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Opinions on recent names that I'm brainstorming about

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#1 Lilah


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Posted 10 November 2013 - 12:45 AM

Please help me with your opinions or suggestions for these names that I've come across lately:

Cairo (KAI-row)
Cypress (like the tree; prn like Cyrus, but with a P)

Calliope (kuh-LIE-uh-pee)
Nicolette / Nicola
Calleia (kuh-LAY-uh)

Any opinions about the names are welcome, please be honest with constructive criticism. If you can think of any others that I would like, I'd be glad to see them in the comments. ~Thanks!

#2 Laugh-Dream-Love


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Posted 10 November 2013 - 03:54 AM

Caelen - Cute. Reminds me of my neighbours kitten, but I like the name.
Cohen* - I like this, but I'd use Cohan over Cohen, just because of the controversy.
Coleson - I like Cole, but this feels made up to me.
Coulter* - This has a very surnamey feel for me. I'm not a fan.
Gage - It's alright, but not my favourite.
Gideon - Love this one. So cute.
Kincade* - Not a fan. Sorry.
Memphis - I don't like this one either.
Shane - It's nice enough, but it feels dated to me.
Simeon - I prefer just Simon, but neither are my favourite.
Titus - Not a fan.
Cairo* - Again, not a fan.
Knightley - I don't like this one.
Braven - It feels very made up to me.
Lexin - Same as Braven.
Cypress* - This feels more feminine to me.

Adelaide - Like this one.
Angelica - Not a fan.
Athena - Gorgeous.
Echo* - I'm liking this one more as a middle name, but it's cute.
Sloane - Love, but prefer for a boy.
Jordan - I can see this more on a boy, and it's not my favourite name.
Melinda - Not really a fan.
Paige* - It's alright, but not my favourite.
Riley - Cute, but prefer on a boy.
Rosalie - Lovely.
Savannah - Nice, but I'm not sure I like it that much.
Sydney - Not a fan.
Tatum* - Cute.
Temperance - Love this!
Calliope - Another love.
Aristella - Sounds made up to me.
Nicolette / Nicola - Not a fan.
Calleia - Sounds made up again.



Not sure this is very helpful lol, but I gave my opinions :P

Let me know if you need any suggestions.

#3 Jenna_Lee


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Posted 10 November 2013 - 07:59 AM


Caelen - It's cute, and I'm fond of C names, and it has a sort of Irish feel to it. Suggestions: Caelen James, Caelen Matthias, Caelen Thomas, Caelen Nicholas, Caelen Daniel

Cohen* - Another cute C name. Are the asterisks for only-middle options? Because I'm not sure, I'll give options for both first/middle slots for all the starred ones. What do you think of Cohen Michael, Cohen Vincent, Cohen Lee, Cohen Silas, Silas Cohen, Leo Cohen, Peter Cohen
Coleson - Not really my style, but it's okay. Suggestions: Coleson Andrew, Coleson Jack, Coleson Felix, Coleson Elliot
Coulter* - Not really my style, but I kind of like it. Suggestions: Coulter Theodore, Coulter Noah, Noah Coulter, Camden Coulter, Dylan Coulter, Coulter Mika
Gage - Personally, I'm not a fan. Suggestions: Gage Alexander, Gage Thomas, Gage Wesley, Gage Soren
Gideon - Love love love it! Suggestions: Gideon Parker, Gideon Lee, Gideon Jasper, Gideon Cameron, Gideon Atticus
Kincade* - Not a fan. This was actually the surname of an elementary school teacher of mine. Suggestions: Asher Kincade, Ian Kincade, Kincade Markus, Markus Kincade
Memphis - I'm usually not a fan of place names, but Memphis has a certain charm to it. Suggestions: Memphis Lee, Memphis Rory, Memphis Ronan, Memphis Grayson, Memphis Elliot
Shane - It's okay. Suggestions: Shane Memphis, Shane Hunter, Shane Kyle, Shane Patrick, Shane Peter
Simeon - Not really my style. Suggestions: Simeon Garrett, Simeon Leonidas, Simeon Victor, Simeon Daniel
Titus - It's okay, but I can't really see it on a little boy. It has a very mythological feel to it. Suggestions: Titus Lee, Titus Boone, Titus Camden, Titus Cameron, Titus Mitchell
Cairo* - I'm not really comfortable pronouncing it, but I'll try to give suggestions anyway. What about: Cairo Easton, Cairo Maverick, Timothy Cairo, Orson Cairo, Oliver Cairo
Knightley - I'm not really a fan since it sounds so much like a surname, but I like how it suggests the meaning of 'knight'. Suggestions: Knightley Benjamin, Knightley James, Knightley Jack, Knightley Owen, Knightley Sean
Braven - I wouldn't say it's my style, but I do like it. Suggestions: Braven Otto, Braven Leo (I like this one because it essentially means 'brave lion'), Braven Thomas, Braven Ezra, Braven Hale, Braven Gale
Lexin - I'm not really a fan. Suggestions: Lexin Tate, Lexin James, Lexin Oliver, Lexin Michael, Lexin Hugo, Lexin Henry
Cypress* - Another one that seems kind of awkward to pronounce, but I've also seen it spelled as Cyprus. Suggestions: Cypress Lee, Cypress Henry, Henry Cypress, Ian Cypress

Adelaide -
It's cute but it still has a nice classic feel. Suggestions: Adelaide Maya, Adelaide Lyra, Adelaide Mae, Adelaide Cora
Angelica - Reminds me of Angelica from Rugrats, but it's an okay name nonetheless. Suggestions: Angelica Beatrice, Angelica Paige, Angelica Hazel, Angelica Jo, Angelica Ivy
Athena - I like it because of Greek mythology, but I think it's a lot for a little girl to handle as a first name because of the heavy stories behind it. Suggestions: Athena Grace, Athena Marie, Athena Jacqueline, Athena Jade, Athena Bridget
Echo* - Another mythological name, though a bit more mild. I like it. Suggestions: Echo Maria, Echo Leanne, Echo Jillian, Jillian Echo, Emmeline Echo, Coralie Echo, Vivienne Echo
Sloane - Not my style. Suggestions: Sloane Alexandra, Sloane Cataleya, Sloane Emily, Sloane Isla
Jordan - I'm not really a fan of Jordan on either gender, but paired with a girly middle, it can be cute on a girl. Suggestions: Jordan Elise, Jordan Maria, Jordan Madeline, Jordan Matilda
Melinda - It's cute, and I actually am planning on using it as an honoring name in the future. Suggestions: Melinda Jane, Melinda Grace, Melinda Persephone, Melinda Bailey
Paige* - It's okay. I like it better as a middle then a first. Suggestions: Paige Lily, Lily Paige, Hazel Paige, Holly Paige
Riley - I sort of like it, but I grew up with a boy named Riley so it's hard to picture on a girl. Suggestions: Riley Francesca, Riley Amelia, Riley Abigail, Riley Cora, Riley Marina
Rosalie - It's cute. Suggestions: Rosalie Meeka, Rosalie Mae, Rosalie Maeve, Rosalie Gretchen, Rosalie Grace
Savannah - It's alright, but not really my style. Suggestions: Savannah Grace, Savannah Margo, Savannah Sophie, Savannah Maxine, Savannah Sydney, Savannah Ireland
Sydney - I like it. Suggestions: Sydney Grace, Sydney Abigail, Sydney Iris, Sydney Madeline, Sydney Mirabelle
Tatum* - I could see it more easily on a boy. Suggestions: Tatum Victoria, Victoria Tatum, Tatum Alexandra, Alexandra Tatum
Temperance - It's a mouthful, but really pretty. Suggestions: Temperance Mae, Temperance Ivy, Temperance Lee, Temperance Abigail, Temperance Claire, Temperance Clara
Calliope - Cute, especially with the nickname Callie, though I always want to pronounce it cal-ee-OH-pay even though it's traditionally pronounced cal-EYE-oh-pee. Suggestions: Calliope Jane, Calliope Jay, Calliope Lark, Calliope Lyra, Calliope Kaye
Aristella - I've never heard it before, but I'm a fan of Stella, and it's cute. Suggestions: Aristella Mae, Aristella Grace, Aristella Kaitlyn, Aristella Kaye, Aristella Kate
Nicolette / Nicola - Neither are really my style, but I like the Nic- beginning (Nicolina is one of my current favorites for a girl). Suggestions: Nicolette Amity, Nicolette Rue, Nicola Rose, Nicola Roselyn, Nicolette Ruby, Nicola Phoebe, Nicola Piper
Calleia - Another one I haven't heard, but sooo pretty (I might have to borrow it, if that's okay  ;)). Suggestions: Calleia Jane, Calleia Primrose, Calleia Phoebe, Calleia Lily, Calleia Beth

#4 brittany111


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Posted 11 November 2013 - 09:03 AM

Caelen- I don't mind this name, Kalen is my fave spelling.

Cohen*-Love Cohen!! My friends son has this name and he is absolutely adorable.
Coleson- I too perfer Cole. But it could still work with Cole as  N/N.
Coulter*-Not my favourite, there is no real nickname for this and as a first name its very uncommon.
Gage- I like Gage! Its unique without being too unusual. 
Gideon- Reminds me of charmed. Its not my favoruite but its still a lovely name.
Kincade* - I dont mind Cade. If you use Cade as a N/N i think its ok.
Memphis- I know a little girl called Memphis so i find it hard to put into another gender. 
Shane- Very different to all your other boys names. Shane is a very strong name but seems a little outdated.
Simeon- Grew up with a Simeon 'Sim' I think its a great varient to Simon
Titus- Not my choice. For me even though the sound TIT is not made im still drawn to it.
Cairo*- Once again i know a girl Cairo but its pretty gender equal.The N/N Kai is cute!
Knightley- Personally wouldn't go there. I cant see Knight being a nickname or Knightly being shouted accross the playground.
Braven- Cute boy version of Haven. Its unique and Brae would sound nice as a N/N
Lexin- As an avid fan of Lex Luthor i think this is ok. 
Cypress*- NMS.

Adelaide- Love Love Love.
Angelica- Not my favourite but a nice name.
Athena- Uncommon but not unusual :)
Echo*- Cant see it being used as a real first name, maybe as a middle.
Sloane- Starting to love this name. Sloane and Blaire would be a great sib set.
Jordan- My brothers name so im use to it on a male but i can see how it works on a girl.
Melinda- very underrated, wish i heard this more often.
Paige*Love Paige!! 
Riley- Love the name on boy or girl.
Rosalie- not my favourite, very classic though.
Savannah- Love Savannah!
Sydney- Its not my favourite but its still very pretty.
Tatum*- Just cant see it in a first name spot.
Temperance- its not my style.
Calliope- love the N/N Callie :)
Aristella- naver heard of this but Ella is a cute N/N
Nicolette / Nicola
Calleia- Once again havnt heard of this but love Callie as a N/N

#5 Addison


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Posted 11 November 2013 - 10:31 AM

Caelen - Not really my style, but not awful. I have a brother named Callen.
Cohen* - Handsome sound, but is a bit controversial. Many people would say you are ignorant for using this name. (I like it, but, for that reason, wouldn't use it.)
Coleson - I don't love the spelling of this name (I prefer Colson or Colsen), but I love the sound
Coulter* - I have a hard time picturing it as a first name as I know so many people with the surname, but it could work. I like Coult as a nickname.
Gage - I go back and forth on Gage. I really like it as a middle name, though. 
Gideon - I love Gideon! It is so strong and handsome, without being overly common. 
Kincade* - Love this. Super uncommon, yet super handsome. My cousin has this name with a different spelling.
Memphis - I used to live near Memphis, and it is not a pleasant city. Very dirty, lots of crime, etc.
Shane - feels dated to me, sorry.
Simeon - Handsome! I like it a lot. I do prefer Simon, though.
Titus - I like this a lot, but there's been quite the boom of Titus' lately that I am beginning to get tired of it. I personally know 5 that were born within the last four months.
Cairo - Love this! I'm fond of place names. So handsome and masculine. Cai is an adorable nickname.
Knightley - Not a fan. I actually quite like the name Knight in the middle spot, but I don't like Knight or Knightley as a first.
Braven - It feels made up to me, sorry. I love Bravery for a boy, though. 
Lexin - don't like this. sorry. 
Cypress* - this doesn't feel like a name for a person. at least not these days. Sorry.

Adelaide - Cute. Would age well.
Angelica - beautiful! Love this.
Athena - I have grown to like this a lot.
Echo - not my style
Sloane - feels to masculine to me
Jordan - Not my style
Melinda - feels dated to me
Paige* - I've always found it a little lackluster, but not bad
Riley - I prefer it on boys, but with the right middle name, it is great on girls
Rosalie - I like this a lot. Rosie is a cute nickname.
Savannah - another one of my cousin's names. I like it a lot, and Anna is a cute nickname.
Sydney - I like this.
Tatum* - not a fan.
Temperance - it's okay, I'm neutral
Calliope - really don't like it, sorry :(

Aristella - not a fan
Nicolette / Nicola - not a fan
Calleia - not sure how to pronounce this

#6 Lilah


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Posted 11 November 2013 - 04:29 PM

Thank you all for your comments. They were very helpful. Most of these names wouldn't make my actual list. They are just on my "brainstorming" list lol. I just wanted to hear some opinions from others.

As for the name Cohen, I honestly had no idea what the controversy was about, so I googled it and read up on it. This is actually one of the names that I fell in love with, so it makes me sad that there is this controversy with it. Would it be terrible for me to use it anyway, maybe spelled Coen/Koen or Cowan (although this is unattractive to me)?

#7 Laugh-Dream-Love


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Posted 13 November 2013 - 01:28 PM

For the Cohen issue, I'd personally use Cohan, which is an Irish surname. You can probably pronounce it the way you like, but it just has less stigma attached to it.

#8 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 14 November 2013 - 07:39 AM


Caelen - I like it, though as a GP :) Too many girls using the name now adays and all <3

Cohen - its in the running for my sons middle name! My OH actually loves Cohen, hes rooting for Archer Cohen. I like it a lot too, just have another honoring name I really wanted to use. So I love it. But yeah <3

Coleson - I like Cole, it was in the running for my sons MN. I like Colton or Colby as well, but I don't love Coleson for whatever reason. Random.

Coulter - Is this like "cool-ter" or like "cole-ter"? 

Gage - I really like, would make a great middle name especially

Gideon - I love Gideon <3 <3

Kincade - Unique, NMS, but could be cute on someone elses kiddo

Memphis - I don't care for Memphis, sorry. 

Shane - Its nice, just nms

Simeon - I like it, though I wouldn't use it. I know a little boy named Simeon though and he's adorable :)

Titus - strong and masculine, though nms

Cairo - I think its pretty cool. Idk if I'd use it, but I can see it working even as a FN

Knightley - I know someone with this surname, plus theres the celebrity. Its alright

Braven - a mix of Brave and Raven? Its alright <3 Brave is actually a GP on my list

Lexin - I can see how it'd be namey, but for whatever reason I don't care for it.

Cypress - I really like it! Theres something attractive about this name :)



Adelaide - very pretty

Angelica - I don't love it <3

Athena - Its okay, just nms

Echo - I think its a really cool name, would make an awesome MN

Sloane - I go back and forth, some days its mediocre both others I kinda love it

Jordan - I prefer it on a boy, though even on a boy I don't love it

Melinda - a little dated, but alright

Paige - also a little dated, but its a nice and solid choice

Riley - I like, though I prefer on a boy. Mike had wanted to use this for a girl if we had a girl.

Rosalie - Beautiful


Savannah - nms, but its a nice name

Sydney - I like <3

Tatum - Its been growing on me!

Temperance - I dislike the meaning, it really off puts me.

Calliope - I love it

Aristella - I like it, sounds mystical. Though more of a GP imo

Nicolette / Nicola - both are lovely, names I'd love on someone elses kiddo

Calleia - Pretty

I hope this was helpful for you!

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