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Streets in Denver CAF

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#1 Addison


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Posted 27 January 2014 - 12:58 PM

LN: From Either Namebank


DH: FN is your choice, middle must be from namebank

DW: FN is your choice, middle must be from namebank









Golden Retriever:  (from namebanks)

Golden Retriever Puppy 1: (from namebanks)

Golden Retriever Puppy 2: (from namebanks)

Golden Retriever Puppy 3: (from namebanks)

Golden Retriever Puppy 4: (from namebanks)


Boy: Scott, Peregrine, Walter, Andrew, Cedar, Fenton, Dillon, Luther, Silver, Benton, Grey, August, Lowell, Knox, Austin, Jared, Adam, Callan, Clark, Douglas, Elliot, Clay, Bryant, Alcott, Julian, Nelson, James, Jameson, Newton, Eaton, Kohl, Yates, Wolf, Chase, Otis, Reed, Yukon, Zephyr, Hoyt, Kline, Everett, Brent, Martin, Bruce, Randolph, Kipling, Morrison, Lincoln, Penn, Emerson, Franklin, William, Garrison, Zion, Monroe, Ash, Harrison, Ivan, Dexter, Leyden, Trenton, Boston, Clinton, Ajax, Marshall, Pierce, Vance, Cody, Donovan, Wagner, Basil, Dallas, Dayton, Fulton, Kenton, Carson, Dawson, Lansing, Revere, Troy, Tucson, Evanston, Fraser, Memphis, Jasper, Joplin, Lewiston, Walden, Jericho, Halifax, Addison, Kyle, Kirk, Lisbon, Perth, Rome, Titus, Bentley, Nash, Keifer, Eames


Girl: Ruth, Daphne, Irene, Emerald, Garnet, Abeline, Aspen, Sheridan, Grey, Calloway, Augusta, Raven, Molly, Shannon, Sylvie, Corrine, Shea, Madison, Whitney, Echo, Fawn, Fern, Winona, Kendall, Zenobia, Allison, Holland, Garland, Erie, Penny, Marion, Faye, Emerson, Elizabeth, York, Josie, Este, Ash, Monroe, Holly, Fairfax, Dahlia, Leyden, Rose, Ivy, Poplar, Olive, Roslyn, Maeby, Xenia, Xanthia, Florence, Iola, Joliet, Paris, Anaheim, Dawson, Carson, Crystal, Idalia, Helena, Memphis, Ireland, Odessa, Sicily, Addison, Meadow, Snow, Lena, Vivian, Ellis, Flora, Isabel, Poppy, Violet, Virginia, Leighton, Ida, Athena

#2 Addison


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Posted 27 January 2014 - 01:08 PM

LN: Keifer


DH: Andrew Dallas

DW: Elodie Ireland


DD: Leighton Ruth

DS: Jameson Titus

DD: Holland Sylvie

DS: Perth Carson

DS: Franklin Eames

DD: Isabel Poplar


Golden Retriever: Joliet (from namebanks)

Golden Retriever Puppy 1: Lansing (from namebanks)

Golden Retriever Puppy 2: Kipling (from namebanks)

Golden Retriever Puppy 3: Athena (from namebanks)

Golden Retriever Puppy 4: Fairfax (from namebanks)


Andrew and Elodie Keifer; with Leighton, Jameson, Holland, Perth, Franklin, and Isabel Keifer.

#3 CLA


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Posted 28 January 2014 - 12:03 AM

LN: Jameson


DH: Kyle Leydon

DW: Emma Rose


DD: Daphne Snow

DS: Boston Rome

DD: Ireland Rose

DS: Walter Grey

DS: Everett Clay

DD: Monroe Echo


Golden Retriever:  Shea

Golden Retriever Puppy 1: Cedar

Golden Retriever Puppy 2: Dahlia

Golden Retriever Puppy 3: Olive

Golden Retriever Puppy 4: Basil


Kyle & Emma Jameson w/ Daph, Boss, Irey, Walt, Rett, & Roe.

Dogs: Shea, Cedar, Dahlia, Olive, & Basil.

#4 Emma 13

Emma 13

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Posted 28 January 2014 - 01:27 AM

LN: Douglas
DH: Zachary Austin
DW: Sophia Isabel
DD: Elizabeth Rose
DS: Jared Bryant
DD: Madison Dahlia
DS: Andrew Kyle
DS: William Troy
DD: Kendall Violet
Golden Retriever: Crystal
Golden Retriever Puppy 1: Emerald 
Golden Retriever Puppy 2: Garnet
Golden Retriever Puppy 3: Jasper
Golden Retriever Puppy 4: Silver
Zach & Sophie W/ Lizzy, Jay, Maddie, Drew, Will, & Kenda Douglas - Along with dog & puppies: Crystal, Emerald, Garnet, Jasper, & Silver

#5 brittany111


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Posted 28 January 2014 - 12:26 PM

LN: Dayton

DH: Weston Kohl
DW: Alaina Rose
DD: Lola Madison
DS: Vance Austin
DD: Emerson Shea
DS: Bentley Penn
DS: Nash Carson
DD: Holly Addison
GR: Sylvie
P1: Poppy
P2: Joplin
P3: Dexter
P4: Athena
The Dayton Family
West and Alaina
Lola, Vance, Eme, Bentley, Nash, Holly.

#6 glitchinggecko


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Posted 28 January 2014 - 06:03 PM

Nathaniel 'Nate' William Benton [33]
Catherine 'Cate' Elizabeth Benton [35]
Elizabeth 'Beth' Roslyn Benton [15]
William 'Will' Scott Benton [13]
Allison 'Ally' Lena Benton [11]
Harrison 'Harry' James Benton [9]
Dexter 'Dex' Adam Benton [7]
Isabelle 'Izzy' Dahlia Benton [4]

Josie with puppies Jasper, Jared, Julian and Jericho

#7 Kristi18


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    Laughing with friends.

Posted 28 January 2014 - 07:35 PM

LN: Calloway


DH: Scott Harrison

DW: Allison Elizabeth


DD: Lena Madison

DS: Nash Emerson

DD: Poppy Ireland

DS: Reed Jameson

DS: Pierce Donovan

DD: Josie Roslyn


Golden Retriever:  Athena

Golden Retriever Puppy 1: Zephyr

Golden Retriever Puppy 2: Jericho

Golden Retriever Puppy 3: Ajax

Golden Retriever Puppy 4: Keifer


Scott and Allison Calloway

Lena, Nash, Poppy, Reed, Pierce and Josie

with Athena, Zephyr, Jericho, Ajax and Keifer

#8 mimi78


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Posted 16 April 2014 - 09:43 PM

LN: Calloway


DH: Dexter Nash *Dex*

DW: Cora Whitney


DD: Athena Corrine

DS: Grey Everett

DD: Irene Joliet

DS: Penn Revere

DS: August Elliot *Gus*

DD: Sylvie Ruth


Golden Retriever:  Josie

Golden Retriever Puppy 1: Otis

Golden Retriever Puppy 2: Olive

Golden Retriever Puppy 3: Jasper

Golden Retriever Puppy 4: Holly


 Dex and Cora Calloway with Athena, Grey, Irene, Penn, Gus and Sylvie

#9 brimariiee


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Posted 22 June 2014 - 12:35 PM

LN: Nelson


DH: Matthew Adam Nelson

DW: Brianna Meadow Nelson (nee Donovan)


DD: Holly Irene Nelson

DS: Andrew "Drew" Lincoln Nelson

DD: Ireland Faye Nelson

DS: Dexter "Dex" Nash Nelson

DS: Elliot "Eli" Douglas Nelson

DD: Monroe Rose Nelson


Golden Retriever: Vivian

Golden Retriever Puppy 1: Emerald

Golden Retriever Puppy 2: Boston

Golden Retriever Puppy 3: Bentley

Golden Retriever Puppy 4: Emerson

#10 Hannah


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    AND, I of course love thinking of baby names even though that is a VERY far in the future thing for me because I'm still young!

Posted 22 June 2014 - 06:59 PM

LN: Peregrine


DH: Luther Franklin

DW: Daphne Flora


DD: Helena Violet

DS: Otis Harrison

DD: Leighton Rose

DS: Knox Lincoln

DS: Bruce Monroe

DD: Vivian Dahlia


Luther and Daphne Peregrin with Helena, Otis, Leighton, Knox, Bruce, and Vivian

#11 Puppylover12397


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Posted 22 June 2014 - 09:58 PM

LN: Calloway


DH: Trenton Carson Kirk

DW: Vivienne Ellis Dahlia


DD: Daphne Leighton Ivy [9] 

DS: Harrison Scott August [8]

DD: Violet Addison Flora [6]

DS: Jameson Elliot Clark [4]

DS: Emerson Dallas Troy [2]

DD: Monroe Allison Rose [0]


Golden Retriever: Sylvie

Golden Retriever Puppy 1: Basil

Golden Retriever Puppy 2: Faye

Golden Retriever Puppy 3: Vance

Golden Retriever Puppy 4: Ajax


Trenton and Vivienne Calloway; with Daphne, Harrison, Violet, Jameson, Emerson & Monroe

Sylvie; with Basil, Faye, Vance + Ajax


#12 rhaego


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Posted 27 June 2014 - 03:51 AM

ln: Calloway

dh: Bennett Clark
dw: Emily Dahlia

dd: Ivy Roslyn
ds: Elliot Grey
dd: Poppy Leighton
ds: August Reed
ds: Lincoln James
dd: Violet Helena

dog: Athena
puppy: Jericho
puppy: Jasper
puppy: Memphis
puppy: Tucson

#13 mom2maci0113


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Posted 27 June 2014 - 05:33 AM

LN: Kipling 
DH: Linden Kyle 
DW: Chloe Odessa 
DD: Abeline Raven 
DS: Leyden Hoyt 
DD: Sylvie Corrine 
DS: Cody Donovan 
DS: Dexter Clinton 
DD: Erie Dahlia 
Golden Retriever:  Aspen 
Golden Retriever Puppy 1: Zephyr 
Golden Retriever Puppy 2: Josie 
Golden Retriever Puppy 3: Titus 
Golden Retriever Puppy 4: Otis 
Linden & Chloe Kipling with their children; Abilene, Leyden, Sylvie, Cody, Dexter & Erie 
Aspen with her pups; Zephyr, Josie, Titus & Otis 

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