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My list <3

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#1 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 17 January 2014 - 01:43 PM

Just wanted to post my current list  :wub: Naturally, its still very much in progress! 

My list is below, I'll just outline a few questions about it right here <3

  • Elle vs Ellie vs Ella. I love the nick name Ellie, but it feels like too much of a nick name. Surname would be Ejdowski (eh-DOW-skee), making any -ee ending names feel rhymey when paired together. I'm not sure if Elle Ejdowski feels awkward though? Does it sound like Ella Dowski? Or like a long surname El-Ejdowski or something? I don't love Ella with Ejdowski at all, it feels choppy imo. ell-UH UH-dow-ski and all. Mike dislikes Eleanor, Eloise, etc so those aren't options. 
  • I'm not sure on middle names for Eris, but so far Eris Juliet is the only one I like. Suggestions?
  • So far I put Nora Primrose together, but I'm not really feeling they fit.. the styles just feel to different imo. I love both as either first or middle names. I imagine calling Primrose by "Rosie" or something. I'm feeling its useable.. tbh I can totally see "Archer and Primrose" as siblings! But not entierly sure. It also makes an adorable middle name. 
  • I'm not sure if any of you guys are familiar with the adult cartoon "Archer"? Well I'm kinda debating... cause I've fallen in love with the name Sterling, but in the show Archers full name is Sterling Malory Archer (He goes by his surname). Is that overboard? The show isn't the classiest of shows to say the least. And I'm not sure if its weird to use his first AND last name on subsequent children..
  • I'm so unsure with Everett! I'm thinking I like it as a first name, but I love Brody Everett as a combo. But Mike says Brody is first name status, so no Everett Brody. I thought of Everett Noah but don't love it. 
  • How would you pronounce Hadrian? I saw it on nameberry. Apparently its a boys name.. it looks attractive imo. Would you say had-ryan, had-ree-an, like Adrian with an H? I like the first pronunciation but not sure if its correct.


Eris Juliet

Charlie Abigail 

Mabel Emerson

Clementine Zoe

Elle / Ellie 

Nora Primrose 














Everett Brody

Levi Connor



Theo / Theodore



Roman Connor



Grey / Greyson












Yeah, its rather unorganized and messy... but thats it! <3 I always love suggestions, I'm trying to find combos for all my names  ^_^

#2 Madi <3

Madi <3

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Posted 17 January 2014 - 02:38 PM

I don't like Eris, but I do like Juliet as a middle name.


I prefer Charlotte nickname Charlie so that she has a full name to fall back on, and Abigail is okay.


Mabel Emerson - Mabel is okay, and I love Emerson.


I LOVE Clementine Zoe!!!


Elle / Ellie... I don't like Elle, it just sounds like the letter L, which is not enough of a name.  Ellie is cute as a nickname.


Nora Primrose - I like both of these names, but I do agree that they don't go together stylistically.  Maybe Aria Primrose?


Maisie... It's cute, but I think it's lacking something.


Margot... The silent T bothers me and it seems better suited as a nickname for Margaret.


Hayden: I think this is usable for a girl.  Personally it's not my style.


Sonnet - Not my style.


Aurora - Love.


Maia - Cute.  Pronounced My-uh or May-uh?


Calla - Not my style... I prefer Callie by far.


Alana - Do you pronounce it Uh-lawn (silent w)-uh?  That's how I pronounce it.  I adore it.  I know a girl named Alana who gets her name mispronounced all the time.

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#3 Katie-Nana


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Posted 17 January 2014 - 03:43 PM

Hadrian is pron. like Adrian with a HAY! lol. (HAY dree en).  I always think of Hadrian's wall which separated the part controlled by Rome from the rest of the island and named after the Emperor who was around when its construction began.  Its very historical :) http://en.wikipedia..../Hadrian's_Wall

Because of this, Hadrian has a very strong, Roman, and military feel to me.  I think it would work nicely as a sibling for Archer! :D

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#4 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 18 January 2014 - 12:09 PM

Thanks Madi and Katie! :)


Madi, I do like Charlotte, but Mike doesn't. Plus my grandmother really hates the name Charlotte because it was her sisters name and apparently she treated her very poorly :( Mike and I have considered Charlize though it doesn't flow great with Ejdowski. 

Aria Primrose is real pretty! So frilly and girly. Thanks!

I thought Maisie sounded incomplete until I thought of how it rhymes with Daisy and Daisy feels complete. 

For Margot, I also like the spelling like the french town, Margaux, as well. But I'm unsure.

Maia like my-uh and Alana exactly like that! Ah-lah-nah, not like Elaina, 


Ohh, I think I can see Hadrian being a sibling for Archer too :) I found it in Nameberry under Roman names actually! Thats a cool story though. Thanks :)

#5 Addison


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Posted 22 January 2014 - 08:42 AM

  • I think Elle Ejdowski sounds like Ella Dowski. I don't think Ellie Ejdowski does. I love Ellie Ejdowski :)
  • I love Eris Juliet <3
  • Nora Primrose is cute, but I do think the styles don't fit well. As cute as it is, Archer and Primrose sounds super Hunger Games. 
  • I've seen previews for the show, but never seen it. Archer and Sterling would make an adorable sib-set! I would never connotate it with the show. But then again I don't know how many people watch it; it could be a lot. 
  • Brody Everett is handsome :) I also love Everett Noah! Hmm. Everett Linus, or Everett Percy? 
  • I'd say Adrian with an H.


Eris Juliet - like it

Charlie Abigail  - not my style, sorry

Mabel Emerson - sounds like a full name, but not bad

Clementine Zoe - so cute <3

Elle / Ellie - love it, esp Ellie!

Nora Primrose - like you said, feels a little unbalanced. Calla Primrose, Nora Sonnet?

Maisie - cute, but not my cup of tea

Margot - I know a lot of Margot's, so it feels slightly boring to me, but still cute

Hayden - I have a hard time seeing it on a girl

Sonnet - adorable middle name

Aurora - Lovely, and the nickname Aurie is great!

Maia - not my style

Calla - Adorable!!  :wub: 

Alana - feels a little dated, but not bad


Holden - sounds too much like "holding" for me. 

Abram - handsome!!

Gideon - LOVE!!!!

Sterling - so great. 

Everett Brody - awesome combo, so strong and manly

Levi Connor - great balance, I like it a lot. Very solid and sweet, and very masculine

Milo - ehhh I go back and forth on this one. On one hand, it's so cute for a little guy, but on one hand it feels more fitting for an animal, a la Milo and Otis

Finn - cute cute :)

Theo / Theodore - my new cousin is Theodore, Teddy :) I like this one!

Henry - so good, so handsome! I love it

Nico - I prefer Nicholas, Nick, but still nice

Roman Connor - I liked Levi Connor better, to be honest. Maybe Linus Roman, or Roman Grey.

Odin - SO GOOD! <3 Odin Lysander?

Damon - I think of Matt Damon, but still a great name

Grey / Greyson - I like Grey a lot, but not Greyson

Rhys - recently been feeling indifferent here

Cassius - I love Cash, and I like Cassius/Cassian as a way to get there

Percy - Love this sooo much

Phineas - don't like this, sorry!

Austin - like Alana, feels dated to me, but not bad

Julian - great, and strong

Linus - handsome and sweet

Lysander - I like it! 

Lionel - not my style, too much Lionel Richie maybe? lol

Charles - I love Charlie, but not as much Charles

#6 saree6


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Posted 27 January 2014 - 07:27 PM

What about the first name Ellory? It would work with your surname, but also could be nn Ellie if you wanted...it seems more of a substantial name too.

#7 ElleB


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Posted 29 January 2014 - 07:29 PM

Eris Juliet - Pretty. Eris is different, and Juliet has always been a favorite of mine

Charlie Abigail - Really like Charlie, and it flows really well with Abigail, although I'm not a fan of Abigail...negative connotations :/

Mabel Emerson - I feel like the flow is a bit off here. Also, it seems pretty dated, in my opinion

Clementine Zoe - Very cute, Zoe adds some youth to Clementine :)

Elle / Ellie - I like Elle, but like you, I feel that it sounds a little "nicknamey," and would sound more like "Ella Dowski" paired with hubby's last name :/ (maybe a longer name you could use with Elle as a nickname? Eleanor, Elisabeth, Elena, Elora, Elodie, Eloise, Eleanora, Ellison, Eliana, Helena, Stella?)

Nora Primrose - Love this combo, it just sounds up your alley :)

Maisie - Cute

Margot - Not for me, sorry! :/

Hayden - Starting to like this a lot on a girl :) I have it paired as Isla Hayden on my list <3

Sonnet - LOVE. A guilty pleasure of mine. Beautiful name.

Aurora - Another love of mine. Love the nickname, Rory. :)

Maia - Very pretty, although I prefer Mia.

Calla - Really like this! <3

Alana - Love this name, though personally, I prefer the Irish spelling (Alannah), it's a gorgeous name either way!


Holden - Nice, but I know a lot of Holdens and it just kind of killed it for me :/

Abram - I prefer this in the middle name spot!

Gideon - a favorite of mine. <3

Sterling - Very handsome!

Everett Brody - Nice combo, LOVE Everett on a girl or a boy! <3

Levi Connor - Really loving Levi here, and Connor is definitely growing on me.

Milo - Really like <3

Finn - I like Finn, but I prefer it as a nickname for Finley, etc.

Theo / Theodore - Theodore is adorable! Personally prefer the nickname Teddy <3

Henry - Handsome, can never go wrong with Henry. Classic!

Nico - LOVE. Whether it's a nickname or not, Nico is so unique to me <3

Roman Connor - Very handsome. Flows really well.

Odin - Another love of mine <3 Love the combo Odin Everett <3

Damon - Really love (I also have Damon Lindsey on my list)

Grey / Greyson - Handsome, you can pair either one with just about anything!

Rhys - Like, but I prefer it as a middle name

Cassius - Really love Cassius (is it me, or do you have a lot of my favorites on your boys list? :P) Do you pronounce it "Cash-us" or "Cass-ee-us?"

Percy - Very handsome, I know a Percy and he kind of turned me around on this name

Phineas - Really love this one as well (I always liked Phineas Bear <3)

Austin - Really like, personally prefer it on a girl <3

Julian - It's nice, I prefer Julius <3

Linus - Can't go wrong with Charlie Brown! Lol, kidding. I think Linus has potential, as long as it's in the right combo!

Lysander - Very different, I like this a lot, actually

Lionel - Not for me :/

Charles - Biased since it's my grandfather's name, but it's a classic <3

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#8 BabyNamingBailey


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Posted 31 January 2014 - 10:36 PM

Eris Juliet- Dont like Eris. Love Juliet.
Charlie Abigail- If Charlie is short for Charlotte, it's great. But Charlie on its own is not my style. Abigail is cute.
Mabel Emerson- Dont like either.
Clementine Zoe- Dont like Clementine. Zoe is cute.
Elle / Ellie- I like Ellie but your last name kind of messes with it.
Nora Primrose- Nora is alright. Primrose is horrible. Hunger Games based names are cheesy.
Maisie- I like it. Maisie Quinn.
Margot- My grandmum was named Margot, so I see a freckly wrinkly potatoe.
Hayden- Like it for a boy.
Sonnet- Cute, Sonnet Raleigh.
Aurora- alright.
Maia- Cute. Maia Delaney
Calla- Love it. Calla Nicole.
Alana- Love it, preferred with two n's. Alanna Giselle.

Holden- It's cute. Holden James.
Abram- Not my style.
Gideon- Not my style.
Sterling- Only as a middle name.
Everett Brody- Everett is alright. I prefer Brady to Brody.
Levi Connor- How about Connor Levi? Love both names.
Milo- not my style.
Finn- Cute! Finn Wesley - Wesley Finn.
Theo / Theodore- Not my favorite.
Henry- Not my style.
Nico- Alright. Mason Nico,
Roman Connor. LOVE IT!
Odin- Not my style.
Damon- I like Damien.
Grey / Greyson- Only as a middle name.
Rhys- Cute.
Cassius- Only as a middle name and only if it has meaning. Ashton Cassius.
Percy- Cute. Percy Lucas.
Phineas- Please don't.
Austin- FAVORITE!! Austin Taylor, Austin James, Austin Reese, Austin Liam, Austin Chase.
Julian- Julian Ezekiel or vise versa.
Linus- Minus..
Lysander- Not a fan.
Lionel- Not my style.
Charles- Cute. Charles Nathan

#9 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 01 February 2014 - 08:32 AM

Thank you ladies very much for your responses!


I'm thinking I'll keep Ellie and Elle on my guilty pleasure list. I'm kinda bummed because I feel like it could honor my mum in a way as her name is Pamela, so it ends in Ella. I wish Mike were more opened to longer El- names as Eloise and Eleanor / Eleanora are favorites of mine :( I will try suggesting Ellory / Ellery to Mike and see what he says :) Who knows, maybe this one will suit his fancy.


I'm so bummed I can't use Primrose. I actually liked the name before the Hunger Games series, which I've only seen the movie once and wasn't exactly as "thrilled" as everyone else about it. Its a fine movie, but idk. I love nature names in general though, and I actually liked Primrose back when I was a kiddo when my parents church hosted a girl scouts like group and instead of "Brownies" or "Juniors" there were "Prims" (Primrose), Daisy's, etc. I think Calla Primrose would be a fun name for my GP list! So cute! Thanks Addison! <3 

I can't decide if I prefer Aurie or Rory for Aurora's nick name :) I'm really falling for it though I doubt I'd use it IRL either. I don't really want a theme for my kiddos names and this would start an A theme. :(


I'm noticing a lot of people pronounce Alana differently. I say it like Ah-lah-nah, rather then like Elaina. I've seen it both ways.. Hmm :/ I keep finding myself loving Alana Genevieve again. It was on my list a while back, my dad actually suggested Genevieve and Alana be together haha. 


I can't use Charlotte for Charlie as my grandmothers sister was named Charlotte and I guess she treated my Grandmother very badly. I do like Charlize (shar-leese) but not as much as plain Charlie. 


Ah I love Maia and Mia, and Mike likes both so its hard to decide! Both are pretty popular as well unfortunately, but they are so beautiful I don't mind at all <3 


I feel like Holden is becoming popular these days :/ I've only met one guy with the name Holden and it was his middle name, he was in the class below me in one of my high schools. I think it makes a solid middle name though. 


I'm so excited that Mike officially added Levi Connor to the list!  :wub: I thought he'd hesitate as Roman Connor is still on. But I'm loving Levi more than Roman lately. 


I sort of like Finn as a nick name for Finley, however Finley Ejdowski doesn't flow very well <3 Thats in part why I like Phineas, it flows much better. (Also, not Phineas like Phineas and Ferb. I'm thinking Phineas like the High Priest in Exodus, from the Bible ;) He's a saint in accordance with Eastern Orthadox church though I don't believe in that). Hemi LB, I'd love Phineas Bear except one of Archie's middle names are Bear (Archer Cohen Bear). Hah! We really do have a lot of names in common!


I really love Odin Lysander!! <3


I agree on Cassius as a way to Cash! I feel like its a tad cheesy to use Cash alone, but it feels SO sweet as a nick name for Cassius.. or even Cassian!

I think my whole friend group would all be able to make the connection, but I'm sure no one in school or anything would (for Sterling and Archer). 


I think I'd end up using Linus as a middle name as well, because it is very Peanuts lol. But it sounds so handsome, and I feel like it has potential! <3


I like Damian as well, I actually have a friend named Damian. I'm always going back and forth between Damian and Damon. I also really like Julian Ezekiel!



Uhm, I'm sorry you see Margot and your grandmother as a freckly, wrinkly potato  :mellow:

#10 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 01 February 2014 - 08:33 AM

Yeesh, sorry my post is a mish mosh of a reply! Arch didn't sleep very well last night, so in turn, neither did I ;)


But I'm thankful for all this input! It helps! <3

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