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#1 Camellia


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Posted 02 July 2013 - 03:02 PM

Been editing my list recently and am needing some second opinions on a few names.

Ann / Anne - Usually I try to find a more "exciting" alternative to classic names (Anya, Anastasia, Annika, etc) but I've been considering just Ann. I've not thought much about middle names yet, just considered the name itself.

Shoshana - Every time I ask anyone about this, they say it's a "very Jewish" name. Would it work on a child who doesn't come from a Jewish family?

Henrietta Grace "Etta" - This name has grown on me, and I love the simple, mature nickname Etta.

Thisbe - I was studying mythology this string, and one of my favorite myths is of Thisbe and Pyramus. It's the myth that Romeo and Juliet is based on. Probably too out there for a fn, but maybe mn potential?

Lewis - I don't know what suddenly drew me to this name, but I think it's handsome and simple, and definitely usable.

Hector - Another mythology-inspired name, this one a hero of Troy. I like that it's strong and different, but is it too much?

Paris - The name of the prince of Troy who ran brought Helen from Sparta. I never considered it for a boy before, but I think it actually works.

#2 kingoflove21vher


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Posted 03 July 2013 - 03:06 AM

(beware I use way too many emotes all the time *sigh*)

Ann/Anne: I have always loved the name Anne, it started when I was very young and Anne of Green Gables convinced me it was the only way to spell it. I'm not a fan of Ann at all, but I do like Annie. I'd love to meet a baby girl simply named Anne these days.

Shoshana: I'm not a fan of this name, but I don't see how it wouldn't work outside of Jewish society. As long a you use it respectively I don't see why it couldn't be used by Gentiles. (Though I'm one myself and wouldn't really know. :ph34r:)

Henrietta: I love this name and the nn Etta! Just loveeeeee it. Along with the name Harriet and the nickname Hattie. Actually one of the other names discussed for me before birth was Hattie Ann(e). Not usually a fan of Grace because it's so filler, but with Henrietta it's cute. :wub:

Thisbe: This always reminds me of Auden's little sister in Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen. I think it's beyond cute and want to meet an infant or toddler or even little girl or really anybody with this name in real life. I totally imagine anyone one named Thisbe to have really dark brown or black hair though for some reason lol.

Lewis: For personal reasons I definitely dislike this name, which sucks. <_<

Hector: I love this name, and could really see it on a little preschool boy of Mediterranean or Latino descent. :unsure:

Paris: Paris Hilton ruined this name and that is all in my opinion. Sorry. *le sigh*

#3 Remy Hadley

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Posted 03 July 2013 - 07:01 AM

Ann(e) is really pretty :) Its a family name for me, mum's middle name and some other peoples middle names in the fam. Idk, I kinda like how simple it is and it'd make a fabulous first name <3

Shoshana - I mean, I guess it could work on a "not jewish" kid, but it kinda is ultra jewish... I wouldn't personally, but if you love it enough I wouldn't let that stop you! <3

Henrietta Grace "Etta" - I agree on Etta, its been off and on my list <3 And I love Henrietta! I loved Grace until I met someone I disliked with that name. It is lovely though, works great there. A little filler for my taste but its nice!

Thisbe - I think it'd actually make a really neat middle name! :) It doesn't sound too odd, but it does sound unique. Would it be for a boy or a girl? At first I was thinking girl just because it was below a girls name, but I kinda see it as boy.

Lewis - I am alright with it. I had a kid in my class who ruined it for me.. he thought he was gangster. LOL. Anyway, Louis is my favorite spelling, reminds me of Louie CK which I LOVE <3 One of the few comedians I enjoy watching with Mike (mikes obsessed with comedians). Is it weird that the spelling of a name entirely changes my thoughts on it lol?

Hector - Its definitely not too much. Its old fashioned and not very popular, but its a perfectly fine name. If anything, I feel like it just sounds dated?

Paris - I'm not a fan, sorry! I guess its just all the associations that come along with it. Like I don't keep up with celebrities or whatever but I still hear all the shizniks :/ I think the associations will soon fade as its kinda old news. But idk :)

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