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Posted 07 May 2009 - 06:12 PM

The main character of my story (Lorian Knight) is a princess of an island that has only been known to the "outside world" for about thirty-three years. Lorian's father, Davin (the king), hasn't let any "outsiders" into the kingdom in that time. Lorian has eleven sisters, and since the youngest one is now sixteen, their mother (Lily) has convinced Davin to let people in. So, antoher sister is having a birthday, and Davin decides to invite outsiders. One of the guests is an American news reporter who is going to do a story on the royals (not like a five minute segment, but at least an hours worth). So, my issue is, what would people want to know about them?

These are their names, in case you were wondering (in birth order):
Davin Zachary Knight & Lily Morgan Knight
Lorian Kirby (goes by Lori)
Kinnike London (pronounced Kenicky; she goes by Nike, like the brand)
Gabrielle Miami (goes by Elle)
Jessen Asia (goes by Jess)
Oakley Boston (goes by Oak)

Avian Bronx
Cynlia Dallas (goes by Cyn)
Emmeline Cairo (goes by Lina)
Lexlyn Havana (goes by Lex)
Ireland Jessica
Silver Phoenix

Bella Rome

color indicates triplet/twin
Any ideas for Lorian's middle name since it doesn't really go with the others. I had one that went, but I forgot it. It needs to be somewhat normal because another character calls her by her middle name.

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Posted 09 May 2009 - 08:42 AM

hmmm, I like the idea for a story! Um, here could be interview questions:
Q-Why was the kingdom closed to outsiders for so long?
Q-What made you decide to open it?
Q-Will you re-close the kingdom?
Q-How have you kept your kingdom a secret?
Are these the right style questions?
If not, I'll post more later.

Lorian (love it!)
Lorian Elise
Lorian Callista
Lorian Adrienne
Lorian Aven
Lorian Avery
Lorian Carly
See any you liked?

I hope I helped!

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Posted 09 May 2009 - 03:54 PM

Why did he close the kingdom?
What do the princesses do for fun?
Do they have technology (Like Ipods, computers, internet, gameboys)?
Was the kingdom ever known to outsiders? If so why did they close it off?
What is it like to live in this giant world and only ever see a little part of it?
Do the princesses learn about outside the island?

Hope these help!

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