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#1 lifesaboutmusic


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Posted 22 June 2014 - 02:34 PM


LN: a celeb's last name
DH: your fave boy name combo
DW: your fave girl name combo

Roll to find out how many births they have:

1. 14
2. 11
3. 8
4. 9
5. 17
6. 10
7. 15
8. 18
9. 12
10. 7
11. 13
12. 16

Roll once for each birth to find out what they have:

1. DS/DS
2. DD
3. DD
4. DS/DD
5. DS
8. DD/DD
9. DS
10. DD/DS
11. DD
12. DS

Roll to find out what theme to use for the children's first names

1. all first names are one syllable
2. all first names have a double letter in them
3. all first names end with Y
4. all first names are place names
5. all first names start with the same letter
6. all first names have a built in nickname
7. all first names are surnames
8. all first names end with the E
9. all first names are alphabetical (it's up to you if multiples start with the same letter)
10. all first names are three syllables
11. all first names end with R
12. all first names are four letters long

Roll to find out what theme to use for the children's middle names

1. all middle names are unisex
2. all middle names are reverse alphabetical (it's up to you if multiples start with the same letter)
3. all middle names are after musicians
4. all middle names are cowboy/southern sounding
5. all middle names are in the top 50 names of 2013
6. all middle names are biblical
7. all middle names are six letters long
8. all middle names are word names
9. all middle names start with a vowel
10. all middle names are two syllables
11. all middle names start with the same letter
12. all middle names are in the top 50 names for 1982  

#2 Laugh-Dream-Love


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Posted 22 June 2014 - 04:27 PM

LN: Cumberbatch
DH: Edmund Sky
DW: Rosemary Lynn
DS: Archer Achilles
DS: Alexander Ethan
DS: Avery Isaiah
DS: Axel Oscar
DD/DD: Alice Unity/Amelia Annabelle
DS: Amos Everett
DD/DS: Aria Isolde/Abbott Owen
DD/DS/DD: Aaliyah U/Aaron Arthur/Alba Elizabeth
DS/DD: Adam Irving/Acacia Olive
DS/DS/DD: Adrian Ulysses/Atticus Abraham/Addisyn Emma
DS/DS: Allen Ike/Alistair Orson
Ned and Rosie Cumberbatch with Archer, Alex, Avery, Axel, Alice, Amelia, Amos, Aria, Abbott, Aaliyah, Aaron, Alba, Adam, Acacia, Adrian, Atticus, Addisyn, Allen, and Alistair

#3 lifesaboutmusic


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Posted 22 June 2014 - 04:34 PM

LN: Beckham


DH: Shane Patrick

DW: Callie Rose


1. DS: Wesley Patrick

2. DS: Corey Hudson

3. DD: Ruby Georgia

4. DD/DS/DD: Aubrey Lila, Anthony Garrett & Avery Kayla

5. DS: Quincy Lucas

6. DS: Zachary Thomas

7. DD/DS/DD: Bethany Megan, Brody Gavin & Bailey Charlotte

8. DS/DS: Jeremy Connor & Jacoby Aaron

9. DD: Emily Nora

10. DD/DS: Tenley Maya & Timothy Joseph

11. DD/DS/DD: Hailey Teagan, Henry Landon & Hadley Eden

12. DS/DS: Gregory Derek & Grady Nathan

13. DD: Molly Harper


The Beckham Family

Shane & Callie

Wes, Corey, Ruby, Bree, Anthony, Avery, Quin, Zach, Beth, Brody, Bay

Jeremy, Jake, Emily, Tenley, Tim, Hailey, Henry, Hadley, Greg, Grady & Molly

#4 Hannah


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    AND, I of course love thinking of baby names even though that is a VERY far in the future thing for me because I'm still young!

Posted 22 June 2014 - 06:51 PM

LN: Grint


DH: Henry Beau 

DW: Rose Genevieve 


DD/DD: Molly Anastasia / Lily Alexandra

DD/DS: Lucy Amelia/ Reilly Abraham 

DS/DD: Brody Arthur / Audrey Allison

DS: Jeremy Austin

DD: Carly Athena

DS: Tommy Asher

DD: Evy Adeline

DS: Casey August

DS/DD: Grady Adam / Sydney Alice

DD/DS: Ruby Angelina / Colby Axel

DS/DS/DD: Malachy Archer / Murphy Auden / Emily Agatha

DD/DD: Zoey Annabel / Rory Adriana 


Henry and Rose Grint with Molly, Lily, Lucy, Reilly, Jeremy, Carly, Tommy, Evy, Casey, Grady, Sydney, Ruby, Colby, Malachy, Murphy, Emily, Zoey, and Rory

#5 Meghan<3


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Posted 22 June 2014 - 07:36 PM

LN: DiCaprio

DH: Henry James
DW: Gemma Lily

DD: Anna Charlotte
DD/DS: Lucy Georgia / Cole Montgomery
DD: Emma Grace
DD/DS/DD: Leah Margaret / John Mason / Erin Virginia
DD/DS: Ruby Harper / Levi Austin
DD/DD: Nina Scarlett / Iris Tallulah
DS: Ezra Houston
DD: Elle Susannah
DD/DS/DD: Maya Vivien / Troy Jackson / Kira Melanie
DS: Finn Raleigh
DS: Hugh Memphis
DD: Rory Caroline

#6 CLA


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Posted 22 June 2014 - 09:07 PM

LN: Williams
DH: Maksim Isaiah
DW: Sylvia Cathleen

DD/DS: Marley Diana & Morrissey John

DS: Sawyer Matthew

DS: Lennon Isaac

DS: Cohen Joshua

DS/DS/DD: Brady Elijah, Bryson Ezekiel, & Brinsley Ezra

DD: Wylie Eden

DS/DS: Dawson Malachi & Davis Micah


Maks & Sylvie Williams w/ Marley, Morris, Sawyer, Lenny, Cohen, Brady, Bry, Brin, Wylie, Dawson, & Davis.


#7 Laugh-Dream-Love


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Posted 23 June 2014 - 02:45 AM

LN: Freeman
DH: Henry James 
DW: Emma Addisyn
DD: Anna Zoey
DS/DS: Garrett Yuri/Everett Xander
DS: Cooper Wesley
DD: Stella Vivian
DD: Charlotte Unity
DS: Reilly Thomas
DS/DS: William Silas/Phillip Roy
DD: Summer Quinn
Henry and Emma Freeman with Anna, Garrett, Everett, Cooper, Stella, Charlotte, Reilly, William, Phillip, and Summer

#8 mom2maci0113


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Posted 23 June 2014 - 07:10 AM

LH: Heigl 
DH: Blake Cory
DW: Chloe Isabelle 
DS/DS: Anderson Beckett & Addison Bennett  
DS: Cohen Amos 
DS/DS/DD: Anniston Daisy, Coleman Derrick & Madison Darcy 
DS/DD: Copeland Jacob & Ellery Jayla 
DD/DS/DD: Embry Layla, Emery Landon & Everly Lyla 
DS: Devlin Joseph 
DD/DS/DD: Hadley Emma, Holden Emmett & Hollis Emme 
DD/DS: Bellamy Taylor & Finley Tyler 
DS/DS: Duncan Cooper & Griffin Micah 
DD: Morgan Lily 
DS: Clayton Lucas 
DS/DS/DD: Kennedy Justin, Lennon Austin & Blair Molly 
DS/DS/DD: Monroe Levi, Penn Brian & Cassidy Maya 
DD/DS/DD: Darby Rosa, Jonas Michael & Greer Veda 
DS: Sullivan Oscar 
DS: Sutton Edgar
DS:  Walker Rylan 
The Heigl Family 
Blake & Chloe 
Andy, Addie, Cohen, Annie, Cole, Maddie, Copeland, Ellie, Embry, Emery, Everly, Devlin, Hadley, Holden, Holly, Belle, Finley, Duncan, Griffin, Morgan, Clay, Kennedy, Lennon, Blair, Monroe, Penn, Cassi, Darby, Jonas, Greer, Sully, Sut & Walker 

#9 Jenna_Lee


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Posted 23 June 2014 - 08:14 AM

LN: Spencer


DH: William Lee "Will"

DW: Clara Lorelei


DS: Neal Zachary

DS: Kate Yvonne

DD/DS/DD: June Xenia & Jack Warren & Jade Vivienne

DS: Keith Uriah

DS/DS: Chase Timothy & Cole Samuel

DD/DS: Frank Ryan & Faye Quinn

DS: Brett Peter

DD/DS/DD: Grace Odette & Grant Nicholas & Gwen Mary

DS: Reid Louis

DD: Elle Kimberly

DD/DS: Mae Jeanette & Mark Ian

DS: Luke Henry

DS/DS/DD: Trey Garrett & Trent Fletcher & Tess Eleanor
DS: Seth Daniel


Will & Clara Spencer with Neal, Kate, June, Jack, Jade, Keith, Chase, Cole, Frank, Faye, Brett, Grace, Grant, Gwen, Reid, Elle, Mae, Mark, Luke, Trey, Trent, Tess, and Seth

#10 Aquarius101


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Posted 28 June 2014 - 11:41 PM

LN: Mebarak
DH: Anthony "Tony" Elias
DW: Grecia Veronica
DS/DS: Griffin Eli & Lincoln Otis
DD: Delaney Ivy
DD: Kennedy "Kennie" Opal
DS: Finley "Finn" Usher
DD/DD: Sutton Everleigh (ever-lee) & Monroe Idaleigh (eye-da-lee)
DS/DS: West Eugene & Walker Emmet
DD/DS/DD: Ellis "Ellie" Avalon & Stone Atticus & Devlin "Dev" Azrielle
Tony & Grecia Mebarak 
Griffin, Lincoln, Delaney, Kennie, Finn, Sutton, Monroe, West, Walker, Ellie, Stone, & Dev

#11 Amanda Lynn

Amanda Lynn

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Posted 29 June 2014 - 01:49 AM

LN: Depp
DH: Joshua Charles
DW: Alexandra Mae


DD/DD: Emma Eleanor / Lily Elizabeth

DS: Kyle Edward

DS: Ryan Elijah

DS/DD: Cole Edmund / Cora Evelyn

DD/DS: Anna Eileen / Finn Everett

DD: Rose Estella

DS/DS: Tate Eugene / Owen Evander


Josh & Alexa Depp: Emma, Lily, Kyle, Ryan, Cole, Cora, Anna, Finn, Rose, Tate, & Owen

#12 AmyB


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Posted 29 June 2014 - 11:41 AM

the Irvine family.


[42] DH: James Theo

[41] DW: Anna Caroline


[14] DD/DD: Elizabeth Aria / Philippa Sadie

[11] DD: Adelaide Lily

[10] DD: Catherine Ella

[9] DS: Theodore Gavin

[7] DS: Alfred Jack

[6] DD/DS: Rose Avery / William Isaac

[4] DS: Nathaniel Henry

[0] DS/DS/DD: Charles Elijah / Finnegan James / Victoria Harper


Jamie + Anna

Lizzie, Pippa, Addy, Kate, Theo, Alfie, Rosie, Will, Nate, Charlie, Finn, Tori


#13 Marvelous_Things


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Posted 02 July 2014 - 07:14 PM

LN: Hopkins
DH: Ian Thomas
DW: Leia Katherine

DS/DD: Alexander Duke "Alex" / Anneliese Delta "Anna"

DD: Bethany Scarlett "Beth"

DS: Cedric Jackson

DD: Dahlia Mae

DD/DD: Elizabeth Rose "Ellie" / Emilia June "Emma"

DD: Fiona Dixie

DS: Gavin Wyatt

DD/DS: Helen Magnolia / Henry Maverick "Harry"

DS: Isaac Lee

DS: James Austin

DD: Katherine Georgia "Katie"

DS: Lucian Ambrose

DS/DD: Malcolm Stuart / Margaret Sarah "Maggie"

DD: Natalie Colleen 

DS: Owen Dallas

DS/DD: Patrick Beauregard / Penelope Brianne "Penny"

DD: Quinn Eleanor

Ian and Leia Hopkins 

Alex, Anna, Beth, Cedric, Dahlia, Elllie, Emma, Fiona, Gavin, Helen, Harry, Isaac, James, Katie, Lucian, Malcolm, Maggie, Natalie, Owen, Patrick, Penny, and Quinn


#14 PaperHeart


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Posted 19 September 2015 - 09:56 AM

The Hermann Family


DH Jack Sawyer

DW Katharine Isla


DD/DD Mathilde Wren and Rosalie Quinn

DS Theodore Brennan

DD Penelope Arden

DS/DD Auguste Perry and Imogene Grey

DD Eloise Hadley


Jack and Kate Hermann with their children

Millie & Rose, Teddy, Pip, Gus & Ginny and Lulu.

#15 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 22 September 2015 - 12:00 PM

LN: Griffin 
DH: Phineas Dashiell (63)
DW: Mabel Indigo (63)

1. DS/DS/DD Phineas Noah, Dashiell Mason, and Rosemary Anna (45)

2. DD/DD Elodie Harper and Mabel Riley (43)

3. DD Guinevere Sophia (40)

4. DD/DD Imogen Layla and Tallulah Zoe

5. DS Nikolai Hunter

6. DD/DD Sylvia Hailey and Beatrice Aria

7. DD/DS/DD Charlize Ava, Theodore Henry, and Harriet Abigail

8. DD Wilhelmina Chloe 

9. DS/DS Hendrix Aiden and Oswald Jacob

10. DD Cordelia Sadie

11. DD Dorothea Brooklyn

12. DS/DS/DD Truman Christopher, Vincent Logan, and Honora Scarlett

13. DS/DS/DD Frederick Elijah, Wallace Jackson, and, Florence Victoria

14. DS Calder William

15. DD Madeleine Audrey 

16. DS Abraham Gavin

17. DD/DD Temperance Evelyn and Octavia Charlotte


PD and Mabel with 30 children:

Finn, Dash, Romy, Elle, Mae, Gwen, Ginny, Lou, Niko, Sylvie, Bea, Charlie, Teddy, Hattie, Willa, Hank, Ozzie, Coco, Dot, Tru, Vinny, Nora, Freddy, Wally, Flo, Maddie, Bram, Emmy, and Tae 

#16 Holloway


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Posted 27 September 2015 - 04:18 AM

LN: McGinty
DH: Ryder Loren
DW: Petra Jean

1. DS: Jackson River "Jack"
2. DD/DS: Brooklyn Elise "Brook" /Bailey Connor "Bay"

3. DD Georgia Lily "GG"
4. DD/DD: Virginia Marie "Ginny"/Vienna Ruby "Ena"
5. DD/DS/DD Adelaide Nicole "Addy"/Austin Henry/Alexandria Cadence "Alex"
6. DD Carolina Giselle "Cara"
7. DS: Kent Owen

#17 brimariiee


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Posted 29 September 2015 - 05:10 PM

LN: Fallon
DH: Logan Anthony Fallon
DW: Brylee Marie Fallon


DD/DD: Annabelle "Anna" Faith Fallon and Margaret "Maggie" Joan Fallon

DD: Gertrude "Gertie" Nicole Fallon

DD: Cassandra "Cassidy" Whitney Fallon

DD: Tessa "Tess" Leann Fallon

DD/DS/DD: Evelyn "Evie" Vanessa Fallon, Robin "Robbie" Adam Fallon, and Grace "Gracie" Shania Fallon

DS: Andrew "Drew" Chase Fallon

DS/DD: Theodore "Theo" Blake Fallon and Josie "JoJo" Allison Fallon

DD/DD: Lucille "Lucy" Katharine Fallon and Olivia "Liv" Gretchen Fallon

DD: Mackenzie "Kenzie" Norah Fallon

DD/DS/DD: Holland "Holly" Janet Fallon, August "Gus" Gabriel Fallon, and Penelope "Penny" Jennifer Fallon

DD: Aurora "Rory" Kylie Fallon


Logan and Brylee with Anna, Maggie, Gertie, Cassidy, Tess, Evie, Robbie, Gracie, Drew, Theo, JoJo, Lucy, Liv, Kenzie, Holly, Gus, Penny, and Rory

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