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Posted 30 June 2014 - 07:51 AM

LN: Kwon, Lee, Lusth, Oakley, Shallow, Gentry, Penner or Woodcock




Boys: Adam, Alexander, Amos, Andrew, Archer, Atticus, Augustus, Beau, Beckett, Benjamin, Callum, Cedric, Christopher, Colin, Declan, Dexter, Elias, Elliot, Emmett, Ezra, Finn, Frederick, George, Gideon, Graham, Henry, Holden, Hugo, Isaac, Jameson, Jonathan, Jude, Leo, Liam, Matteo, Miles, Nicholas, Noah, Oscar, Otis, Owen, Patrick, Philip, Rory, Samuel, Silas, Theodore, Vincent, William, Wyatt, Xavier, Zachary, Zane

Girls: Amelia, Arabella, Audrey, Beatrice, Beckey, Blythe, Briony, Calliope, Candice, Cecilia, Charlotte, Clara, Clementine, Cordelia, Dahlia, Eleanor, Eliza, Eloise, Evelyn, Faye, Fiona, Gemma, Georgiana, Greer, Honora, Iris, Isobel, Jane, Jemima, Juliet, Kate, Lydia, Madeleine, Maeve, Margot, Matilda, Nora, Olive, Ophelia, Parvati, Pearl, Poppy, Ruby, Scarlett, Seraphina, Sundra, Tabitha, Vera, Violet, Vivien, Willow, Wren, Zinnia, Zoe

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Posted 30 June 2014 - 08:07 AM

LN: Shallow

DH: Adam Nicholas
DW: Charlotte Candice

DD: Dahlia Ruby
DS: Samuel James
DD: Lydia Blythe
DD: Seraphina Poppy
DS: Beckett Zachary
DS/DD: Andrew Noah & Audrey Violet
DD: Cecilia Iris
DS/DS: Nicholas Rory & Christopher Zane
DS: Jonathon Amos

The Shallow Family:

Adam & Char with Lia, Sammi, Lyd, Sera, Beck, Andy, Audrey, Cece, Nicky, Chris & Jonny

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Posted 30 June 2014 - 08:24 AM

LN: Woodcock

DH: Noah Holden [36]

(Brown Hair and Blue Eyes) (Orthopedic Surgeon)
DW: Candice Vera [33]

(Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes) (Anesthesiologist)

DD/DS: Arabella Cordelia & Archer Cedric [13]

(Brown Hair and Blue Eyes)

(Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes)
DD: Blythe Vivien [11]

(Brown Hair and Blue Eyes)
DD: Lydia Madeleine [9]

(Red Hair and Green Eyes)
DS: Wyatt Isaac [8]

(Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes)
DS/DD: Silas Gideon & Scarlett Greer [6]

(Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes)

(Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes)
DD: Violet Cecelia [4]

(Brown Hair and Green Eyes)
DS/DS: Emmett Jude & Ezra Jameson [2]

(Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes)

(Brown Hair and Blue Eyes)

DS: Finn Miles [0]

(Brown Hair and Green Eyes)


Noah and Candice Woodcock; with Arabella, Archer, Blythe, Lydia, Wyatt, Silas, Scarlett, Violet, Emmett, Ezra & Finn 


#4 PaperHeart


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Posted 30 June 2014 - 09:32 AM

LN Shallow

DH William Silas
DW Juliet Evelyn

DD Margot Vivien
DS Dexter Nicholas
DD Eloise Jane
DD Nora Isobel
DS Wyatt Patrick
DS/DD Audrey Scarlett and Amos Theodore
DD Olive Matilda
DS/DS Jude Graham and James Holden
DS Henry Augustus

Bill and Julie Shallow w/ their children
Maggie, Dexter, Lulu, Nora, Wyatt, Audrey & Amos, Olive, Jude & James and Hank.

#5 AmyB


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Posted 30 June 2014 - 05:02 PM

LN: Penner


[40] DH: William Cedric

[39] DW: Gemma Zoe


[12] DD/DS: Calliope Jane / Declan Atticus

[10] DD: Margot Evelyn

[8] DD: Eleanor Kate

[7] DS: Samuel Ezra

[5] DS/DD: Archer Elliot / Isobel Nora

[3] DD: Vivien Audrey

[2] DS/DS: George Liam / Finn Hugo

[e] DS: Theodore Noah


Will & Gemma

Callie, Declan, Margot, Elle, Sam, Archer, Izzy, Viv, George, Finn, Theo

#6 rhaego


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Posted 01 July 2014 - 07:58 AM

ln: Penner

dh: Dexter Philip
dw: Georgiana Maeve

dd/ds: Poppy Eleanor / Elias Patrick
dd: Beatrice Violet
dd: Nora Charlotte
ds: Theodore Silas
ds/dd: Jude Alexander / Audrey Juliet
dd: Evelyn Amelia
ds/ds: Holden Augustus / Archer Henry
ds: Rory Ezra

Dex & Georgie Penner with Poppy, Elias, Bea, Nora, Teddy, Jude, Audrey, Evie, Holden, Archer, & Rory

#7 Jenna_Lee


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Posted 01 July 2014 - 08:54 AM

LN: Lee

DH: Benjamin Philip "Ben"
DW: Candice Evelyn

DD/DS: Clara Juliet & Callum Jude 
DD: Eliza Kate
DD: Madeleine Faye "Maddie"
DS: Theodore Vincent "Theo"
DS/DD: Miles Christopher & Maeve Charlotte
DD: Zoe Seraphina
DS/DS: Henry Gideon & Hugo Graham

DS: Zachary Elliot "Zack"


Ben & Candice Lee with Clara, Callum, Eliza, Maddie, Theo, Miles, Maeve, Zoe, Henry, Hugo, & Zack

#8 saree6


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Posted 01 July 2014 - 07:52 PM

LN: Penner

DH: Augustus Theodore "Gus"
DW: Evelyn Faye

DD/DS: Andrew Zane/Amelia Faye [19]
DD: Kate Eleanor [18]
DD: Margot Nora [16]
DS: Jonathan Miles [13]
DS/DD: Dexter Elias/Tabitha Isobel [12]
DD:Matilda "Tillie" Jane [9]
DS/DS: Owen Jude/Xavier "Xave" Holden[6]

DS: Rory Theodore[4]

Evie & Gus: Andrew, Amelia, Kate, Margot, Jonathan, Dexter, Tabitha, Tillie, Owen, Xave & Rory.

#9 CLA


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Posted 01 July 2014 - 09:49 PM

LN: Oakley

DH: Samuel Archer
DW: Amelia Faye

DD/DS: Wren Calliope & Wyatt Callum
DD: Briony Seraphina
DD: Clara Eloise
DS: Vincent Jude
DS/DD: Silas Graham & Scarlett Greer
DD: Nora Juliet
DS/DS: Dexter Elliot & Declan Emmett

DS: Cedric Beau


Sam & Amelia Oakley w/ Wren, Wyatt, Bri, Clare, Vince, Silas, Letty, Nora, Dex, Declan, & Ced.

#10 sanydel


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Posted 02 July 2014 - 05:36 AM

DH:George Augustus Shallow
DW:Beatrice Matilda Shallow

DD/DS:Clara Madeleine/ Vincent Henry Shallow
DD: Cecilia Blythe Shallow
DD:Cordelia Eleanor Shallow
DS: Silas Theodore Shallow
DS/DD: Gideon Frederick/Clementine Amelia Shallow

DD: Ophelia Candice Shallow
DS/DS: Zachary Elias/Nicholas Elliot Shallow

DS:Cedric William Shallow

#11 Hannah


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    AND, I of course love thinking of baby names even though that is a VERY far in the future thing for me because I'm still young!

Posted 02 July 2014 - 09:21 AM

LN: Gentry

DH: Declan Jude
DW: Tabitha Greer "Greer"

DD/DS: Poppy Pearl / Holden Hugo
DD: Juliet Jane
DD: Iris Isobel
DS: Graham Gideon
DS/DD: Noah Nicholas / Maeve Matilda
DD: Eliza Eloise
DS/DS: Cedric Callum / Augustus Archer

DS: Beau Beckett


Declan and Greer Gentry with Poppy, Holden, Juliet, Iris, Graham, Noah, Maeve, Eliza, Cedric, Augustus, and Beau

#12 mimi78


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Posted 08 July 2014 - 08:40 PM

DH: Noah Samuel Gentry
DW: Margot Greer Gentry

DD/DS: Gemma Scarlett/Augustus Miles *Gus*
DD: Iris Clementine
DD: Ruby Cordelia
DS: Archer Silas
DS/DD:  Hugo Callum/ Poppy Honora
DD: Violet Ophelia
DS/DS: Dexter Owen/ Leo Vincent

DS: Beckett Ezra

Noah and Margot Gentry w/ Gemma, Gus, Iris, Ruby, Archer, Hugo, Poppy, Violet, Dexter, Leo and Beckett

#13 brimariiee


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Posted 04 September 2015 - 04:04 PM

LN: Oakley (nee Penner)

DH: Theodore "Theo" William Oakley
DW: Juliet Eloise Oakley (nee Penner)

DD/DS: Amelia Kate Oakley and Andrew "Drew" Patrick Oakley
DD: Gemma Pearl Oakley
DD: Ruby Jane Oakley
DS: Beau Colin Oakley
DS/DD: Leo Atticus Oakley and Scarlett Wren Oakley
DD: Fiona Violet Oakley
DS/DS: Noah Adam Oakley and Ezra Samuel Oakley

DS: Wyatt Jude Oakley

Theo and Juliet with Amelia, Drew, Gemma, Ruby, Beau, Leo, Scarlett, Fiona, Noah, Ezra, and Wyatt

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