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Names You Just Don't Get

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Posted 23 July 2014 - 10:21 AM

 I saw a discussion like this on Nameberry, so I figured I'd bring it over. What are some names people seem to love but you just can't understand and why?




Avery (#12), Madison (#9), Ashley (#67), Addison (#19), Mackenzie (#62), Alexis (#46) etc on boys They were unisex at one point, but they're high enough up for girls (Numbers are from 2013 SSA) that they really aren't boys names anymore. It's time to let go. Personally, I've never met any boys with any of these names, except for 1 Avery and 1 Mackenzie.


Elliott, Carter, Ryan, Finn, Sawyer, Rhys/Reece, Parker, Michael, Cameron, etc on girls They are plenty of beautiful names for girls, and most girls with  common boys names hate thier names anyway. My sister is named Camryn and she wants to change it as soon as she's old enough.


Wyatt, Eli/Elias/Elijah, Josiah/Jeremiah/any name ending in iah. These names I just think sound annoying and way too cowboy. Also Xavier which I have no idea why I dislike so much.


Tallulah/Delilah/any -ah ending name The last syllable sounds like you're grunting. Lulu/Lola/Luna just sound silly. Evelyn, Adelaide, Lois etc I like a lot of vintage names, but these are just too over the top vintage for my taste.


Keep in mind all these are opinons and I'm sure a lot of people think all of these are wonderfull. So, it's your turn!

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