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Updated List *7/7/14*

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Posted 07 July 2014 - 09:29 PM

Let's just jump right on in to the names! 


My boys list is smaller than girls because there's only a few select names I truly love but the list that the hubby and I both love is VERY small. 




Jensen- new to the list and is a name I heard on a name reveal from YouTube. I love how it sounds. No, it wouldn't be the best to go with the kids but I like it. Possibly a middle name. 

Greyson- Popular,yes, but I'm starting to really like it!

Knox- Middle name only! 

Asher- Always loved it and could see us using it 

Milo- I've always wanted a little Milo. Different vibe than the boys and Vivi but I absolutely adore it. 

Nolan- Starting to like this one a lot! 

Corbin- Brand new to my name list and the ones I like. Saw this on instagram and just fell in love with it. 




















Let's just say that for my girls list I have a lot that I like! Some of them you all have seen before on previous lists. Some are new and probably ones you wouldn't think I would use. So I'm not going to break those down because I'd rather hear some feedback with combos and such! 



#2 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 08 July 2014 - 12:08 PM

I've been seeing Jensen here and there.. its not my personal style, but its nice. I actually think Jensen would match with Hayes name PERFECT, and Jensen and Vivienne would be alright. Though I don't think it matches Easton as well.

I love Greyson as well. I tend to love surname names.

Knox is cool, I like it.

I like Asher a fair amount, its pretty cool. Its pretty close to my sons name though, Archer. I've had a handful of people mishear me introducing him as Archer thinking its Asher or Arthur. 

I have a love / hate relationship with Milo. It makes me think of one of my favorite books, Catch 22. The character, Milo... he was quite a character lol.

Nolan is alright, I don't love it. I'm not much a fan of Corbin either. Guess its just not my style. 


Tallulah is alright, cutesy :)
I like Piper, its pretty. I really think Tallulah Piper would sound gorgeous! 

I really like Violet a lot, especially as a middle name! It just fits with so many options.. 

I love Rose names, Rosalie included. Beautiful!

Madelyn is pretty, I like it.

I'm back and forth on Harper. Its nice though!

Penelope is beautiful. It just has such a pretty flow.

Charlotte's really pretty!

I like Delilah quite a lot. I tend to use it as a middle name a lot as well. Piper Delilah, Rosalie Delilah, Harper Delilah.. pretty much fits with all your girls names!

I like Belle a lot, so pretty! I tend to like it as a nick name though, Annabel, Isabel, Belphoebe.. :)


I hope this helps you out!

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#3 HxppySxng


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Posted 08 July 2014 - 12:39 PM



Jensen- I agree, it would be a cute middle name. But it sounds a lot like a surname. 

Greyson- Another one that sounds like a surname, but I've read a book where the protagonist's last name was Greyson. It's up and coming, though. 

Knox- Wonderful mn. 

Asher- I love this one. It's so handsome. 

Milo- Reminds me of Atlantis, I like it. Not something I would use, but it's cute for someone else.

Nolan- This is not my favourite name, I can't picture having a little boy running around and yelling "Nolan!!" I just can't picture it working. 

Corbin- This is cute, I can hear it as a nn, but Corbin Bleu comes to mind when I hear it. 







Tallulah- I feel this one is a mouthful, I'm more a fan of Thalia, similar but less. Lulu would be a cute nn for this though.

Piper- Very new-age. I'm not a fan but it's alright. I don't have a strong opinion on this one.

Violet- I love colourful names (obviously, as my girls are Ivory and Jayde) it's a gorgeous name.

Rosalie- It's my favourite Rose name. Beautiful name. 

Madelyn- I much prefer Madeleine, but as long as you pronounce it Mad-el-in, I guess it works. I love Madeleine, it sounds so elegant. 

Harper- Eh, not too much of an opinion on this one either. 

Penelope- I've been seeing this name on a lot of little girls lately. I like the nn Nellie on Penelope, but not too into Penny or the name as a whole.

Charlotte- I love this, it's a classic. Charlie or Lottie are cute nns.

Delilah- I used to know a Delilah, she went by Lala as she hated her name. I'm kind of against it for that reason.

Belle- I love Belle to the over-used Bella. Jayde's mn is Isabelle, so I love this name. 

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#4 Madi Wolf Princess <3

Madi Wolf Princess <3

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Posted 08 July 2014 - 03:42 PM

Jensen - Not my style.  Seems kind of feminine, because there was a female named Jenson on a movie I've seen.

Greyson - Love it.  Very handsome, and so is the the nickname Grey.

Knox - Not my style, and very trendy right now. 

Asher - Not my style -- I've always felt this name is lacking something.  I don't know... 

Milo - I can see the appeal, but it isn't my style either.  There was a character with an annoying voice on a cartoon show I saw once...

Nolan - I like this.  Kind of an alternative to Noah...

Corbin - Very handsome.  But Easton Corbin is a country singer, lol.


Tallulah - I like this, actually.  It's cute, and it sounds "free", lol.  Like an island girl with flowers in her hair, who surfs and the boys adore.  Lol.

Piper - Not my style.  Prefer Harper.

Violet - It's okay.  I like it better as a middle name.

Rosalie - Love this name.  So sweet.

Madelyn - LOVE this, especially as a middle name.  It would honor me, lol.  Are you pronouncing it Mad-uh-LYNN?

Harper - Not my style.  It's better than Piper though.

Penelope - Spunky.  This isn't really my style, but it's cute.

Charlotte - I like this.  It's cute with the nickname Charlie, and it goes with Vivi's name very well.  It goes well with the boys too, but Vivienne and Charlotte are perfect for sisters...

Delilah - Spunky.  I adore this, and it goes very well with the boys and Vivi.

Belle - More middle name material...  It doesn't seem like enough to be a first name, but it's very pretty.  I had Vivienne Belle on my list, but you already are using Vivienne...


My favorite from your boys is most definitely Greyson, and Charlotte for your from your girls.  And I ADORE Madelyn as a middle name.  <3

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