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Thought on my combos list (Girls)

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#1 VelvetRainx


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Posted 06 August 2014 - 11:25 AM

Kaelyn Gabrielle Anna
Rima Katherine Elise
Audrey Elizabeth Rosa
Ashley-Janae Victoria
Aaliyah Michelle Tara
Layla Eve Serenity
Mackenzie Rayne Kyra
Madison Aria Layne
Angelina Brooklyn Hope
Melina Faith Lacey
Vanessa Ruby Kaye
Leilani Adrienne Kara

Thanks in advance! Karina x

#2 MissJay


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Posted 06 August 2014 - 01:59 PM

I think you have a lot of beautiful names on your list! However, when it comes to double middles I can be really picky..so please don't take that personally. My favorites from your list are in bold! :) 





Kaelyn Gabrielle Anna: I've been in love with the name Kaelyn for awhile now! It's very pretty, but can work at any age! I think I would prefer this combo as Kaelyn Gabrielle. Imo Anna just makes it a little too jumbled. 

Rima Katherine Elise: I've never heard of the name Rima before, but it has a certain spunkiness that I adore (I'm pronouncing it Ree-ma, correct me if I'm wrong). I think it pairs great with Katherine and Elise, they really add some variation and balance to the name as a whole. 

Audrey Elizabeth Rosa: Audrey is such a sophisticated name, I don't think you can go wrong..same with Elizabeth! I'm not 100% sold on Rosa. I think the combo would sound a little bit better as Audrey Elizabeth Rose, Audrey Elizabeth Rosalie, or Audrey Elizabeth Rosalind

Ashley-Janae Victoria: Ashley-Janae isn't really my style. The name Ashley seems a little too 90's to me, which may be because I know so many Ashleys that are my age. I love Victoria though!

Aaliyah Michelle Tara: I love the sound of Aaliyah, but slightly prefer the more simple spelling Alia. I'm not a huge fan of Tara, what do you think of the name Taryn? I think Aaliyah Taryn Michelle sounds awesome together! 

Layla Eve Serenity: I love Layla and you can never go wrong with the classic Eve. Serenity is nms, but it has a nice sound. I think the flow may be a little better as Layla Serenity Eve. 

Mackenzie Rayne Kyra: I've always loved Mackenzie and Rayne is nice, but I think Kyra at the end sounds a little tacked on and doesn't really flow all that well. 

Madison Aria Layne: This one may be my absolute favorite! I'm in love with Aria and think that paired with Madison and Layne gives it a great variety of styles that all merge together great. I also like the way the syllables in each name flow. 

Angelina Brooklyn Hope: None of these names are really my style. I do prefer Angeline to Angelina though. Angeline Brooklyn would make a great combination.

Melina Faith Lacey: LOVE, Love, love Melina! I think that Melina Faith would stand better on it's own. 

Vanessa Ruby Kaye: This combo is really growing on me. I think Vanessa is a little dated and I personally would put it in the middle spot. I do think that the nickname Nessa is cute though! :) I like Ruby Vanessa Kaye!

Leilani Adrienne Kara: Leilani is beautiful! I also think it pairs great with Adrienne. Kara feels a little clunky on the end, but it works! 

#3 VelvetRainx


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Posted 06 August 2014 - 06:42 PM

Thanks, MissJay! I LOVE Kaelyn Gabrielle, I just can't figure out a nice second middle name. And you pronounced Rima correctly ;) I'm pretty set with just Rosa as Rosalind is nms, Rose is a little too overused and Rosalie is nice, but I would spell it Rosaly. I love Aaliyah Taryn Michelle, thanks! And I've tried to find names that go well with Mackenzie Rayne, but it's kind of hard to find a name that compliments it. Ruby Vanessa Kaye is pretty, thank you!

#4 🜏Satanist🜏


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Posted 08 August 2014 - 02:22 PM

Kaelyn Gabrielle Anna- I like Kaelyn Gabrielle, but the Anna seems like an afterthought. How about combining Gabrielle and Anna to get Gabriella and leaving it at that?

Rima Katherine Elise- It flows very nicely but none of the names are my style.

Audrey Elizabeth Rosa- Audrey and Elizabeth are a great pairing, but the Rosa throws me off a bit. I think it's the two syllables. IMO, it would sound much better as Audrey Elizabeth Rose.

Ashley-Janae Victoria- Gorgeous name! I'm not usually a fan of hyphenated names but Ashley-Janae flows beautifully. And Victoria is just stunning. Love this one!

Aaliyah Michelle Tara- All three names are on my list as well, this is definitely my favourite name on your list. Absolutely wonderful!

Layla Eve Serenity- Serenity is pretty, the other two are nms. But as a whole, it's a pretty combo.

Mackenzie Rayne Kyra- I like the way it sounds, very young. I feel like it would be better off as a one middle name combo. If you're set on one mn, drop the other as Mackenzie works with either. I feel the Kyra in K overpowers the k in Mackenzie.

Madison Aria Layne- I have bad associations with the name Madison, so my opinion is somewhat invalid. But Aria is gorgeous. Layne is very masculine to me. As a whole, it's pretty.

Angelina Brooklyn Hope- I love the fact that Angelina and Brooklyn are long but balanced out with the shortness of Hope. I think it would look much better with a short name inbetween Angelina and Brooklyn. But Hope doesn't flow well. How about Angelina Paige Brooklyn?

Melina Faith Lacey- I love Lacey, the other two aren't my cup of tea. I find that Lacey just messes with the flow of the name. Melina Faith is good, it doesn't need the Lacey.

Vanessa Ruby Kaye- Vanessa is such a gorgeous name. Ruby and Kaye are alright. Ruby and Kaye clash a bit, IMO. Vanessa Amber Kaye flows well if you like the gem thing.

Leilani Adrienne Kara- Leilani is great, I love the tropical sound it has. Adrienne is too similar to Adrian, so it sounds boyish to me. Kara is beautiful.

My favorites from your list are Aaliyah Michelle Tara and Ashley-Janae Victoria.

I see you have the double middle going, but I think that two middle names are often unnecessary. Try combining some of the names into one?

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