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Posted 29 July 2013 - 12:44 PM

Just some rambling about popularity of names. I only did the past 5 years. Two names have the past 6 year but they had just made the top 1000 of the Social Security list in the last 6 years.

My Girls


Year Rank
2012 290
2011 278
2010 227
2009 225
2008 212

Cadence seems to be planted in the 200's spot according to the SS website. In 2002, when it was at 958, was nearly 10 years ago. Which, I assume, was when it first made it's appearance on the SS top 1000 list. It has a potential of rising up in the next several years.


2012 632
2011 598
2010 550
2009 602
2008 563

Clarissa, though familiar, seems to be stuck in the 500-600 range on the SS list. It's rather a "perfect name" because it's recognizable but not uncommon. I doubt many girls will have this name and it doesn't show signs of jumping up on the SS list. However, that could change with the releasing of Mortal Instruments.

Name Possibilities (Girls)


2012 198
2011 214
2010 256
2009 375
2008 532
2007 881

Adalyn made it's first appearance on the top 1000 in 2007 and it seems to steadily rise. Within 5 years, it jumped from 881 to 198. Pretty impressive I might say! Though the increasing popularity MIGHT impose of a risk of multiple Adalyn's in one class, I still like the name.


2012 167
2011 161
2010 193
2009 176
2008 148

Catherine's popularity declined and sort of leveled off. In 2000, it was at 81 and steadily declined for the most part. It's hard to say the likelihood of coming across other Catherine's. I was surprised to come across other Cadence's (though the spelling varies). Though, Katherine is at 64. Funny how a slight difference in spelling changes the popularity. This name is fairly new on my list and is mainly influence by Kate Middleton.



I guess that's saying something about a name if it doesn't make the top 1000! I like this name but not quite sure if I would actually use it. I have days when I love it and days when it's just a GP. Either way, Cordelia Grace stays on my list. I know my husband likes both names. Even Cordelia Juliet or Cordelia Autumn are also contenders.


2012 330
2011 344
2010 333
2009 396
2008 370

Like Cordelia, my mind changes of the name Tatum. Where I live there is a street called Tatum. When I drive passed it, my interest in the name is renewed. It seems to be caught in the 300-400 range. With Tatum, I have difficulty finding the perfect middle name. Currently, I like Tatum Everly. But, I've also have Tatum Sophia.

Naming Possibilities (Boys)


2012 4
2011 5
2010 7
2009 9
2008 15

It's popular. That's basically the gist of it. Noah has been a favorite name of mine for years. It's not a favorite of my husband's but since he got his Clare (in the form of Clarissa) I think it's fair I get Noah. To some extent I am particular about the popularity of boys names but not like I am with girls.


2012 6
2011 15
2010 30
2009 49
2008 75

A very steady rise in popularity. Again, another boy's name that is within the top 10. I like this name but my husband likes it more. It newly made it onto our list with the release of Expendables 2. Why? Because of Liam Hemsworth!


2012 33
2011 30
2010 29
2009 23
2008 23

Another name I've liked for a while. Not as much as Noah but it's stayed a constant favorite. Especially with the nickname Kit. My husband likes it because it's the name of a wrestler. My big concern is with 50 Shades of Grey. Would people make that reference now? Just like they do with Bella and Twilight.


2012 75
2011 75
2010 100
2009 514
2008 939
2007 995

My daughter was almost a Bentley. Bentley James. And, I will admit, I got this from 16&P/Teen Mom. And it's obvious that it's made an impact on the popularity. In 5 years, it went from 995 to 75. Pretty impressive again! Both my husband and I like this name. ATM it is set in a middle name spot. It does have the potential of becoming a first name.

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Posted 29 July 2013 - 01:03 PM

I really like both of your daughter's names! If I love a name, I don't let popularity ruin it for me. It just means other people love it. I really love Adalyn, but I can't use it because there was this guy I liked named Adam. I combined part of his first name (ADAm) and part of my middle name (LYNn) to get Adalyn. Which just so happened to be a real name, lol. I don't like him anymore, so I just couldn't use Adalyn because it reminds me of him... I love the nickname Addie. Cadence, Clarissa, and Adalyn... It evens out the girl names (Alana and Adalyn, Cadence and Clarissa.) Nathaniel and Nora or Nathaniel and Noah would balance the N names out. And Liam is very handsome. :-)

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Posted 29 July 2013 - 06:57 PM

Interesting. Hmm... well, I don't know if you would want to continue the "C" theme you've started with Cadence and Clarissa. If so, I really like Christian as a brother for your daughters. I personally wouldn't connect to Fifty Shades of Gray. For girls, I think Catherine is a lovely, classic name that fits in well with your other daughters' names.

If you'd like to break the mold by potentially naming a third child a non C name, I think Adalyn and Noah are my next picks. I understand your concerns about Adalyn's popularity... it does seem like a passing trend to me. Regardless, it is cute, and the nickname Addy is adorable and timeless. Same with Noah. Despite its popularity, I think it's very handsome and classic.

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Posted 29 July 2013 - 08:15 PM

I do this too, periodically. I inventory my name faves and track their changing popularities. I must admit, I like to steer clear of trendy girl names. Classics are fine but trendy bugs me. Sooo, watching Aubrey suddenly shoot from a steady 250ish to 15 in the past 15 years is just sad. Not to mention all of the other variations that have popped up - Aubree, Aubrie, Aubri, Aubrielle, Aubrianna, etc. Take those into account and it's probably number 5 or something :(

As for Adalyn and Christian...

I think Adalyn (and Adalynn, Adelyn, Addilynn, etc.) is probably going to continue to rise in popularity. It's also starting to pop up in television shows. But it's cute and feels like it has history to it, probably because it's close to Adeline.

I wouldn't think of the book when I heard Christian... but I've never read it. I think Twilight when I hear the name Bella despite never having read it. I'd think Christian is a neutral enough name to not be associated with any one person/character. Sorta like Benjamin or Michael. If Bella had been Marie or Claire or something, maybe the character wouldn't have overtaken the name.

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