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{Names List} Girls

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#1 sparks_fly


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 11:06 AM

Hey everyone!

I don't know, but I've been really bored with my girls names lately, so I'm just going to bring in a few new ones.
I am also liking double middle names, but would it be weird to only have a double on a few names?

Any and all suggestions are very appreciated!

Baylor - I am loving this on a girl lately, but I can't come up with a good, more traditional middle name(s) to balance it out.
Lauren Genevieve/Piper/Ava/Merida - Which middle do you think goes best with Lauren? Suggestions also please!
Eleanor Charlotte
Cadence Marie
Summer ??
Charlotte Lydia
Addisyn Faith
Zoe Ember
Saylor Anastasia
Eden Juliet
Lucy Kaylen
Fallon Hope
Sophie Elizabeth
Hayden Skylar/Alivia
Selene Ariana

Opinions, likes/dislikes would be amazing!

Thanks in advance ladies! :wub:

#2 Barbie


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 11:22 AM

Very cute list, I like it!
My sister is Lauren Rose and I like Lauren Piper

#3 Addison


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 01:45 PM

Baylor - I think this is adorable! I love the potential nickname "Bay" as well. Some combos: Baylor Elizabeth (really filler for my taste, but it sounds pretty), Baylor Annabel, Baylor Emmeline, Baylor Rosalie, Baylor Meredith, Baylor Juliet, Baylor Eden, Baylor Violet, Baylor Genevieve, Baylor Jocelyn, Baylor Jessica.
Lauren Genevieve/Piper/Ava/Merida - I love Genevieve, but the flow here with Lauren seems off. Piper is adorable with it, I think that's your best option here. It also balances the styles and is really sweet. Ava is nice but Lauren Ava seems really plain. Merida seems to not flow so great, but it isn't an awful choice. so, I'd go for Lauren Piper. Lauren Skyler is another great choice.
Eleanor Charlotte - Really pretty! Great combo. I do feel like Charlotte Eleanor would have an easier flow.
Cadence Marie - I love Cadence! Marie, on the other hand, not so much. It's wayyy too filler and boring, not meaning to be rude. Some Combos: Cadence Eleanor, Cadence Evangeline, Cadence Brooke, Cadence Jillian, Cadence Blaire, Cadence Ashley, Cadence Lauren, Cadence Helena, Cadence Juliet, Cadence Hadley.
Summer ?? - Nice name, underused. Some Combos: Summer Elise, Summer Annabel, Summer Leighton, Summer Eloise, Summer Katherine, Summer Teagan.
Charlotte Lydia - a bit "L" heavy but not awful. How about Charlotte Summer?
Addisyn Faith - My name is Addison :) Not a fan of "cre8ive" spellings like this, but it's not a bad name. Faith flows well with it.
Zoe Ember - cute! I just met a little Ember the other day.
Saylor Anastasia - MUCH prefer the spelling Sailor, but it's a cute name and a great combo.
Eden Juliet - on my list as a double middle for Senna <3
Lucy Kaylen - Not my style, but nice! I would love to meet a little Lucy Kaylen.
Fallon Hope - Hope is an adorable middle name! Fallon is pretty.
Sophie Elizabeth - pretty, but slightly boring. Sophie Hayden would be a good option.
Hayden Skylar/Alivia - I like Hayden Alivia a lot! Because both Skylar and Hayden are common for boys, I would avoid using them together. But that's just me.
Selene Ariana - Not my style. Ariana is pretty, though.

My favorite from your list would be Eden Juliet.
My least favorite from your list would be Selene Ariana.
Overall, I think your list is very pretty.

I hope I wasn't rude or too negative!


#4 sparks_fly


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 03:44 PM

Thanks so much girls!

Addy- I love a bunch of those mn's, thanks a million for the imput! :)

#5 Erin91


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 04:01 PM

Lauren Genevieve/Piper/Ava/Merida - Which middle do you think goes best with Lauren? Suggestions also please! - I think Merida is very pretty w/ Lauren!
Eleanor Charlotte- I prefer Eleanora a little more, but this name does flow well
Cadence Marie- Cute! I have a friend who named her daughter this, but spelled her first name Kaidence (I like your spelling better).
Summer ??- Pretty! Dawn, Marie, Rebecca, Brielle, and Diane would make great middle names.
Charlotte Lydia- Beautiful!
Addisyn Faith- I prefer Addison, but this is very pretty!
Zoe Ember- Very cute
Saylor Anastasia - I don't like Saylor, but Anastasia is gorgeous
Eden Juliet- Another gorgeous name! Both of these names are in my top 10 favorites
Lucy Kaylen- Another cute one
Fallon Hope- Not a fan of Fallon. It looks like "fallin" to me
Sophie Elizabeth- Beautiful
Hayden Skylar/Alivia- Both go great with Hayden, but I like Alivia (or Olivia) best :)
Selene Ariana- Never seen these two paired before, but I like it!

#6 Meghan<3


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Posted 31 July 2013 - 04:24 PM

Baylor seems a little too masculine for my taste. I personally prefer Bailey or Taylor. However, I like your idea of pairing Baylor with a classic, feminine middle name to balance it out. Here are some ideas:

Baylor Charlotte
Baylor Elizabeth
Baylor Caroline
Baylor Samantha
Baylor Natalie
Baylor Margaret
Baylor Camille
Baylor Annabel
Baylor Diana
Baylor Penelope
Baylor Emily
Baylor Vivienne
Baylor Evelyn
Baylor Tiffany
Baylor Eve
Baylor Fiona
Baylor Katherine

Of the middle name options you listed for Lauren, I like Lauren Piper best. Lauren Genevieve is nice too, but the flow seems a little off to me. Lauren Ava sounds awkward to me; Ava Lauren has a more melodic flow. I think Lauren Merida is interesting. Merida may be a little too tied to "Brave" for my taste, but it sounds nice with Lauren.

I LOVE Eleanor Charlotte! Cadence Marie is cute too. I would change Charlotte Lydia to Lydia Charlotte, though... The latter is much easier to say.

Here are some middle name suggestions for Summer:

Summer Bethany
Summer Addison
Summer Nicole
Summer Bridget
Summer Cassidy
Summer Imogen
Summer Alice
Summer Vivienne
Summer Elizabeth
Summer Josephine
Summer Katherine
Summer Evelyn
Summer Lucy
Summer Lilith
Summer Lillian
Summer Zoe
Summer Felicity
Summer Paige
Summer Adelaide
Summer Quinn

I like Addisyn Faith, although I prefer the more traditional spelling Addison. Zoe Ember and Exen Juliet are lovely names as well. Sailor Anastasia has a nice flow, but I personally dislike Saylor. What do you think of Sadie, Senna, or Sage / Saige?

Sophie Elizabeth is stunning, and I like Lucy Kaylen. However, Kaylen could encounter spelling complications, and I personally prefer the more traditional Caitlin / Caitlyn / Kaitlyn / etc. Fallon Hope is not my style, sorry. Fallon sounds masculine to me... Maybe because I connect it to Jimmy Fallon? Haha!

Of the two middle names you're considering for Hayden, I prefer Hayden Alivia... So pretty! As for Selene Ariana, I think both names are lovely, but Ariana Selene has the better flow in my opinion.

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