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CAF with name banks

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Posted 29 August 2013 - 01:19 AM

This CAF will have a name bank for each group. Adults will be named using family names. Bio-Children and some adopted children may also use the family name bank. You may use variations of the names or create a new name to honor a relative. For example: Theresa may be changed to Terrah or Reesa.

Surnames: Aunos, Bear, Burns, Carlson, Davis, Harris, Hawke, Parker, Patterson, Robinson, Small, Spear, Thomas, Vaughn, Whitman
Family Names: Arlene, Anne, Andre, Blaine, Bernice, Cecilia, Catherine, Charles, Delano, Dion, Daisy, Edward, Emmett, Erin, Jared, Joseph, Jennifer, Julie, Leslie, Lindsey, Marie/Mary, Madeline, Michael, Nathaniel, Naomi, Rose, Ryan, Silas, Susan, Theresa

DH is raising first born DD(14) her first name was chosen by her mother and father gave her 2 middle names honor the mother she would never know.

Bio-Kids Name Bank: Aspen, Austin, Arianna, Celeste, Cloud, Canyon, Dakota, Dezirea, Disney, Dylan, Elianna, Emerson, Hunter, Heath/Heather, Hershel, Jadzia, Jasper, Jaya, Jaylen, Juniper, Caden /Kaiden, Kambria, Lakin, Linnae, Mesa, Misae, Nanice, Nissa, Quinn, Quincey, Rain, River, Raya, Skye, Shayna, Tristan, Tania,Tyler

DD(14) see name story above:
DD/DD(13) twins:
DS/DS/DS(11) triplets:
DS/DD (7) twins:

Sibling Group Domestic Adoption Name Bank: Ashley, Anthony, Brooke/Brooklyn, Cheyenne, Conrad, Cody, Kristi, Kevin, Lee/Leigh, Larina, Mae, Monica, Melvin, Reese, Robin, Shoshana, Shane, Sterlin, Tashina, Tawny, Weldon, Winslow

DS(18) age 13 at adoption kept birth name:
DD(17) age 12 at adoption kept birth name:
DS(15) age 10 at adoption wanted to be called _____ and kept birth name as middle names
DD(14) age 9 at adoption kept name but added a hyphenated or compound first names

China Adoption Name Bank: Avery, Amethyst, Abraline "Abby", Bryce, Casey, Carson, Connor, Devin, Greyson, Garrett, Isis, Jianna, Jordan, Jasmine, Kamilie, Kona, Kyle/Kyler, Kendell, Morgan, Mattea, Mikayla, Natalia/Natalie, Peyton, Pheonix, Riley, Sidney, Serenity
Chinese Name Bank(kept as middle names): An, Ai, Bao, Feng, Fu, Gan, Hau, Huan, Jian, Jie, Ju, Jun, Lan, Lian, Li, Liang, Long, Mei, Ming, Nian, Qian, Quan, Qiang, She, Song, Tian, Wei, Wen, Wu, Yi, Yu, Yun, Yan Xia Zhen


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Posted 29 August 2013 - 06:04 AM

Nathaniel 'Nate' Ryan Burns [45]
Madeleine 'Maddie' Bernice Burns [44]
Anthony 'Ant' Shane Burns [18]
Ashleigh 'Ash' Brooke Burns [17]
Kaiden 'Kai' Robin Burns [15]
Linnea 'Lin' Mae Burns [14]
Catherine 'Cate' Theresa Marie Burns [14]
Jennifer 'Jen' Naomi Burns [13]
Heather 'Heath' Anne Burns [13]
Grayson 'Gray' Huan Burns [12]
Austin 'Aussie' Silas Burns [11]
Joseph 'Joe' Edward Burns [11]
Dylan 'Dyl' Jasper Burns [11]
Connor 'Con' Zhen Burns [9]
Jasmine 'Jaz' Quan Burns [7]
Charles 'Charlie' Michael Burns [7]
Arianna 'Ari' Rose Burns [7]
Jordan 'Jordie' Lian Burns [6]
Cecilia 'Lia' Skye Burns [4]
Natalia 'Tallie' Song Burns [2]

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Posted 29 August 2013 - 08:00 AM

LN: Parker

DH: Jared Blaine
DW: Jenna Rosalie

DS(18): Sterling Anthony
DD(17): Winslow Brooke
DS(15): Kevin Reece
DD(14): Ashley-Mae Beatrice
DD(14): Juliet Mary Dylan
DD/DD(13): Emerson Katherine / Anniston Cecilia
DS(12): Bryce Lan Ming
DS/DS/DS(11): Silas Ryan / Tyler Edwin / Charlie River
DS(9): Carson Wu Bao
DS/DD (7): Josiah Hunter / Aria Madeline
DD(7): Kendall Song Yi
DS(6): Morgan Li Fang
DD(4): Leslie Skye
DD(2): Natalie Mei Ju

Jared and Jenna Parker; Sterling, Win, Kevin, Ashley, Juliet, Emerson, Anniston, Bryce, Silas, Tyler, Charlie, Carson, Joey, Aria, Kendall, Morgan, Leslie, and Natalie Parker.

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Posted 29 August 2013 - 11:00 AM

LN: Davis

DH: Joseph Michael (45):
DW: Erin Rose (44):

DS: Cody Shane (18)

DD: Ashley Brooke (17)

DS: Anthony Winslow (15)

DD: Dakota Anna Reese (14).

DD: Tawny-Mae Cheyenne (14)

DD/DD: Aspen Rain / Lakin Skye (13)
DS: Connor Zhen (12)

DS/DS/DS: Austin Jasper / Caden Tyler / Dylan Hunter (11)

DS: Greyson Bao (9)

DD: Natalia Mei (7)

DS/DD: Kambria Linnea / Canyon Heath (7)

DS: Carson Wu (6)

DD: Arianna Juniper (4)

DD: Avery Song (2)

Joe and Erin Davis

Cody, Ashley, Anthony, Dakota, Tawny-Mae, Aspen, Lakin

Connor, Austin, Caden, Dylan, Greyson, Talia, Kammy

Canyon, Carson, Aria and Avery

DBM(d.29): Theresa Ann

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Posted 27 August 2015 - 03:00 PM

DH Charles Joseph  (45)

DW Julie Theresa (44)



ADS Conrad Anthony (18)

Adopted at 13.

ADD Mae Ashley (17)

Adopted at age 12.

ADS Robin Reese Melvin (15)

Adopted at age 10.

DD Arianna {Aria} Katherine Rosalie (14)

Birth mother, Catherine Rose (d. 29)

ADD Monica Larina-Brooke (14)

Adopted at age 9.

DD/DD Celeste Mary and Linnae {Linny} Jennifer (13)

ADS Greyson Yun Zhen (12)

Adopted from China.

DS/DS/DS Heath Edward, Jasper Silas and Tristan Charles (11)

ADS Avery Fu Bao (9)

Adopted from China.

DS/DD Austin Joseph and Emerson {Emme} Daisy (7)

ADD Sidney Mei Ling (7)

Adopted from China.

ADS Connor Tian Wen (6)

Adopted from China.

DD Quinn Madeline (4)

ADD Natalia Ming Wei (2)

Adopted from China.


Charles and Julie with their children

Conrad, Mae, Robin, Aria, Monica, Celeste, Linny, Grey, Avery, Austin, Emme, Sid, Connor, Quinn and Talia.

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Posted 04 September 2015 - 02:32 PM

LN: Whitman (nee Patterson)

DH: Ryan Edward Whitman [45]
DW: Lindsey Rose Whitman (nee Patterson) [44]
DBM: Daisy Marie Harris [deceased; 29]

DAS: Cody Shane Whitman [18]
DAD: Brooklyn Ashley Whitman [17]
DAS: Robin "Robbie" Anthony Lee Whitman [15]
DAD: Tawny-Mae Reese [14]

DD: Emerson Daisy Marie Whitman [14; bio mother is Daisy]
DD/DD: Quinn Celeste Whitman and Skye Heather Whitman [13]
DAS: Kyler Wu Whitman [12]

DS/DS/DS: Caden Joseph Whitman, Tristan Charles Whitman, and Jasper Dylan Whitman [11]
DAS: Bryce Lan Whitman [9]

DS/DD: Nathaniel "Nathan" Austin Whitman and Juniper "Juno" Catherine Whitman [7]
DAD: Avery Wen Whitman  [7]
DAS: Peyton Ju Whitman [6]

DD: Madeline Linnae Whitman [4]
DAD: Natalie Ming Whitman [2]


Ryan and Lindsey with Cody, Brooklyn, Robbie, Tawny-Mae, Emerson, Quinn, Skye, Kyler, Caden, Tristan, Jasper, Bryce, Nathan, Juno, Avery, Peyton, Madeline, and Natalie

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