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Biblical/Vintage/Old Lady Names Needed

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Posted 29 August 2014 - 03:31 PM

Just found out we're pregnant! :) I love baby names and would love to get some new ideas as DH will not discuss names until he knows the sex of the baby. We're roughly only 3.5 weeks so I have plenty of time, but DH is extremely picky so I need a nice long list to run by him :)


Some things to consider: We would love names that are not prone to nn's as I hate them (I know you can't always keep people from nick naming a child, however we haven't had any problems with DS and he's 15 months old). I prefer biblical, but anything vintage and not popular is also a plus. I also want it to sound good with DS (Tobias Richard) Our last name is a short 4 letter 1 syllable nature-y last name.


For a girl: Middle name will definitely be Margaret. It is not an option for a first name, and I do not want to use any variation of the name.

My ideas for a girl are:


Ramona Margaret (love the meaning)

Gertrude (I just love the way it sounds with Tobias) However, I'm almost certain DH will veto it.

Bernadette Catherine/Margaret (I feel Catherine has better flow than Margaret, however DH is set on the middle name being Margaret, does Bernadette Margaret flow okay?)

Magnolia Margaret (Love the double MA sound, but fear that Magnolia might come off as too nature-y with our last name?)

Lorraine Reagan (This has been my absolute favorite name for years, however I do not like the way Lorraine Margaret flows)


For a boy: Looking for names that do not start with "T" or "J". Possible middle name ideas as of now are Frank/Franklin (nod to DH), Melvin/Dennis (nod to my dad) however DS does not have a family middle name so I'm not adamant about those 3 names.


My number 1 pick for a boy is Ezra Sherwood, however I feel Ezra is rising in popularity? I really want to use Sherwood as a first name, however I know many people will hate it so I'm hoping to save it and find the perfect name to use it with. Sherwood is my favorite guilty pleasure name right now.

Solomon Dean (DH already vetoed this name too :( )

Samson (though I'm not finding a good mn I like with it)

Atticus Frank/Melvin (Maybe too stuffy with our DS's name?)


Sorry it's long! Guess I'm kind of picky too lol. If you have any suggestions on the names I like and if you could give me some new suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!

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Posted 30 August 2014 - 08:48 AM

Ezra Sherwood is great! Ezra has risen in popularity, but I don't think it will ever be extremely popular. 


Solomon Dean is a bit repetitive in sound for my taste, but I love Solomon. What about Solomon Frank?


Samson is my brother's name. I like it, but it always becomes Sam. Same for the another Samson I know (and he's only about 1 yr old). Samson Atticus?


Atticus Frank / Atticus Melvin seem pretty stuffy, sorry! I do LOVE Frank.




Ramona Margaret - I like this a lot! Very sweet. I love Tobias & Ramona together.


Gertrude - really not a fan, sorry


Bernadette Catherine/Margaret - I don't think it flows well with Margaret, but it isn't terrible if your husband insists on Margaret. Maybe save Bernadette Catherine for a future daughter?


Magnolia Margaret - gorgeous name, but could easily come off too nature-y with a nature-y last name. I guess it would depend on exactly what your last name is. Magnolia Bush would definitely be bad, lol :) But something like Magnolia Clay or even Magnolia Lark I think would be fine.


Lorraine Reagan - I personally love the way Lorraine Margaret looks and sounds. I actually like it better than Lorraine Reagan. This is my favorite of your list. So sweet. I've been crushing hard on Lorraine.  :wub:




Tobias & Ward

Tobias & Linus

Tobias & Royce

Tobias & Isaac

Tobias & Ezekiel

Tobias & Walter

Tobias & Hugh

Tobias & Harvey

Tobias & Edgar

Tobias & Nahum

Tobias & Boaz

Tobias & Zebulon

Tobias & Hezekiah

Tobias & Abel

Tobias & Gideon

Tobias & Wilfred

Tobias & Reuben

Tobias & Job

Tobias & Humphrey

Tobias & Barnaby

Tobias & Caleb

Tobias & Jethro

Tobias & Simeon




​Tobias & Martha

​Tobias & Naomi

​Tobias & Margot

​Tobias & Hazel

​Tobias & Rosemary

​Tobias & Francine

​Tobias & Theodora

​Tobias & Josephine

​Tobias & Geraldine

Tobias & Constance

​Tobias & Faye

​Tobias & Cordelia

​Tobias & Trudy

​Tobias & Prudence

​Tobias & Judith

​Tobias & Agatha

​Tobias & Sylvia

​Tobias & Alexandra

​Tobias & Evelyn / Evelina

​Tobias & Augusta

​Tobias & Simone

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Posted 01 September 2014 - 08:08 AM

Thanks for the awesome list Addison! :)


I was afraid Samson might get shortened to Sam. We haven't had that problem with Tobias yet and he's 15 months now, but I like Toby and would be okay if it got shortened to that someday I don't know if I could ever like the name Sam though.


I thought Atticus Frank would be too stuffy, maybe something more modern in the middle name spot or just move it to the middle name and find a variation of Frank or Melvin I like for the first name spot.


I love Tobias and Ramona together too! And with the meaning of Ramona it fits perfectly with Margaret, as DH's grandma passed away almost a year ago and it would be awesome to honor our grandma's with such a great name and meaning as Ramona. My only concern is that DH won't like Ramona.


Our last name is actually Clay lol.  Glad to see Magnolia works fine with it :)


I've been crushing on Lorraine for years, and Lorraine Margaret has definitely grown on me the last 8 months so that's definitely an option now.


I love Abel, Gideon, and Ruben but DH vetoed those when I was pregnant last time. Never know he might have forgot this time around. Never hurts to ask :) Would not have thought of Hezekiah, that sounds great with Tobias.


Agatha is adorable! I can't wait to run all these new names by DH, thanks again! 

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Posted 01 September 2014 - 12:07 PM

Etta Margaret would sound lovely with Tobias! 

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