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from nameberry not mine

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Posted 07 May 2014 - 01:44 PM

LN:Umbrielle, Ashby, Murphy, Chanson, Eliane, Melisande, Margaux, Liesl, Raylan, Zosma, Malou, Arwen, Adair, Lilith


DH: Matthew, Leo, Holden, Levi, Oliver, Lachlan, Beckett, Cooper, Loren, Silas, Luc, Aidan, Keegan
DW: Lindsay, Amy, Jane, Gretchen, Chelsea, Bridget, Nancy, Claire, Marian, Reese, Amanda, Heidi

DS: Dieter, Tobias, Elias, Topher, Levon, Kaden, Brenner, Grayson, Quentin, Finn, Henry, Felix, Adler, Satchel, Mannix, Tripp, Fionn
DS/DD: Tate, Deccan, Kiefer, Madigan, Hendrix, Cagney, Stellan, Archer, Sawyer, Paden Brooks, Fielder/Signy, Sisley, Sydney, Ramona, Penrose, Langley, Finley, Mirren, Sigrid, Carden, Penelope, Linden, Tatum, Abrial
DD/DD: Briallen, Branwen, Brielle, Brinsley, Brigid, Marin, Cassia, Aberdeen, Tuesday, Lettie, Ottilie, Flannery, Sailor/Brinley, Bria, Britt, Brynn, Braelyn, Briony, Sheridan, Tamarind, Merrigan, Reagan, Arabella, Thea, Tanwen, Seeley
DD/DS: Dagny, Eliana, Romy, Cambrie, Capri, Chauncey, Sidda, Piper, Seren, Livia, Arbor, Claret, Dionne, Aster, Thomasin/Deacon, Raiden, Cade, Teague, Kyler, Marlow, Thatcher, Phoenix, Adlai, Harlan, Lukas/Lucas
DS: Phineas, Theo, Declan, Connor, Knox, Ryder, Benji, Tierney, Sloan, Eli, Court, Channing, Nolan, Mason, Gage, Sayer, Milo, Rueben, Tyler, Reeve
DS or DD: Rory, Auden, Ellis, Grey, Dillon, Charlie, Hadley, Leith, Reagan, Arden, Riley/Reilly

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Posted 07 May 2014 - 03:08 PM

LN: Adair


DH: Silas Holden Luc [38]
DW: Gretchen Claire Reese [37]

DS: Quentin Finn Tobias [17]
DS/DD: Archer Stellan Tate & Penelope Tatum Finley [15]
DD/DD: Bronwyn Flannery Cassia & Thea Arabella Brynn [12]
DD/DS: Piper Livia Claret & Thatcher Lucas Cade [8] 
DS: Mason Ryder Nolan [4]
DS: Ellis Arden Riley [2]


Silas and Gretchen Adair; with Quentin, Archer, Penelope, Bronwyn, Thea, Piper, Thatcher, Mason & Ellis

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Posted 07 May 2014 - 10:09 PM

LN: Chanson


DH: Levi Matthew
DW: Claire Marian Reese

DS: Tobias Mannix
DS/DD: Paden Cagney & Penrose Mirren
DD/DD: Branwen Sailor & Arabella Seeley
DD/DS: Cambrie Piper & Kyler Teague
DS: Benji Gage

DD: Charlie Auden


Levi & Claire Chanson w/ Toby, Pay, Rosie, Bran, Bell, Cam, Ky, Ben, & Char.

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 04:26 AM

Matthew Oliver 'Matt' Murphy [33]
Amanda Claire 'Mandy' Murphy [33]
Tobias Henry 'Toby' Murphy [15]
Archer Tate 'Archie' Murphy [13]
Penelope Ramona 'Penny' Murphy [13]
Cassia Brielle 'Cassie' Murphy [10]
Arabella Briony 'Bella' Murphy [10]
Eliana Piper 'Ellie' Murphy [9]
Lucas Deacon 'Luke' Murphy [9]
Declan Theo 'Dec' Murphy [5]
Greyson Dillon 'Grey' Murphy [0]

#5 Laugh-Dream-Love


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Posted 08 May 2014 - 05:27 AM

LN: Raylan

DH: Cooper Holden Luc [38]
DW: Bridget Heidi Jane [37]
DS: Tobias Brenner Finn [13]
DS/DD: Stellan Fielder Tate/Sisley Linden Ramona [11]
DD/DD: Ottilie Tuesday Marin/Arabella Briony Reagan [8]
DD/DS: Piper Seren Capri/Phoenix Harlan Cade [5]
DS: Channing Sayer Reeve [2]
DD: Auden Ellis Grey [nb]


Cooper and Bridget Raylan with Toby, Stellan, Sisley, Ottilie, Arabella, Piper, Phoenix, Channing, and Auden

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 09:17 AM

Beckett Matthew 'Beck' Adair [40]
Lindsay Amanda 'Linda' Adair [40]
Tripp Mannix 'Tripp' Adair [21]
Stellan Brooks 'Stell' Adair [19]
Sisley Tatum 'Sisi' Adair [19]
Brielle Tuesday 'Bri' Adair [17]
Brynn Thea 'Brynn' Adair [17]
Livia Seren 'Liv' Adair [15]
Lucas Raiden 'Luke' Adair [15]
Ryder Channing 'Ryd' Adair [11]
Hadley Riley 'Haddie' Adair [8]

#7 Kristi18


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Posted 08 May 2014 - 12:12 PM

LN: Raylan


DH: Matthew Oliver
DW: Lindsay Jane

DS: Tripp Mannix
DS/DD: Sawyer Brooks / Sydney Tatum
DD/DD: Cassia Brielle / Brinley Arabella
DD/DS: Cambrie Piper / Kyler Phoenix
DS: Gage Connor
DD: Hadley Grey


Matt and Lindsay Raylan

Tripp, Sawyer, Sydney, Cassia, Brinley

Cambrie, Kyler, Gage and Hadley

#8 Addison


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Posted 10 May 2014 - 06:59 PM

LN: Adair

DH: Silas Levi
DW: Heidi Reese

DS: Felix Henry
DS/DD: Stellan Archer / Sigrid Linden
DD/DD: Flannery Sailor / Seeley Arabella
DD/DS: Eliana Piper / Thatcher Teague
DS: Theo Knox
DS: Rory Grey

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Posted 17 May 2014 - 02:22 PM

LN: Murphy


[45] DH: Lachlan Matthew
[43] DW: Jane Heidi

[15] DS: Tobias Finn
[13] DS/DD: Archer Stellan / Penelope Tatum
[11] DD/DD: Brigid Cassia / Reagan Thea
[8] DD/DS: Eliana Piper / Lucas Thatcher
[5] DS: Declan Milo
[0] DS: Charlie Auden




Lachlan & Jane

Toby, Archie, Nell, Bee, Reagan, Ellie, Luc, Declan, Charlie

#10 PaperHeart


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Posted 19 May 2014 - 01:57 PM

LN Ashby


DH Matthew Beckett (46)
DW Marian Claire Jane (40)


DS Tobias Felix (19)

DS/DD Archer Stellan and Penelope Mirren (17)

DD/DD Brigid Ottilie and Arabella  Sheridan (13)

DD/DS Claret Chauncy and Thatcher Lucas (10)

DS Phineas Nolan (5)

DS Ellis Arden Grey (2)


Matthew and Marie Claire Ashby with their children

Toby, Archie, Peppy, Brie, Bella, Cece, Thatch, Phinn and Ellis.

#11 Hannah


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Posted 24 May 2014 - 12:14 AM

LN: Ashby


DH: Lachlan Oliver
DW: Jane Heidi

DS: Topher Felix
DS/DD: Sawyer Brooks / Tatum Penrose
DD/DD: Sailor Cassia / Reagan Bria 
DD/DS: Piper Eliana/ Phoenix Cade
DS: Theo Channing
DS : Reilly Auden


Lachlan and Jane Ashby with Topher, Sawyer, Tatum, Sailor, Reagan, Piper, Phoenix, Theo, and Reilly

#12 boocue


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Posted 24 May 2014 - 09:19 AM

LN:Umbrielle, Ashby, Murphy, Chanson, Eliane, Melisande, Margaux, Liesl, Raylan, Zosma, Malou, Arwen, Adair, Lilith

DH: Aidan Matthew
DW: Reese Bridget

DS:Grayson Henry
DS/DD: Sawyer Brooks/Finley Penrose
DD/DD: Sailor Ottilie/Brynn Arabella
DD/DS: Piper Livia/Marlow Thatcher
DS: Knox Reuben
DD: Ellis Rory

#13 keladry12


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Posted 24 May 2014 - 11:00 AM

LN: Ashby


DH: Aidan Oliver Ashby
DW:  Marian Jane Chanson

DS: Henry Felix Ashby
DS/DD: Stellan Archer Ashby/Sigrid Ramona Ashby
DD/DD: Marin Branwen Ashby/Briony Tanwen Ashby
DD/DS: Seren Eliana Ashby/Lukas Cade Ashby
DS: Eli Nolan Ashby
DD: Ellis Grey Ashby

#14 saree6


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Posted 25 May 2014 - 10:26 AM

LN: Adair


DH: Loren Silas
DW: Jane Gretchen

DS: Brenner Finn 
DS/DD: Tate Stellan/Sydney Carden

DD/DD: Briallen Cassia Ottilie / Seeley Arabella Brynn

DD/DS:Aster Cambrie/Harlan Cade

DS: Sayer Channing 

DD: Dillon Charlie Arden


THE ADAIR FAMILY: Loren & Jane: Brenner, Tate, Sydney, Briallen, Seeley, Aster, Harlan, Sayer & Dillion (DC)


#15 brimariiee


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Posted 27 May 2014 - 10:14 PM

LN:Chanson (nee Ashby)


DH: Cooper "Coop" Matthew Chanson
DW: Chelsea Jane Chanson (nee Ashby)

DS: Quentin Tobias Chanson
DS/DD: Sawyer Tate Chanson and Penelope Finley Chanson
DD/DD: Brielle Marin Chanson and Braelyn Seeley Chanson
DD/DS: Piper Livia Chanson and Kyler Lucas Chanson
DS: Declan Ryder Chanson
DD: Rory Auden Chanson


Coop and Chelsea with Quentin, Sawyer, Penelope, Brielle, Braelyn, Piper, Kyler, Declan, and Rory

#16 mimi78


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Posted 14 June 2014 - 10:50 PM

LN: Ashby


DH: Beckett Silas *Becks*
DW: Gretchen Claire

DS: Felix Adler
DS/DD: Archer Brooks/Mirren Penrose
DD/DD: Brigid Aberdeen/Thea Sheridan
DD/DS: Romy Thomasin/Teague Marlow
DS: Sayer Nolan
DS: Ellis Reagan


Becks and Gretchen Ashby w/ Felix, Archer, Mirren, Brigid, Thea, Romy, Teague, Sayer and Ellis

#17 sanydel


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Posted 15 June 2014 - 08:52 AM

LN: Margaux


DH: Silas Levi 
DW: Claire Reese


DS: Henry Felix Levon 

DS/DD: Sawyer Tate/Signy Penrose

DD/DD:  Flannery Branwen Tuesday/ Tanwen Briony Thea 

DD/DS:  Livia Thomasin Cambrie/ Marlow Thatcher Cade

DS: Phineas Reeve

DS: Dillon Grey 

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