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Revised Namelist 30.12

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#1 Addison


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Posted 30 December 2013 - 05:34 PM

Alright, here are the ideas I have for my list:


Elowen Sabra Lily (1st mn: pron Say-bruh)

Elodie Rosalind Carys - Carys Rosalind, or Rosalind Carys? I can't decide.

Elsa Gwendolen Hope

Eliana Halle Prudence - The combo feels all over the place, but I think I like it. Thoughts?

Evangeline Thea Grace

Ingrid Amelia Juliet - I am worried about so many syllables, but is it something you can overlook?

India Scarlett Ruth

Astrid Sophia Caroline

Liadan Arabella Poppy

Rosemary Nahla Skye

Nora Genevieve Kay


--still would like Eloise, Angelica, Senna, and Anniken somewhere.



Ezra Nicholas Bravery

Nehemiah Rory Daniel

Hudson Eli Tolliver

Franklin Etienne Charlie

Silas Theodore Nils

Shepherd Asa Levi

Percy-Arthur Caiomhin

Wren Spurgeon --need one more name!

Robin Zephaniah Graham

Jameson Peter Boaz

Koa Thomas Kynaston

O'Callahan Lyle --need one more name! -He would go by Callahan. I just prefer O'Callahan on the birth certificate. 

Friedrich Solomon Hans, nn Fritz

Henry Aston Morocco

Benjamin Ridley Franz - I love the feel of Benjamin Franz. Opinions on Ridley here?


--still would like Boden, Eden, Canaan, and Ransom. Also, maybe Johan, Rohan, and Ronan.


Names in italics I'm pretty unsure of.


Any comments are helpful!

#2 Mika Casey

Mika Casey

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Posted 30 December 2013 - 11:55 PM

Elowen Sabra Lily
I'm in love with this combo! It's really gorgeous and sounds amazing.

Elodie Rosalind Carys
I don't love Carys, but Elodie Rosalind is kind of cute!

Elsa Gwendolen Hope
Elsa is beautiful with Gwendolen, and Hope works well on the end.

Eliana Halle Prudence
This one is ok. I'd take Prudence off the end personally.

Evangeline Thea Grace
This one is beautiful! So much love!

Ingrid Amelia Juliet
I think I'd like Ingrid Juliet better, I do agree that it's a few too many syllables.

India Scarlett Ruth
This one is beautiful! Very sweet and flows well.

Astrid Sophia Caroline
Oh gosh this is such a beautiful mix of differing names!!

Liadan Arabella Poppy
This is pretty cute! I like the unusual Liadan paired with Arabella Poppy.

Rosemary Nahla Skye
GORGEOUS. I love this. I had Rosemary on my list way back when.

Nora Genevieve Kay
This is cute, again I love Nora Genevieve but I'm not sure about Kay.

#3 Laugh-Dream-Love


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Posted 31 December 2013 - 02:13 AM

Elowen Sabra Lily (1st mn: pron Say-bruh) - I love this, it's so cute and I love the flow. Sabra is a name I haven't really come across before, but I like it.

Elodie Rosalind Carys - I'm not a huge fan of Elodie, but it sounds sweet in this combo. I think that Elodie Rosalind Carys flows better, it's easier for me to say.

Elsa Gwendolen Hope - This is adorable, although I prefer Gwendolen with a y. Very cute.

Eliana Halle Prudence - Eliana Prudence is gorgeous, but Halle feels a bit out of place in this combo. Maybe Eliana Jolie Prudence, Eliana Carys Prudence, or Eliana Sophie Prudence?

Evangeline Thea Grace - Lovely! This flows so well, and I love the feel of the combo.

Ingrid Amelia Juliet - I wouldn't worry about the syllables, the combo flows well, and it's very pretty.

India Scarlett Ruth - Not a huge fan of India, but the combo is nice.

Astrid Sophia Caroline - I like this one. It flows well, and I love Astrid.

Liadan Arabella Poppy - Liadan is not for me, but Arabella Poppy is gorgeous.

Rosemary Nahla Skye - Very cute! I love Rosemary, and Nahla Skye is lovely and makes the combo more modern.

Nora Genevieve Kay - I love Nora Genevieve, but Kay isn't for me. The flow is lovely though.


--still would like Eloise, Angelica, Senna, and Anniken somewhere.

Eloise Angelica Grace, Eloise Anniken Poppy, Eloise Victoria Skye, Eloise Genevieve Lily.

Senna  Anniken Ruth, Senna Caroline Ruth, Senna Arabelle Skye.

Angelica Sophie Juliet, Angelica Nahla Ruth, Angelica Rosalind Skye.

Anniken Genevieve Lily, Anniken Scarlett Kay, Anniken Rosemary June.



Ezra Nicholas Bravery - I'm not a huge fan of Ezra, but Nicholas Bravery is so handsome! The combo as a whole sounds amazing.

Nehemiah Rory Daniel - Imo, Nehemiah Daniel Rory would flow better, but I love the combo either way.

Hudson Eli Tolliver - Hudson Tolliver Eli would flow better, but I'm not a huge fan of Tolliver. How about Hudson Christopher Eli, Hudson Dominic Eli, or Hudson Willoughby Eli?

Franklin Etienne Charlie - Franklin Etienne Charles would flow better, Charlie doesn't really flow well in third place. Love the combo though.

Silas Theodore Nils - Silas Theodore is handsome, but I'm not a fan of Nils.

Shepherd Asa Levi - Very handsome, although something about the flow is bugging me.

Percy-Arthur Caiomhin - I like this combo, although I'm not sure how I feel about Percy-Arthur being hyphenated. The flow is great though, and Caiomhin is handsome.

Wren Spurgeon - I prefer Wren on a girl, and Spurgeon is nms. Wdyt of Wren Spurgeon Levi, Wren Spurgeon Boaz, or Wren Tolliver Spurgeon?

Robin Zephaniah Graham - Love Robin on a boy, and Zephaniah Graham is very handsome.

Jameson Peter Boaz - I prefer just James over Jameson, but the combo is cute.

Koa Thomas Kynaston - Hmm, I'm not as much a fan of this one as some of your others, I love Thomas though.

O'Callahan Lyle I'd prefer just Callahan tbh, O'Callahan sounds like you're calling to someone. O'Callahan Tolliver Lyle, O'Callahan Lyle Kynaston, O'Callahan Lyle Morocco.

Friedrich Solomon Hans, nn Fritz - Very handsome! I really like Friedrich nn Fritz, it gives it a fun, playful side. Solomon Hans is also very handsome.

Henry Aston Morocco - I like Henry Aston, but Morocco isn't my favourite. Henry Aston Caiomhin, Henry Tolliver Aston, Henry Aston Nils?

Benjamin Ridley Franz - Benjamin Franz is so handsome, and I think that Ridley works well in this combo. It just gives it another feel, and I think it goes.


--still would like Boden, Eden, Canaan, and Ransom. Also, maybe Johan, Rohan, and Ronan.

Boden Morocco Eli, Boden Tolliver James, Boden Solomon Charles.

Eden Ridley Hans, Eden Christopher Hans, Eden Theodore Chance.

Canaan Benjamin James, Canaan Theodore Franz, Canaan Jameson Hans.

Ransom Tolliver Henry, Ransom O'Callahan Lyle, Ransom Bravery Nils.

Johan Christopher Thomas, Johan Kynaston Luke, Johan Friedrich Hans.

Rohan Benjamin Luke, Rohan Tolliver James, Rohan Mitchell Sky.

Ronan Andrew Nils, Ronan Tolliver Luke, Ronan Elliott Hans.



I hope this is helpful!

#4 Addison


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Posted 03 January 2014 - 08:55 PM

Thank you sooo much! Very helpful comments for my very big list :) I love a lot of the suggestions

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