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Haven't posted one in a while!

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#1 ElleB


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Posted 28 January 2014 - 01:07 AM

Here are my namelists. Some, I'm at a total loss for, and some I'm content with. Thoughts/opinions/feedback?

Also, any suggestions you have for girls that you want to throw out there, go for it! It's so short compared to my boys list, and I feel like I've hit a rut!


Just a couple dilemmas I'm in:

-Still need a middle name for Aedan.

-Torn on middle names for Marlee, Noa, and Leia.



Marlee Roxanne/Hannah?
Tegan Alexa
Evelyn Roxette
Noa Haleigh/Haven?
Gemma Roxanne
Molly Guinevere
Amelie Roxanne
Leia Sparrow/Alexzandra?
Saige Annalise
Gwendolyn Snow


Axel Morgan

Jonah Arik
Blaine Isaac
Cash Emory Hampton
Abel Gideon
Tiersen Matthew
Lucan Alexander
Gavin Leo
Alexander "Lex" Giovanni
Silas Cody
Brandt August
Jett Emory

Aedan ?

#2 Addison


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Posted 28 January 2014 - 09:10 AM

Marlee Roxanne/Hannah? - love Marlee, but not really a fan of either middle name, sorry! Hmm.. Marlee Sophia, Marlee Sarah, Marlee Ava/Ada, Marlee Adeline.
Tegan Alexa - cute
Evelyn Roxette - love Evelyn! Roxette is not my style
Noa Haleigh/Haven? - again, not really a fan of either middle, but Noa is adorable!! Noa Charlotte, Noa Marlee, Noa Gwendolen, Noa Jade, Noa Marion, Noa Madeline, Noa Madeleine, Noa Audrey, Noa Josephine, Noa Juliet, Noa Scarlett.
Gemma Roxanne - not my style, sorry :(
Molly Guinevere - even though Molly has never been a favorite of mine, I love this combo! Such a good mixture of styles! Love!!
Amelie Roxanne - not my style, though I love Amelia.
Leia Sparrow/Alexzandra? - Leia Sparrow is lovely!!! 
Saige Annalise - adorable, although this spelling of Sage would probably cause trouble imo
Gwendolyn Snow - cute


Axel Morgan - love this!

Jonah Arik - love Jonah, Arik is not my style.
Blaine Isaac - Handsome, though personally I'd swap it to be Isaac Blaine.
Cash Emory Hampton - love this!! Cash is so handsome. 
Abel Gideon - another one I love. Gideon is particularly handsome!
Tiersen Matthew - not my style, but I still find it handsome.
Lucan Alexander - I prefer Lucian to Lucan, but still handsome
Gavin Leo - handsome, esp Gavin
Alexander "Lex" Giovanni - I like both names, but together it seems like far too many syllables in just two names...I have an idea! Aedan Giovanni! And maybe Alexander August Brandt or Alexander Brandt August?
Silas Cody - I like Silas quite a lot
Brandt August - handsome
Jett Emory - I love Jett!

Aedan ? - not big on the spelling, but still handsome

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#3 Viv


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Posted 28 January 2014 - 10:29 AM

I love Evelyn and Molly Guinevere! What about Evelyn Winter for a combo?


As for the boys, I love Silas!!!!!! (I may be biased having one of my own, though ;) ) The rest are nice enough, just not my style.

#4 ElleB


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Posted 29 January 2014 - 08:50 PM

Thanks ladies!


Addison; I really like Marlee Ava, it's actually one that I had been debating on <3 Also loving Noa Marley, Noa Jade, and Noa Juliet (although, unfortunately, Juliet will have to remain a guilty pleasure <3). And Aedan Giovanni, OMG. <3


Viv; I really like Evelyn Winter! Sounds kind of like a fairy tale <3

#5 HxppySxng


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Posted 31 January 2014 - 10:21 PM

Marlee Roxanne/Hannah?- I love Marlee, but I prefer the spelling Marley. Marley Hannah.

Tegan Alexa- I love Tegan. Alexa is alright, have you considered Tegan Alexia?

Evelyn Roxette- Neither of these are my style really. Evelyn is alright. Roxette is not a name I prefer.

Noa Haleigh/Haven?- I don't like Noa, Noah is a boy's name. I prefer the spelling Hailey. I don't like Haven as a name.

Gemma Roxanne- Love Gemma, hate Roxanne.

Molly Guinevere- I don't like either names. Maybe Molly Genevieve.

Amelie Roxanne- I like Amelia better. Still not a fan of Roxanne.

Leia Sparrow/Alexzandra?- Love the spelling of Leia. Leia Sparrow. Alexzandra is trying too hard, stick with Alexandra.

Saige Annalise- LOVE BOTH NAMES!

Gwendolyn Snow- Don't like either.

Axel Morgan- I don't like Axel, but it's not the worst name ever. I like Morgan on a girl.

Jonah Arik- IN LOVE WITH JONAH. Erick or Eric or Erik please.

Blaine Isaac- Cute name.

Cash Emory Hampton- Don't like Cash or Hampton. Emory is cute.

Abel Gideon- Don't like Abel. Gideon in cute.

Tiersen Matthew- Don't like Tiersen. Matthew is a great name.

Lucan Alexander- Lucas* Alexander is a great combo.

Gavin Leo- Love Gavin. Leo is a good matchup but not my favorite.

Alexander "Lex" Giovanni- I like the name, not the nickname. Lex makes me think of Lexi.

Silas Cody- Not a fan of Silas. Love Cody. Sounds better swapped, Cody Silas.

Brandt August- Dont like either.

Jett Emory- Switch, Emory Jett. Don't like Jett, but it's alright.

Aedan Lucas. (:

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