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My Name List - 11/14/13

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Madi Wolf Princess <3

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Posted 14 November 2013 - 03:17 PM

Hey, guys! I decided I would post my current name list for feedback and suggestions because my name list is in pieces... again. My Name List is something I'm very
passionate about, and I self destruct my name combos just when my list is feeling complete. I don't plan to be having kids for a few years (4-6 years if my plan goes
accordingly), so it's not like I have to have a final list of names today, but I love planning and would like to have some names to mention to the hubby when we're
expecting a baby (I'm not even married yet, let alone trying for a baby, just hypothetically planning). Anyways, like I said, my Name List is in pieces and in
desperate need of suggestions. Here's the list:


(Ava?) Madeline -- I'm not really loving Ava anymore, although it is a beautiful name. I think I've fallen out of love with the name because I know several Ava's and I just see the name around a lot. So, other first names that go with the middle name Madeline, which is pronounced Mad-uh-LINE, not Mad-uh-lynn would be great.

Emerson Juliet -- I've taken this one off my list because it's too similar to one of my boy names, Easton Malachi (I'm not really in love with this anymore either, but
I'm hoping to fall back in love with it). Emerson and Easton would be too close for siblings. I am more open towards unisex names for girls as long as they aren't
real masculine (like Adam), so really any style of name to replace this combo is accepted. And I'm not going to be using Juliet as a middle for this combo since I am using it elsewhere.

Everly Caroline -- Love this one. I was doing a name trail this morning and came up with this one. Opinions please.

Aubrey (Juliet?) -- I'm thinking of using the middle name Juliet to go with Aubrey, but I'm not sure I like that they are both 6 letters long. I've got to get over
being so picky. If you want to suggest other middle names for Aubrey, that would be nice.

Zoe -- I like this name a lot. I do need middle name suggestions for this one too, so suggest away! I like this especially because a friend of my family's was
expecting her first baby and planned to name her Zoe (but spelling it Zoie, which I don't like), but then they had a boy and didn't end up using Zoie. Then she got
pregnant with her second -- a girl this time! They named her Sydney rather than Zoie. I can't help but think when I see Sydney that she actually looks like a Zoe (or
Zoie if they prefer). I don't like the spelling Zoie or any other spelling except Zoe. I'm thinking a longer middle would be best... Zoe Madeline (pronounced Mad-uh-LINE) was one of my ideas, but for right now (until replaced), Madeline is the middle I have for Ava.

Lila/Lyla -- Middle name suggestions please. I'm not really loving this anymore, but I think the right middle name would change my mind.

Elizabeth -- You can suggest middles if you want, but this is just a GP because it's too long with surname.

Catherine -- You can suggest middles if you want, but this is just a GP because it's too long with surname and there is someone I don't want my baby to be associated
with, so this not realistically an option.

Rosalie -- I really like this one. Middle name suggestions would be awesome, but please no color or flower names since it has Rose is in the name and is a flower.
And a color middle name will make it seem like I describing the color of the rose (example: Rosalie Scarlett).


Easton Malachi -- not loving this, but hoping I will fall back in love with it. If I was to scrap it, I want to at least honor a Kyle, which is why I used Malachi (ends in the Ky sound that Kyle has).

Owen -- Not loving this, but the right middle name might change my mind, so suggestions please.

William -- Not loving this name right now, but middle name suggestions are still appreciated and could change my mind.

Gavin -- Probably my favorite of the boy names right now. Please suggest middle names.

Camden -- Like how I think of a football player (or at least an athletic, sporty boy), but I'm not sure I love the name. Middle name suggestions might change my mind, so please suggest middle names.

Jonathan -- An honoring name. It honors someone by the middle name of Nathan.

Greyson -- I think this one is really handsome... Silas and Archer would make good names for a brother of Greyson.

Mason -- It's probably too close to my name (Madison), but I like it. I really like Mason Timothy because Timothy would honor a good friend whose middle name is Timothy.

I think that's all I have. Suggestions and feedback would be very appreciated and desperately needed (for my own peace of mind). Last name will be similar to
Crawford. Oh, and I don't want any common filler middle names as suggestions please. Thanks. :-)

~ Madi

#2 Madi Wolf Princess <3

Madi Wolf Princess <3

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Posted 15 November 2013 - 07:09 AM

Suggestions and opinions would be very appreciated. Thanks. :-)

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Posted 16 November 2013 - 12:14 PM

I love unisex names as well...I threw in a few (:


Audrey Madeline

Daisy Madeline

Briar Madeline

Haylie Madeline

Olivia Madeline

Nora Madeline

Piper Madeline

Sadie Madeline

Kara Madeline

Sailor Madeline

Noa Madeline

Layla Madeline

Julie Madeline


Emerson Daisy

Emerson Lyla

Emerson June

Emerson Claire

Emerson Kate

Emerson Briar

Emerson Caroline

Emerson Ivy

Emerson Olivia

Emerson Jane

Emerson Sailor

Emerson Natalie

Emerson Charlotte

Emerson Noelle

Emerson Bella

Emerson Sadie

Emerson Rose

Emerson Carys

Emerson Willow

Emerson Piper

Emerson Kylie

Emerson Scarlett

Emerson Leah

Emerson Rosalie

Emerson Brooke

Emerson Blaire


I really love Everly Caroline...perfect combo and Everly is beautiful! <3


Aubrey Juliet is gorgeous! Juliet has always been a favorite of mine so I'm a little bit biased, but this combo is really pretty. I never really liked Aubrey, personally, but this combo has changed my mind. Pretty! Just in case, here are some suggestions!

Aubrey Caroline

Aubrey Rose

Aubrey Amelia

Aubrey Noelle

Aubrey Danielle

Aubrey Blaire

Aubrey Nicolette

Aubrey Lyra

Aubrey Blake

Aubrey Haven

Aubrey Willow

Aubrey Greyson

Aubrey Saige

Aubrey Rosalie

Aubrey Jane

Aubrey Mia

Aubrey Roxanne

Aubrey Violet

Aubrey Noa(h)

Aubrey Scarlett

Aubrey Natalia

Aubrey June

Aubrey Madelyn

Aubrey Lillia

Aubrey Dylan

Aubrey Leah

Aubrey Sofia


Zoe Claire

Zoe Kate

Zoe Rosalie

Zoe Madelyn

Zoe Lea (pron. Lay-uh)

Zoe June

Zoe Willow

Zoe Brooklyn

Zoe Charlotte

Zoe Elisabeth

Zoe Dylan

Zoe Kathryn

Zoe Piper

Zoe Vivienne

Zoe Michaela

Zoe Hayden

Zoe Ellison

Zoe Charlotte

Zoe Roxanne

Zoe Amelia

Zoe Ryan

Zoe Anabelle

Zoe Brooke

Zoe Grace

Zoe Eleanor


Really love Lyla (bcause of Sons of Anarchy :P )

Lyla Rose

Lyla Alison

Lyla Chloe

Lyla Natalie

Lyla Elisabeth

Lyla Victoria

Lyla Hayden

Lyla Roxanne

Lyla Vivienne

Lyla Eleanor

Lyla Charlotte

Lyla Genevieve (I have Genevieve Lyla on my list <3)

Lyla Brooke

Lyla Elizabeth

Lyla Cameron

Lyla Emerson

Lyla Poppy


Rosalie June

Rosalie Ember

Rosalie Claire

Rosalie Gwen

Rosalie Maya

Rosalie Amelia

Rosalie Winter

Rosalie Mia

Rosalie Brynn

Rosalie Addison

Rosalie Emma

Rosalie Cayden

Rosalie Evelyn

Rosalie Mae

Rosalie Eleanor

Rosalie Piper

Rosalie Georgia

Rosalie Nora

Rosalie Haven

Rosalie Cadence


Easton Malachai is really handsome! Just in case...do you like the name Kyle or just the "ky" sound? How about:

Abraham Kyle

Jensen Kyle

Gavin Kyle

Wesley Kyle (or Wesley Malachai?)

Emerson Kyle

Brentley Kyle

...maybe Kylan, Kyler, Kyran?

Kylan Thomas

Andrew Kylan

Kyler Anthony


Owen Jasper

Owen Malachai

Owen Brent

Owen Myles

Owen Kade

Owen Jude

Owen Matthew

Owen Nicholas

Owen Finlay/Finley

Owen Connor

Owen Blake

Owen Montgomery

Owen Kyler

Owen Isaac

Owen Bryce

Owen Jameson

Owen Alexander

Owen Wesley

Owen Jedediah

Owen Nash


William Jude

William Noah

William Josiah

William Edward

William Tucker

William Rogue

William Alistair

William Caelan

William Blake

William Eddison

William Micah

William Calvin

William Ellison

William Archer

William Taylor

William Everett


I love LOVE Gavin <3

Gavin James

Gavin Samuel 

Gavin Abram

Gavin Jude

Gavin Alexander

Gavin Micah

Gavin Giovanni

Gavin Blakely

Gavin Noah

Gavin Cole

Gavin Myles

Gavin Timothy

Gavin Ryder

Gavin Brett

Gavin Hayes

Gavin Michael

Gavin Ezekiel

Gavin Tyler

Gavin William

Gavin Theodore

Gavin Bryce


I think of a jock/preppy kid everyone wants to be friends with when I hear the name Camden. Handsome though!!

Camden Bryce

Camden Rory

Camden Noah

Camden Joel

Camden Ryder

Camden Nico

Camden Emerson

Camden Rourke

Camden Adam

Camden Leo

Camden Berkley

Camden Micah

Camden Theodore

Camden Mitchell

Camden Blake

Camden Sage

Camden Cody

Camden Riley

Camden Edward

Camden James

Camden Nicholas

Camden Quinn

Camden Myles

Camden Tatum

Camden William

Camden Abel

Camden Jakob

Camden Zachary



Hope this helps some!! <3

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#4 Madi Wolf Princess <3

Madi Wolf Princess <3

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 03:07 PM

Thanks, Laramie!  This was very helpful.  Sorry it took me so long to respond.  I also like the name Brantley a lot, and am thinking maybe Brantley Kyle, but I'm still not sure.  Thanks for your opinion!


If anyone else wouldn't mind giving their opinion, it would be very helpful.  :-)

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