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{my girls list} 8.8.14

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#1 Addison


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Posted 08 August 2014 - 02:09 PM

Complete combos:

India Charlotte Ruth "Indie"

Ingrid Eloise Lark

Evangeline Sophia Pearl [sometimes "Evan" or "Eve" depending on the sibset, eg "Indie and Evan" or "Nora and Eve."]

Juliet Boheme Eve [Boheme is prn bo-em] 

Eleanor Senna Grey "Nora"

Rosemary Elsa Scout

Caroline Ada Naomi


Pieces of combos: (need suggestions for these)

Isabelline Story "Elle"

Annalie Maeve

Hazel Jane

Hope (probably middle) (thinking about Hope Amelia)

Amelia (middle)

Poet (middle)

Faye (middle)


Thanks for any help!

#2 MissJay


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Posted 08 August 2014 - 11:24 PM

India Charlotte Ruth "Indie": My absolute favorite! India is at the top of my GP list! :wub: Indie is so spunky and cute! Charlotte and Ruth both compliment it nicely and it flows well. 

Ingrid Eloise Lark: Eloise and Lark are perfect together! Ingrid is not my style. I would prefer Eloise Ingrid Lark. 

Evangeline Sophia Pearl: Evangeline is great and you can never go wrong with Sophia! Pearl isn't my favorite. A few suggestions I would trade for Pearl are: Greer, Blair, Claire, Brooke. I think Evangeline Sophia Greer is stunning!

Juliet Boheme Eve [Boheme is prn bo-em]: This combo is nice! Boheme is nms, but I think it sounds fine in the middle name spot. 

Eleanor Senna Grey "Nora": Eleanor is wonderful! I think that it is a great balance for the masculine name Grey. I like Senna, but would slightly prefer Eleanor Sienna Grey. 

Rosemary Elsa Scout: I like all three names, but if it were me I would swap to Elsa Rosemary Scout instead. 

Caroline Ada Naomi: Not a huge fan of Naomi. Caroline and Ada are nice! (Ada reminds me so much of Vada from the movie My Girl--which I love  :) )




Isabelline Story "Elle": I've never seen the name Isabelline before, and it's a little bit of a tongue-twister imo. Story is wonderful and I love the name Elle. Some suggestions: Isabelline Louise Story, Isabelline Maeve Story, Isabelline Cara Story, Isabelline Story Faye, Isabelline Juliet Story, Isabelline Story Elyse, Isabelline Matilda Story.

Annalie Maeve: I'm not too fond of Annalie. Maeve is a great middle name! What do you think of the name Amelie? I think it's a beautiful combination of both Amelia and Annalie. :)

Hazel Jane: Love, love, love Hazel Jane! Some suggestions. Isabelline Hazel Jane, Hazel Amelia Jane, Hazel Poet Jane, Hazel Adelaide Jane, Hazel Evangeline Jane, Hazel Clementine Jane

Hope (probably middle) (thinking about Hope Amelia): Not a big fan of Hope. I like it with Amelia, but think it sounds better as Amelia Hope. I think Amelia Genevieve Hope is very pretty!

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#3 HxppySxng


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Posted 09 August 2014 - 01:53 PM

India Charlotte Ruth "Indie" - I love India, Indie is a gorgeous nn. Charlotte is cute, Ruth is too different in style. India Charlotte Faye?

Ingrid Eloise Lark - I can only picture an old woman hearing this name, sorry.

Evangeline Sophia Pearl - Very cute! I know an Evangeline who goes by Angie. I like this name, works on every age.

Juliet Boheme Eve - Juliet is gorgeous! Keeping Boheme as a mn is a smart choice to avoid constant mispronouncing, Eve is a great balancer.

Eleanor Senna Grey - Favourite name on your list! Eleanor is so timeless. I love the nn Nora. Senna is interesting, I think I like it. Grey is meh.

Rosemary Elsa Scout - Cute, Elsa has been picking up since Frozen, huh? Scout is a very pretty mn, it works well with Rosemary.

Caroline Ada Naomi - Ada is very old for my taste, but the youngness of Naomi makes it work. Lovely combo.

Isabelline Story - Isabelline sounds very jumbled and somewhat trying too hard. I'd stick with a name less hard to say. Definitely needs the Elle as a nn. Story is gorgeous, a gp of mine. Isabelline Hope Story?

Annalie Maeve - Annalie is very cute. Works well with Maeve. Annalie Poet Maeve?

Hazel Jane - Hazel Jane Poet? Hazel Jane Hope? Hazel Amelia Jane?
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#4 Jenna_Lee


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Posted 13 August 2014 - 09:16 AM

India Charlotte Ruth - This is pretty as a combo, though I'm not a huge fan of place names in general so I'm iffy on India. Indie is a cute nickname though.

Ingrid Eloise Lark - I love this combo, and think Ingrid is pretty and underused. Lark is lovely, and I love how the whole thing flows together.

Evangeline Sophia Pearl - I love Evangeline, and this is a pretty combo, though I don't really like Evan as a nickname for a girl.

Juliet Boheme Eve - Juliet and Eve are lovely and this combo flows well, but Boheme is not my style and make me think of Bohemian.

Eleanor Senna Grey - I love Eleanor and Nora is a cute nickname, but Senna is not my style and I prefer Grey (spelled Gray) on a boy.

Rosemary Elsa Scout - I don't really like Scout, but Rosemary and Elsa are lovely names and pretty together.

Caroline Ada Naomi - I'm iffy on Naomi, but I like Caroline and Ada together.


Isabelline Story - Neither name is particularly my style, and I agree with the other posters that Isabelline is a bit hard to say. Suggestions: Isabelline Story Mae, Isabelline Story Juliet, Isabelline Story Quinn.

Annalie Maeve - Both really pretty names. Suggestions: Annalie Sara Maeve, Annalie Kira Maeve, Annalie Harriet Maeve.

Hazel Jane - I absolutely love these two! Hazel Sophia Jane would be lovely, but you already have Sophia on your list. Other suggestions: Hazel Maria Jane, Hazel Jane Annabelle, Hazel Jane Odette.

Singles - Hope, Amelia, and Faye are lovely though Poet isn't really for me. Hope Amelia Faye would be really nice. With your other partial combos: Hazel Jane Amelia, Hazel Jane Poet, Annalie Maeve Hope, Annalie Poet Maeve, Isabelline Story Faye, Isabelline Story Amelia.


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