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Elowen & Thalia

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Posted 10 August 2014 - 06:54 PM

Alright, ladies, I have questions about *three names (edited one in because I forgot I wanted to ask about it). All of them I've liked for quite a while, particularly Thalia, but I'm iffy on both because most of the other names I like are pretty classic or common. EDIT again, I also realized I asked about Thalia a little while ago in a post, but not about the pronunciation, which is really my number one concern with that name right now.





1. Do you prefer Elowen on a boy or a girl? I see it as more masculine, but that's just me.


2. What is your opinion of Elowen? Do you like it, or is it not really your style? Any bad connotations with it? How would you react if you met a little boy with this name?


3. What middle names do you think would go well with Elowen? (You don't have to list too many for any of these names, because when I really have kids their middle names will likely be honoring, but I'd like to pair them with something nice just for fun, because my lists are all in singles right now.)




1. I've heard this pronounced at least four different ways, and I'd like to settle it. How is is supposed to be pronounced, or how do you pronounce it? I've always said "THAL-ee-uh" but I've heard it pronounced "tuh-LEE-uh," "TAH-lee-uh," and "THAY-lee-uh." I love this name, but I hate to think I'm pronouncing it wrong!


2. What do you think of Thalia? Do you like it, or not so much? Any bad connotations? How would you react if you met a little girl with this name?


3. What middle names do you think would go well with Thalia? Looking back at another post I did, I like Thalia Penelope, Thalia Grace (which is unfortunately the exact name of a character in the Percy Jackson series, so I would feel awkward using it), Thalia Seraphine, and Thalia Claire. I'm not set on anything, though.




1. Again, pronunciation issues. I usually pronounce it "Toh-by-iss" but it's also commonly pronounced "Toby-iss". I'm pretty sure both are acceptable pronunciations, but how would you pronounce it?


2. What do you think of Tobias? Yes, no, maybe? What would you think if you met a little boy with this name?


3. What middle names do you think would go well with Tobias?




Thanks in advance for your opinions and suggestions!

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Posted 10 August 2014 - 08:01 PM

1a. Elowen I have only ever heard as a cornish/Welsh female name. I didn't think it was unisex?? And I used to live in the UK.. (that doesn't mean that it isn't unisex, I've just never seen it used on a male)

2a. I say TAHL-ya or TAH-lee-uh

2b. My bad connotations with the name are mostly personal. I do think it sounds like a "mean girl" name (like Tiffany, Brittany, Jennifer are often considered).

2c. Thalia Charlotte, Thalia Brynn, Thalia Hope, Thalia Clementine

3a. toe-BYE-us is how I say it. It is the most common pronunciation in most of the English speaking world, so I feel like it would be best. Other isn't bad though.

3b. Really like it.

3c. Tobias Percy, Tobias Finn, Henry Tobias, Tobias Jack, Eli Tobias

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