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#1 Guest_toribethh_*

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Posted 25 April 2009 - 06:55 PM

Be brutally truthful

Aurora Grace nn. Rory
Anastasia Georgina nn. Annie
Ariella Katarina nn. Ella
Cadence Michelle nn. Cady
Talia Cadence nn. Tally
Emaline Susette nn. Ema
Vaslissa Marie nn. Lissa
Zinaida Anya nn. Zina
Lillith Faith nn. Lily
Jacline Olivia nn. Jackie
Elena Kiera nn. Leny

Andrew Caden nn. Andy
Dmitri James nn. Tri
Joseph Robert nn. Joe
Benjamin Parker nn. Ben
Tyson James nn. Ty
Ezekiel Joshua nn. Zeke
Nathaniel Jacob nn. Than
Oliver Michael

#2 KristaDeanne


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Posted 25 April 2009 - 09:19 PM

We have different tastes in names but I'll do my best to be constructive!!

Aurora Grace nn. Rory - I like Aurora, but I'm not a fan of virtue names.
Anastasia Georgina nn. Annie - this just doesn't sound good to me. And I'm not a fan of either name.
Ariella Katarina nn. Ella - I like the nn Ella but I don't care for either of these names.
Cadence Michelle nn. Cady - Again, I just personally dislike both names, but this flows well! I do like Cady though.
Talia Cadence nn. Tally - I prefer Tally over Talia. Not a fan of Cadence.
Emaline Susette nn. Ema - Not a fan of either.
Vaslissa Marie nn. Lissa - I'm not even sure what to think about Vaslissa...reminds me of Vasoline. Marie is too old for my taste.
Zinaida Anya nn. Zina - LOVE Anya!! Zinaida is not my taste - and it would always remind me of the Casey Anthony saga.
Lillith Faith nn. Lily - Lillith is nice, not a fan of Faith as it is a virtue name.
Jacline Olivia nn. Jackie - I prefer Jacqueline. Olivia is lovely as a mn.
Elena Kiera nn. Leny - This doesn't flow well. Don't much care for either name.

Andrew Caden nn. Andy - Andrew is a nice, solid name. Caden sounds childish to me though.
Dmitri James nn. Tri - Don't care for Dmitri and I don't like this spelling at all. I've never cared for the name James.
Joseph Robert nn. Joe - This for me is just a no. I'm not sure a name could be any more plain.
Benjamin Parker nn. Ben - Benjamin is just okay for me. Parker is nice though.
Tyson James nn. Ty - Not a fan of Tyson, reminds me of Tyson chicken commercials. Again, not a fan of James.
Ezekiel Joshua nn. Zeke - Joshua is again a nice, solid name. Not at all a fan of Ezekiel or any nn that goes with it.
Nathaniel Jacob nn. Than - Just not liking this one.
Oliver Michael - Oliver is wonderful! Michael is just not for me.

Sorry if I offended with any comments!! We just apparently have completely different tastes in names!

#3 D3sire


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Posted 26 April 2009 - 02:21 PM

Aurora Grace nn. Rory - I really like Aurora but not so much with Grace. Aurora needs something really soft as a mn without a strong `r` sound imo. Aurora Lily, Aurora Camille etc.

Anastasia Georgina nn. Annie - LOVE Anastasia! Not crazy aabout Georgina or the nn Annie. I think something shorter would work better, the two names compete with eachother. Anastasia Eve, Anastasia Ruby etc.

Ariella Katarina nn. Ella - Ariella is not so much my style but this combo is rather pretty. I prefer Caterina.

Cadence Michelle nn. Cady - I don`t care for this at all. Cadence is trendy. Michelle is past her prime, very 70`s!

Talia Cadence nn. Tally - Talia is cute. It`s fresh & spunky. Again I don`t like Cadence and it pulls the combo from cutting edge to trendy. Talia Josephine, Talia Corinne.

Emaline Susette nn. Ema - I much prefer the spelling Emmeline. Emmeline Susette is nice.

Vaslissa Marie nn. Lissa - Not liking this at all. Vaslissa sounds like some kind of STD or something. Not at all attractive imo. Marie bores me to death.

Zinaida Anya nn. Zina - Again I don`t like this either. It looks made up. The flow is off too. LOVE Anya! It makes an interesting nn for Anastasia!

Lillith Faith nn. Lily -I actually kind of like Lillith, it`s a nice alternative to the popular Lillian. I wouldn`t pair it with Faith though as both names end in `th`. Lillith Grace works ok.

Jacline Olivia nn. Jackie - I don`t like this spelling of Jacqueline at all. It also feels really dated especially with the nick Jackie which is very 70`s. Olivia is nice but rather popular. I prefer Livia.

Elena Kiera nn. Leny - I like both names separately but together the flow is awkward.

Andrew Caden nn. Andy - Andrew is ok but I wouldn`t but Andy dates it. Caden is ultra trendy and not at all my style. The names feel really mismatched.

Dmitri James nn. Tri - I prefer Dimitri which is a guilty pleasure for me. I think it could work on the right kid but you should probably be of some kind of Eastern European heritage (or Russian).

Joseph Robert nn. Joe - I love Joseph it has family significance for me & it is such a classic. The combo flows well.

Benjamin Parker nn. Ben -Benjamin is nice despite it`s popularity. I do prefer Bennett. Parker is not my thing. I hear park-her.

Tyson James nn. Ty - Mike Tyson and Tyson chicken. I would avoid this one.

Ezekiel Joshua nn. Zeke - I like this! Zeke makes for a cool nick. I think I would prefer Ezekiel Joseph or Ezekiel Jacob.

Nathaniel Jacob nn. Than - Ehh.. It`s decent enough just doesn`t do much for me.

Oliver Michael - LOVE Oliver but Michael is bland. Oliver Jude is my personal favorite. Oliver Jonah, Oliver Joseph.

#4 Katie-Nana


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Posted 29 April 2009 - 06:57 PM

Is Tri supposed to be pronounced like Tree?

#5 Guest_toribethh_*

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Posted 01 May 2009 - 01:27 PM

Is Tri supposed to be pronounced like Tree?

If you follow the way the name sounds but as a nn. I say Trey

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