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November Girls Name List

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#1 PaigeA


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Posted 20 November 2013 - 01:03 PM

Hello everyone, just wanted to post some names I've come across that I've started liking or some names I've loved for quite a while :) I would love opinions or suggestions of names similar to these or any you think I would like :D


Elsa - I completely fell in love with this name recently  :wub: I like Elsie too but slightly prefer Elsa. I don't think I'd ever use it as a first name however :)





Penelope - I love all the nickname options and it's such a sweet name.


Primrose - I think this would make a lovely middle.





















I apologise it's quite long :P

#2 EmilyA


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Posted 20 November 2013 - 03:20 PM

Elsa - Love this name! I would use it in a heartbeat! 

Myla- I've loved this name for a long time but I can't seem to commit to using it. I like the original spelling, Mila. 

EvannaNever heard this one before. Don't really care for it. Maybe Ivanka or Yvonne (a)?

Delilah- Of course I love this name! So sweet and southern. 

Astrid- This is one of those names that sounds so cool but I can't seem to like it. 

Penelope - LOVE x 100000. Absolutely darling with so many nickname options.

Emmeline- I'm biased on all name starting at with an Em-. I'm not that fond of the name, prefer Emerson. 

Primrose - You're right, this would make a lovely middle name with the right first name to go with it. Makes me want to suggest some more Hunger Games names, especially Rue. 

Isobel- I prefer this spelling over any variation. Love it paired with Blythe. 

Clarissa- Sounds dated for my taste. How about Alyssa or just Claire? 

Ophelia- Such an elegant name. Love it. 

Aurora- Love the sound of it. 

Phoebe- Feeble. That's the word that makes me think of this name. I sorta like it but don't. How about Daphne?

Isla- Love x 10000. So timeless and elegant. I'm afraid to use it because of all the mispronunciations. 

Maeve- Love. A fabulous middle name choice. 

Evelia-Never heard. Don't really like it. How about Evelina?

Rosie- A nice nickname for Rosalie, Roslyn, etc. I don't see this standing on it's own. 

Piper- So spunky! Love it. 

Melody- Sounds mesmerizing. Nice. 

Ione- I'm on the fence about this one. I'm 50/50 with it. How about Isolde? 

Winter - LOVE. I just could not see it on a child born after the Winter months. Weird, right?

Ember- Sounds a little 90's-ish. I know a cat named Ember so I have a feline association.  :blush: 

Amaia- Overused. How about Mia, or Miah? Adding the Ah- makes it sound off. 

December- I like the name but I don't particularly like it as a name. Does that make sense? :wacko:  

Nola- Eh. How about Nella or Nahla? 

Summer- I despise this name for various reasons. I know so many with the name and it sounds outdated. 

Anya- This name is fabulous. Love the sound of it and the spelling. A great alternative for Anna. I have the combo Anya Beatrice on my name list at the moment.  :wub: 



Hope I wasn't to harsh and that I at least helped you in some way!  :P 

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#3 PaigeA


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Posted 20 November 2013 - 04:39 PM

No you weren't harsh, I was looking for opinions anyway :P I actually loved most of the names you suggested as well, especially Isolde, Emerson and Rosalie <3

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#4 Addison


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Posted 21 November 2013 - 08:59 PM

Elsa - recently fell head over heels for this <3 I personally love the Scandinavian-ness, but that is because I'm Norwegian
Myla - not my style
Evanna - Not really a fan. I do love "Ev-" names, though.
Delilah - too Biblically bad for me
Astrid - cute, one I'd love to see on someone else's kid :)
Penelope - I love Nellie, but I never have found Penelope attractive. Sorry!
Emmeline - Cute!
Primrose - this is actually the middle for my pen name, Senna Primrose Davenport. So yeah, I love it
Isobel - Cute, though I prefer the lighter form Isabel
Clarissa - not my style
Ophelia - adorable. Would age well.
Aurora - I prefer it as a middle name, but still nice
Phoebe - not a fan
Isla - not a fan
Maeve - lovely
Evelia - nice
Rosie - Adorable, but I prefer it as a nickname, not the official name. Rose, Rosalie, Rosalind, etc.
Piper - I'm borderline here
Melody - not a fan
Ione - not a fan
Winter - great middle name. Someone on nameberry had an Annabel Winter. So cute! :)
Ember - prefer it on a boy
Amaia - not a fan
December - cute middle
Nola - I have a close friend with the name! I like it. She does get called "Nora", "Lola", and "Noah" a lot and it annoys her.
Summer - cute
Anya - cute

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