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The List of Names

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#1 soccerisluv(:


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Posted 31 May 2009 - 08:31 AM

Pagina (Pa-hee-nah)
Shailene (Shay-leen)

#2 Guest_erowyn_*

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Posted 31 May 2009 - 12:22 PM

really after recent events felicia still makes your list? lol
i like a lot of your names, my faves are

#3 soccerisluv(:


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Posted 31 May 2009 - 02:38 PM

LOL, eirowyn!!! I know the cutest Felicia, so I can't help but use it. She is a triplet!
Their names are:
Giacomo (jack-uh-mo)

#4 Cadence & Nathan

Cadence & Nathan

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Posted 31 May 2009 - 05:27 PM

Abigail- not a fan
Ava- so cute!
Alyssa- ok
Alessia- cute
Adelina- not a fan
Bristol- this one is growing on me
Belinda- Not a fan
Cara- ok
Cassia- ok
Evelyn- ok
Everly- love!!
Elise -Love!
Elena- love!
Eden- love!
Felicia- no
Felicity- ok
Hannah- too overused for my taste but still cute
Hollie- cute
Illiana- love!
Julia- not a fan
Krysta/Krista- kinda cute
Lise- nah
Liesl- nah
Maria- not my taste
Molly- LOVE!
Pagina (Pa-hee-nah)- nms
Rhiannon- cute!
Savannah- cute!
Shaylee- ok
Shailene (Shay-leen)- CUTE!!
Thalia- love!
Vera- cute
Verity- ok

I like a lot of your names!! Cute choices!!

#5 RebeccaH


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Posted 31 May 2009 - 06:14 PM

I like:

Abigail - This was on my list with Charlotte. I love Abby but I was worried she might get Gail which I don't care for.
Ava - I adore it. I also really like Eva. This is my older daughters middle name.
Alyssa - Cute, also Lyssa is nice.
Alessia - Pretty. I have Alessa on my long list. I like this variation though.
Adelina - I adore Adeline which is tied for number 1 with Amelia on my list. Adelina is nice too but I prefer the simpler Adeline.
Cara - Cute. I think I would like this better as Caroline "Cara".
Evelyn - Gorgeous.
Elise - Very pretty. This is on my long list too.
Elena - Beautiful! I have this on my list of middle names.
Eden - I wanted to name my youngest Delilah Eden but my husband isn't a fan of Eden. I adore it. One of my favorites!
Hannah - I have always liked this one but it is quite popular where I live. I like Anna too.
Molly - This is our cats name :D I think it's adorable!

#6 ColeMarie


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Posted 01 June 2009 - 12:00 AM

Abigail - It's getting really popular, but I love it!
Ava - ditto
Alyssa - I don't really care for it
Alessia - it's okay
Adelina - love it!
Bristol - not a fan
Belinda - not a fan
Cara - not a fan, but I love Cora!
Cassia - love it!
Evelyn - like it
Everly - like it
Elise - like it
Elena - like it, but how are you pronouncing it?
Eden - like it
Felicia - don't really care for it
Felicity - love it!
Hannah - it's okay, I've never been a big fan
Hollie - I prefer Holly, but I like it!
Illiana - don't care for it
Julia - I used to not like it, but it's been growing on me :D
Krysta/Krista - don't care for it
Lise - how do you pronounce?
Liesl - love it!
Maria - don't care for it
Molly - I like it best as a middle name; I think it's a bit cutesy for a grown woman.
Pagina (Pa-hee-nah) - don't care for it
Rhiannon - love it!
Savannah - don't care for it
Shaylee - kind of like it
Shailene (Shay-leen) - don't care for it
Thalia - love it!
Vera - it's okay
Verity - love it!

You have some great names there!

#7 soccerisluv(:


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Posted 01 June 2009 - 04:38 AM

Lise=lee-sss(short for Annalise)

#8 Filly


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Posted 01 June 2009 - 07:53 AM

Abigail---Cute but too popular
Ava---Ugh, I'm tired of this name
Alyssa--Very sweet and pretty
Alessia--I like Alyssa better
Adelina--LOVE IT! On my list I have Adelina Violet
Bristol--My male cousin is named Bristol, but I don't like it on either gender
Belinda--Sweet but not one of my faves
Cara--I love this name and think it's simple and underused.
Cassia--I prefer Cassandra, but this is nice.
Evelyn--Not horrible, but kind of boring
Elise--I like Elisa (Eh-lees-suh) better, but Elise is alright
Elena--Very pretty
Eden--Eh, it's okay. Eve is better but only for a mn
Felicia--I like this name too actually. It's classic and not overused
Felicity--LOVE THIS especially for a mn. I have Cora Felicity, Keira Felicity, and Thora Felicity on my own list
Hannah--I like this name but I know so many Hannahs...
Hollie--I like Holly better, it's sweet.
Illiana--I would spell it Iliana, and I also like Liana by itself
Julia--This is a classic, fine name, but a bit boring compared to others. I like Julianna better also.
Krysta/Krista--I love this and have a cousin, Christa. Krista is the best spelling for me.
Lise--It's cute as a nn, but not as a whole fn
Liesl--I thought I was the only one who knew/loved this name. It's so unique and gorgeous! Pronounced Lee-zuhl btw ;)
Maria--See Julia. Classic but common
Molly--Very adorable, though it's always the name of all little sisters on tv and in books, I know only one Molly.
Pagina (Pa-hee-nah)--Uhm, this is page in Spanish isn't it? I dislike it for a name.
Rhiannon--Very nice. I especially like it for a mn to a short fn
Savannah--Lovely but I've been told it's a stripper name. :blink:
Shaylee--Gorgeous. Most people think this name is 'made up' but it's very old and legit.
Shailene (Shay-leen)--I like Shaylee better but this is alright.
Thalia--Lovely, a very pretty name.
Vera--I like this a lot, but I cannot picture it on a little girl for some reason. It's a 16 and up name for me LoL
Verity--I love this much better for a boy. That may sound weird, but read Robin Hobb's trilogy about Prince Verity and you'll see what I mean.

Overall, I think you have good taste! Can I make some combos?
Cara Savannah
Cara Felicity
Thalia Eden
Thalia Felicity
Krista Liesl
Shaylee Rhiannon
Liesl Everly
Alyssa Rhiannon

#9 KristaDeanne


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Posted 01 June 2009 - 08:34 AM

Abigail - Not a fan.
Ava - Cute! But very tired IMO.
Alyssa - Not a fan.
Alessia - not a fan.
Adelina - Prefer Adeline.
Bristol - No.
Belinda - No where near my taste.
Cara - Cute but too simple for me.
Cassia - Not a fan.
Evelyn - Not a fan.
Everly - This one is growing on me but it's nothing I would personally ever use.
Elise - LOVE it! And only this spelling.
Elena - Not a fan.
Eden - Not a fan.
Felicia - Not liking this one either.
Felicity - Not for me.
Hannah - Never cared for this name - sounds frumpy to me.
Hollie - Prefer Holly and not a huge fan either way.
Illiana - Cute but not my taste.
Julia - Reminds me of the cooking show lady.
Krysta/Krista - Kind of have to like this one....not a fan of the "y" in there though - looks like Cry-stah.
Lise - Not a fan.
Liesl - Not a fan.
Maria - Never cared for this name - I was always thankful that my mn wasn't Marie/Maria/Mary, etc.
Molly - Not a fan.
Pagina (Pa-hee-nah) - No...
Rhiannon - Not for me.
Savannah - Not a fan.
Shaylee - Never cared for this name, looks too juvenile - if I read this name on paper I would immediately assume the child was btw 4-10.
Shailene (Shay-leen) - Not a fan.
Thalia - Not for me.
Vera - LOVE this name!
Verity - Not liking this one.

#10 Remy Hadley

Remy Hadley

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Posted 01 June 2009 - 09:58 AM

Here we go!
Abigail-great name!
Ava-gorgeous though popular!
Alyssa-LOVE IT!
Adelina-I don't care for it
Belinda-don't care for it
Evelyn-elegant and gorgeous!
Hollie-I personaly can't see this name aging well at all :blink:
Illiana-different, but nice
Krysta/Krista-sweet! I like Krista best =)
Lise-more of a nn to me
Liesl-different, but okay...
Pagina (Pa-hee-nah)-different, but okay
Shailene (Shay-leen)-not my taste
Hope I helped! ~Had

#11 Guest_toribethh_*

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Posted 01 June 2009 - 10:14 AM

Abigail- Don't care for it
Ava- Very popular but it's one of my best friends name so I still like it!
Alyssa- Very popular in my age group
Alessia- nms
Adelina- Love it!
Bristol- I think of Tennessee
Belinda- I don't care for it
Cara- Love it as a nn. for Carolina
Cassia- nms
Evelyn- Love it!
Everly- Love it!
Elise- Prefer Elyse
Elena- Love it!
Eden- Don't care for it
Felicia- ew
Felicity- Nice
Hannah- Nice
Hollie- Don't care for it
Illiana- Love it
Julia- Don't care for it
Krysta/Krista- Don't care for it
Lise- I love it!
Liesl- Love it!
Maria- Love its simple beauty
Molly- Molly Weasley
Pagina (Pa-hee-nah)- Don't care for it
Rhiannon- nms
Savannah- Don't care for it
Shaylee- Don't care for it
Shailene (Shay-leen)- Don't care for it
Thalia- Love it but prefer spelling Talia! I love the nn. Tally
Vera- Nice
Verity- nms

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