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Favourite FN/MN Combo?

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#1 misshaleyxo


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Posted 22 November 2013 - 02:39 PM

So, I need to get a top 10, and currently, I have a top 23, so it's elimination time! (Please no comments that are too harsh, they aren't really required ;D) Please choose one favourite, and one to eliminate :-) You can also suggest a new combo if you prefer one first name but dislike the middle I have it paired with! Thank you!

Penelope Florence
Maude Isabella
Mabel Evangeline
Clara Anneliese
Violet Imogen
Ada Christabel
Dorothea Violet
Beatrice Liliana
Adelaide Sophia
Evelyn Fiorella
Estelle Rosalie
Eleanor Josephine
Marilla Kate
Honora Kate
Alice Mariana
Augusta Caroline
Dorothy Isabella
Margaret Sophia
Isabelle Guinevere
Sophia Catherine
Aurelia Catherine
Roxana Claire
Helena Imogen

#2 Barbie


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Posted 22 November 2013 - 02:55 PM

Fave by far... Mabel Evangeline... it is gorgeous!!

Least fave is Augusta Caroline.

Ada Christabel is cute too... also, what about EstellA Rosalie?

#3 Addison


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Posted 22 November 2013 - 03:27 PM

Penelope Florence 6/10 (Penelope just isn't my thing, sorry)
Maude Isabella 8/10 (great combo, love Isabella)
Mabel Evangeline 10/10 (stunning match. I used to have Evangeline Mabel Ruth on my list :) )
Clara Anneliese 7/10 (both names are gorgeous, but the a ending and a beginning throw off the flow in my opinion. Anneliese Clara would get a 9/10 for me)
Violet Imogen 6/10 (pretty flow, but never loved either name)
Ada Christabel 7/10 (amazing flow and balance)
Dorothea Violet 6/10 (never loved either name, but I do love the nn Thea!)
Beatrice Liliana 7/10 (both names a sweet, especially Liliana, but there are a whole lot of syllables in there for just two names, which makes the flow sort of bumpy. still nice)
Adelaide Sophia 10/10 (love both names, and they sound amazing together)
Evelyn Fiorella 7/10 (I have a soft spot for Evelyn, I find it adorable, and Fiorella is not one I've heard of, and I'm not really a fan)
Estelle Rosalie 8/10 (I would prefer the previously suggested Estella in Estelle's place, but pretty combo nonetheless. both beautiful names)
Eleanor Josephine 6/10 (not a fan of Josephine)
Marilla Kate 6/10 (to be honest Kate feels incomplete to me, though I love it as a nickname for Catherine/Katherine. Marilla makes me think of yellow, (amarilla is spanish for yellow) but that's not necissarily bad, just a strong assocaition.)
Honora Kate 7/10 (again with the Kate thing, sorry. Honora is very pretty, though!)
Alice Mariana 8/10 (super cute, love the syllable balance)
Augusta Caroline 7/10 (Caroline is gorgeous, Augusta is just not my style)
Dorothy Isabella 7/10 (love Isabella, not a big fan of Dorothy)
Margaret Sophia 7/10 (cute, although I'd prefer Sophia Margaret)
Isabelle Guinevere 8/10 (beautiful! Lots of letters, so personally I'd spell it Isabel (or Isobel if you'd like), but still nice)
Sophia Catherine 9/10 (sooo pretty. can't go wrong here)
Aurelia Catherine 9/10 (again, sooo pretty. love it)
Roxana Claire  5/10 (not a big fan of Roxana. As for Claire, it's a nice enough name, but seems so lackluster/filler compared to your other choices that are lovely gems. My middle name is Claire, so I speak from experience.)
Helena Imogen 7/10 (love Helena, Imogen is not really my cup of tea)


Hope I didn't sound too harsh. You have such a great list!



1. Adelaide Sophia

2. Mabel Evangeline

3. Aurelia Catherine / Sophia Catherine (tie)


Least Favorite (but they are still pretty, don't get me wrong):

1. Roxana Claire

2. Marilla Kate

3. Penelope Florence

#4 ElizabethRuth


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Posted 22 November 2013 - 04:49 PM

These are my favorites:

Penelope Florence
Clara Anneliese
Adelaide Sophia
Evelyn Fiorella
Eleanor Josephine
Margaret Sophia
Sophia Catherine


#5 Sunny Mummy! :)

Sunny Mummy! :)

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Posted 23 November 2013 - 09:52 AM

Please forgive me but I have to choose 7 Favourites:

Clara Anneliese
Beatrice Liliana
Adelaide Sophia
Evelyn Fiorella
Eleanor Josephine (I love Leanora Josephine even more! ;))
Isabelle Guinevere
Aurelia Catherine

I also love the following individual names:


Roxana Claire and Augusta Caroline are the two I would eliminate.

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