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Thoughts on my singles...

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#1 Guest_Alyse_*

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Posted 10 July 2014 - 09:38 PM

Please give me feedback on my latest name crushes...anything helps!




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Posted 10 July 2014 - 11:35 PM

Anneliese- Love this name, it's so beautiful. Princessy yet modern. 9/10
Saylor/Sailor- NMS, but if you use it, please please PLEASE go with the correct spelling. 6/10
Sloane- Love it. It's on my list as well. 10/10
Vivienne- It looks very pretty with your spelling of it, however I'd pronounce it Viv-ee-en, and I'm not sure if that's the way you want it to sound. Are you going for -en or -an? 7/10
Cara- I associate the name with a car. Again, it could just be my accent. 7/10
Phoebe- I love that it's vintage but making a come back. Very pretty. 8/10
Lillian- NMS, like the nn Lily. 6/10
Tate- I think it works better on a boy but that's just my opinion. 6/10

Alexander- Love it as a MN, Alex is a cute nn if you use it as FN. Still very handsome. 8/10
Henry- NMS, too dated IMO. 4/10
Peter- Same as above. 5/10
Lincoln- It's a GP of mine, Link is a cute nn. I think it works better as a MN. 7/10
Tate- It's very handsome on a boy. 7/10
Killian- LOVE IT!!! 10/10
Dominic- Another on my list... 10/10



(Did you need MN/combos?)

#3 Guest_Alyse_*

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Posted 11 July 2014 - 06:27 AM

That would be great!

#4 HxppySxng


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Posted 11 July 2014 - 12:13 PM


Anneliese- Anneliese Claire / Anneliese Jade / Anneleise Nicole / Anneliese Quinn / Anneliese Paige 
Sailor- Sailor Erica / Sailor Christine / Sailor Maisie / Sailor Danielle / Sailor Cora  
Sloane- Sloane Gemma / Sloane Michelle / Sloane Aaliyah / Sloane Vanessa / Sloane Miranda
Vivienne- Vivienne Hannah / Vivienne Isabelle / Vivienne Rachael / Vivienne Litzy / Vivienne Kayla
Cara- Cara Taryn / Cara Violet / Cara Sophie / Cara Brooklyn / Cara Jordan
Phoebe- Phoebe Janae / Phoebe Lux / Phoebe Sarah / Phoebe Monroe / Phoebe Norah
Lillian- Lillian Kendra / Lillian Aiyana / Lillian Renée / Lillian Giselle / Lillian Farrah 

Tate- Tate Victoria / Tate Kendall / Tate Rhiannon / Tate Danica / Tate Elisa

Alexander- Alexander James / Alexander Corey /Alexander Christian / Alexander Lucas / Alexander Owen
Henry- Henry Thomas / Henry Benjamin / Henry Weston / Henry Paul / Henry Michael
Peter- Peter Hayden / Peter Reese / Peter Isaac / Peter Stephan / Peter Ashton
Lincoln- Lincoln Wesley / Lincoln Christopher / Lincoln Nicholas / Lincoln Elliot / Lincoln Parker (Sorry, can't help it)
Tate- Tate Calum / Tate Jacob / Tate Caiden / Tate Victor / Tate Daniel
Killian- Killian Troy / Killian Nathaniel / Killian Liam / Killian Dominic / Killian Spencer
Dominic- Dominic Ryan / Dominic Fabian / Dominic Heath / Dominic Graham / Dominic Seth

#5 EmilyA


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Posted 11 July 2014 - 12:49 PM

Anneliese- I like this name but I could never use it. It's one of those names that I'd love if I could see it on other peoples' daughter.
Saylor/Sailor- I love this name. I always get negative feedback for this when I mentioned it while trying to find  name our first son and our daughter as well. I think it's adorable but I know it won't age well as I'd like it to. 
Sloane- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this name. Partially because one of my favorite TV shows is Grey's Anatomy. I love the sound and love it on a girl more than a boy. A middle name I like for Sloane is Olivia and the classic Elizabeth.
Vivienne- I am obviously head over heels for this one because my daughters name is Vivienne Isla. Love how feminine it is and strong an elegant. It's like the total package! 
Cara- I'm still iffy about this name. I like it but I hate it. It's 50/50 for me.
Phoebe- Sweet and delicate. I would not use it but it's very nice.
Lillian- Love this name. While it's becoming quite common, I would still use it. 
Tate... - Just no. Especially for a girl. How about Tatum? 

Alexander- Very classic and regal name for a moniker. It's also common among the states. My second sons' middle name is Alexander. Love it.
Henry- I used to really like this but now it's just lost it's taste for me.
Peter- Too biblical and I don't see it making a comeback at this time.
Lincoln- I would use this name in a heartbeat! I love it and it's historical without it being overly trendy and modern. 
Tate- I still don't like it, sorry!
Killian- Reminds me of the ice cream place. I think Kellan would be a nice alternative.
Dominic- Not really feeling this name. Seems out of place for me. 

#6 Guest_Alyse_*

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Posted 12 July 2014 - 04:04 AM

Thank you! I love...
Anneliese Jade
Sailor Danielle
Vivienne Isabelle
Lillian Kendra
Tate Kendall

Alexander James
Henry Weston
Lincoln Elliot &
Killian Dominic!!
Thanks EmilyA and BabyNaming Bailey!!!

#7 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 12 July 2014 - 11:26 AM

Anneliese - I really like it, very pretty. Anneliese Flora, Anneliese Clara, Anneliese Quinn

Saylor / Sailor - I don't care for it personally. Just NMS I guess. Sailor Georgia, Sailor Naomi, Sailor Penelope

Sloane - Also don't love it, I guess it feels harsh imo. Sloane Imogen, Sloane Beatrice, Sloane Deirdre 

Vivienne - very pretty! Love how feminine it is. Vivienne Sloane, Vivienne Aurora, Vivienne Calla

Cara - Its alright, I feel like I know Cara's my age so it feels dated. Cara Jane, Cara Louisa, Cara Tegan

Phoebe - love love love! It's been on my list for age  :wub: Phoebe Gwendolyn is my fave. Phoebe Violet, Phoebe Isis, Phoebe Hadley

Lillian - Beautiful. Lillian Ariana, Lillian Patience, Lillian Olive

Tate - Its okay. Tate Sophia, Tate Rhiannon, Tate Emilia. 


Alexander - Timeless and handsome! I like it a lot. Alexander Bennett, Alexander Jonah, Alexander Nico

Henry - Also love, also timeless and handsome. Henry Finn, Henry Elijah, Henry Declan

Peter - Not my favorite, but another timeless name. Peter Damian, Peter Daniel, Peter Isaiah

Lincoln - I love it! I debated it as Archers middle name. Lincoln Grey, Lincoln Zachary, Lincoln William

Tate - I do prefer it on a boy. Tate Jacoby, Tate Miles, Tate Cameron

Killian - I dislike it, only because I can't get over it starting with "kill". Killian Ronan, Killian Isaac, Killian Rhys.

Dominic - I don't care for it at all, for no real reason. Just one of those random names that I never cared for the sound of, I guess. Dominic Samuel, Dominic Thomas, Dominic Rory. 

#8 Marvelous_Things


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Posted 17 July 2014 - 03:07 PM

Anneliese- This is a really pretty name! 
Saylor/Sailor- NMS. I'm generally not crazy about occupation names, particularly on girls. 
Sloane- Don't like this one. Just NMS at all.
Vivienne- I probably wouldn't use it, but it's a nice name. 
Cara- I like this one! Do you pronounce to rhyme with Sarah or Laura? Either way, it's very pretty.
Phoebe- Cute and quirky. 
Lillian- I prefer Lily.
Tate- Too masculine for a girl. I'd only use it as a middle name. 

Alexander- LOVE this one! It's so classy and handsome and has great nickname potential.
Henry- I used to really dislike this name, but it's grown on me a lot in the last couple of years. 
Peter- Like it.
Lincoln- NMS. 
Tate- I like this better on boys. It would sound better with a long middle name. Tate Alexander is a handsome combo!
Killian- Very nice. I prefer the original spelling Cillian, but either way is nice. 
Dominic- Very nice!

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