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Finished my list

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#1 Camellia


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Posted 24 July 2013 - 12:05 AM


1) Lila Catherine

2) Rose Elizabeth "Rosie"

3) Margaret Aven "Mae"

4) Anne Priscilla

5) Julia Grace

(Lila, Rosie, Mae, Anne, and Julia)


1) Flynn Patrick

2) Kieran Scott

3) Archer Lawrence

4) Heath Douglas

5) Marcus James

(Flynn, Kieran, Archer, Heath, and Marcus)

[Names in italics are family names]

Questions/What I Need Opinions On (answer as many or as little as you like)

1. I'm almost completely happy with my girl names right now, with the exception of Julia Grace. Grace is my middle name, and while the combo flows well, it feels a little boring to me. I would love more mn suggestions for Julia!

2. The only boy name that I'm completely set on is Flynn Patrick. I'm back and forth with Archer Lawrence, and the others are just not wowing me. I'd love mn suggestions for my boys list!

3. While I love Anne Priscilla and think it's a perfect combo, everyone else just hates Priscilla. I've considered switching it to Anne Cecilia, but I just don't like that as much.

#2 Addison


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Posted 24 July 2013 - 05:56 AM

Hmm...let's see.

Beautiful list overall!

Julia Grace does seem a bit...boring. I love Julia, though!
Julia Madeline
Julia Evangeline
Julia Kendall
Julia Brooke
Julia Rachel
Julia Emily
Julia Allison
Julia Edith
Julia Margo
Julia Isobel
Julia Caroline
Julia Charlotte
Julia Beatrice
Julia Eleanor
Julia Eloise
Julia Mabel
Julia Violet

I love Flynn Patrick! Very handsome <3

Archer Lawrence isn't my style, but I think it's a really nice name. The style balances out REALLY well. 10/10 for me :)

Kieran Lucas
Kieran Jude
Kieran Wesley
Kieran Tyler
Kieran Heath
Kieran Elliot
Kieran James
Kieran Oliver

Marcus Kieran
Marcus Heath
Marcus Joel
Marcus Blake
Marcus Wiley
Marcus William
Marcus Joshua

Heath Aaron
Heath Jacob
Heath William
Heath Parker
Heath Logan
Heath Edward
Heath Allen

As for Anne Priscilla, go with what you love! It's your baby! Only reason to switch would be if your husband hates it.

#3 ashleylyn


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Posted 24 July 2013 - 02:03 PM

How about Juliet Grace?

#4 Mika Casey

Mika Casey

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Posted 24 July 2013 - 11:54 PM

1) Lila Catherine: Lila isn't quite my style, but it's more unique than the popular (but gorgeous) Lily. Catherine isn't my favorite either, but it flows wonderfully with Lila.
2) Rose Elizabeth "Rosie": I LOVE the nickname Rosie! I've had Rosalie and Rosemary on my list in the past for that very reason. Rose is classic, but Rose Elizabeth is a teeny bit boring to me.
3) Margaret Aven "Mae": Margaret is beautiful, one of the few classic names I genuinely like (besides Henrietta). Aven is very unique and beautiful with Margaret!
4) Anne Priscilla: I think this is the most beautiful name on your list. Very unique and Priscilla balances Anne PERFECTLY.
5) Julia Grace: I don't love Julia, but Grace is one of my GP's.

Julia Christabel
Julia Penny
Julia Faye
Julia Bree
Julia Charlotte

Overall, your girl names are very lovely and classic. They remind me of princesses!

1) Flynn Patrick: I love the middle name Patrick and it goes perfect with the totally awesome Flynn!
2) Kieran Scott: I love Scott as a middle, it's my boyfriend's middle name. Kieran is cute but not my style. Additional middles:

Kieran Rhys
Kieran William
Kieran George.
3) Archer Lawrence: I love Archer, it was on my list briefly (now I have Arrow as a middle instead), and I think Lawrence is so cute!

4) Heath Douglas: Heath is so handsome, I'd consider it as a name if my name list wasn't quite so out-there! Douglas is cute and unique, not quite my style. A long middle would be perfect.
Heath Alexander
Heath Constantine
Heath Vincent
Heath Benjamin
5) Marcus James: Marcus is super cute!!! I don't love it with James though.
Marcus Ray
Marcus Fletcher
Marcus Oliver
Marcus Riley
Marcus Tatum
Marcus Avery
Marcus Zachary

Your boy names are totally awesome! A bit more unique than your girls but that's not terrible. ;)

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