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6 Years of Life & Love

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Posted 07 July 2014 - 11:10 AM

(Idea from Nameberry)




There will be two events per year; babies and a life experience. Roll the dice twice for every year and follow the instructions. 


Your Name:

Husband's Name:






1. Single Boy

2. Single Girl

3. B/G Twins

4. G/G Twins

5. B/B Twins

6. Miscarriage




Life Experiences-


Year 1:

1. You and your DH go on a holiday together. Where do you go?

2. You win the lottery. How much do you win?

3. You buy a new car. What kind?

4. You and your DH move into a new house. Where is it? How many bed/bath?

5. You have a job change. What do you now do?

6. Choose from above.


Year 2:

1. You adopt a boy from Africa. His initials are DM. What's his name? How old is he?

2.  You adopt a girl from China. Her initials are KP. What is her name? How old is she?

3. You adopt a boy from Ireland. His initials are AC. What's his name? How old is he?

4. You adopt a girl from Russia. Her initials are HJ. What is her name? How old is she?

5. You adopt a boy from Guatemala. His initials are RG. What is his name? How old is he?

6. Choose from above. 


Year 3:

1. Your sister-in-law dies. You take in her son. What is his name? How old is he? 

2. Your friend's daughter is taken by Child Services and put in foster care. You take her in. What is her name? How old is she?

3. Your husband's niece falls pregnant at 17. You take them both in. What are their names?

4. Your family relocates to a different country. Where do you move?

5. You are a contestant on your favourite game show. Which show do you go on? Do you win any money?

6. Choose from above.


Year 4:

1. You buy 5 fish. What are their names?

2. You buy 3 cats. What are their names? What breed(s) are they?

3. You buy 4 turtles. What are their names?

4. You buy a dog. What is it's name? What breed is it?

5. You buy 2 horses. What are their names?

6. Choose from above.


Year 5:

1. You open a clothing store with your 2 best friends. What is the store called? What kind of clothing do you sell?

2. You open a bookstore with your husband. What is the store called?

3. You open a restaurant with your husband. What is the restaurant called? What kind of food do you sell?

4. You and your husband open a bar with your brother-in-law. What is the bar called?

5. You start a website that sells jewelry. What do you call your business?

6. Choose from above.


Year 6:

1. You get a tattoo. What of? Where is it? 

2. You get a bodily piercing. Where is it?

3. You dye your hair an outrageous colour. What colour is your hair?

4. You break a bone. What did you break? How did it happen?

5. You see your favourite band in concert. Which band do you see?

6. Choose from above. 




6 Year Summary-


Year 1: (List baby(s) names & life experience.)

Year 2: (List baby(s) names & life experience.)

Year 3: (List baby(s) names & life experience.)

Year 4: (List baby(s) names & life experience.)

Year 5: (List baby(s) names & life experience.)

Year 6: (List baby(s) names & life experience.)

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Posted 07 July 2014 - 11:33 AM

6 Year Summary-


Year 1: No babies this year, sadly we had a miscarriage. Noah & I go on a holiday to Australia.

Year 2: We have b/g twins and name them Austin Jonah & Lux Sloane. We also adopt a little girl from China, she's called Kimi Phan. 

Year 3: We welcome a son, Ethan Dominic. Noah's niece, Sierra Janelle, comes to live with us. She has a daughter and names her Deirdre Aspen. 

Year 4: We give our children a baby sister; Gemma Hollis. We also buy 3 Siberian kittens; Pandora, Sabbath, Vixen. 

Year 5: No babies this year as we have another miscarriage. However, I open a clothing store with my friends; Isabelle and Missy. It's called Steam where we sell mostly black clothes, lots of fishnets. It's similar to that of Hot Topic. 

Year 6: We have another set of twins; Jacob Lucas & Aiyana Jacqueline. I also get a tattoo on my back. It's the Zodiac sign circle, with all of my family members' names next to their Zodiac sign. 


Bailey Sarah & Noah Owen with Austin, Lux, Kimi, Ethan, Gemma, Jake, and Aiyana. We also share a house with Sierra and Deirdre. I have a business with Isabelle and Missy. And we have three kittens; Pandora, Sabbath, and Vixen. 

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Posted 07 July 2014 - 12:27 PM

6 Year Summary-


Year 1: My husband, Gilbert, and I gave birth to beautiful twin boys; Hayden Seth and Kellin Dean. We also won the lottery! We won $80,000,000.

Year 2: We gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Kaelyn Aaliyah. We also adopted a baby boy from Ireland. His name is Austin Cassidy.

Year 3: We gave birth to beautiful twin girls named Ashley Elizabeth and Audrey Victoria. My husband's niece, Maya Elise, fell pregnant at 17, so we took her and the baby in. 4 months later she gave birth to a beautiful baby baby named Levi Nicholas.

Year 4: We gave birth to a handsome baby boy named Andrew Michael. We bought 2 horses for the kids; Mocha (Girl) and Midnight (Boy).

Year 5: We gave birth to another set of beautiful twin girls named Violet Brooklyn and Isiana Paris. I also started a website selling jewelry, called Diamondsforme.com.

Year 6: We gave birth to our final child, another baby girl named Lacey Angelina. I also got to see my all-time favorite band Black Veil Brides. Sleeping with Sirens opened and closed the show!


Karina Yasmin and Gilbert Michael with Hayden, Kell, Kae, Aussie, Ashley, Audrey, Andy, Vi, Izzy and Lacey. Also living with Maya and her son Levi, and our two horses; Mocha and Midnight

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Posted 07 July 2014 - 01:35 PM

6 Year Summary-


Year 1:  Leia Catherine  Reynolds and Gavin Thomas Reynolds  find out that they are expecting their first child, so they decide to buy a new house to accommodate their growing family. It is a beautiful old plantation house in South Carolina with 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. A few months after moving in, they welcome their son, William Jacob Reynolds. decide to call him Liam


Year 2: Leia and Gavin adopt a 4-year-old boy from Ireland named Aidan Cormac. Leia also gives birth to another boy, Isaac Matthew.


Year 3: Gavin's 17-year-old niece Samantha Grace finds out that she's pregnant. Her parents are furious and kick her out of the house. Since they have the room, Leia and Gavin take her in. Later that year, she gives birth to a baby girl,  Zara Elizabeth. Leia gives birth to a third boy, Daniel Caspian.


Year 4: Gavin and Leia buy two horses for their farm, a stallion and a mare. The mare is named Eowyn, after the character from Lord of the Rings. The boys name the stallion Thor, after their favorite superhero. Sadly, later the same year, Leia suffers a miscarriage.


Year 5: Leia has been making jewelry for her friends and family for years, and she decides to start selling it online. She starts a website called Modern Princess, that showcases all of her eclectic jewelry designs. Though the business takes off well, the Reynolds have a sad experience when Leia suffers a second miscarriage.


Year 6: Samantha watches the kids for a night so Leia and Gavin can go to see their favorite band,  Yellowcard, in concert. They have a wonderful time. That same year, Leia gives birth to twin girls, Amelia Rachel and Ainsley Rebecca.




The Reynolds Family

Gavin Thomas [34] and Leia Catherine [31]

Aiden Cormac [8] {adopted from Ireland}

William Jacob "Liam" [5]

Isaac Matthew [4]

Daniel Caspian "Ian" [3]

Amelia Rachel [nb]

Ainsley Rebecca [nb]


Samantha Grace Reynolds [20] {Gavin's niece}

Zara Elizabeth [3]


Horses: Eowyn and Thor

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Posted 07 July 2014 - 02:23 PM

LN: Mattos


DW: Christina Tracey Melissa (nee Cox)

DH: Grant Logan


Year 1:


Well, it has been an amazing year for Grant and I. We welcomed twin boys, we named them Logan Trace Mattos and Connor Grant Mattos. Of course, second to that situation we happened to have won the lottery! Fifty million dollars! It will improve our family life greatly. We're currently looking to move to a big house in a nice neighborhood, I've quit my job to be a stay-at-home mom to my new babies and any future ones Grant and I have.


Year 2:


Well, it's been a big year for our little family, we welcomed two new lives into our home. We've adopted a little boy from Ireland, he is four years old and his name is Aidan Callahan Mattos. Not only did we bring Aidan into our home this year, but we had our third biological child, a little girl whom we named Olivia Melissa Mattos.


Year 3:


It has been a very rough year on our family. I miscarried what would have been our second set of twins. Following that, we decide we want to move and instead of staying in the US we make a choice to move to London, Grant's office has work for him there and we just need something new and so we make the change and just go. The memories here are too painful.


Year 4:


Well, to help our family heal, I decide to get a puppy. We pick out a Golden Lab that we name Bailey. In addition to Bailey's arrival, we welcomed our second daughter into the family, she's perfect and adorable. I love her so much more having lost two babies last year. We name her Hannah Cristy Mattos.


Year 5:


Well, we've decided to do something crazy in our family. Grant and I decided to open a restaurant, we call it Hoclab and we serve a mix of italian and modern american fare. It is going really well and we're constantly busy. I wish I could have been in it's kitchen a little more. However, I had twins this year, a boy and a girl. The pregnancy kept me out of most of the action with the restaurant, but it is what is it. We name the twins Sophia Tina Mattos and Brenden Cox Mattos. The pair fill our lives with so much love, just like our other children.


Year 6:


Well, this year has been quite low key compared to our others. Hoclab has been doing very well and we've been featured in several magazines and business is steady. I also gave birth to our newest son whom Grant and I decided would be our last child. We name him Noah Landon Mattos. He's just as perfect as our other children with ten fingers and toes. Our family feels complete and perfect now.




The Mattos Family


DH: Grant Logan [32]

DW: Christina Tracey Melissa [32]


DAS: Aidan Callahan [8]

DS/DS: Logan Trace & Connor Grant [5]

DD: Olivia Melissa [4]

DD: Hannah Cristy [2]

DD/DS: Sophia Tina & Brenden Cox [1]

DS: Noah Landon [0]


Dog: Bailey [Golden Lab, 2]


Grant and Christina Mattos; with Aidan, Logan, Connor, Olivia, Hannah, Sophia, Brenden & Noah + Bailey

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Posted 07 July 2014 - 03:25 PM

Year 0
After 4 years of dating Alex proposes.
Alexander 'Alex' Joshua Marks and Jessica 'Jess' Linnea Spencer get married on the beach 2 months later.

Year 1
Buy a 4 bedroomed house in the suburbs of Florida.
William 'Will' Henry and Lillian 'Lily' Elizabeth are born.

Year 2
Adopt a boy from Ireland. His name is Andrew 'Andy' Connor and he is 6.
Eleanor 'Ellie' Catherine is born.

Year 3
Alex's sister Heather dies. She was a single mother, so we adopt her daughter, Magnolia 'Maggie' Jade who is 11.
Angelica 'Angie' Rosalie is born.

Year 4
We adopt a Labrador who we name Spike.
Nathaniel 'Nate' Gregory is born.

Year 5
We open a bar with Alex's brother Dexter. It's a sports bar named, 'Sideline.'
Theodore 'Theo' Maxwell and Christian 'Chris' Richard are born.

Year 6
I dye my hair in red, white and blue stripes for the World Cup!
Jackson 'Jack' Scott is born.


Alexander 'Alex' Joshua Marks [29]
Jessica 'Jess' Linnea Marks [28]
Magnolia 'Maggie' Jade Marks [14] *Niece
Andrew 'Andy' Connor Marks [10] *Adopted
William 'Will' Henry Marks [5]
Lillian 'Lily' Elizabeth Marks [5]
Eleanor 'Ellie' Catherine Marks [4]
Angelica 'Angie' Rosalie Marks [3]
Nathaniel 'Nate' Gregory Marks [2]
Theodore 'Theo' Maxwell Marks [1]
Christian 'Chris' Richard Marks [1]
Jackson 'Jack' Scott Marks [0]

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Posted 07 July 2014 - 05:09 PM



[35] James Harry & Louisa Kate [34]


[8] Helena Jane

[6] Gavin Hugo / Theo Cormac

[3] Alfie William

[1] Nathaniel James

[0] Emilie Stella

2014 - twin boys born January 28th; i become a senior midwife

2015 - miscarriage in February; we adopt a 4-year-old girl from Russia in September

2016 - baby boy born on May 22nd; our niece Lily is 17, pregnant and alone so we welcome her in (she has a baby girl named Bronwyn Louisa in October)

2017 - another miscarriage in April; we adopt a border collie named Roo in August

2018 - our 4th boy is born July 3rd; James and I open a bookstore called "A Novel Idea"

2019 - finally a girl! our second daughter is born December 10th; i get a tattoo with the birth dates of all our kids on my rib cage


James + Lou

Lena, Gavin, Theo, Alfie, Nate, Emmi

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Posted 08 July 2014 - 01:48 AM

6 Year Summary-


Year 1: We give birth to fraternal twins in January, and are overjoyed to win the lottery the following month! We win £10,000,000, and I quit my job immediately to become a stay at home mother.

Year 2: In July of this year we welcome our second set of fraternal twins, and find out that there's a little boy for us to adopt. We adopt our three year old son from Ireland, and he fits right in with our family.

Year 3: We decided to pack up our family and move to Germany this year; Archer has a job there, and our lottery win from two years ago comes in handy. We also welcome our third set of twins this August, two boys.

Year 4: As a present to the older kids for being great during the relocation we buy five pet fish. The older four kids name them Bubbles, Dora, Barney, Goldie, and Fish. We also welcome a baby girl in May.

Year 5: At the beginning of this year Archer and I open a bar with Archer's brother Holden. We call it Moore Please, and it does really well in it's first year. We also welcome a set of fraternal twins in October.

Year 6: We welcome our last baby, a girl, in August of this year. After her birth I decide to get a tattoo with all of the kids' names on, and their birth dates, so that I'll always have them with me.




LN: Moore


DH: Archer Levi

DW: Chloe Marie


DAS: Abbott Carlisle [7]

DS/DD: Edmund Archer/Elinor Marie [5]

DS/DD: Bentley Caden/Scarlet Chloe [4]

DS/DS: Avery Levi/Oscar James [3]

DD: Hazel Caroline [2]

DS/DD: Rafferty Milo/Madeleine Zoey [1]

DD: Phoebe Susannah [nb]


Archer and Chloe Moore with Abbott, Ned, Ellie, Ben, Etta, Avery, Oscar, Hazel, Raffi, Maisie, and Phoebe

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Posted 09 July 2014 - 05:34 AM

Your Name: Jamie Diana Graceford

Husband's Name: Jared Brent Graceford


6 Year Summary-


Year 1: Have a little girl called Jasmine Charlotte + Jared & Jamie go on holiday together to Canada.

Year 2: Have a little girl called Briana Jocelyn + adopt a 4 year old boy from Ireland called Aidan Conall.

Year 3: Have boy/girl twins called Wyatt Alexander & Willow Aubrey + relocate from Scotland to Canada.

Year 4: Have a little boy called Micah Joey + buy 4 pet turtles called Aqua, Crush, Ocean & Reef.

Year 5: Have a little boy called Nolan Daniel + Jamie opens a children's clothing store with her 2 best friends, Sadie Georgia & Ellie Victoria, called "Lottie, Leo & Luke" after each's eldest child.

Year 6: Have a little girl called Violet Daisy + Jamie breaks her collar bone when she falls from a ladder whilst putting new stock out in the shop.

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Posted 09 July 2014 - 07:06 AM

Year 1: Give birth to a baby girl & buy a Kia Cee'd.

Year 2: Give birth to a baby boy & adopt a 4 year old girl from China.

Year 3: Give birth to a baby boy & take in our 17 year old niece who is pregnant and gives birth to a boy.

Year 4: Give birth to twin girls & buy 4 turtles.

Year 5: Have a miscarriage & open up a family restaurant named The Kids Are Alright.

Year 6: Give birth to twin boys & I broke my arm after tripping over a toy and falling down the stairs.




LN: Wiggs


DH: Nathan Armani

DW: Amanda Christine


DAD: Kira Penelope [8]

DD: Haven Isabella [5]

DS: Brogan Willoughby [4]

DS: Holden Samuel [3]

DD/DD: Tabitha Grey/Tallulah Mae [2]

DS/DS: Aden Thomas/Asher Nathan [nb]



Nate & Mandy Wiggs with Kira, Avi, Bo, Holden, Tabi, Tally, Aden, & Asher

Dill, Chive, Basil, & Thyme the turtles

Clara Vivian Wiggs [20] with Skyler Armani Wiggs [3]

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Posted 11 July 2014 - 11:20 AM

DW: Rosa Marcey 

DH: Liam Micah


Year 1:

We moved into a big house with five bedrooms and three bathrooms in a small town in the middle of no where. Though it's a huge house, we plan on filling it with children. A few months after moving in, we had our first son, Joshua Ross.


Year 2:

We adopted a little boy from Africa. He's four years old and named Dayo Mosi. Shortly after we brought him home, we gave birth to another little boy, Thomas Vincent.


Year 3:

Our family was selected to go on Family Feud. Though our team lost, we had a lot of fun playing. Later on in the world, we were blessed with twins, another little boy and our first girl. We named them Richard Parker and Kimberly Jordan.


Year 4:

As though having five kids running around the house wasn't enough, we took in three cats. Oliver is an orange tabby that we found on our doorstep on morning, Mittens is a fluffy black cat with white spots just on her two front paws that Dayo brought home with him one day, and Jasmine is a ragdoll kitten that I fell in love with at a pet store. In addition to our new feline members, we had another son and named him George Michael.


Year 5:

I started selling jewelry online after picking up the hobby while the kids were napping. I named my business Mommy's Pretties and it's doing really well so far. We also welcomed twin boys into our family. We named them William Quinn and Nicholas Martin


Year 6:


I got a tattoo that incorporated all my children's names on my back. In hopes of having another girl, we agreed to try having one more child, instead we had another boy and his name is Christopher Allen.


Rosa, Liam, Josh, Dayo, Tommy, Rich, Kimmy, Georgie, Will, Nick, & Chris

Oliver, Mittens, & Jasmine

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Posted 12 July 2014 - 12:48 AM

LN: Smith

DW: Rosalie Sawyer

DH: Luca Harper


DS: Ezra Rowan [6]

DAS: Declan Massai {Adopted from Kenya} [5 1/2]

DS/DS: Finn Hendrix & Rhys Lennon [5]

DD/DD: Hadley Amelia & Stella Everly [4]

DS: Eli Bennett [3]

DD/DD: Ainsley Rose & Delaney Grace [2]

DD: Waverly Aurora [nb]


Niece: Madison Olivia [21]

DS: Aiden Bentley [4]


Luca & Rosalie Smith +

Ezra, Declan, Finn, Rhys, Hadley, Stella, Eli, Ainsley, Laney, Waverly; niece, Maddy & son Aiden; and dog, Kemba


Life Experiences-


Year 1:

Luca & Rosalie buy a large, 5-bedroom and 3 bathroom renovated farm house in a quaint Midwestern town. Five months later, they welcome their first son, Ezra Rowan 



Year 2:

At the beginning of the year, the couple decide to begin the adoption process. To their surprise, just one month later they welcome a three month old boy from Kenya, they decide to name him Declan Massai. The second surprise of the year comes when Rosalie finds out she is pregnant with twin boys! At the end of the year the twins, Finn Hendrix & Rhys Lennon, are born. 



Year 3:

Luca's niece, Madison Olivia, is kicked out of the house when she reveals to her parents that she is two months pregnant. Luca and Rosalie, who is also pregnant at the time, decide to open their homes to the young girl. Months later, Madison delivers a baby boy, Aiden Bentley. The following month, Rosalie give birth to twin girls, Hadley Amelia & Stella Everly



Year 4:

Although the house is already overflowing, Luca decides that Ezra and Declan need a puppy. The family adopts a young husky pup from the shelter. The decide to name him Kemba. The couple have always dreamt of a large family and are overjoyed when they welcome another baby boy, Eli Bennett.



Year 5:

Luca and his brother decide to open a bar named Smith Bros Pub. Later that year the family welcomes another set of twin girls! Ainsley Rose & Delaney Grace make their appearance on a snowy winter night.


Year 6:

This year, the family welcomes its final member Miss Waverly Aurora. Luca and Rosalie decide to get matching tattoos of a Celtic tree. To symbolize their pride and love for their family they get everyones initials on the tree's branches.

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Posted 18 July 2014 - 12:48 AM

LN: Jacobs


DH: Adam Christopher

DW: Larissa Rose


Year One: We found out we were pregnant with a baby girl!  We were nervous about providing for our first child financially, but, in an amazing stroke of luck, we won the lottery!  We were awarded $20,000 dollars, which allowed us to refurbish a brand new nursery for our little girl, as well as to put some of our earnings into our savings account for future use.  Our little girl finally arrived, and we named her Evangeline Hope, since Evangeline means "bearer of good news," which reflected our very lucky year! 


Year Two: We had begun looking into the adoption process even before Evangeline was born - we decided shortly after getting married that we wanted to help out a homeless little kid through adoption at some point during our lives.  This year, we were finally able to bring home a 5-month-old baby boy from Ireland!  We named him Aiden Connor because both names are Irish, reflecting his heritage, and since the initials match Adam's!  Shortly after we welcomed Aiden into our home, we became pregnant again and welcomed another little girl into our family!  We named her Lorelei Ruth, so that she would share Larissa's initials just as Aiden shared Adam's. 


Year Three: We became pregnant with boy/girl twins!  We decided to name them with reverse initials, playing off of the initial sharing of our second and third children.  We named our twins Oliver Camden and Charlotte Olivia.  When the twins were just a few weeks old, Adam's niece Rebekah Diane Williams came to us for help.  She was 17 and pregnant, and her parents highly disapproved.  They had promised to take care of her while she was pregnant but mandated that she move out once she had the baby.  During Rebekah's pregnancy, her boyfriend broke up with her, so once she gave birth, she had nowhere to turn.  When she showed up at our doorstep with her newborn baby boy Lennon Tobias, we just didn't have the heart to turn her away, so we let her and her son stay in our guest room.


Year Four: Unfortunately, Larissa miscarried this year.  It was quite a blow to us, but we considered it to be a blessing in disguise, since we had a full house with 6 little kids to take care of!  Our house has a pond in the backyard, so one day we decided to buy some turtles to live in it.  With the kids' help, we named our four new pets Elmer, George, Lancelot, and Hilda.


Year Five: We have always loved literature, and so this year, we finally completed our lifelong goal of opening a bookstore together.  We named it Inkstains, and shortly after its opening, found out we were pregnant with another little girl!  We decided to name her Elizabeth Scout, after the famous characters in Pride and Prejudice and To Kill a Mockingbird.


Year Six: Before we owned our bookstore, we both worked in conservative corporate offices, but as shipowners found that we had plenty of creative freedom to do whatever we wanted... so we dyed our hair!  Larissa dyed her hair light blue, and Adam dyed his cherry red.  We also had another set of boy/girl twins!  We named them color names to match our new 'dos - Grey Sterling and Ivory Jade.


The Jacobs Family

Adam, Larissa, Evey, Aiden, Lorelei, Lizzie, Grey, & Ivory

with turtles Elmer, George, Lancelot, & Hilda

& niece and grand-nephew Rebekah & Lennon

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Posted 23 July 2014 - 05:53 PM

DH: Lewis Daniel Blanchard

DW: Rae Marie Evangeline Blanchard


Year One: Sadly we had a miscarriage this year.  We won the lottery and won twenty-two million dollars however I would trade it all to have my beautiful baby.


Year Two: We have twin girls Avery Marie and Sydney Madison, We also adopted a four year old boy from Africa, with the African name Dane Maddox.


Year Three: We have boy/girl twins named Grayson "Gray" Maxwell and Evangeline "Evan" Mackenzie.  I also become a contestant on family feud.  My family wins the first game we are in and use the money to buy my parents a gift.  We opt out of the second game.


Year Four: We suffer another miscarriage and I fear we are done having children.  My husband buys three cats and I am furious because I am allergic.  The first cat is a female American bobtail named Frankie, the second cat is a male American Short hair named Trent, and the third is a male  American wirehair named Jet.


Year Five: I become pregnant by surprise with a little girl who I name Brenna "Bren" Michelle, my husband and I open a book store called Page.


Year Six: I become pregnant with twin boys and name them Jackson "Jacks" Monroe and Benjamin "Benji" Mark, I decide to get my ears pierced since I refused to throughout my early life.



The Family: Rae, Lewis, Dane (8), Avery (4), Sydney (4), Gray (3), Evan (3), Bren (1), Jacks (NB) and Benji (NB)

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Your Name: Brielle Mae Williams (nee Campbell)

Husband's Name: Tyler Sullivan Williams


2021: Cameron Scott Williams and Jordyn Marie Williams are born // I stop teaching Kindergarten and open up a daycare in our home.

2022: Brylee Olivia Williams is born // We adopted 5 year old Kimberly Ping Williams from China.

2023: Peyton Alistair Williams is born // We take in our friend's 3 year old daughter, Fiona Violet O'Riley-Williams.

2024: Penelope Mae Williams and Margaret Lane Williams are born // We get a dalmatian named Parker.

2025: Aurora Heather Williams and Theodore Bradley Williams are born // My two friends and I open a kids clothing store called Tailed4Tots.

2026: Horatio Graham Williams and Wyatt Gabriel Williams are born // At the suggestion of Tyler, I dye my hair blue.


Tyler [33] and Brielle [33] with Kim [10], Fiona [7], Cameron [6], Jordyn [6], Brylee [5], Peyton [4], Penny [3], Maggie [3], Rory [2], Theo [2], Horatio [1], Wyatt [1] and furbaby Parker.

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LN: Hughes
DH: Gregory Declan “Rory”
DW: Isabella Margaret “Bella”


Year 1:
- miscarriage
- they move into a new house just outside of Manhattan, close to the city for Rory’s work but far enough away to have some peace and quiet.

Year 2:
- B/G twins; Nicholas David and Gabriella Madelyn “Nick and Gabby”
- they adopt a 6 year-old boy from Ireland, named Alexander Christian “Alex”

Year 3:
- single boy; Jackson Isaac “Jack”
- Rory’s niece falls pregnant at 17 and they take them both in. Rosa Katherine “Rosie” Hughes has her first child; Leo Finnegan.

Year 4:
- single girl; Bethany Georgia “Beth”
- they buy 5 goldfish; Lulu, Monster, Rex, Bo and Star

Year 5:
- G/G twins; Camilla Louise and Philippa Jane “Milly and Pippa”
- Rory and Bella open a bar named Puzzles, with her brother-in-law; Hayden Anthony Gold.

Year 6:
- B/G twins; Theodore John and Katrina Isabel “Teddy and Kat”
- Bella gets a tattoo of her children’s birthdays on her shoulder.


Rory and Bella Hughes with their children Nick, Gabby, Alex, Jack, Beth, Milly, Pippa, Teddy and Kat, and with their 5 fish Lulu, Monster, Rex, Bo and Star.
Rosie Hughes with her son Leo.

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The Ashford Family


DW: Aurora Madeline Ashford (nee Lowenthal) [24]

DH: Tristan Charles Ashford [24]


Married April 26, 2009



6 Year Summary


Year 1 (2011)

Tristan and Aurora welcome a baby boy on April 17, just nine days before their second wedding anniversary. The name their firstborn child Cedric William Ashford.  In July, Tristan buys a lottery ticket on a whim on his way home from work. The ticket ends up being a winner, and the Ashford family finds themselves 20 million dollars richer! 


Year 2 (2012)

Since they now have plenty of money, Aurora and Tristan decide to help someone less fortunate, and they start the process of adopting a 4-year-old boy from Ireland Alastar Cillian Donahue. A few weeks before they welcome Alastar into  their home, Aurora discovers she is pregnant. 8 months later, 6 months after Alastar joins the family, Aurora gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The are named Catherine Amelia Ashford and Isaac Malcolm Ashford.


Year 3 (2013)

Aurora falls pregnant with B/G twins again! She and Tristan are a bit stressed and concerned, since they already have four children under the age of 6, but Aurora is healthy, and they don't have to worry about money. They are overjoyed with Audrey Juliet Ashford and Gavin Thomas Ashford arrive. But there is some sadness in the Ashford family as well. Tristan's sister Madelyn and her husband David are killed by carbon monoxide poisoning one night while their seven-year-old son is spending the night at a friend's house. Tristan and Aurora agree to take in their nephew, Lucas Andrew Bates.


Year 4 (2014)

The kids have been begging for a pet, and Tristan and Aurora finally give in. Since they have a lot of land, they decide to get two horses, one black and one white. The Ashford family talks about names, and decide to call the white horse Elsa (since all of the kids love Frozen) and the black horse Licorice. Sadly, near the end of the year, Aurora suffers a miscarriage.


Year 5 (2015)

Happily for the family, Aurora is able to conceive again in the months following the miscarriage. The Ashford family welcomes twins for the third time, only this time, it's two girls. The are named Serena Elizabeth Ashford and Rebecca Jocelyn Ashford.  The same year, Aurora and Tristan open a bookstore called Limited Edition, that specializes in used and rare books, but sells new copies as well. The bookstore has an awesome children's section and story-time loft, and becomes a popular place for kids of all ages.  


Year 6 (2016)

The twins continue! Aurora gives birth to her third set of boy/girl twins, named James Alexander Ashford and Leia Penelope Ashford. A few months after the twins are born, Leia gets a Celtic knot work  tattoo on her shoulder. All of her children's names are incorporated into the knots of the tattoo, to shoe that the family is intertwined and unbreakable. 



The Ashford Family


DH: Tristan Charles Ashford [29]

DW: Aurora Madeline Ashford (nee Lowenthal) [29]


DS: Lucas Andrew Bates  [10] {nephew}

DS: Alastar Cillian Ashford [8] {adopted from Ireland}

DS: Cedric William Ashford [5]

DD: Catherine Amelia Ashford [4]

DS: Isaac Malcolm Ashford [4]

DD: Audrey Juliet Ashford [3]

DS: Gavin Thomas Ashford [3]

DD: Serena Elizabeth Ashford [1]

DD: Rebecca Jocelyn Ashford "Becca" [1]

DS: James Alexander Ashford [nb]

DD: Leia Penelope Ashford [nb]


Horses: Elsa and Licorice




Tristan and Aurora Ashford

Lucas, Alastar, Cedric, Catherine, Isaac, Audrey, Gavin, Serena, Becca, James, Leia

Horses Elsa and Licorice



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Your Name: Rebecca Louise Green (nee Anderson)

Husband's Name: Christopher "Chris" William Green


2024: Ezra Michael Green and Noah Anthony Green are born // In preparation for our growing family we buy a blue Honda Odyssey

2025: Julian Robert Green is born // We adopt a 4 year old boy from Ireland named Aiden Charles Green

2026: Levi Dylan Green and Beau Logan Green are born // I get the chance to be on Family Feud. I bring Chris, my mom, and my friends Anthony and Anne with me. We won $650 and had fun playing!

2027: Andrew "Drew" Nicholas Green and Leah Anne Green are born // We get 3 cats; a male orange tabby cat named Oliver, a female Savannah cat named Kiara and a female black Bombay cat named Luna.

2028: Ruby Lynn Green is born // Chris and I open a bar with his brother Michael and we call it Bottles Up!

2029: Sebastian Elliot Green is born // I broke a bone in my toe when someone backed up over me.


Rebecca [35] and Chris [32] with Aiden [8], Ezra [5], Noah [5], Julian [4], Levi [3], Beau [3], Drew [2], Leah [2], Ruby [1], Sebastian [nb]

with furbaby Oliver, Kiara, and Luna

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Grace Kristine Axel & my husband Adam Flynn Axel (fictional)

1st year:
I have been teaching at a school for the Deaf for 5 years and we find out I am expecting! I decide to stop teaching and just be a mom. We begin planning our dream home that we will have built with over 400,000 square feet, 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms in Central Point, Oregon. In time, the twins are born: Faith Elina & Hope Alexandra.

2nd year:
The babies are so healthy and happy and we have moved into our new home and now want to fill it up. We decided to adopt from Russia and while we are over there signing the papers to bring Hadassah Jaeli home, we find out we are expecting again! In nine months we come home from the hospital with two more baby girls!!! Karina Rosalie & Kirsten Willow. Five days later, Hadassah has her 15th birthday and her first one with us in America. <3

3rd year:
This year my husband and I were invited to compete on The Amazing Race! We had a blast traveling around for a month in the spring and ended up winning trips and $10,000 cash even though we didn't win the whole thing. When we finally got back home, I was pregnant yet again and soon had my first son along with another daughter! Gwendolyn Promise & Griffin Maverick.

4th year:
We love living on lots of land and want to add horses so we start looking and end up buying a Clydesdale named Winston and a Shetland pony named Dusty. Not long after we welcome our second little boy into our home: Toby Benjamin!

5th year:
Griffin and Toby are quite out numbered, but not quite as much now. I became pregnant again and this time had Asa Lincoln! During my pregnancy, I had started up a website selling jewelry with my husband and we called it: Bracelet Blessings. Part of each sale goes toward charities to help orphanded children find forever homes.

6th year:
Adam and I had our 9th and final biological child on my sister's birthday-July 15. Her name is Piper Joy. One week later we all went out to celebrate at a TobyMac concert opened by Mandisa. It was so much fun and an amazing way to relax after a crazy busy first 11 years of marriage and six years of family!

This is the Axel family:
Adam and Gracie with Faith (6) & Hope (6), Haddi (19), Rina (5) & Kirsten (5), Gwen (4) & Finn (4), Toby (3), Asa (2), and Piper (1) with horses Winston & Dusty ( b/g)

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