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Dani's Name List!

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#1 BellaBoo


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Posted 06 June 2009 - 10:13 AM

So Iíve mainly just lurked here for a while now. But after seeing how nice you all are, not to mention how much you guys know about and like names, I decided to post my name list to see what you all think about them! Some are just guilty pleasures, others are names I would seriously consider.

James Tucker
Nicholas Reid
Finn Sebastian
Samuel Chase
Emmett Daniel
Colin Jude
Casey Joel
Tristan John
Dominic Paul
Landon Matthew
Joshua Graham
Jack Beckett
Garrett Patrick
Lucas Roarke
Coleman Rhys
Henry Joseph
Adam Johnson

Grace Isobel
Lily Rhiannon
Rosalie Claire
Faith Elizabeth
Mae Felicity
Zinnia Maeve
Allegra Pauline
Lorelai Hope
Susannah Joy
Amelia Honour
Olive Genevieve
Marguerite Constance
Julianne Colombe
Autumn Louise
Audrey Charis
Katerina Bay
Eleanor Lucretia
Luna Rosalind
Julia Ruth
Adeline Polly

Thanks so much!


#2 Guest_Zayda_*

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Posted 06 June 2009 - 10:42 AM

James Tucker - Love this one!
Nicholas Reid - I don't like Reid :blink: Its a last name in my books, and I hate last names being made into names.
Finn Sebastian - Love it!
Samuel Chase - Again, amazing.
Emmett Daniel - I like Emmett, just not with Daniel.
Colin Jude - Not a fan.
Casey Joel - Casey? No. Too femine
Tristan John - Love it
Dominic Paul - Amazing!
Landon Matthew - Amazing!
Joshua Graham - I fainted for a bit. Gorgeous name!
Jack Beckett - I find this oddly sweet.
Garrett Patrick - Love it!
Lucas Roarke - Not a fan
Coleman Rhys - Its ok.
Henry Joseph - Love it!
Adam Johnson - Not a fan

Grace Isobel - Love it!
Lily Rhiannon - Love Lily, not too sure about Rhiannon
Rosalie Claire - Gorgeous
Faith Elizabeth - Its ok
Mae Felicity - Its ok
Zinnia Maeve - Its ok.
Allegra Pauline - Its ok
Lorelai Hope - Its ok
Susannah Joy - Its ok
Amelia Honour - I like Amelia.
Olive Genevieve - Love it!!
Marguerite Constance - Oh wow. I like it, but it seems like a mouthful
Julianne Colombe - Eh...
Autumn Louise - Love it!
Audrey Charis - Never heard of Charis before... Not a fan of Audrey
Katerina Bay - Its ok
Eleanor Lucretia - Eleanor is gorgeous. Not too sure about Lucretia
Luna Rosalind - Gorgeous middle name but plain (IMO) first name
Julia Ruth - Nice
Adeline Polly - All I can think of is 'Polly wants a cracker!' (sorry ;))

I hope I wasn't too harsh, I'm just being truthful.

#3 Cadence & Nathan

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Posted 06 June 2009 - 08:59 PM

James Tucker- Cute!
Nicholas Reid- I love the way this one flows
Finn Sebastian- Nice
Samuel Chase- cute
Emmett Daniel-ok
Colin Jude- I like it!
Casey Joel- ok
Tristan John- ok
Dominic Paul- Cute!
Landon Matthew- Love it!
Joshua Graham- really like this one
Jack Beckett- ADORE THIS ONE!! :blink: ;)
Garrett Patrick- ok
Lucas Roarke- I'm not sure about the middle name
Coleman Rhys- ok
Henry Joseph- Kinda plain for my taste
Adam Johnson- ok

Grace Isobel- Cute
Lily Rhiannon- love it!
Rosalie Claire- Flows very nicely
Faith Elizabeth- Doesn't flow well, imo
Mae Felicity- I'm not a fan of Mae
Zinnia Maeve- CUTE!!
Allegra Pauline- Flows very well
Lorelai Hope- so cute
Susannah Joy- Too traditional for my taste
Amelia Honour- Beautiful!
Olive Genevieve- Not a fan of Olive
Marguerite Constance- cute
Julianne Colombe- a little odd, but kinda cute
Autumn Louise- cute
Audrey Charis- cute
Katerina Bay- Cute!
Eleanor Lucretia- Not my style
Luna Rosalind- ok
Julia Ruth- I'm not a fan of Ruth
Adeline Polly- Doesn't flow well, imo

I absolutely adore: Jack Beckett, Amelia Honour, Zinnia Maeve, Lily Rhiannon, Landon Matthew, Nicholas Reid, James Tucker.

I hope I wasn't rude. Good luck!

#4 Hannah


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    AND, I of course love thinking of baby names even though that is a VERY far in the future thing for me because I'm still young!

Posted 06 June 2009 - 10:16 PM

James Tucker- I love this!
Nicholas Reid- Very handsome.
Finn Sebastian- I LOVE Finn, I think it is so cute. Sebastian is alright.
Samuel Chase- Love it.
Emmett Daniel- This is okay.
Colin Jude- LOVE! Colin is great and Jude is WONDERFUL.
Casey Joel- Casey is great, Joel is okay.
Tristan John- Don't like either name.
Dominic Paul- Dominic is okay.
Landon Matthew- Love.
Joshua Graham- Handsome.
Jack Beckett- Love Jack, but paired with Beckett there's too much "ck" sound.
Garrett Patrick- Garrett is nice, just not with Patrick.
Lucas Roarke- Lucas is too popular for me, Roarke sounds very surname-y.
Coleman Rhys- Don't like either name.
Henry Joseph- Gorgeous boy name & strong.
Adam Johnson- Adam is great, Johnson is a VERY popular last name, so it's no good as a middle name for me.

Grace Isobel- Beautiful!
Lily Rhiannon- I love this, but I'm not sure the names are quite the same style to be paired together.
Rosalie Claire- Gorgeous.
Faith Elizabeth- Elizabeth is timeless, Faith is just eh.
Mae Felicity- Don't like it.
Zinnia Maeve- Unique but IDK if that's good or bad yet.
Allegra Pauline- Very pretty.
Lorelai Hope- Gorgeous.
Susannah Joy- A little dated for me.
Amelia Honour- Very very pretty.
Olive Genevieve- Prefer Olivia, but Genevieve is AMAZING!
Marguerite Constance- Not sure how to feel about this one yet.
Julianne Colombe- Julianne is nice, not so keen on Colombe.
Autumn Louise- Pretty.
Audrey Charis- Very pretty.
Katerina Bay- Bay is not my style, Katerina is beautiful.
Eleanor Lucretia- Eleanor is great, Lucretia is just okay.
Luna Rosalind- My FAVORITE! Luna is SO gorgeous! Rosalind compliments it greatly.
Julia Ruth- Very pretty, but also very "EE"-sound heavy.
Adeline Polly- Adeline is wonderful, Polly is my dog's name so that's all I see.

#5 RebeccaH


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Posted 07 June 2009 - 01:05 AM


James Tucker - James is very handsome but I am not a fan of Tucker at all. I think of truckers lol or the word without the T and with an F :blink:
Nicholas Reid - Very handsome!
Finn Sebastian - I am not big on Finn, I think of fish and Finn Sebastian is especially "fishy" with Sebastian having a reference to The Little Mermaid. I like Sebastian quite a bit but not at all with Finn.
Samuel Chase - I adore Samuel. Chase is too wordy.
Emmett Daniel - I like this, very nice!
Colin Jude - Another great choice.
Casey Joel - This is too feminine for my liking.
Tristan John - Handsome. Tristan James or Tristan Samuel would be nice too.
Dominic Paul - This is nice but it is not for me.
Landon Matthew - I dont care for Landon, no matter what name it is paired with I hear "land on Matthew".
Joshua Graham - Nice.
Jack Beckett - I adore Jack but Jack Beckett it a bit repetitive in sound with the Beck part and the "ck" in Jack and the "ck" in Beckett.
Garrett Patrick - Not for me. Also both names are the same amount of syllables.
Lucas Roarke - Not for me. I really dont care much for each name.
Coleman Rhys - Gary Coleman. Why not just Cole?
Henry Joseph - I absolutely adore this! FANTASTIC! ;)
Adam Johnson - Adam is ok but Johnson is a surname.

Grace Isobel - Beautiful. So elegant.
Lily Rhiannon - Gorgeous!
Rosalie Claire - Pretty but not for me.
Faith Elizabeth - Not a fan of Faith.
Mae Felicity - I adore Mae as a middle name but not as a first name. I dont care for Felicity much.
Zinnia Maeve - Not for me.
Allegra Pauline - Not for me.
Lorelai Hope - Not liking this one.
Susannah Joy - Cute!! I think Susie is adorable.
Amelia Honour - I adore Amelia but Honour is too much for my liking.
Olive Genevieve - I think Olive is really cute, I have liked it ever since I saw Little Miss Sunshine. I like Genevieve too but both names have very strong "V" sounds. I would not pair them together.
Marguerite Constance - Sounds like a Spanish princess, maybe too much for kid.
Julianne Colombe - Julianne is pretty though I do prefer Juliet or even Juliana. Colombe is not for me.
Autumn Louise - Cute.
Audrey Charis - Beautiful!! I love this!
Katerina Bay - Bay? Really? Not for me.
Eleanor Lucretia - Not a fan.
Luna Rosalind - Luna is too HP. I dont care for Rosalind. I prefer Rosalie.
Julia Ruth - Nice.
Adeline Polly - I adore Adeline but I am not sure how I feel about Polly. Adeline Molly however would be stunning!

#6 BellaBoo


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Posted 07 June 2009 - 09:05 AM

Thanks so much for your input! And don't worry--none of you were rude!!
It looks like the favorites were:
Boys: James Tucker, Nicholas Reid, Samuel Chase, Colin Jude, Dominic Paul, Landon Matthew, Joshua Graham and Henry Joseph
Girls: Grace Isobel, Lily Rhiannon, Rosalie Claire, Autumn Louise, Audrey Charis and Julia Ruth.
Those are all pretty much my favorites too! A lot of the other names were mainly guilty pleasures.
I am keeping Zinnia Maeve and Luna Rosalind... those girls just won't leave me alone!

One more thing. How about these combinations? They're names that mean a lot to me and I can't seem to get rid of them.

Jack Sebastian
Finn Beckett- any other middle name suggestions for just Finn?
Adam Joel or Adam John
Lucas River

Eleanor Lucy
Amelia Pauline- any other first names for Pauline (my mom is Polly, but I think I prefer Pauline)
Olive Julianne
Eliza Hope

Thanks so much everyone!

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