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My Girls List - Opinions & Suggestions Needed!

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#1 Meghan<3


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Posted 04 January 2014 - 04:21 PM

Hi everyone!  There are five names on my girls' name list that I adore right now. :wub:  I've listed them below.  I would love to know what you think of them - honest opinions are welcome!


Also, I'm struggling with middle names, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!  Thanks!


Phoebe - This is probably my favorite right now, and it's been on my list for a while.  I love the sound of this name! <3  It feels so literary to me, haha!  Do you think it's too clunky for a little girl?


Jane - Jane has been on my list the longest.  I love that it's so classic and simple while still being pretty <3  Do you think that "plain Jane" is too negative of an association though?  Is it too plain, in your opinion?


Sadie - I love how sweet and soft this name sounds! <3  My only hesitation with this name is that I worry that a lot of people consider it more of a dog's name, along the lines of Toby and Max, etc.  Do you think this is a serious issue?  Can Sadie work on both a little girl and a grown woman?  Also, I did think of one combo for Sadie - Sadie Evelyn.  What do you think?


Gemma - This name was on my list but retired as a guilty pleasure and now I've revived it again.  I just love the sound of it <3  To me, it's fresher than Jenna but not as popular as Emma.  What do you think?


Tessa - I think this name is so pretty and sweet-sounding <3 But I'm worried about possible teasing.  I was reading online at babynamesworld.parentsconnect.com, and some people named Tessa said that they were teased based on the name of a male body part that sounds like Tess tickle  :mellow: Do you think this is a big concern?


Thanks so much for your help!  Any opinions and middle name suggestions are greatly appreciated!

#2 nessielove


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Posted 04 January 2014 - 05:47 PM

Phoebe - I don't think this is too clunky for a kid. My best friend has a 2-year-old niece named Phoebe Joanne, and she is so cute! It's a very spunky name, and she wears it well.
Jane - Jane is one of my very favorite names for a girl. It's cute enough to fit a little girl (and the nn Janie is so adorable!) but sophisticated enough for a grown woman to wear. I absolutely do not think it's too plain. It's beautiful!
Sadie - I absolutely love Sadie! I don't think it's too much of a dog's name. As long as it's not something like Biscuit or Fluffy, I don't think it's too pet-like.
Gemma - Very pretty! I agree; out of Emma, Jenna, and Gemma, Gemma is the best choice!
Tessa - I've never heard of a Tessa being teased in that way! I went to school with a Tessa- she was very creative, so to me, this name has a very artsy feel.

#3 Barbie


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Posted 04 January 2014 - 08:26 PM

Phoebe - cute, would prefer as a mn though
Jane - is a very nice name, and pretty timeless :) once again prefer as a mn though
Sadie - I Love Sadie! I know a little blonde girl with this name... Soooo cute! <3
Gemma - cute, however, I prefer Emma... sorry :(
Tessa - very cute on its own and as a nn :)

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