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Name That Class (Year 8)

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Posted 21 December 2013 - 09:01 PM

13-14 year olds!


Bruno, (Leo, Jasper, Ross, James, Henry)

Coleman, (Celeste, Grace, Elsie, Emilie, Camille)

Correia, (Albertine, Corinne, Daniella, Eliza, Eve)

De Benc, (Arrietty, Christiane, Carolyn, Isabelle, Sophie)

De Benc, (Jay, Harmon, Emile, Robert, Bernard)

Fitzgibbons, (Byron, Lance, Jack, Warren, Tomas)

Henricksen, (Alex, Finn, Curtis, Leonard, Alexander)

Johnson, (Elise, Georgianna, Amelia, Bernadine, Carol)

King, (Nannette, Addie, November, Louella, Louise)

Kishi, (Josephine, Anna, Johanna, Claire, Charlotte)

Koor, (Abigail, Claudia, Katie, Audrey, Etta)

Quezada, (Frederick, Noel, Carlo, Myles, Harrison)

Saarinen, (Karl, William, Lee, Aiden, Quentin)

Shah, (Charlie, Caroline, Genevieve, Jacqueline, Beth)

Vinogradoff, (Warner, Forest, Russell, Julian, Milo)


If you'd like, generate a random postcode/zip code for a school here (4 numbers for Australia & New Zealand, 5 for US - and potentially other countries).

Here for UK. 

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Posted 21 December 2013 - 09:12 PM

James Henry Bruno (b. Apr 28, 1999)

Camille Emilie Coleman (b. Dec 4, 1999)

Daniella Eve Correia (b. Feb 9, 2000)

Carolyn Arietty De Benc (b. Aug 4, 1999)

Robert Jay De Benc (b. Aug 4, 1999)

Jack Warren Fitzgibbons (b. Dec 13, 1999)

Curtis Alexander Henricksen (b. Mar 3, 2000)

Carol Amelia Johnson (b. Jan 8, 1999)

Louella Nanette King (b. Sep 2, 1999)

Anna Claire Kishi (b. Jun 10, 1999)

Claudia Abigail Koor (b. Mar 31, 2000)

Harrison Carlo Quezada (b. Jan 22, 1999)

Quentin Lee Saarinen (b. Apr 26, 2000)

Genevieve Caroline Shah (b. Apr 16, 2000)

Forest Russell Vinogradoff (b. Jul 19, 1999)


They attend Caefn Saeson Comprehensive School, Neath, Wales, UK

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Posted 22 December 2013 - 01:56 AM

Jamie Bruno
James Henry Bruno

Cammie Coleman
Camille Grace Coleman

Liz Correia
Eliza Daniella Correia

Soph De Benc
Sophie Isabelle De Benc

Rob De Benc
Robert Bernard De Benc

Tom Fitzgibbons
Tomas Warren Fitzgibbons

Alex Henricksen
Alexander Leonard Henrickson

Amy Johnson
Amelia Carol Johnson

Nanny King
Nannette Louise King

Joey Kishi
Josephine Anna Kishi

Abby Koor
Abigail Claudia Koor

Harry Quezada
Harrison Noel Quezada

Will Saarinen
William Aiden Saarinen

Beth Shah
Bethany Caroline Shah

Russ Vinogradoff
Russell Milo Vinogradoff

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Posted 22 December 2013 - 03:19 PM

Henry Ross Bruno

Elsie Celeste Coleman

Daniella Eve Correia

Carolyn Isabelle De Benc

Robert Emile De Benc

Byron Tomas Fitzgibbons

Alexander Finn Henricksen

Amelia Georgianna Johnson

Nannette Louise King

Johanna Claire Kishi

Audrey Abigail Koor

Myles Noel Quezada

Quentin William Saarinen

Jacqueline Genevieve Shah

Russell Julian Vinogradoff


Henry, Elsie, Dani, Carol, Robbie, Byron, Xander, Mila, Nettie, Joey, Audrey, Myles, Quen, Jac, and Russ.

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Posted 22 December 2013 - 11:18 PM

Location: Williamson, West Virginia




James Henry Bruno (b. August 3rd, 2000)

Emilie Grace Coleman (b. February 9th, 2000)

Eve Daniella Correia (b. March 1st, 2000)

Isabelle Sophie De Benc (b. January 19th, 2000)

Jay Harmon De Benc (b. January 19th, 2000)

Jack Tomas Fitzgibbons (b. May 4th, 2000)

Finn Alexander Henricksen (b. October 2nd, 1999)

Amelia Bernadine Johnson (b. September 15th, 1999)

Nannette Louise King (b. December 21st, 1999)

Anna Claire Kishi (b. June 8th, 2000)

Audrey Abigail Koor (b. November 8th, 2000)

Frederick Noel Quezada (b. March 23rd, 2000)

William Lee Saarinen (b. July 7th, 2000)

Caroline Jacqueline Shah (b. July 12th, 2000)

Milo Forest Vinogradoff (b. June 23rd, 2000)

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Posted 23 December 2013 - 04:30 AM

Jasper James Bruno
Camille Grace Coleman "Cami"
Eliza Daniella Correia
Sophie Isabelle De Benc
Robert Emile De Benc "Bobby"
Warren Jack Fitzgibbons
Finn Alexander Henricksen
Georgianna Elise Johnson
November Louise King "Nova"
Josephine Claire Kishi "Josie"
Audrey Etta Koor
Harrison Myles Quezada
Aiden Lee Saarinen
Genevieve Beth Shah "Vivi"
Milo Forest Vinogradoff

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