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-Multiple Families CAF-

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 02:56 PM

Fill out the families :) The parents are from the namebank as well, unless otherwise stated.


Feel free to add stories/pictures/etc.




LN: O'Shea, Brogan, Keeley, Fannon, Donnell





DD: {5} here

DS: {3} here


First Names: Here

Middle Names: Here




LN: Eberhardt, Holzmann, Koenig, Osterhagen, Mueller





DS: {9} here

DS: {8} here

DD: {6} here

DS: {5} here

DD: {2} here


First & Middle Names: Here




LN: Baker, Cannady, Painter, Saeger, Pruitt





DD: {10} here

DD: {4} here

DD: {3} here

DD: {1} here


First Names: Here (DH is your choice)

Middle Names: Here (again, DH is your choice)




LN: Haagensen, Abbott, Nash, Vaden, Teague





DS: {15} (biological)

DS: {13} (biological)

DS: {11} (adopted from China)

DD/DD: {8} (biological)

DS: {6} (adopted from Ethiopia)

DS: {4} (adopted from China)

DS: {4} (adopted from Ecuador)

DS: {3} (adopted from Ethiopia)

DD: {18 mo} (adopted from Peru)

DS: {NB} (adopted from Nigeria)


First Names: Here

Middle Names: Here & Here




LN: Radabaugh, Kohl, Dahlke, Ponder, Browning





DS: {7} here

DS: {5} here

DS: {3} here

DS: {NB} here


First and Middle Names: Here (DW is your choice)




LN: Abelseth, Gallant, Williams, Yates,  Cliff





DS: {14}

DD: {10}

DS: {9}

DD: {8}

DD: {4}

DS: {2}


First Names: Here

Middles Names: Here

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 03:48 PM

LN: Keeley


DH: Thatcher Samuel "Thatch"

DW: Stella Sailor


DD: Scarlett Sophia {5}

DS: Stellan Spencer {3}




LN: Osterhagen


DH: Hans Daniel Patrick

DW: Amelia Kristen Annemarie 


DS: Wilhelm Karsten Raphael {9}

DS: Johan Kevin Peter {8}

DD: Elsa Karolina Astrid {6}

DS: Friedrich Kaspar Bruno "Fritz" {5}

DD: Ingrid Klara Rosalie {2}




LN: Painter


DH: Cameron Charles II "Cam"

DW: Nell Juliet


DD: Julia Aimee {10}

DD: Isabella Muriel {4}

DD: Anna Eloise {3}

DD: Eleanor Jolie "Nora" {1}




LN: Teague


DH: Micah Auberon

DW: Lydia Adelaide


DS: Ezra Tennyson August {15} (biological)

DS: Nehemiah Owen Blaise {13} (biological)

DS: Zephaniah Reuben Jasper {11} (adopted from China)

DD/DD: Miriam Thea Harper / Ruth Estella Violet {8} (biological)

DS: Jonah Lucian Alastair {6} (adopted from Ethiopia)

DS: Gideon Huckleberry Seth {4} (adopted from China)

DS: Thomas Oliver Gabriel {4} (adopted from Ecuador)

DS: Silas Theodore Jude {3} (adopted from Ethiopia)

DD: Zarah Evangeline Pearl {18 mo} (adopted from Peru)


DS: Eli Benedict Cash {NB} (adopted from Nigeria)




LN: Radabaugh


DH: Andrew Piers

DW: Kay Madeleine


DS: Callum Walter {7}

DS: Percy Adler {5}

DS: Anselm John {3}

DS: Henry Lennox {NB}




LN: Abelseth


DH: Lincoln Sawyer "Link"

DW: Dawn Hadley


DS: Sullivan Beckett {14}

DD: Mercer Edith {10}

DS: Jackson Hart {9}

DD: Tallulah Darcy "Tally" {8}

DD: Jane Scout {4}

DS: Hudson Archer {2}

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 05:45 PM

LN: Brogan


DH: Alexander Seth

DW: Rose Sophia


DD: Harper Sage {5}

DS: Landon Samuel {3}




LN: Mueller


DH: Peter Friedrich 

DW: Olivia Heidi


DS: Patrick Isaak {9}

DS: Adam Stefan {8}

DD: Abigail Sabine {6}

DS: Michael Johan {5}

DD: Sophie Leisel {2}




LN: Cannady


DH: James Peter

DW: Lauren Stephanie


DD: Josephine Maria {10}

DD: Eleanor Louisa {4}

DD: Hattie Juliet {3}

DD: Claudia Eloise {1}




LN: Nash


DH: Benjamin Seth

DW: Rachel Esther


DS: James Adrian {15} (biological)

DS: Peter Owen {13} (biological)

DS: Adam Vincent {11} (adopted from China)

DD/DD: Eden Veronica & Leah Josephine {8} (biological)

DS: Joel Bennett {6} (adopted from Ethiopia)

DS: Luke Edmund {4} (adopted from China)

DS: Ethan Xavier {4} (adopted from Ecuador)

DS: Gabriel Sebastian {3} (adopted from Ethiopia)

DD: Sarah Madeleine {18 mo} (adopted from Peru)

DS: Eli Theodore {NB} (adopted from Nigeria)




LN: Browning


DH: James Walter

DW: Natalie Kate


DS: Lewis Robert {7}

DS: Alistair Hugh {5}

DS: Harvey Rupert {3}

DS: Montgomery Clive {NB}




LN: Williams


DH: Finn Harry

DW: Jane Alice


DS: Jackson Atticus {14}

DD: Chelsea Edith {10}

DS: Christopher Dylan {9}

DD: Emma  Charlotte {8}

DD: Grace Juliet {4}

DS: Henry Ethan {2}

#4 saree6


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Posted 16 January 2014 - 09:51 PM

LN: O'Shea


DH: Anderson Samuel O'Shea

DW: Rose Stella O'Shea


DD: Layla Scarlett O'Shea {5}

DS: Landon Samuel O'Shea{3}





LN: Holzmann


DH: Adam Xaver Holzman

DW: Ziska Valerie Holzmann


DS: Xaver Soren Holzmann {9} 

DS: Vinzent Rolf Holzmann{8}

DD: Pia Mathilde Holzmann{6} 

DS: Benno Mattias Holzmann{5} 

DD: Bianka Isabel Holzmann{2} 



LN: Baker


DH: John Stephen Pruitt

DW: Betty Annabelle Pruitt


DD: Zoe Simone Pruitt {10} 

DD: Olivia Christine Pruitt {4} 

DD: London Yvette Pruitt{3} 

DD: Ivy Maria Pruitt{1} 



LN: Abbott


DH: Philip Edmund Abbott

DW: Ruth Viola Abbott


DS: Seth Gregory Abbott {15} (biological)

DS: Jacob Aaron Abbott{13} (biological)

DS: Felix Horatio Abbott{11} (adopted from China)

DD/DD: Nadia Pearl/Naomi Cecilia{8} (biological)

DS: Samuel Byron Abbott{6} (adopted from Ethiopia)

DS: Jacob Tristan Abbott {4} (adopted from China)

DS: Elijah Fabian Abbott{4} (adopted from Ecuador)

DS: Benjamin Xavier Abbott{3} (adopted from Ethiopia)

DD: Leah Sybil Viola Abbott {18 mo} (adopted from Peru)

DS: Zachariah Evander Abbott{NB} (adopted from Nigeria)



LN: Kohl


DH: Arrol Clarence Kohl

DW: Jessamine "Jessie" Margaret-Anne Kohl


DS: Andrew Howard Kohl{7} 

DS: Colin Oliver Kohl{5} 

DS: Duncan Randall Kohl{3} 

DS: Findlay Alexander Kohl{NB} 



LN: Yates


DH: Sullivan Archer Yates

DW: Minetta Eloise Yates


DS: Christopher "Chris" Atticus Yates{14}

DD: Tallulah "Lulu/LahLah/Tal"Alice Yates{10}

DS: Langston "Tony" Beckett Yates{9}

DD: Sheridan "Sher" Charlotte Yates{8}

DD: Waverly "Lee" Edith Yates {4}

DS: Fletcher Dylan Yates{2}


#5 CLA


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Posted 17 January 2014 - 01:11 AM



LN: O'Shea


DH: Kellan Shane

DW: Layla Summer


DD: Farrah Skye {5} here

DS: River Samuel {3} here


Kellan & Layla O'Shea w/ Farrah & Riv.




LN: Mueller


DH: Niklaus Jakob

DW: Elsa Diana


DS: Karsten Dietrich {9} here

DS: Sebastian Viktor {8} here

DD: Nathalie Louisa{6} here

DS: Isaak Gregor {5} here

DD: Amelie Irene {2} here


Nick & Elsa Mueller w/ Karsten, Seb, Nat, Isaak, & Amy.




LN: Saeger


DH: Bryan Robert

DW: Clara Odette


DD: Poppy Valentina {10} here

DD: Isabella Eloise {4} here

DD: Nico Gabriella {3} here

DD: Jessika Angelique {1} here


Bryan & Clara Saeger w/ Poppy, Izzy, Nikki, & Jessi.




LN: Abbott


DH: Caleb Reed

DW: Bethany Adelaide


DS: Azariah Jude {15} (biological)

DS: Elisha Reuben {13} (biological)

DS: Gideon Oliver {11} (adopted from China)

DD/DD: Darah Celeste & Dinah Arwen {8} (biological)

DS: Malachi Evander {6} (adopted from Ethiopia)

DS: Tobiah Tristan {4} (adopted from China)

DS: Silas Cole {4} (adopted from Ecuador)

DS: Micah Abram {3} (adopted from Ethiopia)

DD: Nadia Iris {18 mo} (adopted from Peru)

DS: Simeon Blaise {NB} (adopted from Nigeria)


Caleb & Beth Abbott w/ Aza, Eli, Deon, Dare, Dine, Kai, Toby, Si, Mike, Dia, & Sim.




LN: Kohl


DH: Henry Piers

DW: Nina Persephone


DS: Rhys Bellamy {7} here

DS: Casper James {5} here

DS: Walter Lennox {3} here

DS: Murray Louis {NB} here


Henry & Nina Kohl w/ Rhys, Casper, Walt, & Ray.




LN: Yates


DH: Finn Archer

DW: Gracie Juliet


DS: Lincoln Zane {14}

DD: Auden Bronte {10}

DS: Jackson Beckett {9}

DD: Waverly Scout {8}

DD: Tallulah Harper {4}

DS: Dakota Rhett {2}


Finn & Gracie Yates w/ Lincoln, Auden, Jack, Wavy, Lulu, & Koty.

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Posted 17 January 2014 - 05:39 AM

Anderson 'Andy' Seth O'Shea [27]
Arya 'Ari' Scarlett O'Shea [25]
Aurora 'Aurie' Sophia O'Shea [5]
Alexander 'Alex' Samuel O'Shea [3]

Daniel 'Dan' Patrick Mueller [35]
Emma 'Em' Justin Mueller [33]
Richard 'Rich' Gregor Mueller [9]
Jacob 'Jake' Robert Mueller [8]
Rosalie 'Rose' Lydia Mueller [6]
Lucas 'Luke' Sebastian Mueller [5]
Amelia 'Amy' Evelyn Mueller [2]

Thomas 'Tom' Jack Baker [38]
Eleanor 'Ellie' Odette Baker [35]
Abigail 'Abby' Stephanie Baker [10]
Jasmine 'Jazz' Christine Baker [4]
Megan 'Meg' Amelie Baker [3]
Sophia 'Soph' Josephine Baker [1]

Joseph 'Joe' Jacob Abbott [44]
Elizabeth 'Bet' Eden Abbott [40]
Thomas 'Tom' Joseph Abbott [15]
Samuel 'Sam' Jacob Abbott [13]
Gabriel 'Gabe' Luke Abbott [11]
Lydia 'Lyddie' Eve Abbott [8]
Delilah 'Lilah' Esther Abbott [8]
Jared 'Jary' Philip Abbott [6]
Moses 'Mo' Seth Abbott [4]
Gideon 'Dion' John Abbott [4]
Peter 'Pete' Abraham Abbott [3]
Genesis 'Gen' Mary Abbott [1]
Reuben 'Roo' Mark Abbott [0]

Oliver 'Ollie' Stuart Kohl [25]
Angela 'Angie' Leanne Kohl [29]
James 'Jamie' Maximus Kohl [7]
Robert 'Rob' Felix Kohl [5]
Callum 'Cal' Alistair Kohl [3]
William 'Will' Henry Kohl [0]

Sullivan 'Sully' Rhett Yates [36]
Sheridan 'Sherrie' Esme Yates [36]
Judson 'Jud' Archer Yates [14]
Althea 'Thea' Jane Yates [10]
Lincoln 'Linc' Sawyer Yates [9]
Ansonia 'Annie' Edith Yates [8]
Cornelia 'Lia' Eloise Yates [4]
Jackson 'Jack' Zane Yates [2]

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Posted 17 January 2014 - 09:50 AM

LN: O'Shea

DH: Roman Seth

DW: Isla Sage
DD: Harlow Savannah
DS: Landon Spencer
LN: Mueller
DH: Klaus Soren
DW:Lara Isolde
DS: Mattias Nico
DS: Isaak Karl
DD: Ria Nathalie
DS: Lukas Christian
DD: Sophie Greta
LN: Baker
DH: Mitchell 
DW: Lauren Aimee
DD: Ella Simone
DD: London Amelie
DD: Mya Elouise
DD: Chloe Juliet
LN: Teague
DH: Caleb Jude
DW:Nadia Jael
DS: Asher Cole
DS: Joshua Reed
DAS: Noah Julian
DD/DD: Eden Harper/ Leah
DAS: Micah Atticus
DAS: Jesse Oliver
DAS: Luke Bennett
DAS: Joel Tristan
DAD: Sarah Emerson
DAS: Aaron Blaise
LN: Kohl
DH: Andrew Maximus
DW: Aria Wednesday
DS: Callum Montgomery
DS: James Bellamy
DS: Oliver Lennox
DS: Liam Hallam
LN: Williams
DH: Bryant Truman
DW: Pearl Maisie
DS: Fletcher Rhett
DD: Emma Anais
DS: Judson Zane
DD: Grace Bronte
DD: Jane Charlotte
DS: Finn Ethan

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Posted 17 January 2014 - 06:32 PM

LN: O'Shea



DH: Roman Skyler

DW: Farrah Scarlett


DD: Willow Savannah {5}

DS: River Samuel {3}


LN: Eberhardt


DH: Viktor Eduard Fabian *Vik*

DW: Eleonora Isabel Vera *Ellie*


DS: Lukas Hugo Alexander *Luke* {9}

DS: Isaak Bruno Maximilian *Zak* {8}

DD: Olivia Amelie Saskia *Livie* {6}

DS: Oskar Leo Sebastian *Oz* {5}

DD: Gabriela Mathilde Seraphina *Gabbie* {2}


LN: Baker


DH: Louie Augustus

DW: Sophie Eloise


DD: Minnie Carlotta {10}

DD: Lola Juliet {4}

DD: Rosa Angelique {3}

DD: Nell Valentina {1}


LN: Teague


DH: Ethan Gregory Felix

DW: Rebecca Violet Evangeline


DS: Joseph Gabriel Ambrose {15} (biological)

DS: Daniel Theodore Quentin {13} (biological)

DS: Reuben Evander Milo {11} (adopted from China)

DD/DD: Eden Anastasia Celeste/Esther Araminta Isolde {8} (biological)

DS: Samuel Caspian August {6} (adopted from Ethiopia)

DS: Thomas Julian Otto {4} (adopted from China)

DS: Caleb Adrian Jasper {4} (adopted from Ecuador)

DS: Asher Matthias Roman {3} (adopted from Ethiopia)

DD: Leah Romilly Sybil {18 mo} (adopted from Peru)

DS: Noah Lucian Basil {NB} (adopted from Nigeria)


LN: Ponder


DH: Rupert Oliver

DW: Susie Elizabeth


DS: Percy Augustine {7}

DS: Albert Montgomery {5}

DS: Ernest Alexander {3}

DS: Howard Fitzwilliam {NB}


LN: Yates


DH: Sutton Gulliver

DW: Althea Bronte


DS: Crosby Atticus {14}

DD: Carmine Anais {10}

DS: Hudson Dashiell {9}

DD: Tallulah Darcy {8}

DD: Pearl Esme {4}

DS: Lenox Tennyson {2}

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Posted 24 April 2016 - 03:09 PM



LN: O'Shea (nee Brogan)


DH: Ryder Sterling O'Shea

DW: Scarlett Sage O'Shea (nee Brogan)


DD: Aurora "Rory" Shiloh O'Shea {5}

DS: Anderson Samuel O'Shea {3}

Ryder and Scarlett with Rory and Anderson



LN: Mueller (nee Holzmann)


DH: Christian David Mueller

DW: Nina Valerie Mueller (nee Holzmann)


DS: Leo Michael Mueller {9}

DS: Sebastian Adam Mueller {8}

DD: Lydia Melanie Mueller {6}

DS: Julian Patrick Mueller {5}

DD: Anna Evelyn Mueller {2}

Christian and Nina with Leo, Sebastian, Lydia, Julian, and Anna



LN: Baker (nee Pruitt)


DH: Parker Elliot Baker

DW: Ruth "Ruthie" Giselle Baker (nee Pruitt)


DD: Martha Christine Baker {10}

DD: Lola Yvette Baker {4}

DD: Daisy Simone Baker {3}

DD: Grace "Gracie" Eloise Baker {1}


Parker and Ruthie with Martha, Lola, Daisy, and Gracie



LN: Abbott (nee Nash)


DH: Seth Roman Abbott

DW: Leah Celeste Abbott (nee Nash)


DS: Asher Jude Abbott {15}

DS: Noah Vincent Abbott {13}

DAS: Timothy Owen Abbott {11; China}

DD/DD: Bethany "Beth" Edith Abbott and Elizabeth "Eliza" Pearl Abbott {8}

DAS: Jesse Reed Abbott {6; Ethiopia}

DAS: Ezra Horatio Abbott {4; China}

DAS: Gabriel "Gabe" Milo Abbott {4; Ecuador}

DAS: Levi Evander Abbott {3; Ethiopia}

DAD: Eden Viola Abbott {18 mo; Peru}

DAS: Elijah "Eli" Basil Abbott {NB; Nigeria}

Seth and Leah with Asher, Noah, Timothy, Beth, Eliza, Jesse, Ezra, Gabe, Levi, Eden, and Eli



LN: Browning (nee Ponder)


DH: Andrew "Drew" Colin Browning

DW: Penelope Quinn Browning (nee Ponder)


DS: Alistair John Browning {7}

DS: Dominic Harvey Browning {5}

DS: Oliver William Browning {3}

DS: Lennox Howard Browning {NB}


Drew and Penelope with Alistair, Dominic, Oliver, and Lennox



LN: Williams (nee Yates)


DH: Sullivan "Sully" Atticus Williams

DW: Chelsea Harper Williams (nee Yates)


DS: Sutton Beckett Williams {14}

DD: Emma Juliet Williams {10}

DS: Gideon Sawyer Williams {9}

DD: Tallulah "Lulu" Alice Williams {8}

DD: Whitney Jane Williams {4}

DS: Cooper Scout Williams {2}

Sully and Chelsea with Sutton, Emma, Gideon, Lulu, Whitney, and Cooper

#10 Cheyenne Autumn

Cheyenne Autumn

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Posted 24 April 2016 - 04:40 PM

LN: O'Shea

DH: Callum 'Cal' Seeley
DW: Evangeline 'Eva' Sophia

DD: Aurora 'Ari' Skye {5}
DS: Alexander 'Alex' Sterling {3}

Cal & Eva O'Shea with Ari & Alex


LN: Holzmann

DH: Isaak Jakob
DW: Lisbeth Eleanora

DS: Felix Mattias {9}
DS: Xaver Sebastian {8}
DD: Adelina Christiane {6}
DS: Sören Dietrich {5}
DD: Rosalie Nikola {2}

Isaak & Lisbeth Holzmann with Felix, Xaver, Adelina, Sören & Rosalie


LN: Cannady

DH: Steven Matthew
DW: Danielle Jolie

DD: London Amelie {10}
DD: Anastasia Dominique {4}
DD: Cecilie Annabelle {3}
DD: Chloe Eloise {1}

Steven & Danielle Cannady with London, Anastasia, Cecilie & Chloe


LN: Abbott

DH: Aaron Oliver
DW: Nadia Genevieve

DS: Elijah Cole {15} (biological)
DS: Noah Hadrian {13} (biological)
DS: Isaiah Lucien {11} (adopted from China)
DD/DD: Sarai Emerson & Zarah Estelle {8} (biological)
DS: Joshua Beckett {6} (adopted from Ethiopia)
DS: Silas Evander {4} (adopted from China)
DS: Emmanuel Dominic {4} (adopted from Ecuador)
DS: Malachi Hendrix {3} (adopted from Ethiopia)
DD: Eden Verity {18 mo} (adopted from Peru)
DS: Gabriel Lennon {NB} (adopted from Nigeria)

Aaron & Nadia Abbott with Elijah, Noah, Isaiah, Sarai & Zarah, Joshua, Silas, Emmanuel, Malachi, Eden & Gabriel


LN: Kohl

DH: Andrew William
DW: Lucy Michelle

DS: Alistair Rhys {7}
DS: Findlay Caspar {5}
DS: Lennox Montgomery {3}
DS: Bellamy Adler {NB}

Andrew & Lucy Kohl with Alistair, Findlay, Lennox & Bellamy


LN: Williams

DH: Thayer Macon
DW: Cornelia Jane (Nell)

DS: Lincoln Archer {14}
DD: Sutton Anais {10}
DS: Fletcher Atticus {9}
DD: Lennon Hadley {8}
DD: Delancy Maya {4}
DS: Auden Rhett {2}

Thayer & Nell Williams with Lincoln, Sutton, Fletcher, Lennon, Delancy & Auden

#11 hidari11


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Posted 25 April 2016 - 08:44 AM

LN: Donnell

DH: Ewan Samuel

DW: Stella Savannah


DD: Arya Seraphina{5}

DS: Alexander Spencer {3}



LN: Mueller


DH:Anton Maximilian

DW: Cornelia Annemarie


DS: Adam Patrick{9}

DS: Robert Sebastian {8}

DD: Amanda Rita{6}

DS: David Peter {5}

DD: Anna Laura{2}



LN: Saeger

DH: Tobias Henry

DW: Grace Yvette


DD: Emily Lisette{10}

DD: Eleanor Annabelle{4}

DD: Rose Juliet{3}

DD: Jasmine Aimee{1}




LN: Teague

DH: Adam Cole

DW: Eve Allegra


DS: Paul Hugo{15}

DS: Philip Leon{13}

DS: Elias Horatio{11}

DD/DD: Bethany Clara/ Deborah Adriana{8}

DS: Jeremiah Levi{6}

DS: Noah Reuben{4}

DS: Nehemiah Seth {4}

DS: Nahum Marius{3}

DD: ZarahThea {18 mo}

DS: Simeon Milo{NB}




LN: Browning




DH: John Henry

DW: Alice Roxanne


DS: Colin Robert{7}

DS: Louis Howard{5}

DS: Harry Oliver{3}

DS: Rupert Percy{NB}






DH: Christopher Holden

DW: Cornelia Eloise


DS: Henry Archer {14}

DD: Jane Maya{10}

DS: Cooper Fitzgerald{9}

DD: Grace Hermione {8}

DD: Emma Maisie{4}

DS: Oliver Ethan {2}

#12 Addison


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Posted 28 April 2016 - 09:59 AM

Kellen Seth Brogan

Grace Savannah Brogan


Stella Sutton Brogan {5}

Anderson Samuel Brogan {3}




Johan Wolfgang Mueller

Annemarie Greta Mueller


Jakob Sigmund Mueller {9}

Raphael Gunter Mueller {8}

Antonia Ingrid Mueller {6}

Franz Maximilian Mueller {5}

Petra Isolde Mueller {2}

#13 Addison


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Posted 28 April 2016 - 02:37 PM

Jackson Leland Pruitt

Arabella Josephine Pruitt


Anna-Carolina Giselle Pruitt {10}

Juliana Eloise Pruitt {4}

Isabella Mathilde Pruitt {3}

Francesca Odette Pruitt {1}




Nehemiah Basil Nash

Ruth Cecilia Nash


Abraham Jasper Nash {15}

Benjamin Leo Nash {13}

Moses Edmund Nash {11}

Eden Viola Nash {8} / Moriah Juliette Nash {8}

Jonah Gabriel Nash {6}

Laban Atticus Nash {4}

Zephaniah Owen Nash {4} 

Silas Hugo Nash {3}

Elizabeth Lyra Nash {1}

Titus Emerson Nash {NB}

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