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An Updated Family Tree Game

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Posted 18 December 2013 - 03:14 PM

Sophie Lana
Alistair Nico
B: Theo Thomas
G: Clara Jane
B:  Milo Scott

Milo Scott
Penelope Niamh
G: Marigold Edie

Marigold Edie
Alexander March
G: Ruby Elena
G: Lily Sophia
B: Jude Alexander
G: Chloe Anne

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Posted 01 July 2014 - 01:04 AM

Generation #1:


Martin Scott Samson & Amelie Joy Lynn Samson


Martin and Amelie Samson

Generation #2:

Martin Scott Samson & Amelie Joy Lynn Samson


DD: Stella Elwyn Samson

DD: Skye Mary Samson


Martin and Amelie Samson; with Stella & Skye


Generation #3:


 Stella Elwyn Samson

Single, she has five kids with an ex-boyfriend, he is in prison and only pays court ordered child support.


DD: Scarlett Monroe Samson

DD: Stephanie Maia Samson

DD: Selene Eleanora Samson

DS/DD: Scott Elijah Samson & Savannah Winona Samson


Stella Samson; with Scarlett, Stephanie, Selene, Scott & Savannah


Skye Mary Randell (nee Samson) & Samuel Lee Randell


DD: Samantha Mariana Randell

DD: Serena Leigh Randell


Skye and Samuel Randell; with Samantha & Serena



Generation #4:


Scarlett Monroe Argent (nee Samson) & Allan Christian Argent


DS: Jeremy Samuel Argent

DD/DD/DD: Kate Jillian Argent, Elena Francine Argent & Flora Eleanor Argent


Scarlett and Allan Argent; with Jeremy, Kate, Elena & Flora


Stephanie Maia Samson

Unmarried, however she does live with her boyfriend and the father of her two children, Oscar "Ozzy" Diego Lusth , and the pair have recently started looking for engagement rings together.


DD: Amanda Johanna Lusth

DD: Parvati Bobbie Lusth


Stephanie and Ozzy Samson/Lusth; with Amanda & Parvati


Selene Eleanora Everett

Selene is currently a single mother as she is a widow, her husband Hellan Cody Everett, died when he was struck by a drunk driver whilst out for a jog. The pair have four children together.


DS: Cody Simon Everett

DS: Holden Leon Everett

DD: Samara Helene Everett

DD: Shiloh Candace Everett


Selene Everett; with Cody, Holden, Samara & Shiloh


Scott Elijah Samson


Scott Samson


Savannah Winona Quill (nee Samson) & Peter Arthur Quill


DS: Elijah Scott Quill

DD: Sabrina Arielle Quill


Savannah and Peter Quill; with Elijah & Sabrina




Samantha Mariana Randell

Single, however, she is divorced and she shares joint custody of the kids with their father, Blaine Devon Anderson.


DS: Roland Samuel Anderson

DD: Sophie Leigh Anderson


Samantha Randell; with Roland & Sophie


Serena Leigh Humphrey (nee Randell) & Daniel "Dan" Penn Humphrey


DS: Gordon Caleb Humphrey

DD/DD: Sydney Rose Humphrey & Sylvia Elle Humphrey

DS: Dexter Basil Humphrey

DS: Clark Stanton Humphrey

DS: Trent Prescott Humphrey


Serena and Dan Humphrey; with Gordon, Sydney, Sylvia, Dexter, Clark & Trent

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Posted 01 July 2014 - 03:17 AM

Generation #1
Killian James Winters and Maria Juliette Winters

Generation #2
Killian James Winters and Maria Juliette Winters
Timothy James Winters, Benjamin Miles Winters, Oliver Killian Winters, and Lucas Julian Winters

Killian and Maria Winters with Tim, Ben, Ollie, and Luke

Generation #3
Timothy James Winters and Georgia Lucy Winters

Tim and Georgie Winters

Benjamin Miles Winters
Rebekah Ann Winters, Ryan Blake Winters, Rosemary Clare Winters, Robert Daniel Winters, and Rachel Emily Winters

Ben Winters with Beka, Ryan, Rosie, Rob, and Rachel

Oliver Killian Winters

Ollie Winters

Lucas Julian Winters and Penelope Rose Winters
Sophia Rose Winters, Caleb Lucas Winters, and Grace Penelope Winters

Luke and Penny Winters with Sophia, Caleb, and Grace

Generation #4
Rebekah Ann Mosley and Skylar Joseph Mosley
Amanda Bihotz Mosley, Sophie Marietta Mosley, Ruba Rosabella Mosley, and Nimet Candyce Mosley

Beka and Sky Mosley with Amanda, Sophie, Ruba, and Nimet

Ryan Blake Winters
Tatjana Akane Winters

Ryan Winters with Ana

Rosemary Clare Winters
Cyrillus Vic Winters, Auxentios Yasha Winters, Lucie Chinweuba Winters, Niall Shir Winters, and Iolo Sebastian Winters

Rosie Winters with Cyrillus, Auxentios, Lucie, Niall, and Iolo

Robert Daniel Winters and Lillian Miley Winters

Rob and Lily Winters

Rachel Emily Newton and Fisher Samuel Newton
Julius Amen Newton and Petrus Plouton Newton

Rachel and Fisher Newton with Julius and Petrus

Sophia Rose Porter and Wiley Marcus Porter
Callahan Ratko Porter and Katja Ping Porter

Sophia and Wiley Porter with Callahan and Katja

Caleb Lucas Winters and Josie Vivienne Winters

Caleb and Josie Winters

Grace Penelope Delanto and Simon Jack Delanto
Betrys Olyvia Delanto, Yong Maeva Delanto, Dragana Michela Delanto, and Aristomache Riley Delanto

Grace and Simon Delanto with Betty, Yo, Aggie, and Aris

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Posted 02 July 2014 - 09:30 AM

William Thomas "Will" Carter and Jenna Lee Carter marry and have three children.

Henry Thomas Carter, Claire Melinda Carter, and Zoë Lorelei Carter


Will and Jenna Carter with Henry, Claire, & Zoë




Henry Thomas Carter remains single, but ends up with sole custody of his one-night-stand-result daughter, Maya Grace Carter.

Henry Carter with Maya


Jason Michael Baker and Claire Melinda [Carter] Baker marry and have five children.

Jonah Zachary Baker, Elliot Cameron Baker, Cassidy May Baker, Ava Lorelei Baker, and Sophie Danielle Baker.

Jason & Claire Baker with Jonah, Elliot, Cassidy, Ava, & Sophie


Nathan James O'Brien and Zoë Lorelei [Carter] O'Brien marry and have no children.

Nathan and Zoë O'Brien




not done, but I'll have to do the last generation later



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Posted 03 July 2014 - 06:48 AM

Margaux Theodora (86) and Donald Abraham (94)

DD Audrey Vivian (65)
With husband Timothy Andrew (65) and their daughter and grandchildren:
-DD Sarah Elise (42) and husband Derek John (46) with their children Haley Joanne (17), Jesse Stephen (14), Adam Richard (9) and Logan Isaac (6).

DS James Theodore (63)
With wife Kathleen Gail (58), their children and grandchildren:
-DS Kevin Walter (32) and husband Scott Jeffrey (35) with their adopted daughter Eloise Maya (1.5)
-DD Lydia Katharine (28) and husband Joseph Michael Peter (28) with their sons Noah Phineas (3) and Levi Dexter (5 weeks)
-DS Robert Wayne (25) and girlfriend Jennifer Ann (21)

DS Warren Donald (59)
With wife Laura Elizabeth (50)

DD Phoebe Caroline (54)
With husband William Dennis (53) and their children and grandchildren:
-DS Ruben Thomas (29) and his fiancee Catalina Maria (28)
-DD Meredith Alice (29) and husband (29) with their children Evie Laurel (10), Abel Rowan (5), Colin Barker (2) and baby girl Grace Daphne (due in 3mos)
-DD Isabel Charlotte (24) and her partner Lucas Ezra (23)
-DD Georgia Eve (20) and her off and on boyfriend, Joshua Riley (23)
-DD Colleen Rachel (17)

DD Emily Frances (53)
With husband Brian Michael (53) and children and granddaughter:
-DD Imogen Maeve (20) with daughter Annabel Jane (3.5)
-DD/DD Lillia Frances and Carys Veronica (18)
-DS Wyatt Abraham (15)

Marg and Donny with their children
Audrey, James, Warren, Phoebe and Emily.
Their grandchildren
Sarah, Kevin, Ben, Mer, Lydia, Robby, Izzie, Georgie, Ginny, Lily, Carys, Colleen and Wyatt.
And their great grandchildren
Haley, Jesse, Evie, Adam, Logan, Abe, Annie, Noah, Colin, Ella, Levi and soon to be baby Grace.

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Posted 04 July 2014 - 06:05 AM

Generation #1:


Trent Klaus Fairchild & Cordelia Linnea Estelle Fairchild


Trent and Cordelia Fairchild

Generation #2:


Trent Kalus Fairchild & Cordelia Linnea Estelle Fairchild


DD: Juliana Charlotte Amelia Fairchild

DS: Porter Sylvester Lee Fairchild

DD: Genevra Estelle Cornelia Fairchild

DS: Oliver Cecil Cornelius Fairchild

DD: Viola Tristan Scarlett Fairchild


Trent and Cordelia Fairchild; with Juliana, Porter, Genevra, Oliver & Viola



Generation #3:


Juliana Charlotte Amelia Fairchild

Juliana is a single mother, having spent most of her life working as a busy and successful career woman she never had time to get into a relationship, but still wanted children. So, Juliana hired a surrogate who gave birth to her triplet boys via Juliana's eggs and a sperm donor. 


DS/DS/DS: Louis Orville Jeffrey Fairchild, Vincent James Basil Fairchild & Jude Benjamin Owen Fairchild


Juliana Fairchild; with Louis, Vincent & Jude


Porter Sylvester Lee Fairchild


Porter Fairchild


Mortimer Percival Anatole Bayard & Genevra Estelle Cornelia Bayard (nee Fairchild)


DD: Rosabel Elodie Harper Bayard

DD: Cornelia Vienna Grace Bayard

DD: Estelle Portia Sylviana Bayard

DS: Sinclair Clark Crawford Bayard


Mortimer and Genevra Bayard; with Rosabel, Cornelia, Estelle & Sinclair


Oliver Cecil Cornelius Fairchild & Victoria Constance Leontine Fairchild (nee Ellsworth)


DS: Roderick Valentin Crispin Fairchild

DS: Benedict Clarence Augustus Fairchild

DS: Porter Sylvester Virgil Fairchild

DS: Quentin Lucius Roman Fairchild

DS: Sebastian Leon Cassius Fairchild


Oliver and Victoria Fairchild; with Roderick, Benedict, Porter, Quentin & Sebastian


Conrad Isadore Rhett Lexington & Viola Tristan Scarlett Lexington (nee Fairchild)


DS: Frederick Rhys Isaiah Lexington


Conrad and Viola Lexington; with Frederick


Generation #4:


Louis Orville Jeffrey Fairchild & Alice Althea Fairchild (nee Harrington)


DS/DS: Harrison Julius Charles Fairchild & Henry Julian Amil Fairchild

DS: Warren Timothy Monroe Fairchild

DS: Emerson Alden Benjamin Fairchild

DS: Samuel James Wilford Fairchild


Louis and Alice Fairchild; with Harrison, Henry, Warren, Emerson & Samuel


Vincent James Basil Fairchild

Vincent is recently single. He and his now ex-wife, Camilla Joanne Avis (Formerly Fairchild), divorced two years ago. The pair had one son together of whom they share joint custody.


DS: Dean Jeffrey Owen Fairchild


Vincent Fairchild; with Dean


Jude Benjamin Owen Fairchild & Aurelia Elizabeth Fallon Fairchild (nee Wordsworth)


DS/DD: Alexander Orville Basil Fairchild & Charlotte Amelia Beth Fairchild

DD: Serena Juliet Amalia Fairchild

DS: Trent Louis Vincent Fairchild


Jude and Aurelia Fairchild; with Alexander, Charlotte, Serena & Trent




Rosabel Elodie Harper Bayard


Rosabel Bayard


Caleb Julian Crosier & Cornelia Vienna Grace Crosier (nee Bayard)


DD: Rosalie Eloise Harper Crosier

DD: Thalia Elizabeth Pearl Crosier

DD: Lydia Elowyn Lillian Crosier

DD: Violet Emma Cordelia Crosier

DS/DS: Aiden Peter Crosier & Ethan Bayard Crosier


Caleb and Cornelia Crosier; with Rosalie, Thalia, Lydia, Violet, Aiden & Ethan


Tarquin Florian Jarvis & Estelle Portia Sylviana Jarvis (nee Bayard)


DD: Clementine Justine Elyse Jarvis


Tarquin and Estelle Jarvis; with Clementine


Sinclair Clark Crawford Bayard & Violetta Leah Prudence Bayard (nee Worthington)


DD: Roselle Elodie Harmony Bayard

DS: Landon Mortimer Anatole Bayard

DS: Duke Leander Percival Bayard


Sinclair and Violetta Bayard; with Roselle, Landon & Duke





Roderick Valentin Crispin Fairchild & Gretchen Verity Raine Fairchild (nee Romain)


DD: Adelaide Romilly Cecelia Fairchild

DD: Claudia Olive Ramona Fairchild

DS: Derek Victor Valentino Fairchild

DS: Barrett Ellison Klaus Fairchild


Roderick and Gretchen Fairchild; with Adelaide, Claudia, Derek & Barrett


Benedict Clarence Augustus Fairchild

Benedict is single, however when he was in high school he got his girlfriend pregnant and the pair had a daughter. Currently, Benedict has sole custodial of his daughter as her mother, Johanna Martina Manfred, is serving overseas in the army.


DD: Leontine Olivia Clary Fairchild


Benedict Fairchild; with Leontine


Porter Sylvester Virgil Fairchild & Arabella Christabel June Fairchild (nee Richmond)


DD: Grace Charlotte Ava Fairchild

DS: Sylvester Turner Richmond Fairchild

DD: Cornelia Harper Luna Fairchild

DD: Aurora Gemma Cordelia Fairchild

DD: Delia Susanna Allegra Fairchild

DS: Fletcher Benjamin Crispin Fairchild


Porter and Arabella Fairchild; with Grace, Sylvester, Cornelia, Aurora, Delia & Fletcher


Quentin Lucius Roman Fairchild & Norah Sarah Fairchild (nee Puckerman)


DS: Quinn Oliver Porter Fairchild

DS: Finn Justin Samuel Fairchild

DS: Noah Lucas Rowan Fairchild

DS: Jesse Jack Daniels Fairchild

DD: Bethany "Beth" Prudence Fairchild

DS: Ellis Lucian Marcel Fairchild


Quentin and Norah Fairchild; with Quinn, Finn, Noah, Jesse, Beth & Ellis


Sebastian Leon Cassius Clarington-Fairchild & Hunter Benjamin Clarington-Fairchild


DD: Veronica Hailey Addison Clarington

DD: Diana Adrienne Talia Fairchild 

DS: Spencer Isaac Taylor Clarington

DD/DS: Genevieve Clarissa Hermione Fairchild & Preston Sebastian Demetrius Fairchild


Sebastian and Hunter Clarington-Fairchild; with Veronica, Diana, Spencer, Genevieve & Preston




Frederick Rhys Isaiah Lexington & Rosamund Annie Gwendolyn Lexington (nee Ellington)


DS: Frederick Rhys Isaiah Lexington Jr.

DS: Hugh Jacob Elijah Lexington

DS/DD: Emory Josiah Gavin Lexington & Emmeline Isadora Rhea Lexington

DD: Louise Gwen Annalise Lexington

DS: Cornelius Tristan Scout Lexington 


Frederick and Rosamund Lexington; with Frederick Jr., Hugh, Emory, Emmeline, Louise & Cornelius

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Posted 05 July 2014 - 03:28 PM

Generation #1:


Hayden Garrett Moss & Katrina "Kat" Rainy Mae Moss (nee Edorsson)


Hayden and Kat Moss


Generation #2:


Hayden Garrett Moss & Katrina "Kat" Rainy Mae Moss (nee Edorsson)


DS: Edward Rhett Moss

DS: Damon Oliver Moss

DS: Noah James Moss

DD/DS: Heidi Minnie Lou Moss & Hudson Aric Moss


Hayden and Kat Moss; with Edward, Damon, Noah, Heidi & Hudson


Generation #3:


Edward Rhett Moss & Audrey Alanis Moss (nee Reagan)


DD: Veronica Anna Priscilla Moss

DS: Warren Raymond Moss

DD: Catherine Margaret Grace Moss

DS: Benjamin Richard Moss


Edward and Audrey Moss; with Veronica, Warren, Catherine & Benjamin


Damon Oliver Moss & Kara Marina Rose Moss (nee Winifred)


DS: Kristopher Dion Geoffrey Moss

DS: William Isaac James Moss

DS: Alexander Justin Michael Moss

DS: Levi Noah Ryan Moss


Damon and Kara Moss; with Kristopher, William, Alexander & Levi


Noah James Moss

Noah is single, however he is divorced from his ex-wife, Hannah Naomi Salome (formerly Moss), but before their divorce the pair had two daughters of whom they share joint custody.


DD: Eden Corinne Moss

DD: Jael Rachel Moss


Noah Moss; with Eden & Jael


Heidi Minnie Lou Walton (nee Moss) & Ulrich Leo Walton


DD/DD: Violet Billie Lena Walton & Hazel Elsa Frankie Walton

DS: Dirk Moss Louie Walton


Heidi and Ulrich Walton; with Violet, Hazel & Dirk


Hudson Aric Moss & Georgia Aja Tana Moss (nee London)


DS/DD: Alric Terrence Moss & Cora Elsie Haley Moss


Hudson and Georgia Moss; with Alric & Cora


Generation #4:


Veronica Anna Priscilla Moss

Veronica is single, she divorced her husband after she found him cheating. Veronica has full custody of their kids and her ex only pays child support.


DD: Victoria Ivy Moss

DD: Diana Iris Moss

DD: Claudia Ann Moss

DS/DS/DD: Roman Andrew Moss, Wesley Michael Moss & Aurora Celeste Moss


Veronica Moss; with Victoria, Diana, Claudia, Roman, Wesley & Aurora


Warren Raymond Moss


Warren Moss


Catherine Margaret Grace Moss

Catherine is single, like her sister Veronica she is divorced and no longer speaks to her ex-husband. They share custody, but Catherine has primary custody and she changed the kids last names.


DS: Nathaniel Graham Rhett Moss

DS: Kenneth Paul Allan Moss

DS: Blaine Miles Reagan Moss


Catherine Moss; with Nathaniel, Kenneth & Blaine


Benjamin Richard Moss & Rebecca Gretchen Moss


DD/DD: Gretchen Eudora Moss & Genevieve Raine Moss

DS: Warren Richard Moss

DS: Frederick Edward Moss

DS: Dwight Hayden Moss

DS: Emmett Mason Moss


Benjamin and Rebecca Moss; with Gretchen, Genevieve, Warren, Frederick, Dwight & Emmett




Kristopher "Kris" Dion Geoffrey Moss

Kris is single. However, he has a son from a previous relationship. Kris and his ex-girlfriend share amiable custody of their son.


DS: Oliver "Ollie" Jeffrey Kristian Moss


Kris Moss; with Ollie


William Isaac James Moss & Brittany Erica Patricia Moss (nee Orleans)


DS: Vaughn Damon Martin Moss

DS: Casey Grant Olivier Moss

DS/DD: Reed Isaac James Moss & Rosalie Erica Patricia Moss

DD: Karoline Willow Britta Moss


William and Brittany Moss; with Vaughn, Casey, Reed, Rosalie & Karoline


Alexander Justin Michael Moss & Daphne Jocelyn Blake Moss (nee Francis)


DD: Francesca "Frankie" Michelle Moss

DD: Justine "J.J." Jocelyn Moss

DD: Clarissa "Risa" Olivia Moss

DS: Kirk Francis Blaise  Moss


Alexander and Daphne Moss; with Frankie, J.J., Risa & Kirk


Levi Noah Ryan Moss & Emmeline Mae Moss (nee Kerensky)


DS: Gabriel Lorcan Keir Moss

DS: Ezra Kane Maxwell Moss

DD: Adeline Ryan Ava Moss

DS: Tobias Evan Neal Moss

DS: Caleb Shane Brennan Moss

DS: Wyatt Abel Ronan Moss


Levi and Emmeline Moss; with Gabriel, Ezra, Adeline, Tobias, Caleb & Wyatt




Eden Corinne Moss

Eden is currently engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Jordan Simon Sanford, the pair currently have a daughter. They hope to have the wedding in a couple of months.


DD: Lucy Norah Tamsin Sanford


Eden and Jordan Moss/Sanford; with Lucy


Jael Rachel Moss


Jael Moss




Violet Billie Lena Werner (nee Walton) & Fritz Bruno Werner


DS: Ulrich Otto Fritz Werner

DS: Dieter Huey Carmine Werner

DS: Silas Ludwig Walt Werner

DS: Kurt Christian Paul Werner

DS: Wallace Leopold Roland Werner


Violet and Fritz Werner; with Ulrich, Dieter, Silas, Kurt & Wallace


Hazel Elsa Frankie Erich (nee Walton) & Hans Axel Erich


DD/DS/DS: Astrid Petra Johanna Erich, Asher Franz Rainer Erich & Axel Hans Magnus Erich

DD: Linnea Elvira Hallie Erich

DS: Gunther Armand Leif Erich

DS: Heath Sigurd Klaus Erich


Hazel and Hans Erich; with Astrid, Asher, Axel, Linnea, Gunther & Heath


Dirk Moss Louie Walton & Adele Piper Walton (nee Marilla)


DS: Archibald "Arch" Cole Walton

DD: Adelaide Rosie Mae Walton


Dirk and Adele Walton; with Arch & Adelaide




Alric Terrence Moss-Thyer & Roderick Videl Moss-Thyer


DD: Lydia Deanne Thyer

DS: Alaric Thatcher Moss

DS/DD: Kendrick Alistair Moss & Kirsten London Moss

DS: Derek George Thyer


Alric and Roderick Moss-Thyer; with Lydia, Alaric, Kendrick, Kirsten & Derek


Cora Elsie Haley Moss


Cora Moss

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Posted 05 July 2014 - 04:59 PM

Cheyenne Amber Quinn & Noah Jonathan Quinn


-Jacob *Jake* Austin Quinn & [Lana Michelle Quinn (Gregor)]


--Lucas *Luke* Ryan Quinn & [Rhiannon Rose Quinn (Umbrind)]

---Ethan Lucas Quinn

---Remus *Remy* Quinn

---Nicholas *Nicky* Brandon Quinn 

---Gavin James Quinn


--Mason Elijah Quinn & [Jacqueline *Jacky* Heather Quinn (Conor)]

---Dustin Jack Quinn


--Heath Fabian Quinn-Shaken & [Corey Vincent Quinn-Shaken]


--Lux Tatum West (Quinn) & [Dakota Evan West]

---Ireland Holly West

---Russia Carly West


--Sloane Gemma Ments (Quinn) & [Logan Reese Ments]

---Lacey Genesis Ments

---Spencer *Spence* Randal Ments

---Lorelei Gemini Ments


-Jeremy Ashton Quinn & [Brittany Nicole Quinn (Dorther)]


--Troy Kyle Quinn & [Mercedes *Sadie* Natalie Quinn (Phan)]

---Marisa Kimi Quinn

---Wesley *Wes* Takuro Quinn

---Brandy Sakura Quinn

---Garret Yuki Quinn

---Aiyana Mimi Quinn


--Courtney Lauren Tarid & [Declan *Dec* Christopher Tarid]

---Desiree Cassia Tarid  


--Marley Hannah Way & [Kellin Victor Way]

---Serena *Reni* Maitai Way

---Paloma *Lomi* Daiquiri Way

---Nixon Martini Way




Cheyenne & Noah Quinn.

Their children; Jake and Jeremy, with their wives; Lana and Brittany.

Their grandchildren; Luke, Mason, Heath, Lux, Sloane, Troy, Courtney, and Marley, with their partners; Rhiannon, Jackey, Corey, Dakota, Logan, Sadie, Dec, and Kellin. 

Their great-grandchildren; Ethan, Remy, Nicky, Gavin, Dustin, Ireland, Russia, Lacey, Spence, Lorelei, Marisa, Wes, Brandy, Garret, Aiyana, Reni, Lomi, and Nixon. 

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