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A new name list!

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#1 Jenna Hansen

Jenna Hansen

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Posted 01 June 2009 - 05:28 PM

A few names I really like!

1. Lauren Hope
2. Anya Lee
3. Kylee Jo
4. Lucy Leign
5. Madelynn Sandra
6. Ashlyn Grace
7. Cassidy Peace
8. Harper Patience
9. Mallory Faith
10. Camille Christine
11. Ariel Marie
12. Candace Ruth
13. Hannah Elizabeth
14. Stacy Brianna
15. Carrie Anne
16. Laurel Bennett
17. Janelle Lyndsey
18. Jaiden Kinsey
19. Brooke Rachelle
20. Kaitlin Brooke

1. Isaac Thomas
2. Travis Jonathon
3. Collin James
4. Christian Richard
5. William Jeffery
6. Karsen Arthur
7. Benjamin Isaac
8. Gunner Travis
9. Skyler Collin
10. Austin Christian
11. Sterling William
12. Kyle Karsen
13. Elliot Aaden
14. Jackson Levi
15. Isaiah Seth
16. Logan Eric
17. Adam Arnold
18. Zane Adam
19. Cordell Spencer
20. Avery Nathaniel

Hope you liked the names I wrote!! Thanks!

#2 Guest_toribethh_*

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Posted 02 June 2009 - 10:11 AM

1. Lauren Hope- Nice
2. Anya Lee- Nice
3. Kylee Jo- Don't care for it
4. Lucy Leign- Double L doesn't work for me
5. Madelynn Sandra- Love it
6. Ashlyn Grace- Ashlyn is really popular
7. Cassidy Peace- Not a fan of either name
8. Harper Patience- Like Harper not crazy about Patience
9. Mallory Faith- LIke Faith not a fan of Mallory
10. Camille Christine- Don't care for the double C
11. Ariel Marie-prefer Ariella
12. Candace Ruth- Prefer Cadance
13. Hannah Elizabeth-Love it
14. Stacy Brianna- Don't care for Stacy
15. Carrie Anne- Nice
16. Laurel Bennett- Love it
17. Janelle Lyndsey- prefer spelling Lindsey
18. Jaiden Kinsey- Don't care for Jaiden on a girl
19. Brooke Rachelle- Nice
20. Kaitlin Brooke- Kaitlin is way to popular for me

1. Isaac Thomas- Love it
2. Travis Jonathon- Nice
3. Collin James- Nice
4. Christian Richard- Nms
5. William Jeffery- Love William
6. Karsen Arthur- prefer spelling Carson
7. Benjamin Isaac- Love it
8. Gunner Travis- nms
9. Skyler Collin- nms
10. Austin Christian- Nice
11. Sterling William- Love it
12. Kyle Karsen- Don't care for double K
13. Elliot Aaden- Doesn't flow well imo
14. Jackson Levi- Love it
15. Isaiah Seth- Nice love Isaiah
16. Logan Eric- Nice
17. Adam Arnold- Don't like the double A
18. Zane Adam- Adore it! It's my favorite!
19. Cordell Spencer- Makes me think of the football player Cordell Stewart
20. Avery Nathaniel- Love Nathaniel

Hope this helps!

#3 D3sire


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Posted 03 June 2009 - 12:38 AM

I like:
Hope - Not a fan of the dated Lauren. I do like Laurel though.
Anya - Not with Lee. Lee is the male spelling and I think Anya being only 2 syl needs something 'bigger'.
Lucy - Not for me but I can see the appeal.
Harper - I much prefer it as a middle name though. I don't care for Patience at all and I wouldn't pair two word names together.
Camille - Prefer this as a mn too but it is pretty.
Elizabeth - I love the nn Eliza. Not a fan of Hannah it's been done too many times & especially now with the whole Hannah Montana thing.
Laurel Bennett - I don't love Bennett on a girl but I don't completely hate it either. Laurel being such a soft, feminine name kind of balances the fact that Bennett is a boys name. This combo could grow on me I think.

Collin James - It's not for me but its nice.
William - William is a classic. Jeffery is not my thing though, too dated.
Benjamin Isaac - I like Benjamin & this combo works however Benjamin is really popular. Bennett on a boy is nice.
Elliot - I like the potential nn Eli. I don't like Aidan or any of its spelling variations.
Zane - I can see the appeal
Avery Nathaniel - Good to see Avery where it belongs, on a boy! Nice combo!

My favorite combos:
As is: Laurel Bennett & Avery Nathaniel
If I could mix & match: Laurel Harper & Avery William

#4 katie.


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Posted 03 June 2009 - 06:59 AM

1. Lauren Hope- nice
2. Anya Lee- don't like
3. Kylee Jo- trendy
4. Lucy Leign- like Lucy, not Leign
5. Madelynn Sandra- ok
6. Ashlyn Grace- pretty
7. Cassidy Peace- ok
8. Harper Patience- not for me
9. Mallory Faith- don't like
10. Camille Christine- ok, don't really like double c
11. Ariel Marie- nice
12. Candace Ruth- like fn not mn
13. Hannah Elizabeth- nice
14. Stacy Brianna- ok
15. Carrie Anne- ok
16. Laurel Bennett- don't like this
17. Janelle Lyndsey- ok
18. Jaiden Kinsey- trendy
19. Brooke Rachelle- nice
20. Kaitlin Brooke- like

1. Isaac Thomas- nice
2. Travis Jonathon- ok
3. Collin James- not a big fan of Collin, James is nice
4. Christian Richard- don't like
5. William Jeffery- ok
6. Karsen Arthur- don't like
7. Benjamin Isaac- don't like
8. Gunner Travis- Gunner makes me think of guns
9. Skyler Collin- ok
10. Austin Christian- don't like same ending
11. Sterling William- ok
12. Kyle Karsen- don't like same letter
13. Elliot Aaden- nice
14. Jackson Levi- ok
15. Isaiah Seth- ok
16. Logan Eric- like
17. Adam Arnold- don't like Arnold
18. Zane Adam- nice
19. Cordell Spencer- don't like
20. Avery Nathaniel- nice

#5 soccerisluv(:


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Posted 13 June 2009 - 07:52 AM

I will post my favourites:

Lauren Hope
Anya Lee
Ariel Marie
Cadence Ruth
Hannah Elizabeth

William Jeffrey
Jackson Levi
Avery Nathaniel

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