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Tossing around some combos

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Posted 03 August 2013 - 09:33 AM

While I'm happy with my name lists, I still feel like I'm missing some good ones on my boys' list. Here are some I'm considering. Let me know what you think! :)

Julian Connor - I keep trying to decide whether or not I like Julian. It has a really nice sound to it, and I've always loved Connor as a middle for names than end with 'n'.

Markus Ronan - I love love love the name Markus, but for some reason I haven't put it on my list yet. I had Ronan Elias on my list, which doesn't really strike me as much as Markus Ronan. WDYT?

Ezra Thomas - I've recently discovered the name Ezra and have fallen for it. It reminds me of this little diner my family always used to go to for breakfast called Ezzy's. And Thomas is a classic that I've liked for a while, helped by the fact that it's a name of a friend.

Bailey _____ - I know Bailey isn't really a hit right now for boys or girls, but I think it's so handsome on a boy. There were these twins that were a couple years older than me that used to live down the street from us named Bailey and Brendan, and I've sort of liked the name ever since. I'm trying to find a nice masculine name to balance out the slight femininity of Bailey, but I haven't found anything yet. Suggestions, please?

Leo/Leonidas _____ - I keep going back and forth with my feelings for Leo. I'm not a fan of names that are super common or popular, as Leo is coming to be, but something about it just won't let me go quite yet. I'm also having trouble with a middle for this one, as 'o' ending names are difficult to pair a middle with (it took me forever to decide on Nico Alexander, another favorite of mine). I'd like suggestions for this one too. Also, I'm debating making Leo a nickname for Leonidas rather than just being on its own. This also solves the overly-popular problem. Opinions?

Just to give you an idea of my naming style, here is my boys' list:

Briar James

Calder Vincent

Carson Andrew

Carter John

Chase Warren

Ciaran Thomas

Connor Perseus

Elias Jude

Elliot Sterling

Gideon Jack

Ian Alastair

Jason Lee

Keaton Oliver

Matthias Peter

Nico Alexander

Odin Michael

Roran Timothy

Thanks in advance! ^_^

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Posted 03 August 2013 - 10:46 AM

Julian Connor - I really don't like Julian. Connor does sound nice with it, though.

Markus Ronan - I would really like Ronan Markus or Ronan Mark, but I really don't like Markus as a first name for some reason, but I think it is such a cool middle name. I LOVE Ronan

Ezra Thomas - I've toyed with this combo, too! <3 I love both names! Ezra's on my list, as is Thomas! This is my favorite one on your entire list. SOOO handsome.

Bailey _____ - I am not really a fan of Bailey on either gender, and I think it's a little more suitable for a girl. I think it could work, though. I'm also the girl who likes Ashton, Darby, Rory, Teagan, etc for boys haha. I do really like the "Bay" aspect of Bailey for boys.

Leo/Leonidas _____ - I have a pet peave about Leo being used standalone. I think it's adorable but I think it should be a nickname for a longer name. Leonidas is nice :) My favorite is Leonardo.

I love these names from your list:

Carson Andrew





Elliot Sterling


Ian Alastair

Keaton Oliver



You have great taste in names! ;)

#3 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 03 August 2013 - 11:12 AM

I really like Julian Connor! I saw an adorable Julian and ever since then I've loved it. If I ever have a second boy, his middle name with probably be Connor (Roman Connor). Definitely has a great ring to it and I agree that Connors a perfect middle for names ending in -n lol

Markus Ronan - I don't mind Markus, just NMS. Ronan I like, though I've got Roman on my list soo... haha. I love how its Irish meaning "baby seal" haha!

Aw Ezra Thomas.. I love it! Handome<3 And oh I love Ezzy! I never met anyone else who liked Ezzy as a nick name haha

Bailey's cute! Oddly, I like it on both genders. Nick name Bay <3

Leo / Leonidas - I really love it, but partially because I imagine Ray's future son with this name and it makes me happy :P (our lovely Raven from the boards haha!). Sooo handsome. I prefer Leo as a nick name anyway, and Leonidas is just a great one <3

Also, I noticed you have quite a few names I adore on your list! Love it! No one else I know seems to love Calder as I do. And Nico I adore, I wish I could use it for my little mister to be's middle name, but OH says no. Though it'd honor family, so oh well..

Sorry if I didn't help, but I love your list!

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