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Names I've been thinkin' about...

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#1 Madi <3

Madi <3

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Posted 11 July 2013 - 01:48 PM

I probably wouldn't actually use most of these except Chloe, Charlotte, or Zoe (not both Chloe and Zoe though!) But, here they are:
Charlotte (Charley) - I love the idea of a super-girly formal name with a boyish nickname, that way if she turned out to be girly or a tomboy, it would suit both personalities.

Chloe - I'm actually not sure if I would use this for a kid because I when my dog, Molly has puppies I want to name one of the girl's Chloe. But I also want to name one of the boy Malachi, and that didn't ruin the name for me, so I don't know...

Francesca - I like it but it's too long for a little girl. It wouldn't be so bad if there were nicknames besides Frannie...

Myka - I like this for a girl. It's spunky and Biblical, which I like.

Nika (pronounced nee-kuh) - Cool name for a girl, but I feel like it's more of a nickname.

Zoe - Love it!! Middle name suggestions would be great. Please don't suggest names ending in -line (because another name on my list ends in -line) or Katie, Kate, Kaitlyn, Catherine or any form of that.

Here are the two combos I have: Ava Madeline (could occasionally go by Avie) and Easton Malachi (he would go by Ky, in honor of a guy I love so much).
For another boy, I might want another Biblical name...

#2 __kelsiej


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Posted 11 July 2013 - 02:29 PM

Charlotte - I've been liking this a lot more than I ever have recently!

Chloe - I'm in love with Chloe!! <3

Francesca - This isn't my style, but I like the way it sounds.

Myka - Again, not my style. Makes me think of Micah for a boy.

Nika (pronounced nee-kuh) - I get the nn feeling as well.

Zoe - Love it!! Especially lately! I'll get back with middle name suggestions!

Ava Madeline (with nn Avie) & Easton Malachi are GORGEOUS!! Would you like more biblical name suggestions, as well? Just let me know!

#3 Madi <3

Madi <3

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Posted 12 July 2013 - 08:43 AM

Ava Madeline and Easton Malachi are set in stone (for now). For the 3rd combo, here is my criteria:
~ First name cannot begin with A or E
~ First name should be two syllables
~ First name cannot end in -a or -n.
~ First name should be distinct from Ava and Easton (no matchy names!)
~ For the middle, I don't want common fillers (it would be nice if the name honors someone because Madeline and Malachi are honoring.)
~ No middle names ending in -line.

Ava Madeline, Easton Malachi, and Zoe??? I need middle name suggestions for Zoe.
I also need first name suggestions that fit my (very particular) criteria.

Thanks. :-)

#4 MissJay


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Posted 12 July 2013 - 10:59 AM

Charlotte (Charley) - I love Charlotte! I think it's a classic name that would look good on someone at any age. I also think the nickname Charley is beyond adorable! Some other names with "tom-boy" nicknames that I like are...Michaela "Mickey. Mick", Samantha "Sam, Sammy", Alexandria "Alex, Lex", Jacqueline "Jack"

Chloe -I've never really been a huge fan of Chloe, it seems to childish in my opinion. I've never really seen it aging well.

Francesca - Beautiful name! The only other nickname I can think of is Chessy/Chessie..which is very Parent Trap like :P

Myka - I don't really like the spelling of Myka, but I think Micah is adorable on girls!

Nika (pronounced nee-kuh) - I agree, it definitely feels more like a nickname to me, maybe for Nicolette or Nicolina?

Zoe - Zoe is absolutely adorable! Some MN suggestions: Zoe Alexandra, Zoe Meredith, Zoe Josephine, Zoe Seraphina, Zoe Amelia, Zoe Charlotte, Zoe Victoria, Zoe Isabella,

Ava Madeline and Easton Malachi are lovely! Such a great combination! :) Zoe sounds wonderful with them! If you want to keep the M middle name going maybe try Zoe Michaela, Zoe Meredith, Zoe Matilda, Zoe Margaret, Zoe Mirabelle, or Zoe Mackenzie

Other names you may like:


#5 Gems


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Posted 12 July 2013 - 12:42 PM

Charlotte (Charley) - I love the nn Charley!

Chloe - Beautiful name :)

Francesca - Not my style but I know a few Francesca's. one of them goes by Frankie and one of them goes by Cesca (Chess-ca)

Myka - nms but nice

Nika (pronounced nee-kuh) - I would prefer Mika or Nia but its alright

Zoe - Love it! Zoe Claire, Zoe Talia, Zoe Lenora, Zoe Georgia, Zoe Francesca?, Zoe Tamsin, Zoe Reese

#6 PaigeA


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Posted 12 July 2013 - 01:03 PM

Chloe - I love love Chloe <3 It's so pretty and sweet, I just wish it wasn't so popular! I know too many so I used it as a middle name. That may not be an issue for you though.

Francesca - Not my style but it's pretty. I knew a Francesca that went by Frankie. Other nicknames could be: Chessie, Cesca, Cassie, Frenchie (Francie..Frenchie :P Haha it could work)

Myka - This isn't my style but it's a sweet name. I prefer Micah.

Nika (pronounced nee-kuh) - It's cute but I prefer Myka.

Zoe - I do quite like Zoe. I knew a few Zoe's but here Zoey is the common spelling :P Here are some middle name suggestions:

Zoe Violet
Zoe Makenna
Zoe Elise
Zoe Alaina
Zoe Sienna
Zoe Imogen
Zoe Faye
Zoe Faith
Zoe Savannah
Zoe Piper
Zoe Harper
Zoe Emma
Zoe Fleur
Zoe Rochelle
Zoe Juliet
Zoe Blaire
Zoe Blythe
Zoe Amaia
Zoe Raine
Zoe Erica
Zoe Isobel
Zoe Noelle
Zoe Mackenzie
Zoe Marina
Zoe Evelyn
Zoe Sierra
Zoe Ariana
Zoe Alana
Zoe Emerson
Zoe Ayla
Zoe Diana
Zoe Melina
Zoe Genevieve
Zoe Jasmine
Zoe Claire
Zoe Danielle
Zoe Celeste
Zoe Harriet


Ava & Zoe or Ava & Chloe would be so cute for sisters <3

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