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My (Very Revamped) Girls' List!

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#1 Meghan<3


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Posted 07 July 2014 - 12:47 AM

Hi!  So I haven't posted my lists in a long time, but here are 9 girls names that I've been liking lately!  I would love to hear your opinions, as well as any middle name suggestions you have.  Also, if you have any other suggestions for girls names or boys names based off of my style, I'm all ears!  ^_^ 


Here they are:


1. Gemma ~ Totally in love with this name.  :wub: 


2. Phoebe ~ Love the literary connection with this one, as well as how soft yet intelligent it sounds.


3. Lily ~ One of my favorite names as a child... I dropped it off my list for a while, but I'm loving it again!  Question: Do you prefer Lilia or Lillian with the nickname Lily, or just Lily on its own?  I'm not a fan of Lilith or Lilianna.


4. Jane ~ Not sure if it's too plain...  I don't think so?  What do you think?  I love its sound, its literary connections, and its sweet and intelligent feel.


5. Hallie ~ I think this one is a bit outdated... but I love it!  Do you think it's usable?


6. Sadie ~ I really like this, and it would work as an honoring name in my family.  But I'm not 100% sure if I can see myself having a daughter named Sadie... thoughts?


7. Paige ~ Again, outdated... but I've brought it back on my list!  I love the sound of it; it's short but sweet.


8. Nina ~ An honoring name.  I think it's sweet and pretty.  What do you think?


9.  Iris ~ New on my list!  I used to be iffy about it, but then I read an interesting fact about the Iris flower, how the three petals symbolize faith, valor, and wisdom... I thought that was such a cool meaning, and the name grew on me.  What do you think?




Thank you for all your help; any suggestions/opinions are appreciated!  I would love to add a 10th name to my list because I much prefer even numbers haha, so any suggestions for those would be great  ^_^ Thanks again!

#2 Jenna_Lee


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Posted 07 July 2014 - 08:05 AM

1. Gemma ~ I've never particularly liked it, but that might be because my name is Jenna and it's kind of similar but different, idk. 


2. Phoebe ~ I looooove Phoebe. It's a GP for me, since I'm not sure if I would ever really use it.


3. Lily ~ I always loved this one as well. I think Lilia is really pretty, but I like Lily just on its own.


4. Jane ~ I've always had a certain fondness for Jane, and it tends to pop up as a middle names for some of my combos. I don't think it's too plain, especially since it's not super common anymore.


5. Hallie ~ I think it could be usable, and I think it's cute, but to me it has more of a nickname-y feel.


6. Sadie ~ I really love Sadie. I would go for it, keep it on the list, and if you don't end up actually using it, oh well.


7. Paige ~ I think Paige is adorable, and I'm glad that it's finally not super-popular anymore (though I know a few Paiges). 


8. Nina ~ I have really bad connotations with this name, but I think the name itself is okay. Since my connotation person has Nina as a nickname for a fuller name, I have trouble picturing someone just named Nina, though.


9.  Iris ~ I love names that have important meanings, and I really like Iris and its elegance. I can't quite picture a person with this name, though, because I automatically think of the flower, but I could definitely get used to seeing it on a little girl after meeting her, and it will age well.

#3 HxppySxng


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Posted 07 July 2014 - 12:11 PM

1. Gemma ~ I adore Gemma. It's one of my favourite names right now. MN's- Gemma Sloane, Gemma Claire, Gemma Tatum, Gemma Lux, Gemma Eleanor.


2. Phoebe ~ Phoebe is a great name, not something I would use, but I can definitely appreciate it. MN's- Phoebe Quinn, Phoebe Kayla, Phoebe Deirdre, Phoebe Danielle, Phoebe Gemini.  


3. Lily ~ It's alright, but a bit common.  Question: Lillian is my favourite full name for Lily. MN's- Lily Grace, Lily Natalia, Lily Rachael, Lily Shadai (Shuh-dye), Lily Teagan.


4. Jane ~ I can appreciate it for it's literary connections, but it's not my style. Pretty name though. MN's- Jane Brielle, Jane Hannah, Jane Ireland, Jane Theresa, Jane Carmen.


5. Hallie ~ I really like this one. It has a cutsey feel, but could also work on a grown woman. I don't think it's outdated. MN's- Hallie Michelle, Hallie Lana, Hallie Devin, Hallie Giselle, Hallie Kirsten.


6. Sadie ~ I love Sadie, particularly as a nn for Mercedes. MN's- Sadie Jade, Sadie Hollis, Sadie Aiyana, Sadie Lauren, Sadie Felecia.


7. Paige ~ I adore the short and sweet sound. It's not too common nowadays but I think that adds to it's charm. MN's- Paige Chloe, Paige Terra, Paige Elsie, Paige Dahlia, Paige Marilyn.


8. Nina ~ GORGEOUS! MN's- Nina Lori, Nina Rhiannon, Nina Ashton, Nina Jordan, Nina Misty.


9.  Iris ~ Probably my least favourite on the list, but I have a connection to a person I wasn't fond of with the name Iris, so my opinion is a bit unfair. MN's- Iris Clarissa, Iris Brandy, Iris Victoria, Iris Meghan, Iris Kylie.

#4 MichiganLover


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Posted 30 July 2014 - 11:07 PM

1. Gemma ~  I like Gemma because it can be shortened to "gem" what a cute thing to call a little girl!


2. Phoebe ~ I'm not a big fan of Pheobe because it's just one of those ugly-sounding names to me. And I'll never stop connecting it with Friends..


3. Lily ~ Lily was always a childhood favorite. I'm in love with Lilia, but Lillian reminds me of an old woman


4. Jane ~ I actually like the name Jane because to me, it sounds classic and beautiful.


5. Hallie ~ I think Hallie is a cute name and still tom-boyish


6. Sadie ~ Sadie, to me, will always sound like a mean girl


7. Paige ~ I like Paige because it's sweet-sounding


8. Nina ~ Nina is a little old-fashioned but fun to say!


9.  Iris ~ Too old fashioned for me, also can't help thinking it's the name of a part of your eye instead of a little girl!

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