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Initials CAF

not mine from nameberry little edits from me

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Posted 07 May 2014 - 01:55 PM

Generation 1:





Generation 2:

(DD1’s family)


DW: (from above)



Cat: M



(DS1’s family)

LN: (from above)

DH: (from above)




Dog: W



(DD2’s family)

LN: F-(From above)

DW: (from above)


Dog: K

Dog: R

Cat: F 



(DD3’s family)


DW: (from above)


Dog: C
Turtle: H
Guinea Pig: C



(DS2’s family)

LN: (from above)

DH: (from above)


DS1/DS2: WS & SW





(DD3’s family)


DW: (from above)





Cat: G

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Posted 07 May 2014 - 02:54 PM

Generation 1:

LN: Abbott

DW: Evelyn Abigail Christine
DH: Stephen Oliver Andrew

DD1: Della Alexandra Anne
DS1: Sean Elijah Brooks
DD2: Eryn Isabella Claire
DD3: Molly Olivia Eve
DS2: Joel Ulysses Shane
DD3: Paige Yvonna Teal


Steve and Evelyn Abbott

Della, Sean, Eryn, Molly, Joel and Paige


Generation 2:

(DD1’s family)

LN: Richter

DW: Della Alexandra Anne
DH: Wesley Eugene

DS1: Hudson Gage

DS2: Austin Blake
DD1: Payton Susannah Irene

Cat: Mindy


Wes and Della Richter

Hudson, Austin and Payton with Mindy



(DS1’s family)

LN: Abbott

DH: Sean Elijah Brooks

DW: Rebecca Eden Penelope

DD1: Julia Vivian Abigail
DS1: Logan Kenneth Quincy
DS2: Kaden Charles Vincent
DS3: Ethan Anthony Robert

Dog: Gideon


Sean and Becky Abbott

Julia, Logan, Kaden and Ethan with Gideon



(DD2’s family)

LN: Flemming-Abbott

DW: Eryn Isabella Claire
DW: Kyle Randolph

DAS1: Henry Thomas
DAD1: Tessa Allison

Dog: Koda

Dog: Ringo

Cat: Fisher


Kyle and Eryn Flemming-Abbott

Henry and Tessa

with Koda, Ringo and Fisher 



(DD3’s family)

LN: Newton

DW: Molly Olivia Eve
DH: Eric Christopher

DD1: Sierra Leanne Ashley
DD2/DS1: Jaxie Irina Skye & Jolie Elaina Pearl

Dog: Coco
Turtle: Hamlet
Guinea Pig: Charlie


Eric and Molly Newton

Sierra, Jaxie and Jolie

with Coco, Hamlet and Charlie



(DS2’s family)

LN: Abbott

DH: Joel Ulysses Shane
DW: Megan Leigh

DD1: Faith Elizabeth
DD2: Mallory Hope

DS1/DS2: Walker Shane & Sawyer Wade

DS3: Brady Aaron

DS4: Porter Quinn


Joel and Megan Abbott

Faith, Mallory, Walker, Sawyer, Brady and Porter



(DD3’s family)

LN: Russell

DW: Paige Yvonna Teal
DH: Dalton Cody

DD1: Savannah Ryleigh Shaye

DS1: Asher Matthew Miles

DD2: Grace Mackenzie Parker
DD3: Daphne Caroline Edith


Cat: Gentry


Dalton and Paige Russell

Savannah, Asher, Gracie and Daphne

with Gentry

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Posted 07 May 2014 - 03:00 PM

Generation 1:

LN: Asterly

DW: Elizabeth Annabeth Caroline [72]
DH: Samuel Oliver Andrew [70]

DD1: Danielle Annabeth Adele [47]
DS1: Sebastian Ellis Benjamin [44]
DD2: Eleanor Iris Catherine [41]
DD3: Madeleine Olive Eliza [39]
DS2: Jeremiah Uriel Samson [37]
DD3: Penelope Yvonne Tamsin [35]


Elizabeth and Samuel Asterly; with Danielle, Sebastian, Eleanor, Madeleine, Jeremiah & Penelope


Generation 2:

(DD1’s family)

LN: Rolling

DW: Danielle Annabeth Adele [47]
DH: Weston Edward [46]

DS1: Holden Graham [17]

DS2: Anthony Bennett [16]
DD1: Phoebe Selene Isla [14]

Cat: Molly [6, Calico]


Danielle and Weston Rolling; with Holden, Anthony & Phoebe + Molly



(DS1’s family)

LN: Asterly

DH: Sebastian Ellis Benjamin [44]

DW: Hunter Noelle Clarice [37]

DD1: Aurora Vivienne Jade [15]
DS1: Logan Kendrick Quincy [12]
DS2: Chandler Vance Karter [9]
DS3: Emmett Archer Roderick [6]

DS4/DD2/DS5: Blaine Dalton Asher, Kate Elizabeth Heather & Spencer Derek Ellis [3]

Dog: Warbler [5, Golden Retriever]


Sebastian and Hunter Asterly; with Aurora, Logan, Chandler, Emmett, Blaine, Kate & Spencer + Warbler



(DD2’s family)

LN: Faucher-Asterly

DW: Eleanor Iris Catherine [41] 
DW: Kassandra Rose [35]

DAS1: Henry Thomas  [9]
DAD1: Tallulah Anne [5]

Dog: Kipp [7, German Shepard]

Dog: Rocky [4, Doberman]

Cat: Fitz [2, Russian Blue]


Eleanor and Kassandra Faucher-Asterly; with Henry & Tallulah + Kipp, Rocky & Fitz



(DD3’s family)

LN: Nolan

DW: Madeleine Olive Eliza [39]
DH: Everett Christan [39]

DD1: Samantha Lauren Ann [14]
DD2/DS1: Jessica Iris Shiloh & Justin Elena Piper [8]

Dog: Cooper [3, Siberian Husky]
Turtle: Hattie [1, Red-eared Slider]
Guinea Pig: Cookie [1, Mixed Breed]


Madeleine and Everett Nolan; with Samantha, Jessica & Justin + Cooper, Hattie & Cookie



(DS2’s family)

LN: Asterly

DH: Jeremiah Uriel Samson [37]
DW: Melissa Lorraine [34]

DD1: Flora Elizabeth [14]
DD2: Melody Helene [13]

DS1/DS2: Wesley Samuel & Silas Warren [11]

DS3: Blaine Anders [7]

DS4: Preston Quinn [4]


Jeremiah and Melissa Asterly; with Flora, Melody, Wesley, Silas, Blaine & Preston



(DD3’s family)

LN: Randolph

DW: Penelope Yvonne Tamsin [35]
DH: Darren Carver [36]

DD1: Serena Rayne Sonata [10]

DS1: Archer Mason Matthew [6]

DD2: Genevieve Mila Pansy [5]
DD3: Delilah Carina Elsie [2]


Cat: Granger [2, Calico]


Penelope and Darren Randolph; with Serena, Archer, Genevieve & Delilah + Granger

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Posted 07 May 2014 - 09:02 PM

Generation 1:

LN: Alistair

DW: Eve Arianna Cassidy
DH: Seth Orion Allan

DD1: Delaney Alexis Aria
DS1: Sterling Evan Brooks
DD2: Elise Isiana Cherry
DD3: Marilyn Orianthi Ella
DS2: Jayson Ulysses Shawn
DD3: Paris Yasmin Tamara


Seth and Eve Alistair

Laney, Sterl, Elise, Mari, Jay, and Paris


Generation 2:

(DD1s family)

LN: River

DW: Delaney Alexis Aria
DH: William Evan

DS1: Hayden Grant

DS2: Austin Brett
DD1: Peyton Serenity Ivana

Cat: Midnight


Willy and Laney River

Hayden, Austin and Peyton with Midnight



(DS1s family)

LN: Alistair

DH: Sterling Evan Brooks

DW: Raina Everly Patience

DD1: Jenna Vianey Ashlyn
DS1: Lane Kellan Quincy
DS2: Kyle Chase Vincent
DS3: Ethan Adam Ryder

Dog: Goldo


Sterl and Raina

Jenna, Lane, Kyle and Ethan with Goldo



(DD2s family)

LN: Flemming-Alistair

DW: Elise Isiana Cherry
DW: Kiara Ruby

DAS1: Harry Thomas
DAD1: Tierra Ariadne

Dog: Kas

Dog: Ray

Cat: Frankie


Kiara and Elise Flemming-Alistair

Harry and Tierra

with Kas, Ray and Frankie 



(DD3s family)

LN: Nathans

DW: Marilyn Orianthi Ella
DH: Eli Christopher

DD1: Sarai Louise Ashley
DD2/DS1: Joy Irelyn Skyler & Justin Elijah Perry

Dog: Carys
Turtle: Hallie
Guinea Pig: Chase


Eli and Mari Nathans

Sarai, Joy and Justin

with Carys, Hallie and Chase



(DS2s family)

LN: Alistair

DH: Jayson Ulysses Shawn
DW: Melina Lacey

DD1: Falen Eva
DD2: Maisie Havana

DS1/DS2: West Silas & Stephen Waverly

DS3: Bradley Andrew

DS4: Parker Quincy


Jay and Melina Alistair

Falen, Maisie, West, Stephen, Bradley and Parker



(DD3s family)

LN: Ross

DW: Paris Yasmin Tamara
DH: Daniel Carter

DD1: Sierra Rhyanne Shailene

DS1: Alan Matthew Moore

DD2: Gabrielle Mackenzie Payton
DD3: Dahlia Catherine Evie


Cat: Gia


Daniel and Paris Ross

Sisi, Alan, Gabi and Lia

with Gia

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 04:48 AM

LN: Appleby

DW: Elise Arabella Clare

DH: Solomon Oscar Ace

DD: Darcy Avaleigh Ann

DS: Saxon Elias Blake

DD: Ember Isolde Clare

DD: Maeva Ophelia Eve

DS: Julian Ulysses Sky

DD: Poesy Yasmine Tate


Elise and Solomon Appleby with Darcy, Saxon, Ember, Maeva, Julian, and Poesy




LN: Richards

DW: Darcy Avaleigh Ann

DH: Westley Eren

DS: Hugo Greyson

DS: Axel Bentley

DD: Penn Sofia Isobel

Cat: Moppet


Darcy and West Richards with Hugo, Axel, and Penn, and Moppet the cat




LN: Appleby

DH: Saxon Elias Blake

DW: Heather Noelle Clarice

DD: Alyssa Vivienne Jude

DS: Logan Kristopher Quinn

DS: Collin Vincent Keith

DS: Ethan Arion Ray

DS/DD/DS: Braden Dominic Avi/Keziah Ebony Hope/Sampson Daniel Ever

Dog: Winslet


Saxon and Heather Appleby with Alyssa, Logan, Collin, Ethan, Braden, Keziah, and Sampson, and Winslet the dog




LN: Fisher-Appleby

DW: Ember Isolde Clare

DW: Kerrilynn Rose

DAS: Holden Thomas

DAD: Tabitha Anne

Dog: Krispie

Dog: Roe

Cat: Fritz


Ember and Kerri Fisher-Appleby with Holden and Tabitha, and Krispie and Roe the dogs, and Fritz the cat




LN: Nicholas

DW: Maeva Ophelia Eve

DH: Eric Carson

DD: Simone Louisa Alice

DD/DS: Juliette Isla Sophie/Jack Eric Percival

Dog: Chunky
Turtle: Harold

Guinea Pig: Coco


Maeva and Eric Nichols with Simone, Juliette, and Jack, and Chunky the dog, Harold the turtle, and Coco the guinea pig




LN: Appleby

DH: Julian Ulysses Sky

DW: Milena Louise

DD: Felicity Emma

DD: Molly Hannah

DS/DS: Wyatt Sean/Samuel West

DS: Bradley Aaron

DS: Peter Quentin


Julian and Milena Appleby with Felicity, Molly, Wyatt, Samuel, Bradley, and Peter




LN: Rosenberg

DW: Poesy Yasmine Tate

DH: Daniel Caleb

DD: Saraiah Rachel Shea

DS: Alexei Matthew Mark

DD: Georgiana Michelle Pearl

DD: Daniella Chloe Elise

Cat: Grumpy


Poesy and Daniel Rosenberg with Saraiah, Alexei, Georgiana, and Daniella, and Grumpy the cat

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Posted 08 May 2014 - 03:51 PM

The Adams Family

LN: Adams

DH: Shawn Oliver Andrew

DW: Eliana Aniston Claire

DD: Devyn Ariel Aiva
DS: Silas Ezekiel Beau
DD: Elisha Irene Catherine
DD: Miranda Odette Erilyn
DS: Jacob Uzriel Stan
DD: Paige Ysobel Tatum


Shawn & Eliana Adams w/ Devyn, Silas, Elisha, Randi, Jake, & Paige.

----------------------------------------second generation-----------------------------------------

The Radley Family

LN: Radley

DH: William Earl

DW: Devyn Ariel Aiva


DS: Hudson Graham

DS: Ashton Bryce
DD: Phoenix Sofia Ireland

Cat: Marley


Liam & Devyn Radley w/ Hudson, Ashton, & Phoenix.



The Adams Family

LN: Adams

DH: Silas Ezekiel Beau

DW: Harley Noelle Christine

DD: Addison Victoria Jayne
DS: Lawson Kyle Quentin
DS: Carson Vincent Kale
DS: Easton Aric Ryan

DS/DD/DS: Boston Dakota Alan, Kenzington Eliana Hazel & Sutton Dean Edward

Dog: Waldo


Silas & Harley Adams w/ Addie, Lawson, Carson, Easton, Boston, Kenzie, & Sutton.



The Fulton-Adams Family

LN: Fulton-Adams

DW: Elisha Irene Catherine
DW: Kaia Rhiannon

DAS: Halston Timothy
DAD: Tatum Arabella

Dog: Kimi

Dog: Remy

Cat: Furball


Elisha & Kaia Fulton-Adams w/ Halston & Tate. 



The Nichols Family


LN: Nichols

DH: Evan Christopher

DW: Miranda Odette Erilyn

DD: Stefani Leigh Anne
DD/DS: Josifina Isla Sage & Jacoby Evan Peeta

Dog: Chevy
Turtle: Hemmy
Guinea Pig: Caddy


Evan & Randi Nichols w/ Stef, Josi, & Coby.



The Adams Family

LN: Adams

DH: Jacob Uzriel Stan
DW: Melanie Leighton

DD: Farrah Evelyn
DD: Mila Hunter

DS/DS: Wesley Shawn & Sidney Wyatt

DS: Bailey Ashton

DS: Presley Quinn


Jake & Mel Adams w/ Farrah, Mila, Wes, Sid, Bai, & Pres.



The Remington Family

LN: Remington

DH: Dallas Cage

DW: Paige Ysobel Tatum

DD: Stella Rae Sophia

DS: Austin Michael Mason

DD: Georgina Mae Penelope
DD: Darcy Catalina Eve


Cat: Gracie


Dallas & Paige Remington w/ Stella, Austin,  Gina, & Darcy.

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Posted 17 May 2014 - 02:04 PM

Generation 1:

LN: Abbott

DW: Evelyn Agatha Charlotte
DH: Samuel Owen Andrew

DD1: Diane Audrey Amelia
DS1: Sebastian Edward Beau
DD2: Emilia Ivy Charlotte
DD3: Margaret Olivia Eden
DS2: Jacob Ulysses Stuart
DD3: Penelope Yara Therese


Generation 2:

(DD1’s family)

LN: Redmayne

DW: Diane Audrey Amelia
DH: William Edison

DS1: Henry George

DS2: Alfred Benjamin
DD1: Pippa Sophia Ingrid

Cat: Monroe



(DS1’s family)

LN: Abbott

DH: Sebastian Edward Beau

DW: Haley Natalia Corinne

DD1: Addison Violet Jane
DS1: Lucas Kieran Quinn
DS2: Charlie Vincent Keith
DS3: Elliot Archer Raine

DS4/DD2/DS5: Boaz Daniel Ace / Kayli Elisabeth Hope / Savannah Delaney Emme

Dog: Winston



(DD2’s family)

LN: Fitz-Abbott

DW: Emilia Ivy Charlotte
DW: Kirsten Rachel

DAS1: Holden Theo
DAD1: Talia Anne

Dog: Kramer

Dog: Rue

Cat: Fido 



(DD3’s family)

LN: Newberry

DW: Margaret Olivia Eden
DH: Euan Charles

DD1: Summer Lily Annabeth
DD2/DS1: Jade Isla Soleil & Jaxon Emery Poe

Dog: Coco
Turtle: Harvey
Guinea Pig: Cinnamon



(DS2’s family)

LN: Abbott

DH: Jacob Ulysses Stuart
DW: Marie Lillian

DD1: Fiona Emerson
DD2: Margot Hadley

DS1/DS2: Walker Sage / Smith William

DS3: Brady Ames

DS4: Peter Quentin



(DD3’s family)

LN: Ryans

DW: Penelope Yara Therese
DH: David Cameron

DD1: Stella Rowan Sofia

DS1: Asher Michael Matteo

DD2: Grace Matilda Piper
DD3: Doreen Charlotte Eloise


Cat: Gee

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Posted 19 May 2014 - 03:00 PM

DW Elisabeth Anna Christine (60)

DH Stephen Otis Alexander (68)

DD Daphne Amelia Anne (42)
DS Samuel Eric Benjamin (39)
DD Eloise Ida Charlotte (36)
DD Margot Olivia Edie (35)
DS Jacob Uriah Stephen (33)
DD Phoebe Yvette Theodora (29)


Beth and Stephen with their children 

Daphne, Samuel, Ellie, Marg, Jack and Bee.




Daphne Amelia Anne (42)

DH Warren Elliot (42)


DS Henry Gabriel (18)

DS Adam Brennan (15)

DD Piper Sara Imogen (11)


Cat: Munch


Daphne and Warren with their children

Henry, Adam and Piper.




Samuel Eric Benjamin (39)

DW Halle Nora Cecile (37)


DD Annie Victoria Jane (19)

DS Louis Kristofer Quentin (12)

DS Charles Vincent Keats (10)

DS Ezra Arthur Robert (7)

DS/DD/DS Blake Daniel Abram, Kate Elisabeth Helen and Saul David Emery (3)


Dog: Wally


Samuel and Halle with their children

Annie, Louis, Charlie, Ezra, Blake, Katie and Saul.




Eloise Ida Charlotte (36)

DW Kristen Rose (31)


ADS Holden Thomas (4)

ADD Thalia Abigail (6mos)


Dog: Kiki

Dog: Roe

Cat: Finnegan


Ellie and Kris with their children

Holden and Tally.




Margot Olivia Edie (35)

DH Emmett Christopher (36)


DD Stella Lorraine Audrey (10)

DD/DS Juliet Isobel Sophie and Jack Edward Paul (5)


Dog: Chuck

Turtle: Hadley

Guinea pig: Cora


Marg and Emmett with their children

Stella, Jules and Jack.




Jacob Uriah Stephen (33)

DW Miranda Leigh (34)


DD Faith Emily (11)

DD Molly Harper (9)

DS/DS Will Stephen and Seth Warner (6)

DS Brandt Alexander (4)

DS Peter Quincy (1)


Jack and Mandy with their children

Faith, Molly, Will, Seth, Brandt and Pete.




Phoebe Yvette Theodora (29)

DH Derek Christian (34)

DD Serena Rosalind Shay (7)

DS August Miles Maxwell (5)

DD Georgia Meredith Paige (2)
DD Daisy Catherine Emma (Due in 4 mos)


Cat: Google


Phoebe and Derek with their children

Serena, Auggie, Georgie and Daisy.



Beth and Stephen with their children:

Daphne (and husband ), Samuel (and wife ), Ellie (and wife Kris), Marg (and husband),

Jack (and wife) and Bee (and husband Derek) and grandchildren:

Annie, Henry, Adam, Louis, Faith, Piper, Stella, Charles, Molly, Ezra, Serena, Will & Seth, Jules & Jack, Auggie, Holden, Brandt, Blake & Kate & Saul, Georgie, Pete, Thalia and (Soon to be!) Daisy.


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Posted 19 May 2014 - 06:56 PM

Generation 1:

LN: Abbott

DW: Eleanor Alice Christy
DH: Steven Oliver Alexander "Steve"

DD1: Diana Amy Alexandra
DS1: Sampson Edward Bryan "Sam"
DD2: Evelyn Ivy Caroline "Eve"
DD3: Mary Olivia Ellen
DS2: Jackson Ulysses Scott "Jack"
DD4: Phoebe Yvette Theodora


Steve and Eleanor Abbot with Diana, Sam, Eve, Mary, Jack, and Phoebe

Generation 2:

(DD1’s family)

LN: Robertson

DW: Diana Amy Alexandra
DH: Walton Everett "Everett"

DS1: Helena Guinevere

DS2: Andrew Bryce "Drew"
DD1: Penelope Sarah Isabelle

Cat: Madison


Everett and Diana Robertson with Helena, Drew, and Penelope with Madison


(DS1’s family)

LN: Abbott

DH: Sampson Edward Bryan "Sam"

DW: Hazel Nicole Catherine

DD1: Allison Victoria Jane "Ally"
DS1: Lyall Kameron Quincy
DS2: Charles Vaughn Kade "Charlie"
DS3: Emmett Anthony Ryan

DS4/DD2/DS5: Bradley David Aaron/Kara Elizabeth Holly/ Shawn Dustin Edgar

Dog: Winston


Sam and Hazel Abbott with Ally, Lyall, Charlie, Emmett, Bradley, Kara, and Shawn with Winston



(DD2’s family)

LN: Abbott

DW: Evelyn Ivy Caroline "Eve"
DW: Krista Reece

DAS1: Henry Thomas
DAD1: Tabitha Alyssa

Dog: Karson

Dog: Raina

Cat: Fiona


Eve and Krista Abbott with Henry and Tabitha with  Karson, Raina, and Fiona



(DD3’s family)

LN: Nielson

DW: Mary Olivia Ellen
DH: Earl Carter "Carter"

DD1: Samantha Lynnette Amelia
DD2/DS1: Jenna Irene Sharon & Jace Earl Patrick

Dog: Chester
Turtle: Hog
Guinea Pig: Chip


Carter and Mary Nielson with Samantha, Jenna and Jason with Chester, Hog, and Chip



(DS2’s family)

LN: Abbott

DH: Jackson Ulysses Scott "Jack"
DW: Mabel Leigh

DD1: Farrah Emmeline
DD2: Macy Hannah

DS1/DS2: William Skyler & Sebastian Wyatt

DS3: Belle Athena

DS4: Patrick Quenton


Jack and Mabel Abbott with Farrah, Macy, William, Sebastian, Belle, and Patrick



(DD3’s family)

LN: Randall

DW: Phoebe Yvette Theodora
DH: Darren Casey

DD1: Selena Rory Sierra

DS1: Ashton Matthew Martin

DD2: Geneva Molly Piper
DD3: Deanna Caitlin Elise 


Cat: Grace


Darren and Phoebe Randall with Selena, Ashton, Geneva, and Deanna with Grace

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