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Posted 23 April 2009 - 02:08 PM

So I started this story to try and help with my writer's block on my story about Ayzik but now it sorta took over.

The Story: Everyone has 2 soulmates a best friend one and a true love one. Very few humans find both of these. Odette James was the daughter of 2 members of the high class society in London in 1774. SHe was the perfect daughter she had impecable manners and was beautiful. Her dance card was always full at balls and hse always had many cards on her plate on Thursday (her family visiting day). But she was brutally raped and beaten to almost death by a stable boy sneaking back in the house one night after a visit with her beau Johnathan Merryweather. She was found by Sebastian Land, a newly changed vampire. He took her to Benjamin Parker, the vampire who changed Sebastian because he had been dying of a strange illness. Benjamin changed Odette to save her from death.

Odette James Parker- 16 Waist length Black hair, grey eyes. 5' 3" pettite. Out-going among her family. Is tired of searching for her soulmates and is unsure if they haven't already died of been in a town her family has already been to. Her best friend is Sebastian. Was changed in 1774

Sebastian Land Parker- 18 Short Blonde Hair and grey eyes. 5'9" broad shoulders. Is quiet and thoughtful. Is completely whipped to whatever his soulmate _______ tells him to do. Hasn't found his best friend soulmate but isn't really worried about it. Was changed in 1774

Benjamin Parker- 36 Short Brown hair and grey eyes. 5' 8". Is a scientist. He loves ot learn and has college degrees in Medicine, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology, Accounting, Law, and English. He has successfully found both of his soulmates his love______ and his best friend _______. He is the father figure to Odette and Sebastian. Says that he is their Uncle who takes care of them because their parents died.Was changed in the 1450's

Sebastian's soul mate- 17 She has Brown hair cut into a bob. She is loud and funny. Love to draw adn is very good. Since she was changed she has worked under many different names. She loves Sebastian and doesn't have a best friend soulmate and doesn't want one. She was changed in the 1920's.

Benjamin's Love- 32 She has White Blonde hair that goes to her mid-back and grey eyes. Loves people and is very out-going She was an opera singer in the 1880's but hasn't sung in public since she was changed. She wanted to be a mother but since she can't she treats Odette, Sebastian, and _______ as her children and is an elementary school music teacher. Was changed in the 1850's

Benjamin's best friend- 34 He has short black hair and grey eyes. He like Ben loves to learn but his main profession is Dr. He also has degrees in Astronomy, Law, English, History, and French. He is very shy but is funny once he opens up. He is like the crazy uncle of the family. Was changed in the 1640's.

Boy - 16 Longish Red Hair and green eyes. He is in the marching band, choir and drama club. He will probably be Drum Major his senior year, he is in the advanced choir and went to the state choir the last 2 years and he also has starred in all of the plays and musicals since his freshman year. He loves to be in front of people and is very very funny. He is a straight A student and is in all honors classes. (He needs a very trendy name. He was born in 1992)

Sorry that there is so much!

Thanks in advance!

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Posted 26 April 2009 - 06:51 PM

Sebastian's Mate: Angelina, Cordelia, Miranda, Anastasia, Katharine, Helen(e), Claribel, Abigail, Natalie, Hailey, Emma, Bryony, Stephania, Hadleigh, Carrington, Lettice, Genevieve, Jessamine, Juliette

Benjamin's Love: Corrine, Anna, Miriam, Mary, Susanna, Leah, Eve, Rachel, Caroline, Joanna, Claudia, Hannah, Nina, Margaret, Penelope, Brianna, Veronica, Virginia, Jacqueline, Amelia, Victoria, Kate, Ivy, Hope, Laura, Elisa, Elaine, Pricilla, Leila, Jennifer, Celia, Claire, Diane, Madeline, Eleanor, Lydia, Celeste

Benjamin's BF: Samuel, Daniel, David, Matthew, Lawrence, Zachary, James, William, Andrew, Raphael, Gabriel, Leo, Warren, Christian, Alexander, Harrison, Jacob, Nathaniel, Leslie, Michael, Jesse, Jonathan, Aaron, Henry, Thomas, Brooks, Stephen, Phillip, Jeremy, Eliot, Seth, Frederick, Nicholas, Caleb, Weston, Graham, North, Reid, Simeon, Vincent

Boy: Scottie, Austin, Adam, Michael, Aiden, Shane, Derek, Robert, Spencer, Anthony, Jack(son), Brandon, Kenneth, Rhys, Liam, Cooper, Mitchell, Kindle, Kasey, Logan, Wren, Theodore, Avery, Cole, Cadeon, Alek, Ashton, Isaac

Hope this helped! :)

#3 Guest_toribethh_*

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Posted 26 April 2009 - 07:25 PM

Thanks for the suggestions Beka!

It's funny that you suggested Nathaniel for Ben's Best friend because that's the filler name i've been using for him but don't want to use it because it's the name of a main character in my other book.

These are the ones I like and then I added some others to them.

Sebastian's Mate: Anastasia,Genevieve, Elizabeth, Esmerelda

Benjamin's Love: Margaret, Penelope, Jacqueline, Amelia, Diana, Eleanor, Dorthea,

Benjamin's BF: Samuel, Matthew, William, Harrison, Nathaniel, Thomas, Joseph

Boy: Derek, Jackson, Zane, Lance, Oliver

What do you guy's think of the name Aerilyn for a friend? She might end up as Odette's best friend i haven't decided yet.

Also what do you think of the name Odette? Sebastian? Benjamin?

#4 Beka


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Posted 27 April 2009 - 06:21 AM

I really like Aerilyn, Sebatstian, and Benjamin. I'm not too crazy about Odette. I picture an old woman with blue tinted hair smoking a cigarette. Then I think of Odie as a nickname and see the dog from Garfield. :) sorry. Anastasia, Esmerelda, Margaret, Thomas, and Lance are my favorites for the others.

#5 Katie-Nana


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Posted 27 April 2009 - 09:07 AM

I like Esmerelda for Sebastian's Mate
Diana for Benjamin's Mate
William for Benjamin's BF
For Boy I really like Oliver
I think Sebastian and Benjamin's names are fine...
What about Odessa nn Odess instead of Odette, I think it is a bit softer.

#6 Guest_toribethh_*

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Posted 28 April 2009 - 02:59 PM

So I had decided on Diana for Benjamin's love.

But of course being the pain in the butt I am I don't like Odette for my main character.

I want something classic and traditional but uncommon.

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