth of their fifth child.

DD: Samantha Regina Clabray

DD/DD/DD: Emily Alexandrea Clabray, Blakely Claudine Clabray & Holly Roselle Clabray

DS: Richard Isaac Clabray

Holden Clabray; with Samantha, Emily, Blakely, Holly & Richard

Simon Graham Clabray & Matilda Ann Clabray (nee Williams)

DD: Anna Grace Clabray

DS/DS: William Rueben Clabray & Matthew Simon Clabray

Simon and Matilda Clabray; with Anna, William & Matthew

Generation #4

Emmaline Iris Costa (nee Clabray) & Justin Vittorio Costa

DS: Brayden Vittorio Costa

Emmaline and Justin Costa; with Brayden

Blair Hannah Winger (nee Clabray) & Tyler Zachary Winger

DS: Clayton Tyler Winger

DS/DD: Blaine Zachary Winger & Taylor Clarice Winger

DD: Hanna Irene Winger

Blair and Tyler Winger; with Clayton, Blaine, Taylor & Hanna

Rosalind Edith Clabray

Rosalind Clabray

Russell Emerson Clabray III & Judith "Judy" Georgette Clabray (nee Churchill)

DD: Francine "Frannie" Rose Clabray

DD/DD/DS: Lucy "Quinn" Quinn Clabray, Regina Georgiana Clabray & Russell "Emmett" Emerson Clabray IV

Russell III and Judy Clabray; with Frannie, Quinn, Regina & Emmett

Alexander Hamilton Clabray & Gina Kathleen Clabray (nee Costa)

DS: Connor Kenneth Clabray

DS: Edward Ross Clabray

DS: Alexander Hamilton Clabray Jr.

Alexander and Gina Clabray; with Connor, Edward & Alexander Jr.


Samantha Regina Cohen (nee Clabray) & Daniel Chandler Cohen

DD: Tina Claudette Cohen

Samantha and Daniel Cohen; with Tina

Emily Alexandrea Sylvester (nee Clabray) & Wyatt Mason Sylvester

DD: Summer Jade Sylvester

Emily and Wyatt Sylvester; with Summer

Blakely Claudine Humphrey (nee Clabray) & Penn Daniel Humphrey

DS: Ryder Claude Humphrey

Blakely and Penn Humphrey; with Ryder

Holly Roselle Clabray

Single, however she has one daughter whom she shares custody of with her ex-husband, Jason "Jay" Chance Whittaker.

DD: Rhea Claudia Clabray-Whittaker

Holly Clabray; with Rhea

Richard Isaac Clabray & Brittany Scarlett Clabray (nee Lahey)

DD/DS: Claudia Rayne Clabray & Camden Isaac Clabray

DD/DS: Scarlett Lainey Clabray & Samuel Brett Clabray

DS: Hollis Blaine Clabray

Richard and Brittany Clabray; with Claudia, Camden, Scarlett, Samuel & Hollis


Anna Grace Noir

Widow, her husband, Francois Alexandre Noir, died in the line of fire as a police officer. They have four kids together.

DD: Francesca Annabelle Noir

DD: Claire Gracelyn Noir

DD/DS: Greer Andrea Noir & Graham Francois Noir

Anna Noir; with Francesca, Claire, Greer & Graham

William Rueben Clabray

Widower, his wife, Elena Dianne Clabray (nee Scherer), died in a car accident. They have six children though.

DS: Liam Matthias Clabray

DS: Andrew Rueben Clabray

DS: Ellis Matteo Clabray

DS/DD/DS: Schuyler Anthony Clabray, Simone Dianne Clabray & Scott William Clabray

William Clabray; with Liam, Andrew, Ellis, Schuyler, Simone & Scott

Matthew Simon Clabray & Spencer Maxine Clabray (nee Faucher)

DS: Sebastian Finley Clabray

DS: Matthew Simon Clabray Jr.

DS: Fletcher Maxwell Clabray

Matthew and Spencer Clabray; with Sebastian, Matthew Jr. and Fletcher

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Posted 16 August 2013 - 01:36 AM

Generation 1
Ayn Olesya and Jared Maxwell Jr.

Generation 2
Ayn Olesya and Jared Maxwell Jr.
- Theodore Riley, Alexander Jacob, Christopher Louie, Winona Jane, Katherine Ella, and Nicholas John -

Generation 3
Theodore Riley and Ebony Scarlett

Alexander Jacob and Kiernan Elizabeth

Christopher Louie
- December Marie, Sunday Eloise, Tiger William, Peregrine Joseph, Tierney Christopher, Evening Claire -

Winona Jane

Katherine Ella and Jasper Thomas
- Jack Winston, Bethany Mya, Samuel Thomas, Sarah Katherine, and Oliver Hugo -

Nicholas John

Generation 4
December Marie
- Romilly Grace, Georgia Marie, Teagan Dominic, Casey Richard, and Sophie December -

Sunday Eloise
- Kelly Ann, Lauren Rose, and Ashley Jane -

Tiger William and Fiona Louise

Peregrine Joseph and Fletcher James
- Mercer Jasmine, Tillie Juniper, and Rachel Josephine -

Tierney Christopher
- Anders Tierney and Wiley Christopher -

Evening Claire

Jack Winston and Grace Olivia
- Mae Sophia -

Bethany Mya and Gregory James

Samuel Thomas and Catherine Jane
- Margaret Jane, Emma Catherine, and Clare Juliette -

Sarah Katherine
- Aden Jasper -

Oliver Hugo
- Danielle Rose, Logan James, and Naomi Grace -

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Generation #1:


Owen Dominic Elle Evans & Roselle Emmeline Evans


Owen and Roselle Evans

Generation #2:


Owen Dominic Elle Evans & Roselle Emmeline Evans


DD: Elle Dominique Evans

DD: Reese Emelia Evans


Owen and Roselle Evans; with Elle & Reese

Generation #3:


Elle Dominique Richmond (nee Evans) & Emmett Luke Richmond


DD: Rosalie Oriole Richmond

DD: Lucille Ellen Richmond

DD: Amelia Rowena Richmond 

DS/DD: Emmett Luke Richmond Jr. & Evelyn Roselle Richmond


Elle and Emmett Richmond; with Rosalie, Lucille, Amelia, Emmett Jr. & Evelyn


Reese Emelia Phillippe (nee Evans) & Matthew Ryan Phillippe


DD: Rayne Emmeline  Phillippe

DS: Evan Rhys Phillippe

DD: Madelyn Elle Phillippe


Reese and Matthew Phillippe; with Rayne, Evan & Madelyn


Generation #4:


Rosalie Oriole McCarthy (nee Richmond) & Kellan Hale McCarthy


DS: Edward Owen McCarthy

DS: Jasper Luke McCarthy

DD: Alice Dominique McCarthy 

DD/DD: Isabella Emmeline McCarthy & Carlyle Elle McCarthy


Rosalie and Kellan McCarthy; with Edward, Jasper, Alice, Isabella & Carlyle


Lucille Ellen Richmond

Unmarried, however Lucille has been living with her long-time boyfriend, Finnegan Robert Nosduh, and their child.


DS: Drake Elias Richmond-Nosduh


Lucille and Finnegan Richmond/Nosduh; with Drake


Amelia Rowena Pond (nee Richmond) & Rory William Pond


DD: Melody River Pond

DS: Anthony Brian Pond

DD: Rowena Gage Pond

DS: Bryan William Pond


Amelia and Rory Pond; with Melody, Anthony, Rowena & Bryan


Emmett Luke Richmond Jr.

Unmarried, however he lives with his partner, Archer Blake Clarington, and their children.


DS: Ellis Archibald Clarington

{Biologically Archer's son}

DAD/DAD: Lily Roselle Richmond-Clarington & Poppy Evangeline Richmond-Clarington

{Adopted from South Korea}

DS: Blaine Asher Clarington

{Biologically Archer's son}

DS/DS: Emmett Luke Richmind III & Bradley Russell Richmond

{Biologically Emmett's sons}


Emmett and Archer Richmond/Clarington; with Ellis, Lily, Poppy, Blaine, Emmett III & Bradley


Evelyn Roselle Demarys (nee Richmond) & Puck Ace Demarys


DS: Richard Lysander Demarys

DS: Elijah Demetrius Demarys

DS: Noah Theseus Demarys


Evelyn and Puck Demarys; with Richard, Elijah & Noah




Rayne Emmeline Phillippe

Single, however she does have one biological child and three who she adopted.


DS: Matthew Ryan Phillippe II

DAD/DAD: Iris Elle Phillippe & Ivy Emmeline Phillippe

{Adopted from China}

DAD: Natasha Raine Phillippe 

{Adopted from Russia}


Rayne Phillippe; with Matthew II, Iris, Ivy & Natasha


Evan Rhys Phillippe

Widower, his wife Simone Whitney Phillippe (nee Valmont) passed away from a car accident. The couple did have several children before her passing.


DD: Valerie Reese Phillippe

DD: Cathryn Michelle Phillippe

DS/DS: Sebastian Whit Phillippe & Evan Rhys Phillippe Jr.

DS: Montague Evans Phillippe


Evan Phillippe; with Valerie, Cathryn, Sebastian, Evan Jr. & Montague


Madelyn Elle Phillippe

Unmarried, however she does live with her long-time boyfriend Andrew "Drew" Timothy Shelton and their kids.


DS: Phillip Andrew Shelton

DD/DD: Elle Woods Shelton & Roslyn Pippa Shelton


Madelyn and Drew Phillippe/Shelton; with Phillip, Elle & Roslyn


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