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An Updated Family Tree Game

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Posted 29 June 2013 - 06:38 AM


Generation #1:

Write down the names of you and your spouse (doesn't have to be real)

Generation #2:

Roll the dice for how many children you have.
Then roll the dice for the gender of each child: even #=girl, odd #=boy
Names are your choice

Generation #3:

Roll the dice to determine how many of your children marry. Even # means they marry, odd # means they remain single
Then, roll the dice again to determine how many of them reproduce. Even # means they reproduce, odd # means they do not reproduce.

Roll the dice for how many children they have.
Roll the dice for each child in Generation #3 for the genders. Even #=girl, odd #=boy
Names are your choice

Generation #4:

Roll the dice again to see if that grandchild marries. Even # means they marry, odd # means they do not.
Then, roll the dice again to determine how many of your grandchildren reproduce. Even # means they reproduce, odd # means they do not reproduce.

Roll the dice for how many children they have.
Roll the dice for each child in Generation #4 for the genders. Even #=girl, odd #=boy

Names are your choice

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Posted 29 June 2013 - 07:52 AM

Matthew 'Matt' Marcus married Caitlin 'Cate' Cassandra.
They have four children, Nathaniel 'Nate' Nicholas, Sebastian 'Seb' Scott, Eleanor 'Ellie' Elizabeth and Theodore 'Theo' Tobias.


Nathaniel 'Nate' Nicholas married Alexander 'Alex' Adam.
They have two children, Sophia 'Soph' Stephanie and Dexter 'Dex' Dominic.

Sebastian 'Seb' Scott married Jessica 'Jess' Jasmine.
They have two children, Rhiannon 'Rhi' Rose and Gregory 'Greg' Graham.

Theodore 'Theo' Tobias married Madeleine 'Maddie' Megan.
They don't have any children.

Eleanor 'Ellie' Elizabeth married Harrison 'Harry' Henry.
They have one child, Lillian 'Lily' Lucinda.


Sophia 'Soph' Stephanie is divorced.
She has four children, William 'Will' Wesley, Nicola 'Nicki' Natalie, Christian 'Chris' Cole and Amelia 'Amy' Abigail.

Dexter 'Dex' Dominic married Philipa 'Pip' Paige.
They have two children, Ryan 'Ry' Rhett and Leonardo 'Leo' Lucas.


Gregory 'Greg' Graham is divorced.
He has one child, Benjamin 'Ben' Blake.

Rhiannon 'Rhi' Rose married Elliott 'Eli' Evan.
They have two children, Katherine 'Kat' Kiara and Jackson 'Jack' Joshua.


Lillian 'Lily' Lucinda is single.

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Posted 29 June 2013 - 08:20 PM

Ivan Josiah & Carina Leigh

-Maksim "Maks" Isaiah
--Marya Isabella & Isaac Christopher
---Milena Christine

-Ekaterina "Katya" Alizabeth & Owen Scott
--Samuel "Sam" Ivan & Colette Aveline
---Mason Charles
---Emerson "Emy" Grace
---Hudson Malachi
---Greyson Robert
---Carson Daniel
--Gabriel "Gabe" Scott

-Anastasia "Nastya" Nicole & Nikolas "Niko" Draven

-Dmitriy "Dima" Mikhail

-Aleksander "Sasha" Skye & Regina "Gina" Rhiane

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Posted 30 June 2013 - 02:08 AM

Alexander Craig and Valerie Ava

Madelyn Sophia, Eliza Jade, Oliver Matthew & Sarah Natalie


Madelyn Sophia and Nathaniel Joseph

David Thomas, Olivia Megan & Andrew Dylan


Eliza Jade and Rowan Maddox

Zachary Mason


Oliver Matthew and Eleanor Zoe


Sarah Natalie

Caleb Seth, Annabel Kate, Jessica Helen, Lauren Amber & Noah Maxwell

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Posted 30 June 2013 - 04:13 AM

DH: Mason Jeremy Putnam
DW: Helga Bristol Putnam
DD: Tatiana Emmeline Tardy
---DH: Jordan Owen Tardy

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Posted 30 June 2013 - 09:38 AM

Generation #1:

Clarice Eleanor Montenegro & Porter Seeley Montenegro

Porter and Clarice Montenegro

Generation #2:

Porter Montenegro & Clarice Montenegro

DD: Eleanor Hannah Montenegro

DS: Porter Seeley Montenegro Jr.

DS: Clarence Parker Montenegro

DS: Seeley Brennan Montenegro

Porter and Clarice Montenegro; with Eleanor, Porter Jr., Clarence & Seeley

Generation #3:

Eleanor Hannah Montenegro

Unmarried, had no children.

Eleanor Montenegro.

Porter Seeley Montenegro Jr & Angela Temperance Montenegro (nee Hollingworth)

DD: Clarice "Clary" Elinor Montenegro

DS: Porter "Monti" Seeley Montenegro III

DS: Andrew "Drew" Thomas Montenegro

DD: Eleanor "Ellie" Angelica Montenegro

DS: Holland "Hollis" Warren Montenegro

DD: Temperance "Tempe" Ty Montenegro

Porter Jr. and Angela Montenegro; with Clary, Monti, Drew, Ellie, Hollis & Tempe

Clarence Parker Montenegro

Unmarried, lives with longtime girlfriend Amber Georgiana Greyson. However, they have three kids together.

DS: Greyson Clarence Montenegro

DS: Parker George Montenegro

DD: Hannah Grace Montenegro

Clarence and Amber Montenegro/Greyson; with Greyson, Parker & Hannah

Seeley Brennan Montenegro & Camille Emily Montenegro (nee Saroyan)

DD: Christine Brianna Montenegro

DS: Seeley Brennan Montenegro Jr.

DS: Camden Emerson Montenegro

DD: Sarah Camilla Montenegro

Seeley and Camille Montenegro; with Christine, Seeley Jr., Camden & Sarah

Generation #4:

Gaspard Hannibal Ulliel & Clarice "Clary" Elinor Ulliel (nee Montenegro)

DD: Alana Elinor Ulliel

DS/DS: William Graham Ulliel & Anthony Hamish Ulliel

DD: Mischa Clarice Ulliel

Gaspard and Clary Montenegro; with Alana, William, Anthony & Mischa

Porter "Monti" Seeley Montenegro III & Laurel Frederica Montenegro (nee Andersen)

DD: Laura Florence Montenegrto

DS: Porter Seeley Montenegro IV

DS: Preston Sterling Montenegro

DS: Pierce Schyuler Montenegrto

DD: Lyra Francesca Montenegro

DS: Penn Salvatore Montenegrto

Monti and Laurel Montenegro; with Laura, Porter IV, Preston, Pierce, Lyra & Penn

Andrew "Drew" Thomas Montenegro

Does not marry but, he has three children by three different women and has primary custody of all of them. (Rachel Barbra Berry, Lucy Quinn Fabray & Brittany Susan Pierce)

DD: Rebecca Blythe Montenegro-Berry

DS: Lucas Quentin Montenegro-Fabray

DD: Brynn Santana Montenegro-Pierce

Drew Montenegro; with Rebecca, Lucas & Brynn

Gideon Christopher Tomsic & Eleanor "Ellie" Angelica Tomsic (nee Montenegro)

DS: Louis Christopher Tomsic

Gideon and Ellie Tomsic; with Louis

Holland "Hollis" Warren Montenegro

Divorced from his ex-wife, Colleen Leigh Hayworth (formerly Montenegro), and has primary custody of his and his ex-wife's three children.

DD: Lydia Mariana Montenegro

DS: Holden Olivier Montenegro

DS: Warren Porter Montenegro

Hollis Montenegro; with Lydia, Holden & Warren

Seeley Joseph Booth & Temperance "Tempe" Ty Booth (nee Montenegro)

DS: Christian Angelo Booth

Seeley and Tempe Booth; with Christian


Greyson Clarence Montenegro-Harper & Roy Oliver Montenegro-Harper

DSD: Lian Jade Harper

{Biologically Roy's, from a past relationship.}

DD: Mary Johanna Montenegro-Harper

{Biologically Greyson's}

DAD: Donna Troy Montenegro-Harper


DS: Richard John Montenegro-Harper

{Biologically Greyson's}

DS: Colton Hayes Montenegro-Harper

{Biologically Roy's}

Greyson and Roy Montenegro-Harper; with Lian, Mary, Donna, Richard & Colton

Parker George Montenegro & Norah Vincenza Montenegro (nee Bray)

DS: Noah Wendall Montenegro

Parker and Norah Montenegro; with Noah

Hannah Grace Montenegro

Does not marry, but she had a child in high school from a one night stand.

DS: Graham Holt Montenegro

Hannah Montenegro; with Graham


Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins & Christine Brianna Hodgins (nee Montenegro)

DS: Vincent Jack Stanley Hodgins

DD: Melody Cadence Aria Hodgins

Michael and Christine Hodgins; with Vincent & Melody

Seeley Brennan Montenegro Jr.

Widowed after his wife, Joy Hart Montenegro (nee Keenan), died giving birth to their youngest children.

DS: Seeley Brennan Montenegro III

DD: Ruth Matilda Montenegro

DS: Keenan Matthew Montenegro

DS: Maxwell Russell Montenegro

DS/DD: Jared Kyle Montenegro & Joy Hart Montenegro II

Seeley Jr. Montenegro; with Seeley III, Ruth, Keenan, Maxwell, Jared & Joy

Camden Emerson Montenegro & Isla Kennedy Montenegro (nee Fallon)

DS: Camden Emerson Montenegro Jr.

DS: Isaac Daniel Montenegro

DS: Fletcher Kennedy Montenegro

DD: Emily Saroyan Montenegro

Camden and Isla Montenegro; with Camden Jr., Isaac, Fletcher & Emily

Sarah Camilla Montenegro

Doesn't marry but, she does adopt two daughters after fostering them.

DAD: Michelle Wellesley Montenegro

DAD: Camille Berkley Montenegro

Sarah Montenegro; with Michelle & Camille

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Posted 30 June 2013 - 12:07 PM

Generation #1:
Philip "Phil" Lee & Diane Elizabeth

Generation #2:

Philip "Phil" Lee & Diane Elizabeth

DD: Melody Jayne
DS: Sebastian "Bash" Lee
DD: Elizabella "Bella" Adeline
DD/DS: Lennon Mary & Dorian Ezekiel
DS: Reed Brian Robert

Generation #3:

Melody Jayne & Davin Jacob

DD: Aria Johanna


Sebastian "Bash" Lee & Jessica "Jessie" Blake

DD: Blakely "Blake" Rene


Elizabella "Bella" Adeline & Joshua "Josh" Evan

DS/DS: Ezra Josiah & Elijah Andrew
DS: Malachi Daniel
DS: Samuel "Sam" John
DD: Abigail Abby" Eden


Lennon Mary & Lukas "Luke" Christopher

DS: Liam Carter
DD: Lea Marie
DS: Levi Camden
DD/DS: Laney Moriah & Lake Cadence


Dorian Ezekiel


Reed Brian Robert

DS: Brian Lee
DS: Robert "Rob" Edward

Generation #4:

Aria Johanna & Jacob "Jake" Kyle


Blakely "Blake" Rene

DS: Maksim "Maks" Lee


Ezra Josiah & Naomi Claire


Elijah Andrew


Malachi Daniel

DS: Mason Henry
DD: Stella Elizabeth
DS: Derek Sloan
DD: Celine Diane


Samuel "Sam" John


Abigail "Abby" Eden & Joanie Reese


Liam Carter & Cordelia Luna

DS: Matthew Carson
DD/DD: Corrine Megan & Calliope Macyn
DS/DS: Morrison Carter & Maddox Croy
DD: Cassidy Maeve


Lea Marie & Donovan James


Levi Camden & Brylee Elizabeth


Laney Moriah & Jackson Avery

DD: Joey Lauren
DD/DS/DD: Bryce Moriah, Avery Jack, & Quinn Leigh


Lake Cadence


Brian Lee


Robert "Rob" Edward & Victoria "Vicki" Lee

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Posted 30 June 2013 - 01:50 PM

Generation One:

The Osprey Family

Atticus Jude & Sophia Lorraine

Generation Two:

The Osprey Family

Atticus Jude & Sophia Lorraine

Emily Christine
Piper Lucille
Violet Audrey
Olivia Jocelyn
Henry Jack

Generation Three:

Emily Christine Osprey
Unmarried, no children

Piper Lucille & Théo Maxime Delacroix

Julian Nathaniel
Mathieu Benjamin
Eloise Charlotte
Leonie Margaret

Violet Audrey & Caroline Alice Osprey

Eleanor Scout

Olivia Jocelyn Osprey
Unmarried, four children with an ex

Magnolia Lorraine
Posey Christine
Clover Lucille
Lilac Audrey

Henry Jack & Harper Vada Osprey

Hadley Vera
Holden John

Generation Four:

Julian Nathaniel Delacroix
Unmarried, four children with ex

Christophe Bennett
Olivier Hayden
Russell Theodore
Mathilde Laurel

Mathieu Benjamin & Aishlinn Keira Delacroix

Orla Juliette
Patrick Antoine
Quinn Gérard
Roisin Margaux
Saoirse Lucie
Teagan Pénélope

Eloise Charlotte & Timothy Daniel Sullivan

Felicity Meadow
Scarlett Ember
Zachary Quentin
Christian River
Tyler Justice
Paisley Summer

Leonie Margaret Delacroix
Unmarried, four children with an ex

Tomas Lateef
Layla Peni
Akila Indah
Asmara Hinrik

Eleanor Scout Osprey
Unmarried, one child with an ex

Josephine Mayella

Magnolia Lorraine & Elliot Francis Andrews

Posey Christine & Joanna Claire Alcott

Felix Caspian
Lucia Ireland
Isolde Olympia
Mila Delphi
Sabina Bristol

Clover Lucille Osprey
Unmarried, no children

Lilac Audrey & Athena Charlotte Osprey-Clark

Rowan Adonis
Olive Persephone

Hadley Vera & Wyatt Alexander Reichs

Holden John Osprey
Unmarried, no children

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Posted 30 June 2013 - 03:49 PM

Generation #1

Emmeline Rafferty Clarington & Archer Blake Clarington

Archer and Emmeline Montenegro

Generation #2:

Emmeline Rafferty Clarington & Archer Blake Clarington

DS: Rafferty Blake Clarington

DD: Violet Hannah Clarington

DD: Lily Emmeline Clarington

DD: Poppy Arianna Clarington

Archer and Emmeline Clarington; with Rafferty, Violet, Lily & Poppy

Generation #3

Rafferty Blake Clarington

Isn't married but, Rafferty lives with his long-time girlfriend and mother of his children, Regina Georgiana Agron.

DD: Ruby Georgiana Clarington

DS: Rafferty Blake Clarington Jr.

DS: Royce Archibald Clarington

Rafferty and Regina Clarington/Agron; with Ruby, Rafferty Jr. & Royce

Hunter James Nolan & Violet Hannah Nolan (nee Clarington)

DS: James Blake Nolan

DS: Archer Clarence Nolan

DS: Emmett Noel Nolan

DS: Porter Hunter Nolan

DS: Vincent Hansel Nolan

DD: Hannah Viola Nolan

Hunter and Violet Nolan; with James, Archer, Emmett, Porter, Vincent & Hannah

Hanna Willow Accola-Clarington & Lily Emmeline Accola-Clarington

Hanna and Lily Accola-Clarington

Poppy Arianna Clarington

Unmarried but, she has three children with a past boyfriend, Holt Quentin Fabre, who's a deadbeat dad.

DD: Faith Emmeline Clarington

DD: Hope Alexandra Clarington

DS: Quinn Emerson Clarington

Poppy Clarington; with Faith, Hope & Quinn

Generation #4

Ruby Georgiana Clarington

Unmarried, but did have a child back in high school, father unknown.

DD: Georgia Roselle Clarington

Ruby Clarington; with Georgia

Rafferty Blake Clarington Jr. & Lydia Sage Clarington (nee Martin)

DS: Rafferty Blake Clarington III

DS: Martin George Clarington

DS: Linus Reginald Clarington

Rafferty Jr. and Lydia Clarington; with Rafferty III, Martin & Linus

Royce Archibald Clarington

Widowed after his wife, Charlotte Leighton Clarington (nee Weston), died in a car accident.

DS: Leighton Charles Clarington

DS: Archer Royce Clarington

DS: Blake Weston Clarington

DD: Chelsea Leigh Clarington

Royce Clarington; with Leighton, Archer, Blake & Chelsea


James Blake Nolan

Does not marry legally, but lives with his girlfriend, Heidi Brooke Holiday, and their child.

DS: Holden James Nolan

James and Heidi Nolan/Holiday; with Holden

Archer Clarence Nolan & Emerson Rose Nolan

DD/DS: Clarice "Clary" Arielle Nolan & Archer Clarence Nolan Jr.

DD: Violet Annebeth Nolan

DS: Jameson Emery Nolan

Archer and Emerson Nolan; with Clary, Archer Jr., Violet & Jameson

Emmett Noel Nolan & Lyra Florence Nolan (nee Hartford)

DD: Sage Florence Nolan

DD: Lillian Noelle Nolan

DD: Harper Emma Nolan

DS: Emmett Noel Nolan Jr.

DS: Lysander Flint Nolan

DS: Hunter Emory Nolan

Emmett and Lyra Nolan; with Sage, Lillian, Harper, Emmett Jr., Lysander & Hunter

Porter Hunter Nolan

Had two past relationships, and has two children by each woman. The first, Theodora Olive Nolan (nee Tonks), dies in a car accident. The second, Kerri Stephanie Stalzer (formerly Nolan, nee Stark), leaves him for another man. He has custody of all four of his children.

DD: Olivia Violet Nolan

DS: Thatcher Porter Nolan

DS/DD: Theodore Keaton Nolan & Anne Jamison Nolan

Porter Nolan; with Olivia, Thatcher, Thoedore & Anne

Vincent Hansel Nolan

Unmarried, but he has five children by four different women, he has primary custody of them all. (Samantha "Sam"" Jennifer Simpson, Alexandria "Alex" Katie Vasquez, Clover Andrea Ewing & Mandy Jennifer Luxe)

DS: Gabriel Samuel Nolan-Simpson

DS: Aleksander Cam Nolan-Vasquez

DS/DD: Clark Andrew Nolan-Ewing & Cleo Stella Nolan-Ewing

DS: Lexington Manfred Nolan-Luxe

Vincent Nolan; with Gabriel, Aleksander, Clark, Cleo & Lexington

Marius Olivier Delacroix & Hannah Viola Delacroix

DD: Axelle Renee Delacroix

Marius and Hannah Delacroix; Axelle


William Angelus Lehane & Faith Emmeline Lehane (nee Clarington)

William and Faith Lehane

Hope Alexandra Clarington

Hope Clarington

Quinn Emerson Clarington

Unmarried, but lives with his long time girlfriend, Fiona Casey Hudson, and they have three children together.

DS: Hudson Quentin Clarington

DD: Emmeline Hope Clarington

DD: Alexandra Faith Clarington

Quinn and Fiona Clarington/Hudson; with Hudson, Emmeline & Alexandra

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Posted 02 July 2013 - 10:42 AM

Generation #1:

Fredrik Tag Eklund-Ortiz & Luis Don Eklund-Ortiz

Fredrik and Luis Eklund-Ortiz

Generation #2:

Fredrik Tag Eklund-Ortiz & Luis Don Eklund-Ortiz

DAD: Astrid Sonja Eklund-Ortiz

DAS: Lars Alejandro Eklund-Ortiz

DAD: Valeria Linnea Eklund-Ortiz

DAS: Magnus Luis Eklund-Ortiz

Fredrik and Luis Eklund-Ortiz; with Astrid, Lars, Valeria & Magnus

Generation #3:

Hans Ludvig Eriksson & Astrid Sonja Eriksson (nee Eklund-Ortiz)

DS: Leif Hans Eriksson

DD: Fredrika Astrid Eriksson

DD: Lina Annika Eriksson

Hans and Astrid Eriksson; with Leif, Fredrika & Lina

Sebastian Etienne St. Croix & Lars Alejandro St. Croix

DAD: Eloise Anais St. Croix

DAD: Marceline Joie St. Croix

DAD: Austine Lisette St. Croix

Sebastian and Lars St. Croix; with Eloise, Marceline & Austine

Warren Oliver Collinsworth III & Valeria Linnea Collinsworth (nee Eklund-Ortiz)

DD: Blair Linnea Collinsworth

DD: Arabella Louise Collinsworth

DD: Vanessa Adriana Collinsworth

DD: Estelle Frida Collinsworth

DS: Warren Oliver Collinsworth IV

DD: Tiffany Donna Collinsworth

Warren III and Valeria Collinsworth; with Blair, Arabella, Vanessa, Estelle, Warren IV & Tiffany

Magnus Luis Eklund-Ortiz

Unmarried, however he has two kids with a past girlfriend who has no contact with the kids at all.

DS: Magnus Luis Eklund-Ortiz II

DD: Elsa Fredrika Eklund-Ortiz

Magnus Eklund-Ortiz; with Magnus II & Elsa

Generation #4:

Leif Hans Eriksson & Lily Alyson Eriksson (nee Aldrin)

DD: Robyn Sheri Erikssson

DS: Hans Leif Eriksson

DS: Aster Luis Eriksson

DS: Frederick Tag Eriksson

DD/DS: Theodora Evelyn Eriksson & Donald Ludvig Eriksson

Leif and Lily Eriksson; with Robyn, Hans, Aster, Frederick, Theodora & Donald

Fredrika Astrid Eriksson

Unmarried, however she's in a commited relationship with her boyfriend, Vincent Ryan Cartwright, and they have three kids.

DS: Ryan Victor Cartwright

DD: Astrid Viola Cartwright

DD: Sunny Vera Cartwright

Fredrika and Vincent Eriksson/Cartwright; with Ryan, Astrid & Sunny

Gourry Inverse Gabriev & Lina Annika Gabriev (nee Eriksson)

DD: Amelia Annika Gabriev

DD: Louise Linnea Gabriev

DS: Zane Valentin Gabriev

DD: Greta Gustava Gabriev

DD/DS: Klara Henrika Gabriev & Silas Sven Gabriv

Gourry and Lina Gabriv; with Amelia, Louise, Zane, Greta, Klara & Silas


Remy Alexandre Noir & Eloise Anais Noir (nee St. Croix)

DS: Leverett Remi Noir

DD: Elodie Giselle Noir

DS: Armand Rene Noir

DS: Pierre Harvey Noir

DS: Etienne Sabin Noir

Remy and Eloise Noir; with Leverett, Elodie, Armand, Pierre & Etienne

Francois Jaques Dupont & Marceline Joie Dupont (nee St. Croix)

DD: Aceline Lynette Dupont

Francois and Marceline Dupont; with Aceline

Austine Lisette St. Croix

Single, however she has two kids with her ex-boyfriend, Macon Blaise Fontaine, they share custody of them.

DS/DS: Gilles Etienne St. Croix & Bernard Macon Fontaine

Austine St. Croix; with Gilles & Bernard


Charles Edward Bass & Blair Linnea Bass (nee Collinsworth)

DS: Henry Charles Bass

DS: Theodore Ellis Bass

DD: Valerie Lynne Bass

Charles and Blair Bass; with Henry, Theodore & Valerie

Chandler Joshua Worthington II & Arabella Louise Worthington (nee Collinsworth)

DS: Chandler Joshua Worthington III

Chandler II & Arabella Worthington; with Chandler III

Roland Callahan Rothchild & Vanessa Adriana Rothchild (nee Collinsworth)

DD/DS: Ceceila Adrienne Rothchild & Lawrence Kincaid Rothchild

Roland and Vanessa Rothchild; with Ceceila & Lawrence

Caspian Donatello Westwood & Estelle Frida Westwood (nee Collinsworth)

DD: Elisabetta Donatella Westwood

Caspian and Estelle Westwood; with Elisabetta

Warren Oliver Collinsworth IV & Primrose Bernadette Collinsworth (nee Kensington)

DD: Madeleine Rose Collinsworth

DD: Valentina Daisy Collinsworth

DD: Gwendolyn Lily Collinsworth

DS: Warren Oliver Collinsworth V

DS: Maximilian Lyle Collinsworth

Warren IV and Primrose Collinsworth; with Madeleine, Valentina, Gwendolyn, Warren V & Maximilian

Broderick "Brock" Vincent Covington V & Tiffany Donna Covington (nee Collinsworth)

DS: Broderick "Brody" Vincent Covington VI

Brock and Tiffany Covington; with Brody


Magnus Luis Eklund-Ortiz II

Single, however he had a child in high school, the mother is out of the picture.

DS: Magnus Luis Eklund-Ortiz III

Magnus II Eklund-Ortiz; with Magnus III

Reginald Bellamy Yates & Elsa Fredrika Yates (nee Eklund-Ortiz)

DS: Jefferson Frederick

DS: Remington Winston

DD/DD: Penelope Elsa & Evangeline Fredrika

Reginald and Elsa Yates; with Jefferson, Remington, Penelope & Evangeline

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Posted 03 July 2013 - 06:24 PM

Generation #1:

Aaron Patrick Chase & Madison Rae Chase

Aaron and Madison Chase

Generation #2:

Aaron Patrick Chase & Madison Rae Chase

DS: Aaron Patrick Chase Jr.

DD: Rebecca Megan Chase

DS: Henry Adam Chase

DS: William James Chase

DD: Rae Elizabeth Chase

DS: Benjamin Owen Chase

Aaron and Madison Chase; with Aaron, Rebecca, Henry, William, Rae & Benjamin

Generation #3:

Aaron Patrick Chase Jr. & Spencer Reed Chase (nee Grey)

DD: Olivia Madeline Chase

DS: Aaron Patrick Chase III

Aaron Jr. and Spencer Chase; with Olivia & Aaron III

Colin Casey McKay & Rebecca Megan McKay (nee Chase)

DS: Brendan Brian McKay

Colin and Rebecca McKay; with Brendan

Henry Adam Chase

Widowed, after his wife Josephine Anne Chase (nee Smith) died in a fire.

DS: Mitchell Aaron Chase

DD: Lucy Charlotte Chase

DS: Matthew Aidan Chase

DS: Isaac Augustus Chase

DD/DS: Joan Catherine Chase & Jacob Andrew Chase

Henry Chase; with Mitchell, Lucy, Matthew, Isaac, Joan & Jacob

William James Chase

Widowed, his own wife Anna Elizabeth Chase (nee Jones) died in the same fire as his brother's wife.

DD: Abigail Mary Chase

DS: Simon Henry Chase

DS: Jack Benjamin Chase

DD/DD: Emma Margaret Chase & Sarah Rebecca Chase

DS: Noah Alexander Chase

William Chase; with Abigail, Simon, Jack, Emma, Sarah & Noah

James Christian Wright & Rae Elizabeth Wright (nee Chase)

DD: Christina Grace Wright

DD: Lydia Rachel Wright

DD: Ella Amelia Wright

James and Rae Wright; with Christina, Lydia & Ella

Benjamin Owen Chase & Leah Fallon Chase (nee Yates)

DD: Riley Madison Chase

DS: Evan Oliver Chase

Benjamin and Leah Chase; with Riley & Evan

Generation #4

Elliot Christopher Stabler & Olivia Madeline Stabler (nee Chase)

DS: Mason Elliot Stabler

Elliot and Olivia Stabler; with Mason

Aaron Patrick Chase III & Haley Beth Chase (nee Brooks)

DS: Aaron Patrick Chase IV

DS: Reid Spencer Chase

Aaron III & Haley Chase; with Aaron IV & Reid


Brendan Brian McKay & Ryanne Georgiana McKay (nee Ross)

DD: Sarah Rebecca McKay

DD: Georgia Rayne McKay

DS: Brian Casey McKay

DS: Chase Colin McKay

DS: Ryan Carter McKay

DD: Meagan Ruby McKay

Brendan and Ryanne McKay; with Sarah, Georgia, Brian, Chase, Ryan & Meagan


Mitchell Aaron Chase & Mackenzie Clementine Chase (nee Abrams)

DD: Joanna Andrea Chase

Mitchell and Mackenzie Chase; with Joanna

Lucy Charlotte Casey (nee Chase)

Widowed, her husband, Matthew Robert Casey, was a fire fighter who died on the job.

DD: Annabeth Josephine Casey

DS: Joseph Robert Casey

DD: Charlotte Lucille Casey

DS: Adam Matthew Casey

Lucy Casey; with Annabeth, Joseph, Charlotte & Adam

Matthew Aidan Chase & Amelia Avery Chase (nee Williams)

DD: Willow Josette Chase

Matthew and Amelia Chase; with Willow

Isaac Augustus Chase & Erica Gage Chase (nee Reyes)

DD: Jordan Josie Chase

Isaac and Erica Chase; with Jordan

Sherlock Jonathan Holmes & Joan Catherine Holmes (nee Chase)

DS: Hamish Josiah Holmes

Sherlock & Joan Holmes; with Hamish

Jacob Andrew Chase & Talia Jade Chase (nee Whittaker)

DD: Annalise Tabitha Chase

DS: Joshua Anthony Chase

Jacob and Talia Chase; with Annalise & Joshua


Oliver Ryan Beiste & Abigail Mary Beiste (nee Chase)

DD: Eliza Annika Beiste

Oliver and Abigail Beiste; with Eliza

Simon Henry Chase & Kaylee Leigh Chase (nee Frye)

DD: Annabelle Tami Chase

Simon and Kaylee Chase; with Annabelle

Jack Benjamin Chase & Aubrey Emma Chase (nee Hanover)

DD: Elisabeth Audrey Chase

Jack and Aubrey Chase; with Elisabeth

Emma Margaret Chase

Single, however she has two children by two different fathers. The first is Jeffeson Sebastian Hatter and the second is August Eoin Booth. Both are a big part of their children's lives.

DD: Grace Paige Chase-Hatter

DD: Henrietta Ann Chase-Booth

Emma Chase; with Grace & Henrietta

Sarah Rebecca Chase

Single, she has one son with an ex-boyfriend. However, the guy isn't involved with their son and simply pays child support with zero contact.

DS: Elias Andrew Chase

Sarah Chase; with Elias

Noah Alexander Chase

Unmarried, however he lives with his longtime girlfriend, Quinn Francesca Lucas. They have one son.

DS: Ellis Nolan Chase

Noah and Quinn Chase/Lucas; with Ellis


Christina Grace Sven (nee Wright)

Widowed, her husband, Johnathan "John" Jay Sven, a cop who was killed in the line of duty.

DD: Rae Wren Sven

DS: Johnathan Jay Sven Jr.

DD: Amelia Wendy Sven

DS: Richard Cassidy Sven

DS: Peter Christian Sven

DD: Andrea Winnona Sven

Christina Sven; with Rae, Johnathan Jr., Amelia, Richard, Peter & Andrea

Lydia Rachel Wright

Single, however she has a son from a one night stand. She doesn't know who the father is.

DS: Lyle James Wright

Lydia Wright; with Lyle

Ella Amelia Holden (nee Wright)

Widowed, her husband Michael James Holden, a soldier, died in Iraq.

DS: James Michael Holden

DD: Eleanor Bethy Holden

DD: Rachel Gracie Holden

DS: Christopher Eli Holden

Ella Holden; with James, Eleanor, Rachel & Christopher


Riley Madison Chase

Unmarried, because she doesn't believe in the "ritual" of marriage. Lives with her longtime boyfriend, Parker Donovan O'Hara, and their three kids.

DD: Madison Benji Chase-O'Hara

DS: Donovan Parker Chase-O'Hara

DS: Levi Ryleigh Chase-O'Hara

Riley and Parker Chase/O'Hara; with Madison, Donovan & Levi

Evan Oliver Chase

Widower, his wife Rhea Piper Chase (nee Stilinski) died from cancer.

DS: Benjamin Piper Chase

DS: Everett Oliver Chase

DD: Leah Penelope Chase

DD: Madelyn Aria Chase

DS: Reese Owen Chase

DS: Stiles Aaron Chase

Evan Chase; wih Benjamin, Everett, Leah, Madelyn, Reese & Stiles

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Posted 04 July 2013 - 01:22 PM

Generation #1:

Miranda Rachel Whalen & Shaun Justin Whalen

Shaun and Miranda Whalen

Generation #2:

Miranda Rachel Whalen & Shaun Justin Whalen

DS: Colin Gibson Whalen

DS: Justin James Whalen

DS: Spencer Cam Whalen

DS: Trevor Lewis Whalen

DD: Katherine Ai Whalen

DD: Cameron Tia Whalen

Shaun and Miranda Whalen; with Colin, Justin, Spencer, Trevor, Katherine & Cameron

Generation #3:

Colin Gibson Whalen & Miranda Katherine Whalen (nee DiPillo)

DD: Louise Collen Whalen

DD: Deanna Mirabelle Whalen

DD: Kathryn Gabrielle Whalen

DD: Avalon Angela Whalen

DS: Colin Gibson Whalen Jr.

DD: Brennan Trina Whalen

Colin and Miranda Whalen; with Louise, Deanna, Kathryn, Avalon, Colin Jr. & Brennan

Justin James Whalen

Widower, his wife Rachel Ophelia Whalen (nee Spedding) was killed during a bank robbery.

DD: Justine Ophelia Whalen

DD: Jameson Rachel Whalen

DD: Juliette Miranda Whalen

DS: Sean Spedding Whalen

Justin Whalen; with Justin, Jameson, Juliette & Sean

Spencer Cam Whalen

Single, however he has six kids with his ex-wife, Erica Shane Morgan (formerly Whalen)

DD: Morgan Spencer Whalen

DS: Shane Eric Whalen

DS: Ethan Camden Whalen

DS: Carter Micah Whalen

DD: Mirielle Katelyn Whalen

DS: Karsten Colin Whalen

Spencer Whalen; with Morgan, Shane, Ethan, Carter, Mirielle & Karsten

Trevor Lewis Whalen

Single, however he has a son from a one night stand. He shares custody of his son with his mother, Lucille Gina Gardner.

DS: Lucas Trevor Whalen

Trevor Whalen; with Lucas

Katherine Ai Whalen

Single, however she has a daughter whom she adopted from Russia.

DD: Ariella Cathryn Whalen

Katherine Whalen; with Ariella

Arden Victor Vaz & Cameron Tia Vaz (nee Whalen)

DD: Victoria Camryn Vaz

DS: Auden Timothy Vaz

DS: Ross Whillem Vaz

DD: Tina Miranda Vaz

DD: Rachel Collen Vaz

Arden and Cameron Vaz; with Victoria, Auden, Ross, Tina & Rachel

Generation #4:

Louise Collen Whalen

Unmarried, however she lives with her longtime boyfriend, Trent Arthur Hale, and their daughter.

DD: Cora Whitney Whalen-Hale

Louise and Trent Whalen/Hale; with Cora

Deanna Mirabelle Ione (nee Whalen)

Widowed, her husband, Santos Wraith Ione drowned during a spelunking expedition.

DD: Athena Magan Ione

DS: Lysander Santos Ione

DD: Kyra Xanthe Ione

DS: Demetrius Evander Ione

Deanna Ione; with Athena, Lysander, Kyra & Demetrius

Kathryn Gabrielle Whalen

Unmarried, lives with her boyfriend Bennett Daniel Peterson and their two kids.

DS/DS: Daniel Kyler Whalen-Peterson & Gabriel Bennett Whalen-Peterson

Kathryn and Bennett Whalen/Peterson; with Daniel & Gabriel

Stanley Jack Lorchan & Avalon Angela Lorchan (nee Whalen)

DD: Michaela Sonata Vienna Lorchan

Stanley and Avalon Lorchan; with Michaela

Colin Gibson Whalen Jr. & Katherine Miranda Whalen (nee Kohler)

DS: Colin Gibson Whalen III

DS: Cole Peter Whalen

DS: Cooper Matthew Whelen

Colin Jr. and Katherine Whalen; with Colin III, Cole & Cooper

Booth Sean Nealey & Brennan Trina Nealey (nee Whalen)

DD: Brittany Theresa Nealey

DD: Billie Theodora Nealey

DS: Brett Thaddeus Nealey

Booth and Brennan Nealey; with Brittany, Billie & Brett


Christopher Nigel Wheaton & Justine Ophelia Wheaton (nee Whalen)

DS: Justin Neil Wheaton

DD: Kristen Opal Wheaton

Christopher and Justine Wheaton; with Justin & Kristen

Jameson Rachel Anderson (nee Whalen)

Widowed, her husband Quincy Samuel Anderson, was in a car accident.

DD: Addison Samantha Anderson

DS: Hudson Raymond Anderson

DD: Carson Jamie Anderson

DD: Madison Quinn Anderson

DD: Greyson Rachel Anderson

Jameson Anderson; with Addison, Hudson, Carson, Madison & Greyson

Roman Ferdinand Stockett & Juliette Miranda Stockett (nee Whalen)

DS: Roman Connor Stockett

DS: Julian Charles Stockett

Roman and Juliette Stockett; with Roman & Julian

Sean Spedding Whalen

Single, however, he has a daughter who's mother, Selene Savannah Wharton, died during labor.

DD: Serena Spence Whalen

Sean Whalen; with Serena


Morgan Spencer Whalen

Complicated, Morgan has been involved with a married man, Jensen Sanders Jareau, for many years. He will not leave his wife, Wilhelmina Montana Jareau, because she is very sick and he has a son with her named Henry. However, he and Morgan have three children.

DD: Jennifer Sandy Whalen

DD: Jeneva Sanne Whalen

DS: Jensen Sanders Whalen

Morgan Whalen; with Jennifer, Jeneva & Jensen

Shane Eric Whalen

Widower, his wife, Dawn Penelope Whalen (nee Zucker), was a government employee whom died when the towers fell on 9/11.

DS: Dawson Eric Whalen

DS/DD: Penn Elijah Whalen & Shiloh Elle Whalen

Shane Whalen; with Dawson, Penn & Shiloh

Ethan Camden Whalen & Aideen Laura Whalen (nee Ennis)

DS: Derek Isaac Whalen

Ethan and Aideen; with Derek

Carter Micah Whalen & Lydia Darlene Whalen (nee Braswell)

DS: Branden Micah Whalen

Carter and Lydia Whalen; with Branden

Whittaker Laurence Morrison & Mirielle Katelyn Morrison (nee Whalen)

DD: Lauren Katniss Morrison

Whittaker and Mirielle Morrison; with Lauren

Karsten Colin Whalen & Lynsay Harper Whalen (nee Cassidy)

DS: Colin Harper Whalen

Karsten and Lynsay Whalen; with Colin


Lucas Trevor Whalen

Unmarried, however he lives with his girlfriend of many years Tessa Eleanor Quincy, they have one son.

DS: Trevor Quinton Whalen

Lucas and Tessa Whalen/Quincy; with Trevor


Ariella Cathryn Whalen

Unmarried, but she has girlfriend, Ivanna Dankova Romanov, they've adopted four children together.

DAS: Blaise Ambrose Whalen-Romanov

DAD: Natalya Sonja Whalen-Romanov

DAD: Annika Didrika Whalen-Romanov

DAD: Elspeth Moira Whalen-Romanov

Ariella and Ivanna Whalen/Romanov; with Blaise, Natalya, Annika & Elspeth


Edward Carter Williamson & Victoria Camryn Williamson (nee Vaz)

DS: Carter Cameron Williamson

Edward and Victoria Williamson; with Carter

Auden Timothy Vaz & Annie Piper Vaz (nee Walker)

DS: August Pierce Vaz

Auden and Annie Vaz; with August

Ross Whillem Vaz

Single, however he has a son with a past girlfriend, Dianna Grace Keaton, they share joint custody.

DS: Keaton William Vaz

Ross Vaz; with Keaton

Vernon Milton Boyd & Tina Miranda Boyd (nee Vaz)

DD: Verona Miranda Boyd

Vernon and Tina Boyd; with Verona

Joseph "Joey" Matthew Lablac & Rachel Collen Lablac (nee Vaz)

Joey and Rachel Lablac

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Posted 04 July 2013 - 11:22 PM

Jeffrey Leonard Cockrum and Jada Catherine Cockrum (nee Perkins) are married.
They have four children; Leonardo "Leo" James Cockrum, Catherine April Cockrum, Graham Jeffrey Cockrum, and Penelope "Penn" Jade Cockrum.


Leo Cockrum is single.

Catherine Cockrum is not married.
She has one child; Cecilia "Ceci" James Cockrum.

Graham Cockrum and Lucy Alexandra Cockrum (Wyatt) are married.
They have three kids; Rhys Alexander Cockrum, Ellen "Nelly" Viviana Cockrum, and Henry Atticus Cockrum.

Matthew Shane Elgin and Penn Elgin (nee Cockrum) are married.
They have four kids; Declan Matthew Elgin, Cathal Edward Elgin, and twins Finola "Nola" Charlotte Elgin and Eileen Virginia Elgin.


Ceci Cockrum is single.

Rhys Cockrum and Emma Caroline Cockrum (nee O'Hare) are married.
They have three children; Andrew "Andy" Philip Cockrum, Julian Henry Cockrum, and Carolina Jane Cockrum.

Nelly Cockrum is single.

Henry Cockrum is not married.
He has two adopted children; twins Cicely Zandra Cockrum and Calloway Graham Cockrum.

Declan Elgin is married to Leah Campbell Elgin (nee Williams.)

Cathal Elgin is single.

Nola Elgin is single.

Austin Phineas Gregor and Eileen Gregor (nee Elgin) are married.
They have three children; Flynn Edward Gregor, Charlotte "Lottie" Eileen Gregor, and Eva Catherine Gregor.


Andy Cockrum and Josephine "Josie" Grace Cockrum (nee Ellenburg) are married.

Julian Cockrum and Amelia Kate Cockrum (nee Pierson) are married.

Christopher "Chris" Thomas Spence and Carolina Spence (nee Cockrum) are married.
They have five kids; Rosa Caroline Spence, Philippa "Pippa" Jane Spence, Sebastian Emmett Spence, Julia Reese Spence, and Milo Jeffrey Spence.

Lawrence Anthony Stoller and Cicely Stoller (nee Cockrum) are married.
They have three children; Lily Henrietta Stoller, Atticus Rhett Stoller, and Wesley Graham Stoller.

Calloway Cockrum is single.

Flynn Gregor and Olivia "Liv" Rose Gregor (nee McKenzie) are married.

Jack Benjamin Woodward and Lottie Woodward (nee Gregor) are married.

Eva Gregor is single.

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Posted 05 July 2013 - 11:31 AM

Generation #1:

Callum Jacob Hamilton & Clair Ryder Hamilton (nee Crystal)

Callum and Clair Hamilton

Generation #2:

Callum Jacob Hamilton & Clair Ryder Hamilton (nee Crystal)

DS: Callum Jacob Hamilton II

DD: Crystal Rianne Hamilton

DD: Carys Gemma Hamilton

DS: Connor Ryder Hamilton

DD: Coralie Garnet Hamilton

DD: Charlotte Jade Hamilton

Callum and Clair Hamilton; with Callum II, Crystal, Carys, Connor, Coralie & Charlotte

Generation #3:

Callum Jacob Hamilton II

Widower, his wife, Adrienne Phoebe Hamilton (nee West), died after a long battle with cancer.

DS: Callum Jacob Hamilton III

DD: Phoebe Crystal Hamilton

DD: Claire Penelope Hamilton

DS: West Carlyle Hamilton

DS: Adrien Wesley Hamilton

Callum II Hamilton; with Callum III, Phoebe, Claire, West & Adrien

Crystal Rianne Hamilton (formerly Cooper)

Single, however, she has three children with her ex-husband, Alexander Phillip Cooper Jr. They share custody.

DS: Alexander "Lex" Phillip Cooper III

DS: Ryan "Ry" Hamilton Cooper

DS: Crispin "Cris" Xander Cooper

Crystal Hamilton; with Lex, Ry & Cris

Nicholas Edward Hayward & Carys Gemma Hayward (nee Hamilton)

Nicholas and Carys Hayward

Connor Ryder Hamilton & Caroline Amanda Hamilton (nee Kerber)

DS: Caleb Ryder Hamilton

DD: Chole Amanda Hamilton

DD: Clara Kerber Hamilton

Connor and Caroline Hamilton; with Caleb, Chole & Clara

Rylan Maxwell Emerson & Coralie Garnet Emerson (nee Hamilton)

DD: Ruby Maxine Emerson

DS: Colton Garrett Emerson

DD: Riley Madelyn Emerson

Rylan and Coralie Emerson; with Ruby, Colton & Riley

Charlotte Jade Hamilton
Single, however she and her ex-boyfriend have three children together. The ex-boyfriend is basically out of the picture but, pays child support.

DD: Gemma Carys Hamilton

DS: Edward Nicholas Hamilton

DD: Jade Charlotte Hamilton

Charlotte Hamilton; with Gemma, Edward & Jade

Generation #4:

Callum Jacob Hamilton III

Unmarried, however he lives with his longtime girlfriend, Idina Melody Trezel, and their son.

DS: Callum Jacob Hamilton IV

Callum III & Idina Hamilton/Trezel; with Callum IV

Ethan Aaron Murray & Phoebe Crystal Murray (nee Hamilton)

DD: Crystal Adrienne Murray

DD: Amber Ethel Murray

DD: Giada Arielle Murray

Ethan and Phoebe Murray; with Crystal, Amber & Giada

Claire Penelope Hamilton

Claire Hamilton

West Carlyle Hamilton

Single, however he and his ex-wife, Alessandra "Alessa" Nina Brantov (formerly Hamilton), have four kids together. They share custody.

DS/DD: Carlisle Alessandro Hamilton & Claire Adrienne Hamilton

DD: Phoebe Briana Hamilton

DS: Weston Jacob Hamilton

West Hamilton; with Carlisle, Claire, Phoebe & Weston

Adrien Wesley Hamilton & Kaleigh Holland Hamilton (nee Starr)

DS: Stark Wesley Hamilton

Adrien and Kaleigh Hamilton; with Stark


Alexander "Lex" Phillip Cooper III & Marissa Amber Cooper (nee Covington)

DS: Alexander "Xander" Phillip Cooper IV

DD: Marissa "Rissa" Rianne Cooper

DS: Covington Lex Cooper

DD: Alyssa Crystal Cooper

DS: Jacob Callum Cooper

Lex and Marissa Cooper; with Xander, Rissa, Covington, Alyssa & Jacob

Ryan "Ry" Hamilton Cooper & Lia Lily Cooper (nee Finley)

DD: Julian Lily Cooper

DS: Finley Hamilton Cooper

DS: Ryder Liam Cooper

Ry and Lia Cooper; with Julian, Finley & Ryder

Crispin "Cris" Xander Cooper

Widower, his wife, Leonora Josephine Cooper (nee Baroque), died in a boating accident.

DS: Leon Alexander Cooper

DD: Rianne Crystal Cooper

DS: Barden Joseph Cooper

DD: Carys Gemma Cooper

DS: Hamilton Chris Cooper

Cris Cooper; with Leon, Rianne, Barden, Carys & Hamilton


Caleb Ryder Hamilton

Singler, however he and his ex-wife, Cecilia "Ceci" James Cockrum (formerly Hamilton) have five kids.

DD: April Catherine Hamilton

DS: Connor Ambrose Hamilton

DS/DS: James Cecil Hamilton & Jeffery Cockrum Hamilton
DS: Leonardo Conrad Hamilton

Caleb Hamilton; with April, Connor, James, Jeffery & Leonardo

Chole Amanda Hamilton

Chole Hamilton

Clara Kerber Hamilton

Clara Hamilton


Sawyer Nico Brantov & Ruby Maxine Brantov (nee Emerson)

DS: Emerson Sawyer Brantov

DS: Rylan Corey Brantov

DS: Maxwell Roy Brantov

DD/DD: Cora Nicole Brantov & Sloane Rue Brantov

Sawyer and Ruby Brantov; with Emerson, Rylan, Maxwell, Cora & Sloane

Colton Garrett Emerson & Lux Freya Emerson (nee McMillan)

DS: Garrett Colton Emerson

DD: Astrid Coralie Emerson

DD: Linnea Carine Emerson

Colton and Lux Emerson; with Garrett, Astrid & Linnea

Braden Daniel Hinton & Riley Madelyn Hinton (nee Emerson)

DD: Emma Maxine Hinton

DD: Danielle Gretel Hinton

DS: Maddox Emery Hinton

DS: Brenden Riley Hinton

DD: Carolyn Ruby Hinton

Braden and Riley Hinton; with Emma, Danielle, Maddox, Brenden & Carolyn


Calloway Graham Cockrum & Gemma Carys Cockrum (nee Hamilton)

DS: Graham Hamish Cockrum

Calloway and Gemma Cockrum; with Graham

Edward Nicholas Hamilton & Clover Lucille Hamilton (nee Osprey)

DD: Olivia Nicolette Hamilton

DD: Audrey Jocelyn Hamilton

DD: Charlize Giada Hamilton

DD: Lucy Lorraine Hamilton

DD: Sophia Clover Hamilton

Edward and Clover Hamilton; with Olivia, Audrey, Charlize, Lucy & Sophia

Jade Charlotte Hamilton

Single, however she has a son from a pregnancy that happened after a one night stand. The father is unknwon.

DS: Jayden Charles Hamilton

Jade Hamilton; with Jayden

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Posted 05 July 2013 - 03:27 PM

Generation #1:

Anderson Kato Browning & Kia Sandrine Browning (nee Hayes)

Anderson & Kia Browning

Generation #2:

Anderson Kato & Kia Sandrine Browning
DS: Cato Raphael Browning

DS: Marcus Gabriel Browning

DD: Persis Angelina Browning

DD: Gwenore Evangeline Browning

DS: Lucius Michael Browning

DS: Felix Javan Browning

Anderson & Kia Browning; with Cato, Marcus, Persis, Gwenore, Lucius, and Felix

Generation #3:

Cato Raphael Browning & Rachel Annette Browning (nee Cooke)

DS: Otto Raphael Browning

DS: Dexter Leonardo Browning

Cato & Rachel Browning; with Otto and Dex

Marcus Gabriel Browning & Madigan Hannah Browning (nee Puckett)

DD: Thisbe Scarlett Browning

DS: Tennyson Adam Browning

DS: Twain Radley Browning

Marcus & Madigan Browning; with Thisbe, Tennyson, and Twain

Barrett Jackson Middleton & Persis Angelina Middleton (nee Browning)

DS: Rowan Charles Middleton

Barrett & Persis Middleton; with Rowan

Callum Griffey Parrish & Gwenore Evangeline Parrish (nee Browning)

Callum & Gwenore Parrish

Lucius Michael Browning

Lucius Browning isn't married, but has two sons with his ex-wife, Delilah Jane Robles. They share custody.

DS: Riley Anderson Browning

DS: Graham Josiah Browning

Lucius Browning; with Riley and Graham

Felix Javan Browning & Bernadette Ann Browning (nee Richmond)

DS: Ace Bradley Browning

DS: Raiden Arley Browning

DS: Colt Macauley Browning

DS: Rocket Wesley Browning

DS: Bandit Oakley Browning

Felix & Bernadette Browning; with Ace, Raiden, Colt, Rocket, and Bandit

Generation #4:

Otto Raphael Browning & Callista Bellamy Browning (nee York)

Otto & Callista Browning

Dexter Leonardo Browning

Dex Browning is not married; he has 4 children from 2 ex-girlfriends. He has full custody.

DD: Nora Pilot Browning

DS: Miles Dagger Browning

DS: Morgan Robert Browning

DS: Bailey Harrison Browning

Dex Browning; with Nora, Miles, Morgan, and Bailey

Thisbe Scarlett Browning

Thisbe Browning

Tennyson Adam Browning

Tennyson Browning

Twain Radley Browning & Jolie Amica Browning (nee Monroe)

DS: Sayer Benjamin Browning

Twain & Jolie Browning; with Sayer

Rowan Charles Middleton & Bonnie Edwina Middleton (nee O'Connor)

DS: Jared Shiloh Middleton

DD: Caia Elizabeth Middleton

DD: Corin Priscilla Middleton

DD: Lenore Jemima Middleton

Rowan & Bonnie Middleton; with Jared, Caia, Corin, and Lenore

Riley Anderson Browning & Bella Arden Browning (nee Kirk)

DD: Jane Alouette Browning

DD: Nolita Robin Browning

DS: Truman Hawk Browning

Riley & Bella Browning; with Jane, Nolita, and Truman

Graham Josiah Browning & Mirabella Amy Browning (nee Cochran)

DD: Raleigh Matilda Browning

DD: Noah Jessamy Browning

DD: Spencer Annabel Browning

DD: Owen Arabella Browning

Graham & Mira Browning; with Raleigh, Noah, Spencer, and Owen

Ace Bradley Browning & Joyce Esperanza Browning (nee Wolf)

Ace & Joyce Browning

Raiden Arley Browning & Gwyneth Hope Browning (nee Morrow)

DS: Boyd Everett Browning

Raiden & Winnie Browning; with Boyd

Colt Macauley Browning

Colt Browning

Rocket Wesley Browning & Allegra Nadine Browning (nee Sawyer)

DD: Luna Catherine Browning

DS: Rufus Conrad Browning

DD: Selena Caitlin Browning

DS: Silas Rainer Browning

DS: Magnus Redmond Browning

DS: Perseus Alden Browning

Rocket & Allegra Browning; with Luna, Rufus, Selena, Silas, Magnus, and Perseus

Bandit Oakley Browning

Bandit Browning

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Posted 05 July 2013 - 04:11 PM

Generation One:

The Hardwick Family

Henry August & Emily Christine

Generation Two:

The Hardwick Family

Henry August & Emily Christine

Ainsley Helen
Cecily Eliza

Generation Three:

Ainsley Helen & Christopher David Spencer

Emery David
Lowry Christopher
Ivy Alexandria
Wesley Benjamin
Zachary Jackson

Cecily Eliza & Rebekah Lynn Hardwick-Warner

Temperance Hadley & Thaddeus Henry
Sampson Rawley
Primrose Zoey
Abitha Felicity

Generation Four:

Emery David Spencer

Lowry Christopher & Padme Sofia Spencer

Molly Priya
Everly Ashani
Gannon Lowry
Lucy Krishna
Sameer David

Ivy Alexandria Spencer

Wesley Benjamin & Lorelai Abigail Benson

Bentley Wyatt
Ainsley Lucille
Blakely Wade & Amy Lorraine
Brady Wilder & Aubrey Lauren

Zachary Jackson & Jameson Adelaide Spencer

Charlotte Eiley
Florence Lily
Peyton Johnny
Victoria Melody & Alexandria Posey

Temperance Hadley & Taylor Holden Curtis

Theodora Harmony
Tabitha Hayley

Thaddeus Henry & Eliot Caroline Hardwick-Warner

Sampson Rawley & Bethany Rose Hardwick-Warner

Grey Reuben
Andy Richard & Troy Roman
Clay Radley

Primrose Zoey & Raphael Lincoln Monroe

Abitha Felicity & Patrick Emmett McCarthey

Reilly Everett
Landry Sierra

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Posted 05 July 2013 - 07:56 PM

Generation #1:

Mia Chloe Matthews (nee Sevigny) & Wendall Liam Matthews

Wendall and Mia Matthews

Generation #2:

Mia Chloe Matthews (nee Sevigny) & Wendall Liam Matthews

DD/DS: Riley Carla Matthews & Levi Reece Matthews

DS: Ryan Jordan Matthews

DD: Leonora "Leonie" Roma Matthews

Wendall and Mia Matthews; with Riley, Levi, Ryan & Leonie

Generation #3:

Riley Carla Matthews

Unmarried, however she has been having a relationship with a married man since she was a teen. She's had four kids with him, yet he still won't leave his wife whom he has two kids.

DD: Wendy Lian Matthews

DS: Jonathan Vincent Matthews

DD: Chloe Joanna Matthews

DS: Regan Milo Matthews

Riley Matthews; with Wendy, Jonathan, Chloe & Regan

Levi Reece Matthews

Levi Matthews

Ryan Jordan Matthews

Widower, his wife Bernadette Jonas Matthews, died from Cancer. They have five kids together.

DD: Lana Tinsley Matthews

DS: Benjamin Micah Matthews

DS: Nicholas Grant Matthews

DD/DD: Candace Darlene Matthews & Daisy Chloe Matthews

Ryan Matthews; with Lana, Benjamin, Nicholas, Candace & Daisy

Edward Paul Christensen & Leonora "Leonie" Roma Christensen (nee Matthews)

DS: Leon Wendall Christensen

DD: Eden Mia Christensen

DS: Levi Reece Christensen

Edward and Leonie Christensen; with Leon, Eden & Levi

Generation #4:

Emery David Spencer & Wendy Lian Spencer (nee Matthews)

DS: Aiden Emery Spencer

Emery and Wendy Spencer; with Aiden

Jonathan Vincent Matthews

Single, however he has a daughter with an ex-girlfriend, Juliet Celia Charlesworth, and they share custody of her.

DD: Cecelia Riley Matthews-Charlesworth

Jonathan Matthews; with Cecelia

Chloe Joanna Svengli (nee Matthews)

Widow, her husband, Chadwick Milton Svengli, died in the line of duty as a police officer.

DD: Clare Mullen Svengli

DS: Chadwick Milton Svengli Jr.

DS: Chase Mercer Svengli

DS: Chandler Maynard Svengli

DD: Clove Mahogany Svengli

Chole Svengli; with Clare, Chadwick, Chase, Chandler & Clove

Regan Milo Matthews

Unmarried, however he loves with his longtime girlfriend, Ivy Alexandria Spenn, and they have four kids together.

DD: Alexandria Carla Matthews

DS: Riley Wendall Matthews

DD/DD: Iris Reese Matthew & Mila Chole Matthews

Regan & Ivy Matthews/Spenn; with Alexandria, Riley, Iris & Mila


Lana Tinsley Matthews

Single, however she has a son from a one night stand. She doesn't know the father's identity.

DS: Jonah Bernard Matthews

Lana Matthews; with Jonah

Benjamin Micah Matthews

Single, however he and his ex-wife, Thisbe Scarlett Browning (formerly Matthews), have five kids together. They share custody.

DD: Scarlett Micah Matthews

DD: Hannah Bernadette Matthews

DS: Benedict Thisbe Matthews

DD: Johanna Tennyson Matthews

DD: Kaia Madigan Matthews

Benjamin Matthews; with Scarlett, Hannah, Benedict, Johanna & Kaia

Nicholas Grant Matthews

Unmarried, however he lives with his longtime girlfriend, Emily Christine Osprey, and they have three sons.

DS: Reece Levi Matthews

DS: Atticus Jude Matthews

DS: Jordan Ryan Matthews

Nicholas and Emily Matthews/Osprey; with Reece, Atticus & Jordan

Cathal Edward Elgin & Candace Darlene Elgin (nee Matthews)

Cathal and Candace Elgin

Daisy Chloe Matthews

Single, however she has a son with an ex-boyfriend. The guy is a jerk and only pays court ordered child support.

DS: Rylan Joshua Matthews

Daisy Matthews; with Rylan


Leon Wendall Christensen & Eva Catherine Christensen (nee Gregor)

DS: Gregory Evan Christensen

Leon and Eva Christensen; with Gregory

Colt Macauley Browning & Eden Mia Browning (nee Christensen)

DS: Miles Colton Browning

Colt and Eden Browning; with Miles

Levi Reece Christensen & Landry Sierra Christensen (nee McCarthy)

DD/DD: Romilly Mackenzie Christensen & Mia Felicity Christensen

DD: Emmeline Patricia Christensen

DS: Levi Reece Christensen Jr.

DD: Norah Pauline Christensen

Levi & Landry Christensen; with Romilly, Mia, Emmeline, Levi Jr. & Norah

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Posted 06 July 2013 - 07:36 AM

Andrew Thomas Finnegan {94} & Hannah Grace Finnegan {93}

Michael Thomas "Mike" Finnegan {68} & Bianca Marie [Trevino] Finnegan {69}
--Joseph Thomas "Joey" Finnegan (divorced) {38}
-----Garrett Thomas Finnegan {8}
--Matthew Lee "Matt" Finnegan {36} & Serafina Nicole [Wells] "Sera" Finnegan {35}
-----Elizabeth Sky "Ellie" Finnegan {9}
-----Alexander Leo "Alex" Finnegan {4}
--Vivian Hannah Finnegan {33}
--Lily Marie Finnegan (divorced) {31}

-----Kayla Rose Amberling {12}
-----Gwen Olivia Amberling {10}

Rachel Samantha Finnegan {66}

Madelyn Abigail "Maddy" Finnegan {61} (unmarried; father of Thea is not involved)
--Theodora Grace "Thea" [Finnegan] Porter {38} & Vincent Alexander "Vince" Porter {38}
-----Jonathan Vincent "Jon" Porter {10}
-----Phoebe Noelle Porter {7}
-----Isabella Zoe "Izzy" Porter {4}
-----Cassidy River "Cassie" Porter {9 mos.}

Nicholas John "Nick" Finnegan {58} & Jennifer Anne [Nichols] "Jen" Finnegan {54}

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Generation #1:

Prudence Shannon Trudeau (nee Halliwell) & Andrew "Andy" Theodore Trudeau

Andy and Prudence Trudeau

Generation #2:

Prudence Shannon Trudeau (nee Halliwell) & Andrew "Andy" Theodore Trudeau

DS: Porter Anthony Trudeau

DD: Penelope Sharon Trudeau

DS: Parker Anders Trudeau

DS: Pierce Ansel Trudeau

Andy and Prudence Trudeau; with Porter, Penelope, Parker & Pierce

Generation #3:

Porter Anthony Trudeau & Rachel Samantha Trudeau (nee Finnegan)

Porter and Rachel Trudeau

Penelope Sharon Johnson (nee Trudeau)

Widowed, her husband, Jack Allen Johnson, died in a house fire. They have four kids together.

DD: Patricia Alana Johnson

DS: Piper Jackson Johnson

DS/DS: Potter Anthony Johnson & Porter Andrew Johnson

Penelope Johnson; with Patricia, Piper, Potter & Porter

Parker Anders Trudeau & Vivian Hannah Trudeau (nee Trevino)

DD: Paige Shannon Trudeau

Parker and Hannah Trudeau; with Paige

Pierce Ansel Trudeau

Single, however he and his ex wife, Ellen "Nelly" Viviana Cockrum (formerly Trudeau), have three daughters. They share custody of them.

DD: Phoebe Viviana Trudeau

DD: Paisley Elena Trudeau

DD: Primrose Lucy Trudeau

Pierce Trudeau; with Phoebe, Paisley & Primrose

Generation #4:

Patricia Alana Johnson

Patricia Johnson

Piper Jackson Johnson & Leonora Brielle Johnson (nee Wyatt)

Piper and Leonora Johnson

Potter Anthony Johnson

Potter Johnson

Porter Andrew Johnson

Porter Johnson


Henry Ivan Mitchell & Paige Shannon Mitchell (nee Trudeau)

Henry and Paige Mitchell


Cole Julian Turner & Phoebe Viviana Turner (nee Trudeau)

DD: Presley Colette Turner

Cole and Phoebe Turner; with Presley

Tennyson Adam Browning & Paisley Elena Browning (nee Trudeau)

DD: Posey Gabrielle Browning

DS: Prescott Marcus Browning

DS/DS/DD/DD: Peyton Victor Browning, Penn Tennyson Browning, Pamela Annalise Browning & Patience Trudy Browning

Tennyson and Paisley Browning; with Posey, Prescott, Peyton, Penn, Pamela & Patience

Primrose Lucy Trudeau

Single, however she and her ex-boyfriend have three sons together. The ex-boyfriend isn't around other than paying child support.

DS/DS: Porter Anthony Trudeau & Potter Lucas Trudeau

DS: Preston Etienne Trudeau

Primrose Trudeau; with Porter, Potter & Preston

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Ok, second try. First one was destroyed by my browser refreshing :(

The Wise Family
DH: Robert Grady Wise (88)
DW: Miranda Leah Graham (88)
DD/DD: Tabatha Amy/Luna Danie (60)
DS: Robert Samuel (57)
DS: Ira Scott (55)
DD: Michela Rose (51)
DD: Olivia Beatrice (45)


The Thaggard Family
DH: Jackson Miles Thaggard (63)
DW: Tabatha Amy Wise (60)
DD: Sylvie Miranda (35)
DS: Silas Jackson (33)
DD: Sharon Amy (31)
DS/DS: Soren Miles/Sullivan Robert (29)

The Fennel Family
DH: Aden James Fennel (59)
DW: Luna Danie Wise (60)
DD: Persephone Leah (30)
DS: Alexander James (29)
DD: Iris Danie (28)
DS/DS: Castor Aden/Pollux Robin (27)

The Wise-Carpenter Family
DP: Robert Samuel Wise (57)
DP: Isabella Marie Carpenter (57)
DD: Verity Bella (30)
DD/DD: Prudence Marie/Joy Miranda (26)

The Wise Family
DH: Ira Scott Wise (55)
DW: Elsa Catherine Culbreth (50)
DS: Ira Scott, Jr. (25)
DD: Emily Catherine (23)

The Potter Family
DH: Atticus Bennett Potter (56)
DW: Michela Rose Wise (51)
DD/DD/DD: Anthea Rose/Bryony Daisy/Calla Lilly (19)
DS/DD: Dara Bennett/Erica Violet (9)

The Hammond Family
DH: Elijah Matthew Hammond (47)
DW: Olivia Beatrice Wise (45)
DS: Elijah Wise (20)


The Terrell Family

DH: Francis Michael Terrell (45)

DW: Sylvie Miranda Thaggard (35)


DD: Marjorie Tabatha (4)

The Thaggard Family

DH: Silas Jackson Thaggard (33)

DW: Barbara Jane Coble (35)

The Watson Family

DH: Carsten Theo Watson (41)

DW: Sharon Amy Thaggard (31)


DD: Amy Caroline (2)

DD: Willow Miranda (8 mos. pregnant)

The Thaggard Family

DH: Soren Miles Thaggard (29)

DW: Graciela Maria Hernandez (29)


DS: Milo Soren (5)

DD/DD: Rosa Grace/Andrea Marie (4)

DD/DD: Gabriella Elizabeth/Marisol Deborah (2 mos.)

The Thaggard Family

DH: Sullivan Robert Thaggard (29)

DW: Jeanne Allison Register (29)

The Marshall Family

DH: Jacob Anthony Marshall (35)

DW: Persephone Leah Fennel (30)


DD: Hannah Jane (10)

DD: Sarah Kate (6)

DD: Delilah Rose (2)

DS: Jacob Anthony, Jr. (4 mos.)

The Fennel Family

DH: Alexander James Fennel (29)

DW: Julianne Elisabeth Cox (29)


DD: Alice Faith (4)

DD: Julia Hope (3)

DD: Elisa Charity (1)

DD: Lila Grace (7 mos. pregnant)

The Fennel Family

Iris Danie Fennel (28)


DD: Bella Danie (10)

The Fennel-Wright Family

DP: Castor Aden Fennel (27)

DP: Elinor Jade Wright (23)


DS: Caspar Aden (3)

DD/DD: Edith Jade/Elinor Wren (4 mos.)

The Wise-Carpenter Family

Verity Bella Wise-Carpenter (30)


DD: Jessica May (2)

The Greene Family

DH: Thomas Henry Greene (28)

DW: Joy Miranda Wise-Carpenter (26)


DS: Thomas Carpenter (2)

DS: Henry Wise (6 mos.)

The Wise Family

DH: Ira Scott Wise, Jr. (25)

DW: Belinda Suzanne Hirsch (26)


DD: Isabella Suzanne (3)

DS: Lucas Ira (2)

DD: Camila Miranda (1)

DS: Benjamin Grady (2 mos.)


Generations 1 & 2:

Rob & Andie Wise

(Tabatha, Luna, Sam, Ira, Chela & Bea)

Generation 3:

Jackson & Tabatha Thaggard

(Sylvie, Si, Sharon, Soren & Sullivan)

Aden & Luna Fennel

(Persephone, Alexander, Iris, Cash & Poll)

Sam & Isabella Wise-Carpenter

(Eri, Prue & Joy)

Ira & Elle Wise

(Scott & Emily)

Dak & Chela Potter

(Anne, Bry, Callie, Ben & Erica)

Matt & Bea Hammond

(Eli Hammond)

Generation 4:

Frank & Sylvie Terrell


Si & Barbara Thaggard

Teddy & Sharon Watson

(Amy & Willow)

Soren & Gracie Thaggard

(Milo, Rosa, Andie, Gabriella & Mari)

Sullivan & Jeannie Thaggard

Tony & Persephone Marshall

(Hannah, Sarah, Delilah & Jake)

Alexander & Julianne Fennel

(Alice, Hope, Ellie & Lila)

Iris Fennel


Cash & Jade Fennel-Wright

(Caspar, Edie & Nora)

Poll Fennel

Eri Wise-Carpenter


Prue Wise-Carpenter

Teach & Joy Greene

(Thomas & Henry)

Scott & Linda Wise

(Isabella, Lucas, Camila & Benjamin)

Emily Wise

Anne Potter

Bry Potter

Callie Potter

Ben Potter

Erica Potter

Eli Hammond


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