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Baby Name Survey

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#21 Addison


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Posted 22 January 2014 - 09:45 PM

Favorite girl name: Evangeline
Favorite boy name: Ezra
Favorite boy/girl twin set: Friedrich "Fritz" and Ingrid
Favorite boy/boy twin set: Ezra & Nehemiah
Favorite girl/girl twin set: Elsa & Rosemary
Favorite girl GP combo: Anniken Lila
Favorite boy GP combo: Blythe Louis
Favorite girl word name: Prudence
Favorite boy word name: Bravery
Favorite girl unisex name: Holland
Favorite boy unisex name: Ashton
Favorite girl nature name: Rosemary
Favorite boy nature name: Wren
Favorite sibling sets:
-same beginning letter: Ezra, Eli, Evangeline, Elodie
-theme: Henry, Thomas, Amelia, Sophia
-in general (using fave names): Ezra, Nehemiah, Levi, Zephaniah
Favorite newly discovered girl name: Elowen
Favorite newly discovered boy name: Anselm
"Girl" name you prefer on a boy: Eden
Boy name you prefer on a girl: Halle
Do you prefer single or double middles? Double
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#22 Bewitching


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Posted 23 January 2014 - 02:45 AM

Fave girl/boy name

Fave gb/bb/gg twin sets

Femke Yvaine & Gregory Indigo // Alexander Ludwig & Gregory Indigo // Femke Yvaine & Saga Marie
Fave girl/boy GP name/combo

Hulda Wednesday // Tutor Xerxes
Fave girl/boy word name

Saga // Tutor
Fave girl/boy unisex name

Harper // Evren
Fave girl/boy nature name

Amaranth // Verain


I'll answer the rest later~.

Fave sib sets:
-same beginning letter
-in general (using fave names)

Fave newly discovered girl/boy name (s)

Girl name you prefer on a boy

Boy name you prefer on a girl

Do you prefer single or double mns?

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#23 Mika Casey

Mika Casey

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Posted 24 January 2014 - 08:46 AM

Fave girl/boy name:

Nahla & Castiel

Fave gb/bb/gg twin sets:

Lenore Memphis Rae & Leonidas Micah Ray

(I didn't realize those were so similar!)

Castiel Noah Scott & Knox Oliver Arrow
Castiel Noah Scott & Leonidas Micah Ray

Wylie Cassandra Lyn & Marlowe Violet Mia
Eden Taormina Lee & Ivy Elizabeth Raven

(aaaand I couldn't choose one set for either of these...)

Fave girl/boy GP name/combo

Girl: Henrietta Lynn; Sonnet Jacqueline; Lyra Yvonne; Rosalie Mika
Boy: Pacey Joshua Finn (it's last on our list so it will technically never get used)

Fave girl/boy word name:

Girl: Poet; Sonnet
Boy: Gray

Fave girl/boy unisex name:

Girl: Emerson
Boy: Jamie, Avery
(I'm not huge into unisex names, but I LOVE Jamie on a boy!)

Fave girl/boy nature name:

Girl: Eden; Ivy (see twins above!)
Boy: Bear

Fave sib sets:

Same beginning letter:

Leonidas, Lenore, Luna, Linus, & Leander; Magnus & Marlowe; Juliet, Joshua, & Jack


"Epic" names: Castiel, Leonidas, Odin, Freya

"Poetry" names: Poet, Lenore, Marlowe

In general:

I adore Castiel, Leonidas, Nahla, and Wylie together!

Fave newly discovered girl/boy name: I don't think I've newly discovered any, besides digging up Knox again.
Girl name you prefer on a boy / Boy name you prefer on a girl: I already did this with unisex.

Do you prefer single or double mns?

Double all the way!

Castiel Noah Scott
Leonidas Micah Ray
Odin Timothy Keats
Grayson Edward Jack
Knox Oliver Arrow
Pacey Joshua Finn

Nahla Terri Nicole
Wylie Cassandra Lyn
Poet Laura Karinne
Lenore Memphis Rae
Marlowe Violet Mia
Eden Taormina Lee
Freya Judith Belle
Ivy Elizabeth Raven

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#24 ElleB


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Posted 24 January 2014 - 09:55 AM

Fave girl/boy name 

Leia Roxanne/Jett Emory
Fave gb/bb/gg twin sets 

Leia Roxanne/Gavin Leo

Abel Gideon/Silas Cody

Noa Haleigh/Leia Sparrow

Fave girl/boy GP name/combo

Gwendolyn Snow/Madden Baelfire
Fave girl/boy word name

Fave girl/boy unisex name

Fave girl/boy nature name 

Fave sib sets: 

-same beginning letter 

Tegan and Tiersen

Axel and Abel

Gwendolyn and Georgia

Evelyn Roxette and Cash Hampton
-in general (using fave names)

Leia Sparrow and Gavin Leo
Fave newly discovered girl/boy name (s) 

Isla Hayden and Brandt August
Girl name you prefer on a boy 

Boy name you prefer on a girl

Do you prefer single or double mns? 


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