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Name That Class (Year 9)

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Posted 23 December 2013 - 12:46 AM

14-15 year olds!


Aasberg, (Cayden, Josef, Nathaniel, Eric, Zackery)

Agoti, (Fania, Rhea, Courtney, Miranda, Brianna)

Begin, (Quentin, Christian, Calvin, Enzo, Brendon)

Bodrova, (Nara, Lainey, Blake, Kamaria, Jasmine)

Brown, (Cullen, Coleman, Ishmael, Christopher, Cordell)

Burrow, (Kalie, Katelin, Moriah, Shianne, Pella)

Castig, (Anna, Leilani, Carissa, Taylor, Kayla)

Faber, (Addison, Carly, Yasmine, Alexis, Emma)

Kinh, (Anjelica, Cameron, Roxann, Keira, Felicity)

Lundblad, (Markus, Justin, Juwan, Cain, Carter)

Moon, (Dylan, Donte, Ramsey, Trevor, Dallas)

Morris, (Ashton, Kelsey, Stephanie, Starr, Annamarie)

Souza, (Niall, Logan, Jelani, Tavian, Lane)

Vatin, (Destiny, Allison, Raine, Imani, Caoimhe)

Velez, (Darrian, Keenan, Sage, Khalil, Kody)


If you'd like, generate a random postcode/zip code for a school here (4 numbers for Australia & New Zealand, 5 for US - and potentially other countries).

Here for UK. 

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Posted 23 December 2013 - 12:59 AM

Nathaniel Eric Aasberg (b. Sep 23, 1998)

Courtney Rhea Agoti (b. Jul 27, 1998)

Calvin Enzo Begin (b. Feb 13, 1998)

Nala Blake Bodrova (b. Dec 7, 1998)

Christopher Cullen Brown (b. Dec 30, 1998)

Katelin Moriah Burrow (b. Jan 19, 1998)

Kayla Leilani Castig (b. Sep 6, 1998)

Alexis Faber (b. Mar 30, 1998)

Keira Anjelica Kinh (b. Jan 3, 1999)

Juwan Carter Lundblad (b. May 23, 1998)

Dallas Trevor Moon (b. Jan 23, 1999)

Starr Annamarie Morris (b. Feb 23, 1999)

Logan Lane Souza (b. March 7, 1999)

Raine Destiny Vatin (b. March 20, 1999)

Keenan Sage Velez (b. Jun 14, 1998)


They attend Jefferson Middle School, Champaign, Illisnois, USA

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Posted 23 December 2013 - 04:38 AM

Nathaniel Josef Aasberg "Nate"
Courtney Brianna Agoti
Christian Enzo Begin
Lainey Jasmine Bodrova
Coleman Christopher Brown "Cole"
Kalie Shianne Burrow
Taylor Leilani Castig
Emma Alexis Faber,
Keira Anjelica Kinh
Carter Justin Lundblad
Trevor Dallas Moon,
Kelsey Ashton Morris
Tavian Lane Souza
Allison Raine Vatin "Allie"
Khalil Sage Velez

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Posted 23 December 2013 - 05:35 AM

Nate Aasberg
Nathaniel Eric Aasberg

Anna Agoti
Brianna Courtney Agoti

Chris Begin
Christian Brendon Begin

Jazz Bodrova
Jasmine Nara Bodrova

Cole Brown
Coleman Cullen Brown

Kate Burrow
Katelin Shianne Burrow

Lani Castig
Leilani Arissa Castig

Em Faber
Emma Carly Faber

Anjie Kinh
Anjelica Keira Kinh

Mark Lundblad
Markus Cain Lundblad

Dyl Moon
Dylan Donte Moon

Steph Morris
Stephanie Annamarie Morris

Niall Souza
Niall Logan Souza

Ally Vatin
Allison Raine Vatin

Daz Velez
Darrian Keenan Velez

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Posted 23 December 2013 - 01:32 PM

Cayden Aasberg

Miranda Agoti

Quentin Begin

Lainey Bodrova

Cullen Brown

Kalie Burrow

Taylor Castig

Addison Faber

Roxann Kinh

Carter Lundblad

Dylan Moon

Ashton Morris

Lane Souza

Allison Vatin

Sage Velez

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Posted 23 December 2013 - 08:31 PM

Cayden Zackery Aasberg {b. June 17, 1999} "CJ"

Rhea Courtney Agoti {b. November 1, 1998} "Rhea"

Calvin Christian Begin {b. January 9, 1999} "Cal"

Lainey Nara Bodrova {b. December 27, 1998} "Lainey"

Coleman Christopher Brown {b. May 3, 1999} "Cole"

Katelin Shianne Burrow {b. August 21, 1999} "Kate"

Kayla Leilani Castig {b. June 16, 1999} "Kayla"

Emma Alexis Faber {b. September 30, 1998} "Emma"

Roxann Keira Kinh {b. July 20, 1999} "Roxy"

Cain Markus Lundblad {b. March 4, 1999} "Cain"

Trevor Dylan Moon {b. December 2, 1998} "Trev"

Ashton Annamarie Morris {b. February 16, 1999} "Ash"

Niall Logan Souza {b. April 26, 1998} "Niall"

Caoimhe Raine Vatin {b. March 17, 1999} "Caoimhe"

Darrian Sage Velez {b. July 1, 1999} "Dare"


CJ, Rhea, Cal, Lainey, Cole, Kate, Kayla, Emma, Roxy, Cain, Trev, Ash, Niall, Caoimhe, & Dare.

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