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Names for a family in my story

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Posted 30 April 2009 - 11:25 PM

I am writing a story with the Hoffman-Love (or Love-Hoffman) family, and need help with their names. NOTE-- This story takes place in the late 60s/early 70s, so I need names that would've been around in that time. I'm totally fine with unusual, out-there names, but no trendy 2009 names, please.

So far, I've decided on the father's name, but still need help with the mother's middle name, and the first and middle names of the young twin daughters, who are around five or six. The mother is Gwendolyn [middle name] Love, and she goes by Gwen. I haven't decided between Hoffman-Love and Love-Hoffman for the surname, so by all means tell me which you prefer.

Please help me with these names! I'm the kind of person who needs to know the character's names before I start the story.

P.S. When you make your suggestions, please make sure that I know who you're suggesting the name for-- The mother, or one of the twin girls. Thanks so much.

#2 PaperHeart


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Posted 01 May 2009 - 08:09 AM

Aww. Love the idea. (: Here goes:


-Gwendolyn Ray
-Gwendolyn Marcia
-Gwendolyn Heather
-Gwendolyn Irene
-Gwendolyn Ileanna
-Gwendolyn Amber
-Gwendolyn Bronte
-Gwendolyn Adelyn
-Gwendolyn Cassidy
-Gwendolyn Lane
-Gwendolyn Henrietta
-Gwendolyn Mia
-Gwendolyn Chastity
-Gwendolyn Vivian
-Gwendolyn Tammy
-Gwendolyn Piper
-Gwendolyn Rachelle
-Gwendolyn Tessa
-Gwendolyn Gena
-Gwendolyn Rosemary
-Gwendolyn Edie
-Gwendolyn Marcella
-Gwendolyn Hillary
-Gwendolyn Naomi
-Gwendolyn Karen
-Gwendolyn Georgia
-Gwendolyn Mona
-Gwendolyn Sage
-Gwendolyn Francis
-Gwendolyn Kathleen
-Gwendolyn Klara
-Gwendolyn Lucinda
-Gwendolyn Marianne
-Gwendolyn Lucy
-Gwendolyn Ava
-Gwendolyn Patricia
-Gwendolyn Leila
-Gwendolyn Julianna
-Gwendolyn Beatriz
-Gwendolyn Marnie
-Gwendolyn Aubrey
-Gwendolyn Helena
-Gwendolyn Andria
-Gwendolyn Thelma
-Gwendolyn Kimber
-Gwendolyn Tiffanie
-Gwendolyn Roxanne
-Gwendolyn Corey
-Gwendolyn Graciela
-Gwendolyn Jean
-Gwendolyn Juliet
-Gwendolyn Georgia
-Gwendolyn Micah
-Gwendolyn Bianca
-Gwendolyn Monica
-Gwendolyn Karina
-Gwendolyn Farrah
-Gwendolyn Carrie
-Gwendolyn Holly
-Gwendolyn Claire
-Gwendolyn May


-Deborah Celeste and Stephanie Alma.
-Lydia Rose and Audrey Eileen.
-Erica Joyce and Erin Joanne.
-Marie Jolene and Molly Jessica.
-Cassandra Isobel and Caroline Imogen.
-Jacqueline Rebecca and Hannah Ruth.
-Teresa Michelle and Tamara Jennifer.
-Nora Paige and Ella Kate.
-Autumn Jo and Willow Jane.
-Amber Rebecca and Emily Victoria.
-Hayley Rhiannon and Cecelia Evangeline
-Temperance Rose and Chastity Claire.
-Robin Nicole and Jaime Elizabeth.
-Carlotta April and Melinda Dawn.
-Andrea Simone and Natalie Monica.
-Claudia Rachel and Samantha Crystal.
-Veronica Melanie and Valerie Susan.
-Genevieve Tera and Paulette Renee.
-Leslie Shannon and Kristina Louise.
-Heidi Victoria and Gina Nicolette.
-Alicia Jasmine and Jodi Melissa.
-Vanessa Lucille and Allyson Brenda.
-Regina Elise and Deanna Emilie.
-Courtney Raina and Colleen Sharon.
-Sabrina Kori and Francesca Sofia.
-Addison Drew and Alexandria Jude.
-Kelli Martine and Julia Coral.
-Danielle Elizabeth and Diane Penelope.
-Leah July and Lauren June.
-Natsha Sarah and Felicia Dainelle.
-Terri Mathilda and Sonya Maureen.
-Krista Laurel and Joy Louella.
-Meredith Faye and Virginia Hope.
-Carmen Melissa and Mandy Corinne.
-Monique Elana and Angela Simone.
-Lorna Shantell and Lindy Paige.
-Shawna Marie and Kerry Eve.
-Felicity Kirstin and Harmony Laura.
-Joanna Alysia and Brooke Tennile.
-Kendra Ivette and Kristie Nikole.
-Destiny Lola and Layla Grace.
-Lois Valencia and Claire Davina.
-Jena Therese and Lauri Rosanna.
-Charis Marcella and Annmarie Faith.
-Maxine Wendy and Sheridan Joyce.
-Kira Leilani and Nicolette Hazel.
-Charlene Nikita and Cadance Olivia.
-Adrienne Lynn and Beverly Mae.
-Gretchen Daniela and Bethany.
-Melody Fawn and Vanessa Holly.
-Tarin Michaela and Tonya Raven.
-Lindsay Rose and Bridget Lorraine.
-Kelsey Summer and Karla Spring.
-Trinity Ann and Tamatha Leigh.

Thats pretty much all i could think of. :) Hope this helped.

Oh, and i preer Hoffman-Love. It has a better ring, and flows better also. :)

-Yasmine <3

#3 HarmonyP


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Posted 01 May 2009 - 05:18 PM

First off, I better prefer Love-Hoffman. I don't know why, but every time I thought about Hoffman-Love, I thought about someone loving David Hasselhoff, lol.

Mother: Gwendolyn Renee Love, Gwendolyn Leann Love, Gwendolyn Virginia Love, Gwendolyn Carolyn Love, Gwendolyn Jean Love, Gwendolyn Francene Love, Gwendolyn Geraldine Love, Gwendolyn Joann Love, Gwendolyn Marie Love, Gwendolyn Suzanne Love, Gwendolyn Marjorie Love, Gwendolyn Lorraine Love, Gwendolyn Charlene Love

Daughters: Michelle Joyce, Rebecca Beverly, Angela Annette, Melissa Ruth, Regina Anne, Leslie Jean, Betty Joan, Sarah Rose, Sylvia Colleen, Melanie Sue, Vanessa Elaine and Veronica Eileen, Caroline Evelyn and Christine Yvonne, Sally Marie and Sandy Marlene, Roxanne Lynn and Robyn Lee


Good luck!

#4 Beka


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Posted 05 May 2009 - 07:23 PM

I like Hoffman-Love better.
Gwendolyn...Lorraine, Rachel, Marianne, Grace, Lyric, Raven, Sharon, Autumn, Cynthia, Julia
Ella Dorothy/Emma Melanie
Kimberly Abigail/Laura Eleanor
Madison Jane/Melissa Sydney
Mary Catherine/Susan Caroline
Gabriella Delilah/Isabella Diane
Stephanie Amanda/Sophia Savannah
Leslie Naomi/Olivia Nicole
Hailey Angel/Hannah Princess
Natalie Lucia/Grace Raven
Victoria Christine/Virginia Mariella
Holly Clarissa/Stacy Marissa
Allison Peace/Melissa Prosper
Alice Rainbow/Helen Rhapsody
Emily Snow/Abigail Sea
Sarah Victory/Samantha Valor
Shawn Whisper/Cassandra West
Danielle Midnight/Gabrielle Meadow
Grace Noble/Ginger Nova
Antoinette Opal/Angelica Pearl
Joanna Dusk/Cathleen Ember
Claudia Eden/Sabrina Falcon
Paulette Gypsy/Jeannette Hero
Celeste Haven/Daphne Halo
Amber Castle/Claire Amour
Lacey Brave/Stella Battle
Janelle Beauty/Jessie Jinx
Marybeth Lavender/Annmarie Liberty

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