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My (Longish) Combo List [7 August 2014]

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Posted 07 August 2014 - 04:20 PM

It'd be great if you could rate, comment any opinions, categorize, and/or comment on my combos. Thanks in advance. 



iaa - If At All

* - Subject to swap positions {FN <-> MN}

(Name) - Middle name idea(s)




Lux Cheyenne

Gemma Sloane

Dominique Nicole (Domo)

Vanessa Claire (Nessa, iaa)

Marissa Michelle (Missy, Mimi, iaa)

Breezy Juliet

Aaliyah Perrie

Terra Hollis

Giselle Ireland *

Sydney Aiyana *

Carly Meghan/Megan

Portia Lacey * (Tia-tia, iaa)

Jacqueline Nahla (Jackie)

Kendra Eleanor *

Dejah Brandy 

Kitty Sierra *

Madeleine Taurus * (Maddie)

Lana Mercedes *

Courtney Victoria * (Court / Tori)

Rhiannon Shady *

Alaska Genesis *

Kinsey Chanel * (KC, iaa)

Heather Jillian *

Monica Paige

Kelly Quinn

Scarlett Monroe




Austin Troye

Nathaniel Ryan (Nate)

Cody Andrew *

Noah Jacob

Derek Lucas

Sawyer Koda

Garret Hunter

Benjamin Reese (Ben)

Cruz Dashiell *

Micah Jesse *

Ethan Judah (EJ, iaa)

Percy Spencer

Christofer Logan * (Chris)

Wesley Mason *

Kellin Jace

Dustin Heath

Jonah Terrance

Dominic Graham

Matthew Carter * (Matty, iaa)

Caiden/Colton Jeremy (CJ, iaa)


#2 MissJay


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Posted 08 August 2014 - 10:27 PM

**I grouped you names into three categories:  my favorites, ones I liked, and ones I didn't care for. I think you have a great bunch of names. I hope this helps you out some! :)**




Lux Cheyenne: I love the spunkiness of Lux! Cheyenne is a little too western for my style. If I remember correct you used to have the combo Lux Juliet, which I adored!  :wub: 

Gemma Sloane: My absolute favorite! I love both names and think they compliment each other nicely

Vanessa Claire: I've never been a huge fan of either name, but put together they just seem to work! I like the nickname Ness or Nessa. 

Giselle Ireland: Ireland is gorgeous! I would prefer the combo as Ireland Giselle, I think it flows a little better than way. 

Kendra Eleanor*: Eleanor is so timeless and classic that it's hard not to love. I think Kendra is a little too-dated for my style. I prefer them swapped to Eleanor Kendra...and I adore the nickname Nora. :) My other suggestions would be Eleanor Claire or Eleanor Kate.

Scarlett Monroe: My second favorite combo! When combined they create a combo that has both elegance and spunk! 




Marissa Michelle (nn Missy): Not really my style, but the nickname Missy is very cute!

Terra Hollis: I definitely prefer Terra over Tara. Hollis is cute, but a little too masculine. What about Terra Holland?

Aiyana Sydney: I like Aiyana over Sydney, but the flow seems a little better with the names swapped. 

Carly Megan: Both names are just okay to me. Since they are both two syllables, it seems a little choppy. I prefer Carly as a nickname for Caroline. I also think Caroline Megan has a better flow. 

Portia Lacey*: Portia isn't my style. Lacey is beautiful! I think they sound better swapped to Lacey Portia.

Madeleine Taurus*: LOVE Madeleine. Taurus isn't really appealing to me (all I can imagine is the car). It's a little too harsh. 

Lana Mercedes*: Lana is nice, very similar to Alana (which I like a tad bit better). Mercedes is so-so to me.

Courtney Victoria*: Courtney is a little dated. Victoria is always beautiful! Love the nickname Tori.

Rhiannon Shady*: I really, really like Rhiannon. Not a fan of Shady..what about Shaye or Sade? 

Alaska Genesis*: There's something to Alaska that I adore! So cute! Not too fond of Genesis. Some names from your list that I like with Alaska:  Alaska Rhiannon, Madeleine Alaska, Alaska Michelle, Alaska Quinn, Eleanor Alaska.

Kelly Quinn: Don't care for Kelly, seems a little out of style imo. Quinn is adorable!



Dominique Nicole (Domo): Not my style. 

Breezy Juliet: I can't really picture this on a grown woman. Breezy would be a cute nickname for a baby girl though. Juliet is stunning! 

Aaliyah Perrie: I prefer the spelling Alia over Aaliyah. The spelling of Perrie just doesn't look right to me and the name itself is too masculine. 

Jacqueline Nahla (Jackie): Never been a fan of Jacqueline. Nahla is cute, but I would keep it as a middle name. Maybe Josephine Nahla?

Dejah Brandy: Not a fan of either name. 

Kitty Sierra *: It's hard to picture Kitty on an adult. I think it's too pet name-y. Maybe Katherine Sierra with nickname Kitty? 

Kinsey Chanel * (KC, iaa): Kinsey seems a little incomplete. I think Mackenzie would be a better option. Not fond of Chanel. 

Heather Jillian *: Again, I think heather is a little dated for my liking. Jillian is very cute!

Monica Paige: Not my style. 





Nathaniel Ryan (Nate): Very nice name that would work at all ages!

Noah Jacob: Both names are a tad bit too popular for me. But, I love seeing them on other peoples' children.

Benjamin Reese (Ben): I really like this combo! I would prefer it spelled as Benjamin Rhys. 

Cruz Dashiell*: Both names are very trendy and cool. I think they compliment each other nicely. I like this combo as Dashiell Cruz with nickname Dash. 

Percy Spencer: Both very handsome!

Matthew Carter*: Another timeless name that would be great at any age!



Austin Troye: Austin is okay, but not great. I like Troy, the e at the end throws me off a little.

Derek Lucas: Love Lucas. Derek is alright. 

Sawyer Koda: Sawyer is so handsome and charming. Not a huge fan of Koda. What do you think of Sawyer Dakota?

Garret Hunter: Both names sounds good together, not really my style though.

Micah Jesse*: Micah is great! The combo itself is a little choppy imo. I think it may sound a little better with a middle that is more than two syllables..like Micah Jeremy, Micah Benjamin, Micah Nathaniel, etc. 

Wesley Mason*: Very southern sounding. It's a nice combo, just doesn't really wow me. 

Kellin Jace: Kellin is okay, I slightly prefer the name Kallen. Jace is cute!

Dominic Graham: I love Graham! Dominic isn't my style. 

Caiden/Colton Jeremy (CJ): I like Colton over Caiden. 



Cody Andrew *: Cody has always been a name I don't really care for. Andrew is great. 

Ethan Judah (EJ, iaa): Same with Ethan, not a fan! Judah is nice. 

Christofer Logan * (Chris): I prefer the spelling Christopher. Not a fan of Logan. 

Dustin Heath: Dustin is a little out-dated imo. Health is nms. 

Jonah Terrance: Love Jonah! I think the style of the two names are a little too different to work for me. 


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Posted 09 August 2014 - 10:01 PM



Thx so much, Miss Jay! I really appreciate your feedback! 


Still want some more comments :)

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Posted 13 August 2014 - 08:56 AM

I suppose I'll use similar categories to what MissJay did, and talk about the names a bit too.





Vanessa Claire - Though I'm iffy on Vanessa, the nickname Nessa is adorable, and I love Claire and the way this combo flows.

Kendra Eleanor - I really like both names and how they flow together. Eleanor Kendra is nice too, but I like Kendra Eleanor just a bit more.



Lux Cheyenne - I think Lux is really interesting and I love that it means 'light', though I don't think I would use it myself. Cheyenne is okay, but it clashes a bit with the 'x' at the end Lux and the 'ch' at the beginning of Cheyenne.

Marissa Michelle - It's okay, and I kind of like the alliteration. Neither name is my style particularly but I think this is a nice combo.

Dominique Nicole - I do think this combo flows well, and Nicole is nice but I'm not a huge fan of Dominique or the nn Domo.

Terra Hollis - I think this combo is really intriguing. I like this spelling of Terra rather than the common Tara, because this way it means 'earth'. Hollis is nice too, and with the meanings 'light' and 'earth' Terra and Lux would be a cute sibset.

Sydney Aiyana - I think Sydney is really cute and ages well but I'm iffy on Aiyana. They flow well together as a combo though.

Carly Meghan/Megan - I'm actually not huge on Carly but this is a nice combo. I would maybe use Meghan because it adds a bit of length to the combo rather than having two five-letter names.

Jacqueline Nahla - I love Jacqueline nn Jackie, but don't particularly like Nahla. Maybe pick a different middle, because the N's at the end of Jacqueline and the beginning of Nahla clash?

Madeleine Taurus - I really like Madeleine, and I like that Taurus is a constellation but don't think I would ever use it. I would definitely keep Madeleine in the first name spot.

Courtney Victoria - I think both names are nice and this combo flows well.

Heather Jillian - This is nice, and I think Jillian Heather is just a bit prettier. 

Monica Paige - I think this combo flows really well and both names are nice, I really like the sort of classic but underused Monica.

Kelly Quinn - This one is nice, though it definitely has an Irish-unisex feel to me, though I do prefer Kelly on a girl.


Not my style


Gemma Sloane - Again, not a fan of either name. I've never liked Gemma, probably because my name is Jenna and it kind of sounds like a mispronunciation of my name.

Breezy Juliet - I'm sorry, I love Juliet, but I just cannot see Breezy as a name.

Aaliyah Perrie - I think Aaliyah is okay, but I prefer the spelling Alia. Perrie would be a cute nickname on a girl for something longer, but by itself as a full name I'm not a fan.

Giselle Ireland - I would definitely keep it this way rather than switch the names around, but tbh I'm not a fan of either name.

Portia Lacey - I love Lacey, but dislike Portia. I always think of the car Porsche.

Dejah Brandy - I don't particularly like either name.

Kitty Sierra - Again, not a fan of either name. Kitty would be okay as a nickname but as a first name alone just makes me think of a cat and has teasing potential among her peers.

Lana Mercedes - Lana is okay, though I prefer it as a nickname, and I'm not a fan of Mercedes because of the car.

Rhiannon Shady - I'm iffy on Rhiannon, and Shady is like Breezy for me. More of an adjective and less of a name.

Alaska Genesis - I think Alaska is intriguing, and Genesis is interesting but I'm iffy on it. I would love if Alaska was paired with a more classic/common middle name to balance the combo.

Kinsey Chanel - I dislike Chanel because it's a designer brand name, and Kinsey is okay but not really my style.

Scarlett Monroe - Scarlett is okay, but I really dislike Monroe.







Noah Jacob -  I think Noah is super handsome, and Jacob is nice but I always am a bit clumsy pronouncing it due to the 'b' at the end.

Benjamin Reese - Though I don't know that I'd use either name myself, Benjamin is really handsome and there's something about Reese that draws me.

Ethan Judah - Both names are super handsome, and I love how they go together here.

Jonah Terrance - Love both names and how they flow together.

Matthew Carter - I like Carter Matthew a bit more, but that's because Carter is one of my favorite names. Either way, though, it's handsome with Matthew.

Caiden/Colton Jeremy - I prefer Colton to Caiden, and prefer the spelling Cayden to Caiden. Colton Jeremy is super handsome, and CJ is a cute nickname.



Nathaniel Ryan - Both names are handsome, and I really like the nickname Nate.

Garret Hunter - I'm iffy on Hunter, but I love Garret (though I usually spell it Garrett, with two t's at the end) and this combo is nice and masculine.

Micah Jesse - I love Jesse, and Micah is okay though I greatly prefer Mika, pronounced 'meek-uh'. Jesse Micah is more appealing to me.

Percy Spencer - I really love both names, but the 's' sounds at the end of Percy and beginning and middle of Spencer clash too much for me. Percy Nathaniel would be really handsome.

Christofer Logan - I really like Logan, though I prefer the spelling Christopher to Christofer. This combo does flow well though. Logan Christofer is really handsome too.

Kellin Jace - I really like Kellin but prefer the spelling Kellan, and Jace is nice as a middle though I usually see it as more of a nickname for Jason or something similar.


Not my style


Austin Troye - Something about the super-common Austin puts me off, though I have grown fond of Troye due to Troye Sivan.

Cody Andrew - I think Andrew is really handsome though a bit overused, and Cody is just not my style at all.

Derek Lucas - I love love love Lucas, but Derek is not my style and the 'k' clashes with the 'c' in Lucas. Lucas Derek would be nice though.

Sawyer Koda - Not a fan of either name.

Cruz Dashiell - Not a fan of either name.

Wesley Mason - Both names are okay, but Mason is too common/trendy for me and Wesley isn't really my style.

Dustin Heath - Not a fan of either name. Heath makes me think of the candy and Dustin makes me think of dust.

Dominic Graham - I really like Graham but am not a fan of Dominic, and they clash a little bit sound-wise with the end of Dominic and the beginning of Graham.

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