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CAF with name banks

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Posted 29 August 2013 - 01:19 AM

This CAF will have a name bank for each group. Adults will be named using family names. Bio-Children and some adopted children may also use the family name bank. You may use variations of the names or create a new name to honor a relative. For example: Theresa may be changed to Terrah or Reesa.

Surnames: Aunos, Bear, Burns, Carlson, Davis, Harris, Hawke, Parker, Patterson, Robinson, Small, Spear, Thomas, Vaughn, Whitman
Family Names: Arlene, Anne, Andre, Blaine, Bernice, Cecilia, Catherine, Charles, Delano, Dion, Daisy, Edward, Emmett, Erin, Jared, Joseph, Jennifer, Julie, Leslie, Lindsey, Marie/Mary, Madeline, Michael, Nathaniel, Naomi, Rose, Ryan, Silas, Susan, Theresa

DH is raising first born DD(14) her first name was chosen by her mother and father gave her 2 middle names honor the mother she would never know.

Bio-Kids Name Bank: Aspen, Austin, Arianna, Celeste, Cloud, Canyon, Dakota, Dezirea, Disney, Dylan, Elianna, Emerson, Hunter, Heath/Heather, Hershel, Jadzia, Jasper, Jaya, Jaylen, Juniper, Caden /Kaiden, Kambria, Lakin, Linnae, Mesa, Misae, Nanice, Nissa, Quinn, Quincey, Rain, River, Raya, Skye, Shayna, Tristan, Tania,Tyler

DD(14) see name story above:
DD/DD(13) twins:
DS/DS/DS(11) triplets:
DS/DD (7) twins:

Sibling Group Domestic Adoption Name Bank: Ashley, Anthony, Brooke/Brooklyn, Cheyenne, Conrad, Cody, Kristi, Kevin, Lee/Leigh, Larina, Mae, Monica, Melvin, Reese, Robin, Shoshana, Shane, Sterlin, Tashina, Tawny, Weldon, Winslow

DS(18) age 13 at adoption kept birth name:
DD(17) age 12 at adoption kept birth name:
DS(15) age 10 at adoption wanted to be called _____ and kept birth name as middle names
DD(14) age 9 at adoption kept name but added a hyphenated or compound first names

China Adoption Name Bank: Avery, Amethyst, Abraline "Abby", Bryce, Casey, Carson, Connor, Devin, Greyson, Garrett, Isis, Jianna, Jordan, Jasmine, Kamilie, Kona, Kyle/Kyler, Kendell, Morgan, Mattea, Mikayla, Natalia/Natalie, Peyton, Pheonix, Riley, Sidney, Serenity
Chinese Name Bank(kept as middle names): An, Ai, Bao, Feng, Fu, Gan, Hau, Huan, Jian, Jie, Ju, Jun, Lan, Lian, Li, Liang, Long, Mei, Ming, Nian, Qian, Quan, Qiang, She, Song, Tian, Wei, Wen, Wu, Yi, Yu, Yun, Yan Xia Zhen


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Posted 29 August 2013 - 06:04 AM

Nathaniel 'Nate' Ryan Burns [45]
Madeleine 'Maddie' Bernice Burns [44]
Anthony 'Ant' Shane Burns [18]
Ashleigh 'Ash' Brooke Burns [17]
Kaiden 'Kai' Robin Burns [15]
Linnea 'Lin' Mae Burns [14]
Catherine 'Cate' Theresa Marie Burns [14]
Jennifer 'Jen' Naomi Burns [13]
Heather 'Heath' Anne Burns [13]
Grayson 'Gray' Huan Burns [12]
Austin 'Aussie' Silas Burns [11]
Joseph 'Joe' Edward Burns [11]
Dylan 'Dyl' Jasper Burns [11]
Connor 'Con' Zhen Burns [9]
Jasmine 'Jaz' Quan Burns [7]
Charles 'Charlie' Michael Burns [7]
Arianna 'Ari' Rose Burns [7]
Jordan 'Jordie' Lian Burns [6]
Cecilia 'Lia' Skye Burns [4]
Natalia 'Tallie' Song Burns [2]

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Posted 29 August 2013 - 08:00 AM

LN: Parker

DH: Jared Blaine
DW: Jenna Rosalie

DS(18): Sterling Anthony
DD(17): Winslow Brooke
DS(15): Kevin Reece
DD(14): Ashley-Mae Beatrice
DD(14): Juliet Mary Dylan
DD/DD(13): Emerson Katherine / Anniston Cecilia
DS(12): Bryce Lan Ming
DS/DS/DS(11): Silas Ryan / Tyler Edwin / Charlie River
DS(9): Carson Wu Bao
DS/DD (7): Josiah Hunter / Aria Madeline
DD(7): Kendall Song Yi
DS(6): Morgan Li Fang
DD(4): Leslie Skye
DD(2): Natalie Mei Ju

Jared and Jenna Parker; Sterling, Win, Kevin, Ashley, Juliet, Emerson, Anniston, Bryce, Silas, Tyler, Charlie, Carson, Joey, Aria, Kendall, Morgan, Leslie, and Natalie Parker.

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Posted 29 August 2013 - 11:00 AM

LN: Davis

DH: Joseph Michael (45):
DW: Erin Rose (44):

DS: Cody Shane (18)

DD: Ashley Brooke (17)

DS: Anthony Winslow (15)

DD: Dakota Anna Reese (14).

DD: Tawny-Mae Cheyenne (14)

DD/DD: Aspen Rain / Lakin Skye (13)
DS: Connor Zhen (12)

DS/DS/DS: Austin Jasper / Caden Tyler / Dylan Hunter (11)

DS: Greyson Bao (9)

DD: Natalia Mei (7)

DS/DD: Kambria Linnea / Canyon Heath (7)

DS: Carson Wu (6)

DD: Arianna Juniper (4)

DD: Avery Song (2)

Joe and Erin Davis

Cody, Ashley, Anthony, Dakota, Tawny-Mae, Aspen, Lakin

Connor, Austin, Caden, Dylan, Greyson, Talia, Kammy

Canyon, Carson, Aria and Avery

DBM(d.29): Theresa Ann

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