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CAF with namebank (mix of styles)

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Posted 04 October 2013 - 12:42 AM

You know the deal! Choose any first and middle name for each gender. Feel free to add your favorite nicknames for your choices. If you have any names that you think will fit better than a certain one from my list, feel free to add and place in parenthesis

LN: Your choice


*I know there are a lot of siblings but it's only to give you more room for your options. If you don't need this many,so you remove a few if you'd like.

Simeon, Gideon, Colter, Kincade, Titus, Cairo, Daylen, Memphis, Caelen, Coleson, Abel, Silas, Caius, Cohen, Parker, Sullivan, Porter, Chase, Dominic, Donovan, Leo, Cain, Paris, Zachariah, Elias, Josiah, Jeremiah, Deacon, Desmond, Nicolai, Mason, Gavin, Colton, Lucas, Nicholas, Nathan, Caden, Connor, Cullen, Amos, Basil, Grady, Greyson, Henley, Bentley, Landon, Lincoln, Camden, Cameron, Brady, Chance, Jonah, Malachi, Logan, Ethan, Easton, Milo, Spencer, Wyatt, Noah, Samuel, Tate, Embry, Cato, Castor, Reid, Samson, Tobias, Romeo, Caspian, Cooper, Aries, Brody, Roman, Tanner, Mikhail, Max, Tucker, Crispin, Callum, Elliot, Dashiell, Justice, Julian, Emerson, Colin, Cruise, Gage, Zane, Knox, Gabriel, Emerson, Deston/-in, Colin, Casen/-on

Ruby, Hazel, Scarlett, Jasmine, Ariel/-elle/-ella, Anastasia, Temperance, Vanessa, Bianca, Adelaide, Echo, Paige, Sadie, Savannah, Athena, Jordan, Riley, Melinda, Angelica, Tatum, Sloane, Sydney, Ella, Esme, Valentina, Ivy, Kaia, Sarai, Camille, Catalina, Katarina, Lola, Alana, Paris, Simone, Willow, Melody, Penelope, Tatiana, Sanaya, Aria, Isis, Emery, Leia, Cataleia, Hayden, Luna, Calliope, Phoebe, Saraiah, Lucy, Piper, Matilda, Lorelai, Raven, Violet, Stella, Madelina, Belle, Delaney, Justice, Tyla

Have fun with it

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Posted 04 October 2013 - 07:01 AM

LN: Judd

DS: Chance Sullivan Wyatt
DS/DS: Nicholas Emerson Tate / Gabriel Porter Knox
DS: Lincoln Titus Coulter
DD: Aria Jasmine Valentina
DS: Cason Elliot Abel
DD/DD: Piper Sadie Anastasia / Madelina Willow Ivy
DD: Athena Violet Justice
DS: Silas Jeremiah Camden
DD: Kaia Delaney Esme
DS: Samuel Ethan Memphis
DS/DD: Deacon Spencer Milo / Scarlett Paige Luna
DS: Malachi Donovan Gage
DS: Gavin Romeo Tanner
DD: Stella Tatum Adelaide
DD: Ruby Lorelai Belle
DS/DS/DS: Gideon Zachariah Connor / Josiah Logan Bentley / Simeon Parker Henley
DS/DD/DS/DD: Kincade Leo Colin / Leia Sydney Hazel / Noah Caspian Reid / Angelica Riley Paris
DS: Brady Callum Cruise

Chance, Nick, Gabriel, Link, Aria, Cason, Piper, Madeline, Athena, Silas, Kaia, Sam, Deacon, Scarlett, Kai, Gavin, Stella, Ruby, Gideon, Joey, Simeon, Kincade, Leia, Noah, Angelica, and Brady Judd.

#3 CLA


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Posted 04 October 2013 - 12:37 PM

LN: Adams

DH: Nolan Robert
DW: Cady Jean

DS: Easton Wyatt
DS/DS: Mikhail Reid & Malachi Tate
DS: Brody Landon
DD: Phoebe Sarai
DS: Crispin Elliot
DD/DD: Anastasia Belle & Katarina Paige
DD: Melody Tatum
DS: Roman Cain
DD: Kaia Savannah
DS: Deacon Tobias
DS/DD: Cruise Connor & Sloane Calliope
DS: Milo Colton
DS: Noah Camden
DD: Stella Justice
DD: Emery Scarlett
DS/DS/DS: Coleson Tucker, Greyson Spencer, & Samson Parker
DS/DD/DS/DD: Cato Ethan, Esme Piper, Zane Nicolai, & Leia Riley
DS: Silas Gage

Nolan & Cady Adams w/ Easton, Mike, Kai, Brody, Phoe, Cris, Stasia, Kat, Mel, Roman, Kaia, Deacon, Cruise, Sloane, Milo, Noah, Stella, Em, Cole, Grey, Sam, Cato, Esme, Zane, Leia, & Silas.

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Posted 05 October 2013 - 01:49 AM

The Bain Siblings

Tobias 'Toby' Nathan Bain [14]
Dominic 'Dom' Reid Bain [13]
Deacon 'Dec' Connor Bain [13]
Samuel 'Sam' Wyatt Bain [11]
Jasmine 'Jazz' Aria Bain [8]
Greyson 'Grey' Nicholas Bain [7]
Angelica 'Angie' Lucy Bain [4]
Anastasia 'Ana' Willow Bain [4]
Catalina 'Cat' Paige Bain [1]
Lucas 'Luke' Cohen Bain [0]

#5 lifesaboutmusic


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Posted 05 October 2013 - 07:59 AM

DS: Colton Gabriel
DS/DS: Gavin Connor & Grady Mason
DS: Tanner Dashiell
DD: Paige Violet
DS: Zane Lucas
DD/DD: Sadie Scarlett & Savannah Sydney
DD: Tatum Simone
DS: Reid Josiah
DD: Bianca Riley
DS: Chase Cooper
DS/DD: Roman Parker & Ruby Camille
DS: Callum Nicholas
DS: Brody Samuel
DD: Piper Delaney
DD: Alana Melody
DS/DS/DS: Dominic Gideon, Donovan Wyatt, & Deacon Milo
DS/DD/DS/DD: Logan Jeremiah, Lucy Adelaide, Landon Silas, & Lola Esme
DS: Gage Ethan

Cole, Gavin, Grady, Tanner, Paige, Zane, Sadie, Savannah, Tatum, Reid, Bianca, Chase

Roman, Ruby, Cal, Brody, Piper, Alana, Dom, Donovan, Deak, Loagn, Lucy, Landon, Lola, & Gage

#6 Cascadia


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Posted 06 October 2013 - 09:42 AM

LN: Clarke

DS: Logan Spencer
DS/DS: Cohen Parker and Callum Tucker
DS: Mason Tanner
DD: Savannah Emery “Savvy”
DS: Nathan Cooper
DD/DD: Penelope Ivy and Calliope Lucy “Penny and Callie”
DD: Madelina Ruby “Maddie”
DS: Gavin Colter
DD: Vanessa Melody “Nessa”
DS: Deacon Connor
DS/DD: Camden Porter and Catalina Delaney “Catie”

The Clarke Siblings: Logan, Cohen, Callum, Mason, Savvy, Nathan, Penny, Callie, Maddie, Gavin, Nessa, Deacon, Camden and Catie

#7 ElizabethRuth


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Posted 06 October 2013 - 10:10 AM

LN: O'Hara

DS: Leo Colton
DS/DS: Lucas Tate 'Luke' & Bentley Spencer 'Ben'
DS: Parker Milo
DD: Vanessa Adelaide
DS: Jonah Gavin
DD/DD: Paige Lorelai & Ella Piper
DD: Willow Delaney
DS: Logan Wyatt
DD: Madelina Riley 'Maddie'
DS: Ethan Grady
DS/DD: Mason Elias & Matilda Esme
DS: Samuel Emerson 'Sam'
DS: Max Cameron
DD: Tatum Phoebe
DD: Lucy-Belle
DS/DS/DS: Nicholas Julian 'Nick', Gabriel Cooper 'Gabe', & Elliot Connor 'Eli'
DS/DD/DS/DD: Nathan Silas, Sadie Scarlett, Noah Sullivan & Savannah Sloane
DS: Reid Callum

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Posted 08 October 2013 - 06:37 AM

LN: Oliver
DH: Cain Donovan
DW: Calliope Piper

DS: Reid Camden
DD: Ella Madelina
DS: Parker Gage
DD/DD: Aria Lucy/ Alana Belle
DD: Riley Scarlett
DS: Noah Easton
DS: Tanner Zane
DD: Paris Adelaide
DD: Emery Savannah
DS/DS/DS: Connor Nathan/ Kaia Sloane/ Cohen Bentley
DS/DD/DS/DD: Logan Wyatt/Lola Ariel/ Lucas Henley/ Leia Jasmine
DS: Brody Mason

The Oliver Family

Cain and Callie

Reid, Ella, Parker, Aria, Alana, Riley

Noah, Tanner, Paris, Emme, Connor, Kaia, Cohen,

Logan, Lola, Lucas, Leia, Brody

#9 Jenna_Lee


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Posted 11 October 2013 - 08:49 AM

LN: Garrett

DH: Nicholas Reid "Nick"

DW: Bianca Lucy

DS: Chase Gideon

DS/DS: Samuel Castor "Sam" & Connor Tobias

DS: Lucas Elliot "Luke"

DD: Hazel Melinda

Nick & Bianca Garrett with Chase, Sam, Connor, Luke, & Hazel

[I cut out a bunch, just because I wanted to keep a consistent theme with the sibling names]

#10 Hannah


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    AND, I of course love thinking of baby names even though that is a VERY far in the future thing for me because I'm still young!

Posted 13 October 2013 - 02:10 PM

LN: McGee

DH: Desmond Aries "Des"
DW: Camille Anastasia

DS: Tobias Gavin "Toby"
DS/DS: Lincoln Josiah "Linc" / Dominic Samson "Nico"
DS: Julian Cairo "Jude"
DD: Sloane Catalina
DS: Amos Cohen
DD/DD: Penelope Tatum "Nell" / Athena Simone "Thena"
DD: Luna Adelaide
DS: Easton Henley
DD: Hazel Angelica
DS: Leo Malachi
DS/DD: Cullen Brody / Matilda Raven "Tilly"
DS: Zachariah Tate "Zach"
DS: Camden Lucas
DD: Esme Violet
DD: Lorelai Echo
DS/DS/DS: Sullivan Paris / Porter Cameron / Colton Spencer
DS/DD/DS/DD: Titus Greyson / Ivy Savannah / Gideon Romeo / Ariel Temperance
DS: Dashiell Wyatt "Dash"

Des and Camille McGee with Toby, Linc, Nico, Jude, Sloane, Amos, Nell, Thena, Luna, Easton, Hazel, Leo, Cullen, Tilly, Zach, Camden, Esme, Lorelai, Sullivan, Porter, Colton, Titus, Ivy, Gideon, Ariel, and Dash

#11 Sunny Mummy! :)

Sunny Mummy! :)

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Posted 24 October 2013 - 03:56 AM

LN: Ganya
DH: Jonathan Nicholas
DW: Lucy Ella (nee Spencer)

DS: Josiah Nicholas (Jos)
DS/DS: Elias Jonah (Eli) and Elliot Noah (Elit)
DS: Dominic Nathan (Dom)
DD: Adelaide Belle (Adi/Lady)
DS: Lucas Gabriel (Luke)
DD/DD: Melody Jasmine (Medy) and Calliope Violet (Callie)
DD: Angelica Ruby (Angel)
DS: Tobias Cooper (Toby)
DD: Sanaya Hazel (Sunny)
DS: Callum Ethan (Cal)
DS/DD: Malachi Samson (Kai) and Madelina Sarai (Madi)
DS: Julian Spencer (Ju)
DS: Dashiell Max (Dash)
DD: Ariella Lorelei (Ari/Aria)
DD: Leia Willow (Lele)
DS/DS/DS: Caspian Lincoln (Casper), Crispin Landon (Crisp) and Caelen Logan (Cae)
DS/DD/DS/DD: Mikhail Gideon (Mikha), Tatiana Catalina (Tatia), Nikolai Simeon (Niki), and Anastasia Katarina (Tansy)
DS: Zachariah Zane (Zacky/Zac)

I am in the process of writing a story about this family but it may take ages to finish as it starts way back when the parents first meet so I'll just post this for now!

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Posted 29 October 2013 - 07:01 AM

LN: Marshall

DS: Jonah Titus
DS/DS: Cairo Gabriel & Aries Desmond
DS: Embry Tate
DD: Athena Violet
DS: Samuel Knox
DD/DD: Lorelai Raven & Tatiana Ivy
DD: Anastasia Scarlett
DS: Tobias Cooper
DD: Isis Hazel
DS: Julian Spencer
DS/DD: Wyatt Basil & Paige Jasmine
DS: Logan Reid
DS: Malachi Cullen
DD: Belle Melody
DD: Calliope Willow
DS/DS/DS: Gideon Colter, Leo Kincade & Emerson Chance
DS/DD/DS/DD: Mikhail Greyson, Valentina Ruby ,Cameron Abel & Luna Echo
DS:Sullivan Parker

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Posted 30 October 2013 - 07:11 PM

LN: Smith

DS: Lincoln Chase
DS/DS: Colton Donovan & Caden Zachariah
DS: Porter Julian
DD: Sadie Tatiana
DS: Samuel Landon
DD/DD: Kaia Piper & Leia Tatum
DD: Adelaide Ivy
DS: Tanner Silas
DD: Aria Savannah
DS: Lucas Malachi
DS/DD: Wyatt Greyson
DS: Deacon Abel
DS: Brody Gabriel
DD: Ella Bianca
DD: Calliope Athena
DS/DS/DS: Gage Josiah & Zane Elias & Reid Tobias
DS/DD/DS/DD: Noah Connor & Ethan Cooper
DS: Mason Wyatt

Linc & Colt & Cade & Port & Sam & Tann & Luc & Wy & Deac & Brode & Gage & Zane & Reid & Noah & Eth & Mase
Sadie & Kaia & Leia & Addie & Aria & Ella & Callie

#14 mimi78


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Posted 30 December 2013 - 12:11 AM

LN: Sanders

DS: Sullivan Reid *Sully*
DS/DS: Tate Coleson / Tucker Cain
DS: Cohen Henley
DD:  Scarlett Belle
DS: Greyson Wyatt *Grey*
DD/DD: Sloane Valentina / Stella Camille
DD: Penelope Hazel *Poppy*
DS: Landon Gage
DD: Lola Adelaide
DS:Jonah Caeden
DS/DD:Tanner Zane / Bianca Simone
DS:Leo Donovan
DS:Simeon Kincade
DD:Phoebe Paige
DD: Athena Sarai
DS/DS/DS: Caesen Porter / Gideon Parker / Silas Deacon
DS/DD/DS/DD: Milo Spencer / Calliope Tyla / Noah Castor / Matilda Emry *Tilli*

Sully, Tate, Tucker, Cohen, Scarlett, Grey, Sloane, Stella, Poppy, Landon, Lola, Jonah, Tanner, Bianca, Leo, Simeon, Phoebe, Athena, Casesen, Gideon, Silas, Milo, Calliope, Noah and Tilli Sanders

#15 HxppySxng


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Posted 31 December 2013 - 08:08 PM

LN: Bennett

DS: Nathan Cato "Nate"
DS/DS: Logan Jonah / Lucas Noah "Luke" 
DS: Spencer Callum
DD: Savannah Delaney
DS: Zayn Mikhail
DD/DD: Sloane Ariella / Sydney Alana
DD: Jasmine Aria
DS: Mason Cooper
DD: Vanessa Echo
DS: Dashiell Colton "Dash"
DS/DD: Bentley Emerson / Bianca Emory
DS: Gabriel Dominic "Gabe"
DS: Ethan Jeremiah "E.J."
DD: Scarlett Tatum
DD: Violet Tyla "Vi"
DS/DS/DS: Caden Liam / Connor Harold / Colin Niall
DS/DD/DS/DD: Josiah Parker / Jordan Lucy / Justice Gavin / Jayden Belle 
DS: Julian Cruise "J.C"

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Posted 20 April 2016 - 10:16 PM

LN: Foster (nee Edwards)


DH: Roman Dominic Foster
DW: Matilda Riley Foster (nee Edwards)

DS: Noah Elias Foster
DS/DS: Tobias "Toby" Easton Foster and Sullivan "Sully" Emerson Foster
DS: Lincoln Josiah Foster
DD: Arielle Paige Foster
DS: Leo Chase Foster
DD/DD: Luna Melody Foster and Lucy Violet Foster
DD: Ruby Anastasia Foster
DS: Gideon Basil Foster
DD: Temperance "Tempe" Belle Foster
DS: Milo Crispin Foster
DS/DD: Dashiell "Dash" Gavin Foster and Scarlett Melinda Foster
DS: Gabriel "Gabe" Elliot Foster
DS: Julian Knox Foster
DD: Lola Simone Foster
DD: Penelope Athena Foster
DS/DS/DS: Tucker Camden Foster, Parker Colin Foster, and Cooper Nathan Foster
DS/DD/DS/DD: Cameron Lucas Foster, Delaney Stella Foster, Logan Samuel Foster, and Piper Jasmine Foster
DS: Wyatt Mason Foster


Roman and Matilda with Noah, Toby, Sully, Lincoln, Arielle, Leo, Luna, Lucy, Ruby, Gideon, Tempe, Milo, Dash, Scarlett, Gabe, Julian, Lola, Penelope, Tucker, Parker, Cooper, Cameron, Delaney, Logan, Piper, and Wyatt

#17 Kristi18


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Posted 21 April 2016 - 12:44 AM

LN: Abbott

DS: Ethan Connor
DS/DS: Colin Nicolas / Camden Elias
DS: Greyson Elliot
DD: Jasmine Paige
DS: Logan Bentley
DD/DD: Sadie Willow / Sydney Violet
DD: Savannah Hazel
DS: Lucas Gage
DD: Ella Simone
DS: Wyatt Sullivan
DS/DD: Caden Porter / Kaia Penelope
DS: Mason Henley
DS: Brody Callum 
DD: Phoebe Camille
DD: Piper Adelaide
DS/DS/DS: Knox Josiah / Reid Tobias / Tate Zachariah
DS/DD/DS/DD: Samuel Kincade / Scarlett Delaney / Silas Cooper / Stella Riley 
DS: Jonah Emerson


Ethan, Colin, Camden, Greyson, Jasmine, Logan, Sadie, Sydney, Savannah, Lucas, Ella, Wyatt, Caden, Kaia, Mason, Brody, Phoebe, Piper, Knox, Reid, Tate, Samuel, Scarlett, Silas, Stella and Jonah

#18 Holloway


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Posted 21 April 2016 - 01:11 AM

LN:  Caterwall

DS:Gabriel Chance "Gabe"
DS/DS: Nicolai Reid "Nico"/Nathan Colter "Nate"

DS: Basil Gideon "Baze"

DD: Lorelai Paige "Rory"
DS: Elias Cain "Eli"
DD/DD:Violet Camille "Vi"/ Vanessa Ruby "Ness"

DD:Penelope Raven "Nelly"

DS: Abel Julian "AJ"
DD:Ivy Adelaide

DS: Tucker Simeon "Tuck"
DS/DD:Malachi Parker "Chi"/Melody Luna "Mel"

DS: Dominic Lincoln "Dom"
DS:Greyson Aries "Grey"
DD:Willow Piper "Billy"

DD:Hazel Jordan
DS/DS/DS: Colton Titus "Colt"/Cooper Noah "Coop"/Crispin Wyatt "Cris"

DS/DD/DS/DD:Spencer Logan "Spenc"/Sydney Athena "Syd"/Samson Elliot "Sam"/Simone Belle "Mona"

DS: Jonah Silas "Jo"

#19 SelenaK


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Posted 21 April 2016 - 09:27 AM

LN: O'Connor


DH: Simeon 'Sim' Reid

DW: Jordan 'Dani' Isis

DS: Silas 'Si' Desmond
DS/DS: Cain Malachi/Caspian 'Cas' Mikhail
DS: Knox Samuel
DD: Isis Madelina
DS: Milo Nicholas
DD/DD: Aria 'Ari' Calliope/ Athena 'Thea' Paris
DD: Luna Adelaide
DS: Titus 'Ty' Greyson
DD: Stella 'Star' Jasmine
DS: Tate Lincoln
DS/DD: Leo Zachariah/ Lola Penelope
DS: Zane Cameron
DS: Wyatt Spencer
DD: Ivy Sloane
DD: Lucy Savannah
DS/DS/DS: Gage Jeremiah/ Gavin 'Vinny' Josiah/ Gabriel 'Gabe' Jonah
DS/DD/DS/DD: Sullivan 'Sully' Chase/ Sarai Catalina/ Samson 'Sam' Colter/ Sanaya 'Sana' Camille
DS: Noah Dominic


Sim and Dani O'Connor with Si, Cain, Cas, Knox, Isis, Milo, Ari, Thea, Luna, Ty, Star, Tate, Leo, Lola, Zane, Wyatt, Ivy, Lucy, Gage, Vinny, Gabe, Sully, Sarai, Sam, Sana and Noah.

#20 Cheyenne Autumn

Cheyenne Autumn

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Posted 21 April 2016 - 06:28 PM

LN: Whitaker

DH: Mikhail Callum
DW: Melinda Hazel

DS: Tobias Sullivan
DS/DS: Easton Reid & Elias Samuel
DS: Bentley Chase
DD: Anastasia Simone
DS: Caspian Knox
DD/DD: Katarina Delaney & Cataleia Luna
DD: Aria Valentina
DS: Ermerson Cohen
DD: Bianca Isis
DS: Zachariah Cain
DS/DD: Silas Cairo & Alana Paris
DS: Jeremiah Gage
DS: Desmond Parker
DD: Sydney Tatum
DD: Hayden Arielle
DS/DS/DS: Lincoln Gabriel, Lucas Caelan & Leo Dominic
DS/DD/DS/DD: Nicolai Samson, Saraiah Emery, Malachi Spencer & Tatiana Belle
DS: Noah Wyatt

The Whitakers: Mikhail & Melinda with Tobias, Easton & Elias, Bentley, Anastasia, Caspian, Katarina & Cataleia, Aria, Emerson, Bianca, Zachariah, Silas & Alana, Jeremiah, Desmond, Sydney, Hayden, Lincoln & Lucas & Leo, Nicolai & Saraiah & Malachi & Tatiana, & Noah

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