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Friend's name list!

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#1 Madi Wolf Princess <3

Madi Wolf Princess <3

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Posted 20 July 2013 - 08:43 PM

So, my friend and I were hanging out and we started discussing names (my favorite subject, lol!) She wants me to post them so you guys can give opinions. Thanks!! :-)

Zachary (honors the guy she likes.)





Hayden (boy)


Logan (boy)








You don't have to give opinions on every name if you don't have the time as it is a long list. Thank you! :-)

#2 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 21 July 2013 - 06:36 AM

Zachary (honors the guy she likes.) - cute, its on my list (Hunter Zachary). It works as long as they end up together or something lol

Parker - not my style but not bad

Wyatt - southern hehe, very cute though

Andrew - I was indifferent to it until Lauren here decided her son will be Andrew. And now its amazing :rolleyes:

Isaac - I've been toying with it recently. Doubt I'd necessarily ever use it but its handsome and timeless

Hayden (boy) - I have personal biases to it lol but I like even though its so darn popular. A GP for me.

Ezra - I love it even if it makes me think of blackout drunk. (Ezra Brooks Bourbon Wiskey, 90 proof. I've not had it but Dad had it once when he had an insufferable toothache and it certainly did the job :L).

Logan (boy) - I like it but its too popular around me. Also the name of the international airport south of me <3

Lucas - I knew a Luke who ruined the name for me, but I don't see it as a bad name. Just one I'd never use myself.

Aubrey - Cute, Mike and I both like this name :)

Gabriella - Hehe its so frilly!!

Brooklyn - A little trendy but I like it as a GP <3

Chelsea - A little dated but not bad

Kelsey - same, I imagine people my age with this name moreso than new babies.

Leah - Ditto, even though its still popular these days. Its cute as a nick name to me, like I adore Ophelia nick name Lia / Leah

Danielle - Same <3 Plus a personal association of a girl I know

Hope this helps her out!

#3 PaigeA


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Posted 21 July 2013 - 07:51 AM

Zachary - Cute, I like it! The nickname Zach is adorable too.

Parker - Not my style, but it's ok.

Wyatt - I like this, very cute.

Andrew - Not my style, but it's nice.

Isaac - Not my style and I don't really like it :(

Hayden - Love love love! Such a lovely name, wish it wasn't so popular! <3

Ezra - Cute but not my style.

Logan - Again it's cute, but not my style.

Lucas - Handsome and cute. I like it but would never use it.

Aubrey - It's a cute name but it's not my style. I prefer it to Audrey.

Gabriella - Again not my style, but it's pretty.

Brooklyn - I love Brooklyn <3

Chelsea - I don't like this name :( Very popular where I live.

Kelsey - I love Kelsey however! Kelsey is pretty and adorable.

Leah - It's pretty, but I know so many and it's not really my style.

Danielle - Not my style, but it's an ok name

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