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Just a few names - opinions please!

Peyton Payson Rigby Greyson Blakely Colby

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#1 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 16 November 2013 - 11:38 AM

Theres a few names I'm considering adding to my list. I want to ask Mike of some names for the future too, but I kinda want opinions on them first to make sure I actually like them enough to ask him about them. If that makes any sense lol!


Peyton / Payson - I like it on both a girl and a boy, oddly enough. I am leaning girl lately. I think "Pey"  is just an adorable nick name! I've thought of looking for other girls names starting with "Pay" to get that nick name from it, but I'm not in love with any yet (Patience is okay, I greatly dislike Paisley). Which do you prefer, Peyton or Payson? And what spelling do you like best on either name? 


Rigby - can you legitimately see a person named Rigby? I'm kinda falling for it. I can definitely see a kiddo by the name. But an adult? I love surname names in general so it fits what I'd typically like. 


Greyson - I came across it when thinking of what names would match Archer as a sibling.. I think Archer and Greyson are rather dashing as siblings. WDYT? Arch and Grey? 


Blakely - I like on a boy.. too girly?


Colby - I'm falling for it lately though its rather popular around here :/ Thoughts?


Thanks for any input! :)

#2 ElleB


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Posted 16 November 2013 - 11:59 AM

Peyton/Payson - I prefer both on a boy personally (: But Peyton, to me, would fit a girl much more than Payson. Payson is very handsome for a boy though!


Rigby - This honestly sounds more like a pet to me lol. I could definitely see it as a nickname on a kid, but it doesn't sounds like it would age all too well.


Greyson - Handsome. I grew up with a few Greysons and I see the name as more unisex than boy. DEFINITELY flows well with Archer in a sibset (:


Blakely - LOVE. I really love this name, and I actually prefer it on a boy rather than a girl. I believe I have the combo Blakely Nash on my list? It has a southern charm to it and it's really handsome.


Colby - Really like this one as well. It's a favorite and a GP of mine. I honestly like it on a girl tbh. With the right middle, it would have potential to age really well!

#3 Nicole:)


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Posted 16 November 2013 - 12:52 PM

Peyton/Payson- I prefer the name Peyton (spelled Payton) and I like it for a girl also. Pey is a cute nickname!


Rigby- I havent heard of this name before, it's not really my style. But I can actually see it more on an adult rather than on a child.


Greyson- Love it! (spelled Grayson) I guess I like how the "a" looks instead of the "e" just like in Payton. Lol. Archer and Greyson are an awesome sibling set! They sound so well together as do the nicknames Arch & Grey. 


Blakely- I like Blake. I'm not really sure I like Blakely. Though I do like it better on a boy rather than a girl.


Colby- Its alright. I've never known any Colbys so its uncommon around here.

#4 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 16 November 2013 - 08:17 PM

I think I only see Payson on a boy because of that ABC show Make It or Break It, with the gymnasts :) I've not watched it all, but its where I found the name. I normally tend to like softer unisex names on a boy <3 Mike said no to it anyway, oh well. GP for me :/ 


I can see how Rigby might seem like a pet name. There is a cartoon with a Rigby as a raccoon apparently, so I guess it fits an animal well ;) Oh well. It'll be a cute GP!


Thankfully, Mike does like Greyson, so I guess its an option in the future! Maybe. He didn't specify GP or not, but he seemed to like it. Yay! I love how Archer and Greyson match as siblings! I think the difference in "grayson" and "greyson" is ones more english and ones more american :) "gray" is the correct spelling in the USA, while "grey" is correct everywhere else I think. I am back and forth on a's and e's, I do like Grayson. I just think Greyson has a certain feel I like. 


Oh, I'm glad others agree with Blakely on a boy! So far I've mostly met people preferring it on a girl and it made me sad <3 Blakely Nash is handsome, though Nash isn't my style. I can see the appeal. Mike says no to it, so it'll have to be just "my list". Oh well, as I do think Archer and Blakely would sound nice together too. 


Mike loves Cole, so I assumed he'd like Colby. I guess its a GP for him <3 Darn! :( I like it a lot though. I didn't think Colby was that popular, in the USA as a whole its only 341. But in NH (where I live) its number 96, so its in the top 100 here :( (we're a small state, soo.... haha. I guess there were 15 little Colby's born here last year). 

#5 cati1012


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Posted 25 November 2013 - 03:22 PM

Peyton/Payson - I also like Peyton and I like it better for a girl. I am not a fan of unisex names on boys but I love them on girls :)


Rigby - I immediatley thought of the sport Rugby and we don't even have that sport around here haha just not a fan


Greyson - I really like this name... If I didn't have a step nephew names this I would have considered it for my son. I also like Greysona and Archer together as siblings


Blakely - I really like this name a lot but on a girl not a boy


Colby - I like this name a lot for a girl. I have known about 5 of them and 4 were boys. The name never caught my eye until a friend named her daughter Colby Jewel and I thought wow that's cute! :)


Again I just prefer unisex names on girls. I feel like a girl being mistaken for a boy is ok but a boy for a girl is terrible.... IDKY really



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Posted 29 November 2013 - 12:46 AM

My name is Blakely, and yes, I am a girl! I love it! :) Blakely Marie. Payton and Greyson are GREAT names. Not a fan of Rigby though, I also thought of Rugby.

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#7 Addison


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Posted 30 November 2013 - 03:13 PM

Peyton / Payson - I love Peyton on a girl, and I can't seem to get over how handsome and charming Payson is on a boy. I find Payson too masculine for a girl, sorry :(

Rigby - I like it a lot! I think it would age well. I know a 40-something man who goes by this. (last name is Rigby)

Greyson - I love Grey/Gray, but Greyson has always seemed too trendy for me. Archer and Grey is too cute <3

Blakely - I am not a fan, sorry :(

Colby - Handsome! Although I do think of cheese right away. But, hey, I love cheese! Lol. Archer and Colby is marvelous

#8 larrenek


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Posted 09 January 2014 - 05:45 PM

My grand-daughter's name is Payson.  She was born Christmas day 2008.  I have not run into one person that does not like this for a girl.  They think the name is very strong.  This is how she got her name:


The name comes from Payson, AZ. When her mother was pregnant she was doing phone work. A customer called in from Payson, AZ. Everything on her monitor blurred out and went into the background with the exception of Payson. 

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