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Detailed Multiple CAF

CAF Multiples First CAF

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Posted 05 August 2015 - 02:17 AM

Jackson 'Jack' Leonard Suchard [45]
Light Brown Hair and Brown Eyes

Rosalie 'Rose' Emma Suchard [45]
Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

Jasmine 'Jazz' Ruby Suchard [15] *Bright & Joker
Blonde Hair and Brown Eyes

Jacob 'Jake' Rhett Suchard [15] *Outgoing & Leader
Light Brown Hair and Brown Eyes

Jessica 'Jess' Ruth Suchard [15] *Outspoken & Independent
Blonde Hair and Brown Eyes

Joseph 'Joe' Reid Suchard [15] *Cheerful & Humerous
Light Brown Hair and Brown Eyes

Joshua 'Josh' Ryan Suchard [15] *Optimistic and Imaginative
Blonde Hair and Brown Eyes

Jason 'Jase' Rex Suchard [15] *Smart & Friendly
Blonde Hair and Brown Eyes

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Posted 05 August 2015 - 02:49 AM

The Saunders Family


Acton Charlie Saunders

Red hair, blue eyes, forty nine


Haley Michelle [Hooper] Saunders

Brown hair, green eyes, forty eight


Samuel 'Sam' Cooper Saunders

Brown hair, blue eyes, wears a hearing aid, understanding, distracted, fifteen


Thomas 'Tommy' Elijah Saunders

Brown hair, blue eyes, introverted, insecure, fifteen


William 'Will' Victor Saunders

Red hair, green eyes, asthma, creative, open minded, fifteen


James 'Jem' Charlie Saunders

Red hair, green eyes, needed a heat source at birth, competitive, absent minded, fifteen


David 'Davy' Harper Saunders

Red hair, green eyes, smart, humorous, fifteen




Acton and Haley Saunders with Sam, Tommy, Will, Jem, and Davy

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Posted 13 August 2015 - 09:41 PM

Catherine Marie Alder - Black hair, Hazel eyes (HER POV)

Dylan Bradley Alder - Dark Brown hair, Blue eyes


     You and Dylan have always wanted children, and were planning on having them as soon as you were married. However, this didn't work out. Two years later and you are unable to get pregnant. You turn to IVF and are told that you would have an increased chance of having twins or triplets. You and Dylan agree to go through with it, after all twins or triplets would be just fine with you. The doctor does the procedure and a few weeks later you find out you're pregnant!

     Everything is going fantastic, and two months later you both go in for your first ultrasound. You're not too surprised hen you hear more than one heartbeat, and immediately assume it's twins. But when the doctor looks at the screen, she tells you it's more than two babies! Actually, she counts five more! Septuplets!!!

     You are shocked and very worried. High-order multiple births can be very high-risk and over the next few months you and Dylan do all the research you can. Even with all the stress, you and Dylan have lots of fun setting up the nurseries and buying lots of things for your babies, four boys and three girls. Each ultrasound looks good and you feel so, so lucky that all of your little ones are doing well. In less than nine months though you give birth. You carried the babies for 29 weeks, which was a lot longer than anyone expected you to carry them.

     During the birth, you delivered all expected babies. However, you still felt the need to push. It was another baby! Another little girl added to your large family. You named your babies...

Diggory Gabriel (2lbs. 8oz.)

Emmorry Lukas (3lbs.)

Bethany Grace (2lbs. 5oz.)

Liberty Faith (2lbs. 7oz.)

Kassidy Joy (1lb. 7oz.)

McKinly Israel (3lbs. 1oz.)

Nicholy Aaron (1lb. 9oz.)

Charity Hope (1lb. 2oz.)

     All of the babies were alive, but they were taken straight to the NICU, but after a few hours you could see them. The doctors told you that of the three eggs you had implanted, one had split into four (causing the boys), one had split into three (causing Bethany, Kennedy and Liberty), and one had remained intact but hadn't gotten as many nutrients as the other babies (resulting in Charity's weight and minor complication). They also said that of all of the babies, only Charity would have any complications, and hers was minor. Charity would have to wear a hearing aid, but you and Dylan would treat her like the rest of her siblings. All of the boys had black hair and blue eyes, the "triplet" girls had dark brown hair and hazel eyes, and Charity had black hair and hazel eyes, like her mother.

     15 years later, on August 8th, you are celebrating the fifteenth birthday of your miracle octuplets. You had documentaries made of your family when the octuplets were younger, and when they were about four you started a reality TV show, which you still air today.

Diggory is very imaginative and has bot ha bright mind and a bright disposition. He has straight A's and wants to become a lawyer.

Emmorry is very curious and confident in everything he does. Has A's and the occasional B, and he hopes to become an archaeologist.

Bethany is the joker of the bunch, but is very accepting. She normally has B's and a few A's, and hopes to become a stand-up comedian.

Liberty is sometimes insecure and has slight depression, which her siblings are helping her to get over. She has all B's, and her passion for music drives her to become a violinist. (Her violin has helped her to get over her depression as well).

Kassidy is the calm, patient one of the bunch and has the most common sense. She has A's and brings home a B occasionally. She hopes to be a teacher.

McKnly is very generous and open-minded. Playing ice hockey, he is the jock of the group. He brings home all B's, and hopes to play for the NHL one day.

Nicholy is the leader of their group, and is the prankster. He normally decides when they switch places, and they do so quite often. He normally has B's and a few A's, and wants to be a missionary.

Charity is ambitious and strong-willed, and hopes she is an inspiration to children everywhere. She wears her hearing aid proudly in her right ear, and doesn't let it get in the way of her life. She has straight A's and wants to be the president. However, if that plan fails, she'd settle for being A) a mother and/or B) an actress.

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