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Sunday nickname Sunny, etc.

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#1 Madi <3

Madi <3

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Posted 29 June 2014 - 08:16 PM

I've been crushing on a few names lately...
Sunday for a girl. I was really trying to get to the nickname Sunny, and found Sunday. Sunday is a wonderful day and a delicious treat (ice cream sundae). I was thinking Sunday Madeline (pronounced Mad-uh-LINE) nickname Sunny, but more middle name suggestions would be great.

India nickname Indie. I was thinking India Scarlett, but I also like India Charlotte. Middle name suggestions would be great.

And then there is Lilia (Lilly-uh). I suggested it to my sister, but I really like it. Middle name suggestions would be great. I really like Lilia Faith, but I don't LOVE it.

That's it. Opinions and suggestions would be amazing. Thanks. =)

#2 VelvetRainx


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Posted 30 June 2014 - 06:01 AM

I love Sunday as well, it's a GP :wub: It's very sweet, and the nickname Sunny is cute! I like Sunday Madeline :)

Sunday Elise
Sunday Victoria
Sunday Elizabeth
Sunday Katarina
Sunday Charlotte
Sunday Eleanor
Sunday Briella
Sunday Reese
Sunday Emerson
Sunday Aria
Sunday Clarissa
Sunday Rosalie
Sunday Madelyn
Sunday Aubrey
Sunday Aria


India is cute, as is Indie :) Though not my style. I like India Charlotte out of your choices

India Lacey
India Remy
India Aubrey
India Reese
India Taylor
India Rose
India Lorelei/Lorelai
India Jasmine
India Tamsin
India Grace
India Taryn
India Brooke
India Joy
India Nicole
India Josephine


Lilia is very pretty! It's so soft and sweet :wub:

Lilia Reese
Lilia Aubrey
Lilia Brooklyn
Lilia Chelsea
Lilia Danielle
Lilia Janae
Lilia Roselyn
Lilia Kaye/Kaelyn
Lilia Ember
Lilia Charlotte
Lilia Scarlett
Lilia Audrey
Lilia Madelyn
Lilia Brielle
Lilia Paris

Like any? Hope I helped! :)

#3 Madi <3

Madi <3

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Posted 30 June 2014 - 01:00 PM

Sunday Madeline nickname Sunny is staying. I adore it and can't find anything better IMO. Thank you for your suggestions.

I've decided not to use India, but I adore Scarlett as a middle name.

I like Lilia Brooklyn, Lilia Charlotte, and Lilia Madelyn, but I don't love them.

#4 Jenna_Lee


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Posted 02 July 2014 - 11:36 AM

I think Sunday Madeline is a nice combo, but Sunday is really not my style. 


I'm not huge on India either, but it does sound nice with Scarlett, even though you decided not to keep it. 


I think Lilia is beautiful. I have a friend named Lillya, but I like your spelling better. I love Lilia Charlotte, but since you're not in love, here are some more suggestions:


Lilia Scarlett would be lovely, since you already like Scarlett as a middle

Lilia Lorelei

Lilia Gabrielle

Lilia Josephine

Lilia Sophie

Lilia Sophia

Lilia Harper

Lilia Annabelle

Lilia Adeline

Lilia Adalyn

Lilia Stephanie

Lilia Evelyn

Lilia Margot


Good luck with the names, hope I helped!

#5 PaperHeart


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Posted 06 July 2014 - 07:51 AM

I have Indie Scarlett on my list. Love it.
I prefer Indie to India but I do see how it feels a little nickname-y. Indiana is another alternative. Or Miranda nn Indie. (Like Mindie without the M)

India Rose
India Laurel
India Molly
India Lucy
India Grace
India Paisley
India Sophie
India Katherine
India Margot
India Florence
India Harper
India Rachel

Sunny is adorable but Sunday isnt my style. Does remind me of Sunny Beaudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events. Obviously if you like Sunday then go with that. But theres also Madison, Addison, Emerson, Alison, Susanna and Sonya that could work with Sunny as a nickname.
Even Soleil nn Sunny could work IMO.
I feel like Madeline has similar sounds to Sunday and it makes them clash a little.. but thats probably just me :)

Sunday Elise
Sunday Caroline
Sunday Penelope
Sunday Eloise
Sunday Josephine
Sunday Amelia
Sunday Clarissa
Sunday Kathleen
Sunday Felicity

An old teacher of mine had a daughter named Lilia and I thought it was precious.

Lilia Jane
Lilia Ruby
Lilia Claire
Lilia Prudence
Lilia Faye
Lilia Josephine
Lilia Mary
Lilia Erin
Lilia Poet
Lilia Kate
Lilia Margaret
Lilia Carys
Lilia Piper

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